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Sins of Commission, what, 502
-Of Omission, what, 503-

What implied in Christ's
saving, us from Sin, 74-Ag- Thanksgiving, what implied in
gravations of Sin, what, 507– it, 18
Partaking of other Men's St. Thomas the Apostle, 40-
Sins, what, 114

Christians called by his Name,
Sitting at the Right Hand of where, 43 - What may be
God, what, 201

learned from this Festival, 44
Sorrow for Sin, how to be ex- Time, why valuable, and how

cited and expressed, 359, 375 to be employed, 96
Soul, what meant by it, 152— Tithes due to the Clergy, 491
Its Immortality, ibid.-Proved To submit to the Payment of
from Reason, 153. From Tithes highly reasonable, ib.
Scripture, 160-What Assur- Thoughts when sinful, 503-
ance the Jews had of it, Wandering Thoughts in Pray-
159-Does not sleep till the er considered, 426
Resurrection, 161. -The Interpretationof Tongues,what,
Christian Evidence for it the 180.–See Gift of Tongues.
greatest, 162–The Effect it Trinity Sunday, 250--What
ought to have upon us, 163. may be learned from the Ob.
See Immortality

servation of it, 254-The
Star at our Saviour's Birth, Mystery of the Trinity, what,
what, 99

253– No Contradiction, ibid.
St. Stephen, 62–What may be Explications dangerous, 254

learned from this Festival, 66
Stewards of God's Mysteries,

what meant by it, 455
Submission of a Christian, what, Vigils, why so called, 461 -

Their Original, 462, 463-
Sufferings of Christ, what, 396 Why all Festivals have them

- Not the Torments of the not, 464-That of Easter,
Damned, 398-Why he suf- how observed, 409, 410
fered, 399-A Proof of his Virgin Mary, her Offerings,
being the Messias, 401-Ty- 118 – Her Purification, 117
pified under the Law, 402- - Annunciation, 133 - The
For the Cause of Religion, Salutation, what, 134--How
when, 37-How good Men she received it, 135-How
are supported under them, she expressed her Gratitude,
ibid.- When we may expect 136-Why styled the Mo-
God's Assistance under them, ther of God, 138–The Ever

Virgin, 139
Suffering Christians what due Visions, what, 222
to them, 329

Union of Christians to Christ,
Supremacy of Sovereign Ma- how, 141—The Advantages
gistrates, what, 458

of it, 142
Subordination of Church Offi- Voice, what Sort of Revelation,
cers, whence, 432



[blocks in formation]

Watchfulness,what, 130_How
it foresees Dangers and avoids
them, ibid, 131-How it ena.
bles us to encounter them,
ibid.The Necessity of it,
whence, 132
Whitsunday, why so called, 205
-Why one of the stated
Times for Baptism, 206--
What may be learned from
this Festival, 212
Whit-Monday, 218

Tuesday, 233
Wills and Testaments, when to

be made, 412
Wise Men of the East, who,
99-How they could guess
at our Saviour's Birth by the
Star, 100—Their Behaviour,
101 - Their Zeal and Cou-
rage, 102–Their Offerings,


Zeal, the Nature of it, 336–
How it becomes a Christian
Virtue, 337-When Crimi-
nal, ibid. What proper to
excite it, 338-How far it
extenuates a Fault, ibid.
How to be shown towards
Heretics and Schismatics, 339


Of the Prayers and Thanksgivings contained in

this Book,


Will of God on Earth, as it is
A PRAYER for Acceptance

in Heaven, 323
with God, 123-For God's

Acceptance of our Prayers, A Profession of our Faith of the
187, 429, 482

Ascension, 205-A Thanks.

giving for the Ascension, 204

A Prayer for Assistance in Ad-

A Prayer for God's Help and
versity, 38—For Grace to

Assistance, 482-For God's
suffer as a Good Christian, 39 Direction, 132, 276.-See

See Submission, Adversity.

Bishops.-See Clergy.

A Prayer for the Protection of A Prayer for temporal Bless-
Angels, 322. For doing the

ings, 429.


-For Priests, 393, 448—For
Prayers for the Grace of Cha- Deacons, 392, 446—For the
rity, 80, 265–For Charity Discharge of our Duty to-
towards our Enemies, 70 wards God's Ministers, 499

Acts of Praise for his Incarna-

A Prayer for it in a mean Con-
tion, 60, 142– Thanksgiving

dition, 297
for his being made Man, 61

-For his Birth 60-For his A Prayer for it, 380
Sufferings, 406—A Prayer


for Conformity to the End of A Prayer for the Conversion of

his coming into the World, Infidels and Heretics, 406-

59—For the Benefit of his For Conversion from Sin, 38,

Death, 142–For the Imita- 149.- See Renovation.
tion of his Example, 405


Prayers against it, 133, 311-

For Readiness to forsake all
A Prayer for Stedfastness there.
in, si-For the Propagation

for Christ, 297

of Christian Knowledge, 105

-For a Practice suitable to


A Prayer for Strength against

our Christian Profession, 216

For the effectual Belief of

them, 132

the Christian Religion, 249


A Thanksgiving for being a

A Prayer for a happy Death,

Christian, 304

418_For preparation for our

last End, 419–For Assistance


at the Hour of Death, ibid.

