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back to the “ Hydaspes,” and were very

well pleased to hear we were not to leave harbour that night. Early next morning we were once more on our way. We encountered very rough weather, the screw could not work in so rough a sea, so we were under sail for several days, and were driven out of our course, never entering the Bay of Biscay at all. For several days the weather was so rough we could not stir from our berths. An attempt to cross the cabin was quite dangerous. We again congratulated ourselves that we were on board so good a ship as the "Hydaspes;" which bravely withstood the storm.

One night the gale was so strong that a sailor was blown overboard, and the sea ran so high that all attempt to save him was useless. At length fine weather returned, the screw was put in motion, and we neared the end of our voyage.

On December the 16th we were called on.



deck late in the evening to see the Start Light, the first glimpse of Old England. On December the 17th the “Hydaspes” cast anchor off Spithead, and in a few hours more, with very thankful hearts, we were safely at home. One short year only had passed since I left it, but the events of many had been crowded into it.

Here my narrative might end, but that I feel sure my readers will be interested in knowing the fate of those left behind, and especially whether Koulali Hospital continued in its former occupation.


Koulali Hospital—The Sappers and Miners occupy the

Turkish Ba s-Cholera amidst th German Legion in Scutari Barracks-Koulali Barrack Hospital handed over to the German Legion-Arrangements with respect to the nursing staff-Dismantling of the Church Ward-A magnificent stormA perplexity-Crowded quarters - Accounts from Balaclava-Another Sister gone to her rest-Love and sympathy-Reflections on the nursing in the Eastern hospitals-English hospital nurses-Reasons against the permanent employment of ladies

- Hospital life behind the scenes—The toil of nursing - The spirit in which it should be undertaken.

as nurses

AFTER our departure the fate of Koulali was decided.

Sister Anne found the remaining staff of five ladies and ten nurses more than sufficient for the work of the hospital under its present regulations. All



went on very smoothly for about a fortnight, the only difference being that the Turkish barracks were given over to the mounted Sappers and Miners, which added greatly to the bustle of the scene-the once quiet road to the Ladies' Home being now thronged with men, horses, and wagons.

During this period a large portion of the German Legion had been sent to Scutari barracks, where in a few days the cholera broke out, numbers dying daily; the troops were immediately marched out and encamped about three miles from Scutari, where they remained ten days. When the wet weather commenced, it was considered absolutely necessary they should have better protection than a tent, and accordingly on the 4th of December the purveyor-in-chief rode over to Koulali from Scutari with an order from General Storks for the handing over of the Barrack Hospital at Koulali to the German Legion, and the removal of the greater part



of the British sick to Scutari, retaining only the Convalescent Hospital for the use of those patients who were unable to be moved at present, and these also, on their recovery, were to join the rest at Scutari, it being intended for the future to keep up the Convalescent Ward for those patients only who should be put on shore there, when it was impossible to land them at Scutari, which was often a difficult matter to accomplish during the winter.

Three medical men were to remain in charge of this hospital, and, the services of ladies and nurses being of course no longer needed at Koulali, General Storks intimated that Miss Nightingale would make arrangements with Sister Anne about engaging those ladies and nurses who might feel inclined to accept her (Miss Nightingale's) rules and wish to join her staff at Scutari in preference to returning to England. This was accordingly settled in the course of the day.

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