The Second World War: A Complete History

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Rosetta Books, 5 июн. 2014 г. - Всего страниц: 856
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“Mr. Gilbert brings the strongest possible credentials to his history of World War II, and the result is a magisterial work” (The New York Times).
In the hands of master historian Martin Gilbert, the complex and compelling story of the Second World War comes to life. This narrative captures the perspectives of leading politicians and war commanders, journalists, civilians, and ordinary soldiers, offering gripping eyewitness accounts of heroism, defeat, suffering, and triumph.
This is one of the first historical studies of World War II that describes the Holocaust as an integral part of the war. It also covers maneuvers, strategies, and leaders operating in European, Asian, and Pacific theatres. In addition, this book brings in survivor testimonies of occupation, survival behind enemy lines, and the experience of minority groups such as the Roma in Europe, to offer a comprehensive account of the war’s impact on individuals on both sides. This is a sweeping narrative of one of the most deadly wars in history, which took almost forty million lives, and irrevocably changed countless more.
“Gilbert’s flowing narrative is spiced with anecdotal details culled from diaries, memoirs, and official documents. He is especially skillful at interweaving summaries of military strategy with vignettes of civilian suffering.” —Newsweek
“[A] masterful account of history’s most destructive conflict.” —Publishers Weekly

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The Second World War: a complete history

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The 60th anniversary of the Normandy landing brought a barrage of World War II titles. This 1989 book by the eminent British historian provides a single-volume overview. It offers grim detail and ... Читать весь отзыв

The Second World War: a complete history

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Though few one-volume histories of World War II have been published in the last ten years, the 50th anniversary of the war's start has inspired new works: Gilbert's book and John Keegan's The Second ... Читать весь отзыв

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Stalingrad and Torch SeptemberOctober 1942
The turn of the tide for the Allies winter 1942
The Soviet reconquest of the Caucasus and the Don winter 19421943
blueprint for victory January 1943
The German armies in danger February 1943
The battle for Tunisia JanuaryMay 1943
The German retreats FebruaryAugust 1943
Drive the enemy into the sea Montgomery spring 1943

The Scandinavian cockpit winter 19391940
The German attack in the West May 1940
Scandinavia spring 1940
Dunkirk May 1940
The battle for France June 1940
The battle for France June 1940
The fall of France June 1940
Frances agony Britains resolve JuneJuly 1940
Europe from Norway to Egypt summer 1940
The battle for Britain AugustSeptember 1940
The battle of Britain and the Blitz AugustSeptember 1940
The war is won Hitler October 1940
The Italian invasion of Greece October 1940
The new order of tyranny Roosevelt winter 19401941
The widening war JanuaryMarch 1941
The German conquest of Yugoslavia and Greece April 1941
Yugoslavia and Greece April 1941
The evacuation of Attica April 1941
The fall of Crete war in Africa AprilMay 1941
Crete May 1941
Germany and the Middle East June 1941
Germany and Russia on the eve of
The VolgaArchangel line and the BerlinTiflis axis
The German invasion of Russia June 1941
The widening war June 1941
The German invasion of Russia 22 June 1941
Terror in the East JulyAugust 1941
The Eastern Front August 1941
Towards Leningrad Moscow and Kiev September 1941
The siege of Leningrad October 1941January 1944
The Eastern Front September and October 1941
Russia at bay SeptemberOctober 1941
Deciding the fate of Europe Hitler November 1941
The battle for Moscow winter 1941
The limits of German conquest December 1941
Pearl Harbour December 1941
The Eastern Front December 1941
Japan strikes December 1941
The Japanese Empire and the coming of war December 1941
The first death camp murder sites and the Eastern Front December 1941
The South China Sea December 1941
We are no longer alone Churchill New Year 1942
The Eastern Front March 1942
The Bataan Peninsula JanuaryMay 1942
Soviet partisans 1942
Death camps deportations air raids and reprisals 1942
The Eastern Front May 1942
Global war FebruaryApril 1942
Axis triumphs July 1942
The German offensive JulyNovember 1942
Terror in the East July 1942
Guadalcanal Dieppe El Alamein AugustSeptember 1942
Stalingrad besieged SeptemberNovember 1942
Behind the lines in the East winter 19421943
The first crack in the Axis Roosevelt summer 1943
From Tunis to Sicily MayJuly 1943
The Battle for the Kursk Salient July 1943
The Eastern Front and the Red Army advance JulyAugust 1943
Germany and Japan in retreat autumn 1943
Bleeding to death in the East Goebbels winter 1943
Some execution sites of Soviet prisonersofwar Poles and Jews 1943
Anzio Cassino Kwajalein JanuaryFebruary 1944
The Eastern Front winter 19431944
The Italian Front 19431944
The Normandy and South of France deception plans
Big Week air raids 2026 February 1944
Bombing deportation and mass murder FebruaryMarch 1944
Burma 1944
France 1 February5 June 1944
Resistance sabotage and deception spring 1944
Slavelabour camps in Eastern Silesia 1944
DDay June 1944
The Normandy landings 6 June 1944
Germany encircled July 1944
The battles for Poland and France summer 1944
The Warsaw uprising JulyOctober 1944
The bittersweet path of liberation autumn 1944
The battle in France JuneSeptember 1944
The oil campaign August 1944 oil targets
The Eastern Front SeptemberDecember 1944
The Slovak uprising AugustOctober 1944
The battle for northwest Europe September 1944
Into Germany towards the Philippines September 1944
The Eastern Pacific October 1944March 1945
The Western and Italian Fronts October 1944
The Eastern Front October 1944
The German counteroffensive in the Ardennes December 1944
Fighting for every mile OctoberNovember 1944
Berlin Manila Dresden Tokyo FebruaryMarch 1945
Crossing the Rhine March 1945
The Axis in disarray the Allies in conflict MarchApril 1945
The landings on Okinawa 1 to 23 April 1945
The deaths of Roosevelt Mussolini and Hitler April 1945
From the Rhine to the Elbe April 1945
The battle for Berlin MarchApril 1945
Berlin besieged April 1945
The end of the war in Europe May 1945
Europe from war to peace May 1945
Germany in defeat Japan unbowed MayJuly 1945
Alamogordo Potsdam Hiroshima JulyAugust 1945
The defeat of Japan August 1945
Retribution and Remembrance 19451952
Unfinished business 19531989
Regional Maps
The fall of Okinawa 30 April21 June 1945
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Sir Martin Gilbert is a leading British historian and the author of more than eighty books. Specializing in 20th century history, he is also the official biographer of Winston Churchill and has written a bestselling eight-volume biography of the war leaders life.Born in London in 1936, Martin Gilbert was evacuated to Canada with his family at the beginning of World War II as part of the British governments efforts to protect children from the brutal bombings of the Luftwaffe. He was made a Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, in 1962. He is the author of several definitive historical works examining the Holocaust, the First and Second World Wars, and the history of the 20th century.In 1990, Gilbert was designated a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and was awarded a Knighthood in 1995. Oxford University awarded him a Doctorate in 1999. Today, he is a sought-after speaker on Churchill, Jewish history, and the history of the 20th century, and he travels frequently to lecture at colleges, universities, and organizations around the world.

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