Paradise lost, book i., ed. with intr. and notes by F. Storr

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Стр. 54 - 557 Touches. Strains, melodies; properly the touch of the hand upon the musical instrument— " Here let the sounds of music Creep in our ears ; soft stillness and the night Become the touches of sweet harmony."—SHAKESPEARE. 560 Breathing united force. Animated by, exhibiting : used in a different sense from 1. 554. Cf.
Стр. 13 - Dove-like, sat'st brooding on the vast abyss, And niad'st it pregnant: what in me is dark, Illumine : what is low, raise and support; That to the highth of this great argument 1 may assert Eternal Providence, 25 And justify the ways of God to
Стр. 13 - Things unattempted yet in prose or rhime. And chiefly Thou, O Spirit, that dost prefer Before all temples the upright heart and pure, Instruct me, for Thou know'st: Thou from the first Wast present, and, with mighty wings outspread, 20 Dove-like, sat'st brooding on the vast abyss, And
Стр. 22 - 390 And with their darkness durst affront His light. First Moloch, horrid king, besmear'd with blood Of human sacrifice, and parents' tears, Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud, Their children's cries unheard, that pass'd through fire To his grim idol. Him the Ammonite 396 Worshipped in Rabba and her
Стр. 14 - Nine times the space that measures day and night 50 To mortal men, he with his horrid crew Lay vanquish'd, rolling in the fiery gulf, Confounded, though immortal. But his doom Reserved him to more wrath ; for now the thought Both of lost happiness and lasting pain, 55 A dungeon horrible on all sides round
Стр. 61 - So, when (with Spring within them as without) Vere suo, ludetque favis emissa juventus." The glad young chiefs lead forth their companies." 774 Expatiate. Used in the literal sense, as in Latin. Cf. '' Expatiate free o'er all this scene of man; A mighty maze ! but not without a plan.
Стр. 14 - 35 Had cast him out from Heaven, with all his host Of rebel angels, by whose aid, aspiring To set himself in glory above his peers, He trusted to have equall'd the Most High, 40 If he oppos'd ; and, with ambitious aim Against the throne and monarchy of God Raised impious war in
Стр. 25 - His mighty standard. That proud honour claim'd Azazel as his right, a cherub tall; Who forthwith from the glittering staff unfurl'd 535 The imperial ensign, which, full high advanc'd, Shone like a meteor, streaming to the wind, With gems and golden lustre rich imblaz'd, Seraphic arms and trophies; all the while Sonorous metal blowing martial sounds: 54°
Стр. 26 - The whole battalion views, their order due, Their visages and stature as of gods; 570 Their number last he sums. And now his heart Distends with pride, and hardening in his strength Glories: for never, since created man. Met such embodied force as nam'd with these Could merit more than that small infantry 575
Стр. 25 - And o'er the Celtic roam'd the utmost isles. At which the universal host up-sent A shout that tore Hell's concave, and beyond Frighted the reign of Chaos and old Night. All in a moment through the gloom were seen Ten thousand banners rise into

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