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CALL Jehovah thy salvation,

Rest beneath the Almighty's shade; In His secret habitation

Dwell, nor ever be dismay'd:
There no tumult can alarm thee,

Thou shalt dread no hidden snare;
Guile nor violence can harm thee.

In eternal safeguard there.

From the sword at noon-day wasting,
From the noisome pestilence,
In the depth of midnight blasting,

God shall be thy sure defence:
Fear not thou the deadly quiver,

When a thousand feel the blow;
Mercy shall thy soul deliver,

Though ten thousand be laid low.
Since, with pure and firm affection,

Thou on God hast set thy love,
With the wings of His protection

He will shield thee from above:
Thou shalt call on Him in trouble,
He will hearken, He will save,
Here for grief reward thee double,

Crown with life beyond the grave,

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An abridgment of Angels' Song.*

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O let us to His courts repair, And bow with adoration there; Down on our knees devoutly all Before the Lord our Maker fall.

XCVII. (1, 2. 12.)


EHOVAH reigns, let all the earth In His just government rejoice; Let all the isles, with sacred mirth,

In His applause unite their voice. Darkness and clouds of awful shade

His dazzling glory shroud in state; Justice and truth His guards are made, And, fix'd by His pavilion, wait. Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord:

Memorials of His holiness Deep in your faithful breasts record, And with your thankful tongues confess.

*See Ps. CXXXIII., 11.

N. V

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