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5. They suffer with their Lord below,

They reign with Him above;
Their profit and their joy to know

The mystery of His love.
6. To them the cross is life and health,

Though shame and death to Him;
His people's hope, His people's wealth,

Their everlasting theme.


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1. He, who on earth as man was known,

And bore our sins and pains,
Now, seated on th' eternal throne,

The God of glory reigns.
2. His hands the wheels of nature guide,

With an unerring skill,
And countless worlds, extended wide,

Obey His sovereign will.
3. While harps unnumbered sound His praise

In yonder world above,
His saints on earth admire His ways,

And glory in His love.
4. When troubles, like a burning sun,

Beat heavy on their head,
To this almighty Rock they run,

And find a pleasant shade.
5. How glorious He ! how happy they,

In such a glorious Friend!
Whose love secures them all the way,

And crowns them at the end.



C. M.
1. Now let our cheerful eyes survey

Our great High Priest above,
And celebrate His constant care,

And sympathetic love.

2. Though raised to a superior throne,

Where angels bow around,
And high o'er all the shining train,

With matchless honors crowned ;
3. The names of all His saints He bears

Deep graven on His heart;
Nor shall a name once treasured there

E'er from His care depart.
4. Those characters shall fair abide,

Our everlasting trust,
When gems and monuments, and crowns,

Are moldered down to dust.
5. So, gracious Saviour, on my breast

May Thy dear name be worn,
A sacred ornament and guard,

To endless ages borne. DODDRIDGE.

[blocks in formation]

1. WITH joy we meditate the grace

Of our High Priest above:
His heart is made of tenderness,

His bosom glows with love.
2. Touched with a sympathy within,

He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,

For He hath felt the same.
3. He in the days of feeble flesh

Poured out His cries and tears;
And in His measure feels afresh

member bears.
4. Then let our humble faith address

His mercy and His power;
We shall obtain delivering grace

In the distressing hour.



C. M.
1. YE humble souls, that seek the Lord,

Chase all your fears away ;
And bow with reverence down, to see

The place where Jesus lay.
2. Thus low the Lord of life was brought

Such wonders love can do!
Thus cold in death that bosom lay,
Which throbbed and bled for

you. 3. If ye have wept at yonder cross,

And still your sorrows rise,
Stoop down and view the vanquished grave,

Then wipe your weeping eyes.
4. But dry your tears, and tune your songs,

The Saviour lives again;
Not all the bolts and bars of death

The Conqueror could detain.
5. High o'er th' angelic band He rears

His once dishonored head ;
And through unnumbered years He reigns,

Who dwelt among the dead. DODDRIDGE.

[blocks in formation]

1. Holy, holy, holy Lord !

Live by heaven and earth adored !
Filled with Thee let all things cry,

Glory be to God most high.
2. Mixt with those beyond the sky,

Chanters to the Lord, most high,
We our hearts and voices raise,

Echoing Thy eternal praise.
3. Thee, while dust and ashes sings,

Angels shrink within their wings;
Prostrate seraphim above
Breathe unutterable love.

4. Happy they who never rest,

With Thy heavenly presence blest!
They the heights of glory see,

Sound the depth of Deity.
5. Fain with them our souls would vie;

Sink as low, and mount as high;
Fall, o'erwhelmed with love, or soar,
Shout, or silently adore.


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1. Holy, holy, holy Lord !

Be Thy glorious name adored;
Lord! Thy mercies never fail;

Hail, celestial goodness, hail !
2. Though unworthy, Lord, Thine ear,

Deign our humble songs to hear;
Purer praise we hope to bring,

When around Thy throne we sing.
3. While on earth ordained to stay,

Guide our footsteps in Thy way;
Then on high we'll joyful raise

Songs of everlasting praise.
4. Lord! Thy mercies never fail;

Hail, celestial goodness hail!
Be Thy glorious name adored,
Holy, holy, holy Lord!


[blocks in formation]

1. MORNING breaks


the tomb,
Jesus scatters all its gloom;
Day of triumph through the skies--

See the glorious Saviour rise!
2. Ye, who are of death afraid,

Triumph in the scattered shade;

anxious cares away ;
See the place where Jesus lay!

3. Christian! dry your flowing tears,

Chase your unbelieving fears;
Look on His deserted grave;
Doubt no more His power to save.




1. ANGELS, roll the rock away!

Death, yield up the mighty prey !
See, the Saviour quits the tomb—

Glowing with immortal bloom.
2. Shout, ye seraphs; Gabriel raise

Thine eternal trump of praise;
Let the earth's remotest bound

Echo to the blissful sound.
3. Now, ye saints, lift up your eyes;

See the Conqueror mount the skies;
Troops of angels on the road,

Hail, and sing th' incarnate God.
4. Heaven unfolds its portals wide-

Glorious Hero, through them ride;
King of glory, mount Thy throne;

Boundless empire is Thine own.
5. Praise Him, ye celestial choirs,

Praise, and sweep your golden lyres;
Praise Him in the noblest songs,
From ten thousand thousand tongues.




1. CHRIST, the Lord, is risen to-day,

Our triumphant holy day :
He endured the cross and grave,

Sinners to redeem and save.
2. Lo! He rises, mighty King !

Where, O death! is now thy sting ?
Lo! He claims His native sky!
Grave! where is thy victory?

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