Hume, Holism, and Miracles

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Cornell University Press, 1999 - Всего страниц: 106

David Johnson seeks to overthrow one of the widely accepted tenets of Anglo-American philosophy--that of the success of the Humean case against the rational credibility of reports of miracles. In a manner unattempted in any other single work, he meticulously examines all the main variants of Humean reasoning on the topic of miracles: Hume's own argument and its reconstructions by John Stuart Mill, J. L. Mackie, Antony Flew, Jordan Howard Sobel, and others.Hume's view, set forth in his essay "Of Miracles," has been widely thought to be correct. Johnson reviews Hume's thesis with clarity and elegance and considers the arguments of some of the most prominent defenders of Hume's case against miracles. According to Johnson, the Humean argument on this topic is entirely without merit, its purported cogency being simply a philosophical myth.

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Promissory Note I
Miracle Violation Law of Nature
Humes Own Argument II
Humes Argument as Reconstructed by J L Mackie
S Humes Argument as Reconstructed by John Stuart Mill
Humes Argument as Reconstructed by Antony Flew
Humes Argument as Reconstructed by Jordan Howard Sobel
Humes Teasing Ambiguity
Closing Remarks
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David Johnson is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Yeshiva University.

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