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Disdain not Thou to smooth the restless bed
Of sickness and of pain Forgive the tear
That feeble nature drops, caim all her fears,
Wake all her hopes, and aniinate her faith,
Till my rapt soul, anticipating heav'n,
Bursts from the thraldom of incumb'ring clay.
And on the wings of ecstacy unborno,
Springs into liberty, and light, and life.


Death is a path that must be trod,
If ever we would pass lo God;
A port secure, a state of ease,
From the rough rage of swelling seas.

As men who lung in prison dwell,
With lamps that glimmer round the cell,
Whene'er their suff'ring years are run,
Spring forth to greet the glitt'ring sun :

Such joy, though far transcending sense,
Have pious souls at parting hence :

On earth, and in the body plac'd,
A few, and evil years they waste.

But, when their chains are cast aside,
See the bright scene unfolding wide ;
Then plume the wing, and tow'r away,
And mingle with the blaze of day.


A God! a God! the wide earth shouts

A God! the heav'ns reply:
He moulded in his palm the world,

And hung it in the sky.

Let us make man with beauty clad,

And health in ev'ry vein,
And reason thron’d upon bis brow,

Stepp'd forth majestic man.

Around he turns his wond'ring eyes,

All nature's works surveys ; Admires the earth, the skies, himself!

And tries his tongue in praise.

Ye hills, and vales! ye meads and woods !

Bright sun and glitt'ring stars ! Fair creatures, tell me, if ye can,

From whence, and what I am?

What parent pow'r, all great and good,

Do these around me own? Tell me, creation, tell me how

T adore the vast unknown!


O thou great being! what thou art

Surpasses me to know:
Yet sure I am, that known to thee

Are all thy works below.

Thy creature here before thee stands,

All wretched and distress'd;
Yet sure those ills that wring my soul

Obey thy high behest.

Sure thou, Almighty ! canst not act

From cruelty or wrath:
O free my weary eyes from tears,
Preserve my soul from death.


But if I must affilicted be,

To suit some wise design ;
Then, man my soul with firm resolves,

To bear, and not repine.


Fair as the dawning light! auspicious guest!
Source of all comfort to the human breast;
Depriv'd of thee, in sad despair we moan,
Ard tedious roll the heavy moments on.
Though beauteous objects all around us rise,
To charm the fancy and delight the eyes;
Though art's fair works and nature's gifts conspire
To please each sense, and satiate each desire,
'Tis joyless all till thy enliv’ning ray
Scatters the melancholy gloom away.
Then opens to the soul a heavenly scene,
Gladness and peace, all sprightly, all serene.
Where dost thou reign, say, in what blest

To choose thy mansion, and to fix thy seat?
Thy sacred presence how shall we explore ?
Can av’rıce gain thee with her golden store ?
Can vain ambition with her boasted charms
Tempt thee within her wide-extended armı ?

No, with content alone canst thou abide,
Thy sister, ever smiling by thy side.

When boon companions void of ev'ry care Crown the full bowl, and the rich banquet share, And give a loose to pleasure-art thou there? Or when the assembled great and fair advance To celebrate the mask, the play, the dance, Whilst beauty spreads its sweetest charms

around, And airs ecstatic swell their tuneful sound, Art thou within the pompous circle found? Does not thy influence more sedately shine ? Can sucb tumultuous joys as these he thine ? Surely more mild, more constant in their course, Thy pleasures issue trom a nobler course; From sweet discretion ruling in the breast, From passions temper’d, and from lusts represt; From thoughts unconscious of a guilty smart, And the calm transports of an honest heart.

Thy aid, O ever faithful, ever kind ! Thro’ life, thro' death, attends the virtuous mind; Of angry fate, wards from us ev'ry blow, Cures ev'ry ill, and softens ev'ry woe, Whatever good our mortal state desires, What wisdom finds, or innocence inspires; From nature's bounteous hand whatever flows, Whate'er our Maker's providence bestows, By thee mankind enjoys; by thee repays A grateful tribute of perpetual praise.

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