Later Chapters of My Life: The Lost Memoir of Queen Marie of Romania

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Queen Marie of Romania was one of the most brilliant monarchs of the twentieth century. Described by one biographer as 'the most voluptuous queen in Europe' she distinguished herself during the First World War when she publicly opposed the peace agreement between Romania and Germany. She was also a gifted writer, and in the mid-1930s, publication of three volumes of her memoirs, The Story of My Life, brought her worldwide renown. Yet, until now, her story has remained incomplete. This recently discovered last memoir of Queen Marie reveals through her own eyes those last chapters of her life.

The granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Marie was brought up at Eastwell Park in Kent. Glamorous and beautiful, she had men falling at her feet, yet at the age of seventeen she married the shy Crown Prince of Romania. It was a step that was to propel her on to the stage of international politics, and see her venture upon unofficial diplomatic missions, earning her the title of an 'irresistible ambassador'.

Her last memoir, written from the period following the First World War until the end of 1922, includes both the trivia and intimate details of her daily life, and also brings us alongside her as she witnesses world-changing events. From the 1919 Peace Conference - at which Queen Marie met Clemenceau, Poincare, Woodrow Wilson and Hoover - to her last meeting with her mother, the Duchess of Saxe-Coburg; and from her informal visits to Paris, London and Transylvania to the first parliament of Greater Romania, the memoir gives insight into the life of this extraordinary queen.

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Diana Mandache is a Romanian historian who specialises in the history of the Romanian royal family and Eastern European history. She is the editor of Americans, and Queen Marie of Romania, and author of România, Mitteleuropa ºi Balcanii [Romania, Central Europe and the Balkans]. She lives in London.

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