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3. What language shall I borrow,

To thank Thee, dearest Friend,
For this Thy dying sorrow,

Thy pity without end !
O make me Thine forever,

And should I fainting be,
Lord, let me never, never,
Outlive my

love to Thee.
4. If I, a wretch, should leave Thee,

O Jesus, leave not me;
In faith may I receive Thee,

When death shall set me free.
When strength and comfort languish,

And I must hence depart,
Release me then from anguish,

By Thine own wounded heart.
5. Be near when I am dying,

O, show Thy cross to me!
And for my succor flying,

Come, Lord, to set me free.
These eyes new faith receiving,

From Jesus shall not move;
For he who dies believing,
Dies safely—through Thy love.

PAUL GERHARDT, 1659. 248.

8s, 7s & 4s.
1. BEHOLD the Lamb !
O Thou for sinners slain,
Let it not be in vain

That Thou hast died;
Thee for my Saviour let me take,
Thee, Thee alone my refuge make,

Thy pierced side.
2. Behold the Lamb!
Archangels-fold your wings-
Seraphs—hush all the strings

Of million lyres :
The Victim, vaid on earth, in love-
Unvail'd-enthroned-adored above,

All heaven admires !

3. Behold the Lamb!
Drop down, ye glorious skies-
He dies—He dies-He dies-

For man once lost!
Yet lo! He lives—He lives—He lives-
And to His church Himself He gives

Incarnate Host!
4. Behold the Lamb!
All hail-Eternal Word!
Thou universal Lord

Purge out our leaven:
Clothe us with godliness and good,
Feed us with Thy celestial food-

Manna from heaven!
5. Behold the Lamb !
Saints, wrapt in blissful rest-
Souls—waiting to be blest-

Oh! Lord–how long !
Thou church on earth, o'erwhelmed with fears,
Still in this vale of woe and tears,

Swell the full song.
6. Behold the Lamb !
Worthy is He alone,
To sit upon the throne

Of God above!
One with the Ancient of all days-
One with the Paraclete in praise-

All light--all love!


[blocks in formation]

1. The Saviour, what a noble flame

Was kindled in His breast,
When, hasting to Jerusalem,

He marched before the rest!
2. Good-will to men, and zeal for God,

His every thought engross;
He longs to be baptized with blood,

He pants to reach the cross.

3. With all His sufferings full in view,

And woes to us unknown,
Forth to the task His spirit flew;

'Twas love that urged Him on.
4. Lord, we return Thee what we can;

Our hearts shall sound abroad
Salvation to the dying man,

And to the rising God !
5. And while Thy bleeding glories here

Engage our wondering eyes,
We learn our lighter cross to bear,

And hasten to the skies.


[blocks in formation]

1. BEHOLD, where, in a mortal form

Appears each grace divine;
The virtues, all in Jesus met,

With mildest radiance shine.
2. To spread the rays of heavenly light,

To give the mourner joy,
To preach glad tidings to the poor,

Was His divine employ.
3. 'Midst keen reproach, and cruel scorn,

Patient and meek He stood;
His foes, ungrateful, sought His life;

He labored for their good.
4. In the last hour of deep distress,

Before His Father's throne,
With soul resigned, He bowed, and said,

“Thy will, not mine, be done !"
5. Be Christ our pattern and our guide;

His image may we bear;
O, inay we tread His holy steps,

His joy and glory share!


[blocks in formation]

1. BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind

Nailed to the shameful tree!
How vast the love that Him inclined

To bleed and die for me.


2. Hark! how He groans, while nature shakes,

And earth's strong pillars bend!
The temple's vail asunder breaks,

The solid marbles rend.
3. 'T is finished ! now the ransom's paid,


soul !”. He cries:
See-how He bows His sacred head !

He bows His head and dies !
4. But soon He 'll break death's iron chain,

And in full glory shine;
O Lamb of God! was ever pain-

Was ever love like Thine ?


C. M.
1. O Thou eternal King most high!
Who didst the world redeem

And conquering Death and Hell, receive

A dignity supreme.
2. Thou, through the starry orbs, this day,

Didst to Thy throne ascend;
Thenceforth to reign in sovereign power,

And glory without end.
3. There, seated in Thy majesty,

To Thee submissive bow
The Heav'n

of Heav'ns, the spacious earth, The depths of Hell below. 4. When Thou shinest on the clouds,

With Thy angelic train.
May we be saved from vengeance due,

And our lost crowns regain.

5. Glory to Jesus, who returns

Triumphantly to Heaven;
Praise to the Father evermore,

And Holy Ghost, be given.



C. M.
1. Jesus, our Lord, ascend Thy throne,

And near Thy Father sit:
In Zion shall Thy power be known,

And make Thy foes submit.
2. What wonders shall Thy Gospel do!

Thy converts shall surpass
The numerous drops of morning dew,

And own Thy sovereign grace.
3. God hath pronounced a firm decree,

Nor changes what He swore :
“ Eternal shall Thy priesthood be,

* When Aaron is no more.”
4. Jesus, our Priest, forever lives,

To plead for us above;
Jesus, our King, forever gives

The blessings of His love.
5. God will exalt His glorious head,

His lofty throne maintain,
And strike the powers and princes dead,

Who dare oppose His reign.



C. M.
1. Why is thy face so lit with smiles,

Mother of Jesus ! why?
And wherefore is thy beaming look

So fixed upon the sky ? 2. His rising form on Olivet

A summer's shadow cast !
The branches of the hoary trees

Droop'd as the shadow pass'd.

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