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ASCENSION HYMN.* 11, 8, 11, 8.

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Württemberg Melody of the year 1760.



CHRIST is gone up with a joyful soun!,

He is gone to His bright abode;

The armies of heaven they throng around,
To hail their ascended God.

He is gone to His glorious throne on high,
And to claim the victor's crown;

And captive He leads captivity,

And the foe He has overthrown.

He is gone to pour, from the fount of love,
Rich gifts on a sinful race;

To prepare a place for His saints above,
And to shed the Spirit's grace.

The tune is printed in the regular form of the metre: but the versification of the Hymn is irregular. For the first stanza, it is necessary to begin with the third note of the tune; and the small notes and dotted slurs show the modifications of the tune which are required to adapt it to other irregular lines of the Hymn.

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THOU art gone up on high,

To mansions in the skies;
And round Thy throne unceasingly
The songs of praise arise.
But we are lingering here,
With sin and care oppress'd;
Lord, send Thy promised Comforter,
And lead us to our rest.

Thou art gone up on high,
But Thou didst first come down,
Through earth's most bitter misery
pass unto Thy crown;
And girt with griefs and fears
Our onward course must be ;
But only let that path of tears
Lead us at last to Thee!

Thou art gone up on high;
But Thou shalt come again,
With all the bright ones of the sky

Attendant in Thy train.

Oh! by Thy saving power,

So make us live and die,

That we may stand in that dread hour
At Thy right hand on high.


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