Mental Health Research Institute Staff Publications, Часть 1

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UM Libraries, 1971
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Стр. lxxxvi - This work was supported by grants from the US National Institutes of Health and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Стр. iv - In other words, if X has a right against Y that he shall stay off the former's land, the correlative (and equivalent) is that Y is under a duty toward X to stay off the place. If, as seems desirable, we should seek a synonym for the term "right" in this limited and proper meaning, perhaps the word "claim
Стр. 435 - Among the laws that rule human societies there is one which seems to be more precise and clear than all others. If men are to remain civilized or to become so, the art of associating together must grow and improve in the same ratio in which the equality of conditions is increased.
Стр. 478 - Protein was determined by the method of LOWRY, ROSEBROUGH, FARR and RANDALL (1951) and RNA was measured by the procedure of FLECK and BEGG (1965).
Стр. iv - A change in a given legal relation may result (1) from some superadded fact or group of facts not under the volitional control of a human being (or human beings) ; or (2) from some superadded fact or group of facts which are under the volitional control of one or more human beings. As regards the second class of cases, the person (or persons) whose volitional control is paramount may be said to have the (legal) power to effect the particular change of legal relations that is involved in the problem.
Стр. iii - ... if . . . then . . ."); or else they had to create the possibility of doing something that had not been done before. A second essential condition for any major contribution, whether of perceptions or of operations, was that it should have proved fruitful in producing a substantial impact that led to further knowledge. Impacts simply upon social practice were treated as interesting but nonessential. We believe that the 62 contributions listed in Table 1 are among the most significant achievements...
Стр. iv - ... bears the same general contrast to an immunity that a right does to a privilege. A right is one's affirmative claim against another, and a privilege is one's freedom from the right or claim of another. Similarly, a power is one's affirmative "control...
Стр. iv - privilege' to refer to what one person was permitted to do as far as some other person was concerned. Continuing the prior example, he states:7 . . . [W]hereas X has a right or claim that Y, the other man, should stay off the land, he himself has the privilege of entering on the land; or, in equivalent words, X does not have a duty to stay off.
Стр. iv - The student of Jurisprudence is at times troubled by the thought that he is dealing not with things, but with words, that he is busy with the shape and size of counters in a game of logomachy, but when he fully realizes how these words have been passed and are still being passed as money, not only by fools and on fools, but by and on some of the acutest minds, he feels that there is work worthy of being done, if only it can be done worthily.
Стр. li - TAPP, JT An apparatus for the assessment of the reinforcing properties of odors in small animals. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1968, 11, 49-51.

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