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PAGE Advertisement to the Reader, Prefixed to the First Octavo Edition Advertisement to the Second Octavo Edition

xvii A Vindication of Natural Society: or, A View of the Miseries and

Evils arising to Mankind from every Species of Artificial Society 1 A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime

and Beautiful; with an Introductory Discourse concerning Taste 67 A Short Account of a late Short Administration

263 Observations on a late Publication, intituled, “The Present State of the Nation”

269 Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents








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Speech on American Taxation, April 19, 1774 .
Speeches on Arrival at Bristol and at the Conclusion of the Poll,

October 13 and November 3, 1774
Speech on moving Resolutions for Conciliation with America, March

22, 1775
Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol, on the Affairs of America, April 3,

1777 Two Letters to Gentlemen of Bristol, on the Bills depending in Par

liament relative to the Trade of Ireland, April 23 and May 2,

Speech on presenting to the House of Commons a Plan for the Better

Security of the Independence of Parliament, and the Economi-
cal Reformation of the Civil and other Establishments, February

11, 1780
Speech at Bristol previous to the Election, September 6, 1780
Speech at Bristol on declining the Poll, September 9, 1780
Speech on Mr. Fox's East India Bill, December 1, 1783
A Representation to his Majesty, moved in the House of Commons,
June 14, 1784



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Observations on the Conduct of the Minority, particularly in the

last Session of Parliament, 1793

Preface to the Address of M. Brissot to his Constituents: with an


Letter to William Elliot, Esq., occasioned by a Speech made in the

House of Lords by the **** of *******, in the Debate concern-

ing Lord Fitzwilliam, 1795

Thoughts and Details on Scarcity

Letter to a Noble Lord on the Attacks made upon Mr. Burke and his

Pension, in the House of Lords, by the Duke of Bedford and

the Earl of Lauderdale, 1796

Three Letters to a Member of Parliament on the Proposals for Peace

with the Regłcide Directory of France.

Letter I. On the Overtures of Peace
Letter II. On the Genius and Character of the French Revo-

lution as it regards other Nations
Letter III. On the Rupture of the Negotiation; the Terms of

Peace proposed; and the Resources of the Country for
the Continnance of the War

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Preface to the Second Posthumous Volume, in a Letter to the Right

Hon. William Elliot Fourth Letter on the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide Directory of France: with the Preliminary Correspondence

1 Letter to the Empress of Russia, November 1, 1791 .

113 Letter to Sir Charles Bingham, Bart., on the Irish Absentee Tax, October 30, 1773

121 Letter to the Hon. Charles James Fox, on the American War, October 8, 1777

135 Letter to the Marquis of Rockingham, with Addresses to the King,

and the British Colonists in North America, in Relation to the Measures of Government in the American Contest, and a Proposed Secession of the Opposition from Parliament, January, 1777

149 Letter to the Right Hon. Edmund S. Pery, in relation to a Bill for

the Relief of the Roman Catholics of Ireland, July 18, 1778 197 Two Letters to Thomas Burgh, Esq., and John Merlott, Esq., in Vin

dication of his Parliamentary Conduct relative to the Affairs of Ireland, 1780

207 Letters and Reflections on the Executions of the Rioters in 1780 239 Letter to the Right Hon. Henry Dundas: with the Sketch of a Negro Code, 1792

255 Letter to the Chairman of the Buckinghamshire Meeting, held at

Aylesbury, April 13, 1780, on the Subject of Parliamentary

291 Fragments of a Tract relative to the Laws against Popery in Ireland 299 Letter to William Smith, Esq., on the Subject of Catholic Emancipation, January 29, 1795

361 Second Letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe, on the Catholic Question, May 26, 1795

375 Letter to Richard Burke, Esq., on Protestant Ascendency in Ireland, 1793

385 Letter on the Affairs of Ireland, 1797


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Fragments and Notes of Speeches in Parliament.

Speech on the Acts of Uniformity, February 6, 1772 .
Speech on a Bill for the Relief of Protestant Dissenters, March

17, 1773.
Speech on a Motion for Leave to bring in a Bill to repeal and

alter certain Acts respecting Religious Opinions, upon the
Occasion of a Petition of the Unitarian Society, May 11,


Speech relative to the Middlesex Election, February 7, 1771 . 59
Speech on a Bill for shortening the Duration of Parliaments,
May 8, 1780.

69 Speech on a Motion for a Committee to inquire into the State of

the Representation of the Commons in Parliament, May 7,

89 Speech on a Motion for Leave to bring in a Bill for explaining

the Powers of Juries in Prosecutions for Libels, March 7,
1771. Together with a Letter in Vindication of that Meas-
ure, and a copy of the proposed Bill

105 Speech on a Bill for the Repeal of the Marriage Act, June 15, 1781 129 Speech on a Motion for Leave to bring in a Bill to quiet the Pos

sessions the Subject against Dormant Claims of the
Church, February 17, 1772

137 Hints for an Essay on the Drama

143 An Essay towards an Abridgment of the English History. In Three

Book I. To the Fall of the Roman Power in Britain

159 Book II. To the Norman Invasion

227 Book III. Through the Reign of John

327 Fragment. — An Essay towards an History of the Laws of England


VOL. viii.

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Ninth Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on

the Affairs of India, June 25, 1783.
Observations on the State of the Company's Affairs in India
Connection of Great Britain with India
Effect of the Revenue Investment on the Company
Internal Trade of Bengal

Raw Silk
Cloths, or Piece-Goods

British Government in India
Eleventh Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons

on the Affairs of India. With Extracts from the Appendix.

November 18, 1783
Articles of Charge of High Crimes and Misdemeanors against War-

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ren Hastings, Esq., late Governor-General of Bengal: presented
to the House of Commons in April and May, 1786. — Articles
1.- VI.
Art. I. Rohilla War

II. Shah Allum

307 319

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