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3. Sinners, see your ransom paid,

Peace with God, for ever made:
With your risen Saviour rise;

Claim with Him the purchased skies.
4. Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day,

Our triumphant holy day;
Loud the song of victory raise;
Shout the great Redeemer's praise.


7s, 6 lines.
1. GLORY, glory to our King!

Crowns unfading wreath His head;
Jesus, is the name we sing-

Jesus, risen from the dead;
Jesus, Conqueror o'er the grave;

Jesus, mighty now to save.
2. Now behold Him high enthroned,

Glory beaming from His face,
By adoring angels owned,

God of holiness and grace:
O for hearts and tongues to sing,
Glory, glory, to our King!



1. Hail the day that sees Him rise,

Glorious, to His native skies !
Christ, awhile to mortals given,

Enters now the gates of heaven.
2. There the glorious triumph waits;

Lift your heads, eternal gates !
Christ hath vanquished death and sin;

Take the King of glory in.
3. See, the heaven its Lord receives !

Yet He loves the earth He leaves :
Though returning to His throne,
Still He calls mankind His own.

4. Still for us He intercedes,

His prevailing death He pleads;
Near Himself prepares our place,

Great Forerunner of our race.
5. What, though parted from our sight,

Far above yon starry height;
Thither our affections rise,
Following Him beyond the skies.


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1. The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know;

I feed in green pastures, safe folded to rest;
He leadeth my soul where the still waters flow,
Restores me when wandering, redeems when

2. Through the valley and shadow of death though I

stray, Since Thou art my Guardian, no evil I fear ; Thy rod shall defend me, Thy staff be my stay ;

No harm can befall with my Comforter near. 3. In the midst of affliction my table is spread ; With blessings unmeasured my cup runneth

o'er; With perfume and oil Thou anointest my head;

O what shall I ask of Thy providence more. 4. Let goodness and mercy, my bountiful God!

Still follow Thy steps till I meet Thee above;
I seek— by the path which my forefathers trod,
Through the land of their sojourn—Thy kind.

dom of love.

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Ils & 108. 1. BRIGHTEST and best of the sons of the morning!

Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine aid ! Star of the East, the horizon adorning,

Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid.

2. Cold on His cradle the dew-drops are shining :

Low lies His head with the beasts of the stall; Angels adore Him in slumber reclining

Maker, and Monarch, and Saviour of all. 3. Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devotion,

Odors of Edom, and offerings divine ?
Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the ocean,

Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the mine? 4. Vainly we offer each ample oblation,

Vainly with gold would His favor secure;
Richer, by far, is the heart's adoration-

Dearer to God are the prayers
5. Brightest and best of the sons of the morning !

Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine aid; Star of the East, the horizon adorning,

Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid.

of the poor.



10s & lls.

1. LIFT your glad voices in triumph on high,

For Jesus hath risen, and man can not die,
Vain were the terrors that gathered around Him,

And short the dominion of death and the grave;
He burst from the fetters of darkness that bound

Resplendent in glory to live and to save.
Loud was the chorus of angels on high

“ The Saviour hath risen, and man shall not die.” 2. Glory to God, in full anthems of joy :

The being He gave us, death can not destroy ;
Sad were the life we must part with to-morrow,
If tears were our birthright, and death were our

But Jesus hath cheered the dark valley of sorrow,

And bade us, immortal, to heaven ascend.
Lift, then, your voices in triumph on high,
Jesus hath risen, and man shall not die.


C. L. M.
1. How calm and beautiful the morn

That gilds the sacred tomb,
Where once the Crucified was borne,

And vailed in midnight gloom !
Oh! weep no more the Saviour slain;

The Lord is risen—He lives again.
2. Ye mourning saints! dry every tear

For your departed Lord;
“Behold the place --He is not there,”

The tomb is all unbarred:
The gates of death were closed in vain :

The Lord is risen-He lives again.
3. Now cheerful to the house of prayer

Your early footsteps bend,
The Saviour will Himself be there,

Your advocate and friend :
Once by the law your hopes were slain,

But now in Christ ye live again.
4. How tranquil now the rising day!

'Tis Jesus still appears,
A risen Lord to chase away

Your unbelieving fears:
Oh! weep no more your comforts slain,

The Lord is risen-He lives again.
5. And when the shades of evening fall,

When life's last hour draws nigh,
If Jesus shine upon the soul,

How blissful then to die:
Since He has risen who once was slain,
Ye die in Christ to live again. T. HASTINGS.


C. L. M.
1. O SING unto my soul, îny love,

That all-entrancing lay,
Such as the seraphims above

Are singing far away;
It comes as some familiar strain,
Once heard in heaven, now heard again.

2. For, sure as olden sages tell,

We are not all of earth;
The soul, by some mysterious spell,

Has glimpses of its birth,
And memories of things divine,

Thrill o'er me at that voice of thine.
3. They come as half-forgotten dreams

From that eternal land,
The sound of its celestial streams,

And shores of silver sand.
The angel faces in the air,
O sing--and waft my spirit there.


S. M.
1. BEYOND the starry skies,

Far as th' eternal hills,
There in the boundless world of light,

Our great Redeemer dwells.
2. Around Him angels fair,

In countless armies shine;
And ever, in exalted lays,

They offer songs divine.
3. “ Hail, Prince of life!" they cry,

" Whose unexampled love,
Moved Thee to quit these glorious realms

And royalties above."
4. And when He stooped to earth,

And suffered rude disdain,
They cast their honors at His feet,

And waited in His train.
5. They saw Him on the cross,

While darkness vailed the skies,
And when He burst the gates of death,

They saw the Conqueror rise.
6. They thronged His chariot wheels,

And bore Him to His throne;
Then swept their golden harps and sung-

“ The glorious work is done."


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