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3. The first-fruits oft a blessing prove

To all the sheaves behind;
And they who do the Sabbath love,

A happy week will find.
4. This day I must to God appear;

For, Lord, the day is Thine;
Help me to spend it in Thy fear,

And thus to make it mine. CODMAN'S COLL.

1. How did my heart rejoice to hear

My friends devoutly say,
6 In Zion let us all appear,

And keep the solemn day."
2. I love her gates, I love the road;

The Church, adorned with grace,
Stands like a palace, built for God.

To show His milder face.
3. Up to her courts, with joys unknown,

The holy tribes repair;
The Son of David holds His throne,

And sits in judgment there.
4. He hears our praises and complaints;

And while His awful voice
Divides the sinners from the saints,

We tremble and rejoice.
5. Peace be within this sacred place,

And joy a constant guest !
With holy gifts and heavenly grace

Be her attendants blest !
6. My soul shall pray for Zion still,

While life or breath remains;
There my best friends, my kindred, dwell,

There God, my Saviour reigns.



1. O 'Twas a joyful sound to hear

Our tribes devoutly say,
"Up, Israel, to the temple haste,

And keep your festal day!"
2. At Salem's courts we must appear,

With our assembled powers,
In strong and beauteous order ranged,

Like her united towers.
3. O pray we then for Salem's peace-

For they shall prosp'rous be,
Thou holy city of our God.

Who bear true love to thee.



C. M.
1. In God's own house pronounce His praise

he there reveals;
To heaven your joy and wonder raise,

For there His glory dwells.
2. Let all your secret passions' move

While you rehearse His deeds;
But the great work of saving love

Your highest praise exceeds.
3. All that have motion, life, and breath,

Proclaim your Maker blest;
Yet when my voice expires in death,

My soul shall praise Him best.



C. M.
1. O God, by whom the seed is given,

By whom the harvest blest;
Whose word, like manna showered from heaven,

Is planted in our breast.
2. Preserve it from the passing feet,

And plunderers of the air;
The sultry sun's intenser heat,

And weeds of worldly care !

3. Though buried deep, or thinly strewn,

Do Thou Thy grace supply;
The hope in earthly furrows sown

Shall ripen in the sky.



1. They pass refreshed the thirsty vale,

The dry and barren ground,
As through a fruitful, watery dale,

Where springs and showers abound.
2. They journey on from strength to strength

With joy and gladsome cheer,
Till all before our God, at length,

In Zion do appear.
3. For God the Lord, both sun and shield,

Gives grace and glory bright;
No good from them shall be withheld

Whose ways are just and right.



C. M.
1. How sweet, how calm, this Sabbath morn!

How pure the air that breathes,
And soft the sounds upon it borne,

And light its vapor wreaths ! 2. It seems as if the Christian's

prayer, For

peace, and joy, and love, Were answered by the very air

That wafts its strain above. 3. Let each unholy passion cease,

Each evil thought be crushed,
Each anxious care that mars thy peace

In Faith and Love be hushed.


C. M.
1. Come, Thou desire of all Thy saints !

Our humble strains attend,
While, with our praises and complaints,

Low at Thy feet we bend.

2. How should our songs, like those above,

With warm devotion rise!
How should our souls, on wings of love,

Mount upward to the skies !
3. Come, Lord! Thy love alone can raise

In us the heavenly flame;
Then shall our lips resound Thy praise,

Our hearts adore Thy name.
4. Dear Saviour! let Thy glory shine

And fill Thy dwellings here,
Till life, and love, and joy divine

A heaven on earth appear.
5. Then shall our hearts enraptured say,

Come, great Redeemer! come,
And bring the bright, the glorious day,

That calls Thy children home.



C. M.

1. With His rich gifts the heavenly Dove

Descends, and fills the place;
While Christ reveals His wondrous love,

And sheds abroad His grace.
2. My heart and flesh cry out for Thee

While far from Thine abode;
When shall I tread Thy courts, and see
My Saviour and my

3. To sit one day beneath Thine eye,

And hear Thy gracious voice,
Exceeds a whole eternity

Employed in carnal joys.
4. Lord ! at Thy threshold I would wait,

While Jesus is within,
Rather than fill a throne of state,

Or live in tents of sin.

5. Could I command the spacious land

And the more boundless sea,
For one blest hour at Thy right hand

I'd give them both away.


[blocks in formation]

1. HERE cares and angry passions cease,

For saints together meet
To spend an hour of prayer and

At their Redeemer's feet.
2. No sculptured wonders meet the sight,

Nor pictured saints appear,
Nor storied window's gorgeous light,

For God himself is here.

3. And here are comrades in the war

With Satan and with sin,
Who now in God's own favor share,

And soon their heaven will win. 4. Glory to God! who deigns to bless,

This consecrated day,
Unfolds His wondrous promises

And makes it sweet to pray.
5. Glory to God! who deigns to hear

The humblest sigh we raise,
And answers' every heartfelt prayer,

And hears our hymn of praise. NOEL'S COLL.

[blocks in formation]

1. Again the Lord of life and light

Awakes the kindling ray,
Dispels the darkness of the night,

And pours increasing day.
2. O what a night was that which wrapt

A guilty world in gloom !
O what a sun which broke this day

Triumphant from the tomb!

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