Old Hickory: Young Folks' Life of Gen. Andrew Jackson

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Lee and Shepard, 1887 - Всего страниц: 175

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Стр. 179 - How sleep the Brave who sink to rest By all their country's wishes blest! When Spring, with dewy fingers cold, Returns to deck their hallowed mould, She there shall dress a sweeter sod Than Fancy's feet have ever trod.
Стр. 42 - December, 1812, those troops rendezvoused at Nashville, prepared to advance to the place of their destination ; and, although the weather was then excessively severe, and the ground covered with snow, no troops could have displayed greater firmness. The general was everywhere with them, inspiring them with the ardour that animated his own bosom.
Стр. 70 - Reinforcements," he continued, " are preparing to hasten to my assistance ; it cannot be long before they will arrive. I am, too, in daily expectation of receiving information, whether you may be discharged or not — until then you must not, and shall not, retire. I have done with entreaty, — it has been used long enough. I will attempt it no more. You must now determine whether you will go, or peaceably remain ; if you still persist in your determination to move forcibly off, the point between...
Стр. 139 - He was scarcely beforehand with the citizens, who in a short time raised the sum among themselves by contribution, and were anxious to be permitted to testify at once their gratitude and shame. What was thus collected was appropriated at his request to a charitable institution. He enjoyed the consciousness that the powers which the exigency of the times forced him to assume, had been exercised exclusively for the public good, and that they had saved the country.
Стр. 86 - In their places a new generation will arise who will know their duties better. The weapons of warfare will be exchanged for the utensils of husbandry; and the wilderness which now withers in sterility and seems to mourn the desolation which overspreads it, will blossom as the rose, and become the nursery of the arts.
Стр. 51 - November, to execute the order. Having arrived within a mile and a half, he formed his detachment into two divisions, and directed them to march so as to encircle the town, by uniting their fronts beyond it. The enemy, hearing of his approach, began to prepare for action, which was announced by the beating of drums, mingled with, savage yells and war-whoops. An hour after sunrise, the...
Стр. 144 - The honor of the United States requires that the war with the Seminoles should be terminated speedily, and with exemplary punishment for hostilities so unprovoked.
Стр. 51 - Learning now that a considerable body of the enemy had posted themselves at Tallushatchee, on the south side of the Coosa, about thirteen miles distant, General Coffee was detached with nine hundred men, (the mounted troops having been previously organized into a brigade, and placed under his command,) to attack and disperse them. With this force he was enabled, through the direction of an Indian pilot, to ford the Coosa at the...
Стр. 147 - Pensacola ; that they were collecting in large numbers, five hundred being in Pensacola on the 15th of April, many of whom were known to be hostile, and had just escaped from the pursuit of our troops; that the enemy were furnished with ammunition and supplies, and received intelligence of the...
Стр. 133 - Previously to its arrival, they had abandoned the attempt, and were retiring. They were severely galled by such of our guns as could be brought to bear. The levee afforded them considerable protection ; yet, by Commodore Patterson's redoubt, on the right bank, they suffered greatly. Enfiladed by this, on their advance, they had been greatly annoyed, and now, in their retreat, were no less severely assailed. Numbers found a grave in the ditch, before our line ; and of those who gained the redoubt,...

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