A Prayer for all Christians, 405



A Prayer for the Preservation A Prayer for Charity towards
of the Church, 257-For the our Enemies, 70
Preservation of the true Faith

in the Church, 301-For the A Prayer for a happy Eternity,
Preservation of the Church

from false Teachers, 132

For the Church's P ever-

A Prayer for a serious Exami-

ance in the Truth, 80- For nation of our Lives, 509

the Church under Persecu-


tion, 39—A Thanksgiving Prayers for the Imitation of

for the Deliverances of the

Christ's Example, 405, 509–

Church, 323

For the Imitation of the bless-


ed Virgin, 143-For the Imi-

A Prayer for the Success of tation of St. John the Baptist,
God's Ministers, 31- That 276-For the Imitation of
they may rightly discharge the Saints, 11, 198, 349
their holy Function, 393, 448 For following the Examples
-For Bishops, 288, 461, 500 of good Men departed, ibid.


381..For the Increase of
A Prayer for a firm Faith, 46- Christian Virtues, 312—For
For an effectual Faith, 47- Ability to live well, H5-
For Faith and Obedience, 46 For doing the Will of God

- For a stedfast Faith in the on Earth as it is done in
Holy Trinity, 256-For the Heaven, 323
. Preservation of true Faith in

the Church, 304-For re-

Prayers for it, 90, 124, 313

moving the Obstacles of Be.

lieving, 46


Praise for the Incarnation of
A Morning Prayer for a Fami- Christ, 60, 142-A Thanks-
ly, 513-An Evening Prayer

giving for Christ's being made

for a Family, 517

Man, 61



A Prayer for the Conversion
A Prayer for it, 361-For the of Infidels and Heretics, 406
divine Favour upon our. Fast-

ing, ibid. For Abstinence
and Mortification, 97

Prayers for Preparation for
Judgment, 31, 32--For avert-

ing Judgments, 430
A Prayer for the Love of God


and his Laws, 265–For the A Prayer for the Propagation

faithful Service of God, 216 of Christian Knowledge, 105

-For Power to glorify God,

90—For the Enjoyment of


God, 104

A Prayer for a Christian Spirit,


when obliged to go to Law or

A Prayer for the Assistance of

prosecute, 266

Grace, 90-For the manifold

Lord's Day
Gifts of God, 265–For the A Prayer for the devout Ob-
Improvement of . Grace, 198 servation thereof, 19
--For the Comforts of Grace,


369—For a right Use of the Prayers for the Love of God,

Means of Grace, 124..See

330, 349-For the Love of

Assistance, Holy Spirit. God and his Laws, 265–For

the Love of our Neighbour, 81

Heavenly Mindedness.

A Prayer for it, 204-For the


Meditation of Heavenly

A Prayer for the Grace of it,

Things, 370




A Prayer for the right Obser-

A Prayer for true Mortifica-

vation of them, 10

tion, 97 – For Retirement

and Mortification, 276–For


Abstinence and Mortification,

A Prayer for true Holiness, 369

ence, 382


A Prayer for the Love of our A Prayer for Renovation, 59
Neighbour, 81

For the Renewal of our Minds.

See Conversion, 381

A Prayer for universal Obedi- A Prayer for true Religion, 509

See Christianity.

A Prayer for making acceptable A Profession of Repentance,
Offerings to God, 106

362-A Prayer for the Ef-

fects of Repentance, 116.
A Prayer for the Canditates for -For Repentance and Par-
Ordination, 446-For the Or. don, 288
dainers and the Ordained, 392


A Prayer for Charity in Re-

proving, 277
A Prayer for Pardon upon our

Confession, 380 — For For. A Profession of our Faith in the
giveness of our Sins, 369

Resurrection, 177-- Thanks-
St. Paul.

giving for Christ's Resurrec-
A. Prayer for true Thankful- tion, 150–Prayers for the
ness for his Conversion, 115 blessed Effects of Christ's Re.

surrection, 149–For a blessed
A Prayer for the Church under

Resurrection to Eternal Life,
Persecution, 39—For Support

under Sufferings for Religion, Thanksgiving for the Advan-

69-For Grace to suffer as a
good Christian, 39-For the tages of Revelation, 232.-
Duties we owe to those that

See Scripture.
are persecuted, 331


A Prayer for a right Use of
A Prayer for our Persecutors, 71

the holy Sacrament, 483

A Thanksgiving for the Perse-
verance of good Men, 350

Prayers for the Imitation of the

Saints, 11, 198, ibid 349.

See Example.
A Prayer for true Piety, 340


Prayers for the right Use of the
Prayers for the Acceptance of

holy Scriptures, 187, 438—A
our Prayers, 187, 482

Thanksgiving for the Gospel,
Priests.-See Clergy.

330.-See Revelation.

Thankfulness for the Benefit of A Prayer for the Deliverance
the Priesthood, 447

from the Power of Sin, 97–

For the Forgiveness of our
Prayers for it, 288, 323

Sins, 369

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