A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies, Том 5

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Стр. 418 - ... wants. They therefore knew nothing of paper currency, which was so common throughout the rest of North America. Even the small...
Стр. 422 - Spain has rather chofen to make a wildernefs of her own country, and a grave of America, than to divide its riches with any other of the European nations. The Dutch have been guilty of every public and private crime to deprive other commercial nations of the fpice trade. They have frequently thrown whole cargoes into the fea, rather than they would fell them at a low price. France rather chofe to give up...
Стр. 419 - Real misery was wholly unknown, and benevolence anticipated the demands of poverty.* Every misfortune was relieved as it were before it could be felt, without ostentation on the one hand, and without meanness on the other. It was, in short, a society of brethren ; every individual of which was equally ready to give, and to receive, what he thought the common right of mankind.
Стр. 347 - ... and all the infinite and prodigious tribes that inhabit the feas, as it were to fupport the axis of the earth, and prevent its inclining or deviating to either fide : if, indeed, [elephants, whales, or men can be faid to have any weight on a globe, where all living creatures are but a tranfient modification of the earth that compofes it. In a word, the ocean rolls over this globe to faIhion it, in conformity to the general laws of gravity.
Стр. 418 - Their ordinary drink was beer and cider, to which they sometimes added rum. Their usual clothing was in general the produce of their own flax, or the fleeces of their own sheep ; with these they made common linens and coarse cloths. If any of them had...
Стр. 225 - Nericka, and on all the coafls, where they found a proper beach for drying the cod. THE inhabitants never applied themfelves to agriculture, the foil being unfit for it. They...
Стр. 417 - No magistrate was ever appointed to rule over them, and they were never acquainted with the laws of England. No rents or taxes of any kind were ever exacted from them. Their new sovereign seemed to have forgotten them, and they were equally strangers to him.
Стр. 356 - In a word, the favage is fubj'ect to none but natural evils. BUT what greater happinefs than this does the civilized man enjoy ? His food is more wholefome and delicate than that of the favage. He has fofter clothes, and a habitation better fecured againft the inclemencies of the weather. But the common people, who are to be the...
Стр. 352 - New, as it is by thofe two countries that the two continents are connected, or at leaft approach neareft to one another. Befides, how can we conceive that in America the torrid zone can have been peopled from one of the frozen. zones ? Population "will indeed fpread from North to South, but it muft naturally have begun under the equator, where life is cherifhed by warmth.
Стр. 77 - ... to bestow a reward on every man who has introduced into the colony any new art, or contributed to the improvement of any one already known, to give a pension to every daily workman, who...

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