Pausanias's Description of Greece, Том 5

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Macmillan and Company, limited, 1898

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Стр. 514 - ... body on burial and kept secretly for fear the head, and thereby the spirit, of the dead chief, should be stolen from the town. If it were stolen it would be not only a great advantage to its new possessor, but a great danger to the chief's old town, because he would know all the peculiar ju-ju relating to it. For each town has a peculiar one, kept exceedingly secret, in addition to the general ju-jus, and this secret one would then be in the hands of the new owners of the spirit.
Стр. 22 - Far, far from here, The Adriatic breaks in a warm bay Among the green Illyrian hills ; and there The sunshine in the happy glens is fair, And by the sea, and in the brakes. The grass is cool, the sea-side air Buoyant and fresh, the mountain flowers More virginal and sweet than ours.
Стр. 122 - Athen, 19 (1894), p. 383 sg.), in portions of the walls of Tiryns and Mycenae, and in the walls of the Mycenaean fortress recently excavated by English archaeologists in Melos, as well as in the walls of Samia (Samicum) in Elis, which probably belong to a somewhat later period. The original intention of building walls in this manner was perhaps to compel an assailant to expose his flank to the defenders of the wall ; but since the backsets are often far too short to answer this purpose, and since...
Стр. 627 - If he is right, the inscription proves that the temple, after its destruction at the end of the fifth or beginning of the fourth century BC...
Стр. 204 - When a man has come up from Trophonius, the priests take him in hand again, and set him on what is called the chair of Memory, which stands not far from the shrine ; and, being seated there, he is questioned by them as to all he saw and heard.
Стр. 388 - If a man's son dies, another who has lost his daughter goes to the father, and says, " Thy son will want a wife in the other world ; I will give him my daughter ; pay me the price of the bride.
Стр. 220 - Victoria, ip 424. The Maoris of New Zealand say that Tiki made man after his own image. He took red clay, kneaded it with his own blood, fashioned it into human form, and gave the image breath (R. Taylor, New Zealand, p. 117; cp. Shortland, Maori religion and mythology, p. 21 sq.~) In Tahiti it was said that Taaroa, the creator, made man out of red earth. One day he caused the man to fall asleep, and while the man slept, the creator took out one of his bones (ivi) and made a woman of it, whom he...
Стр. 380 - It is said, that, on their being first seized with this complaint they tear their hair and the rings from their ears, with such force as to break the lobe. It is supposed to be occasioned by a medicine applied to the forehead ; but I endeavoured to procure some of the medicine thus used, without effect. I imagine it rather to be created by frequent intoxications, as the malady goes off in the course of a week or fortnight. During the time the person is in this state, it is with the utmost difficulty...
Стр. 380 - ... fortnight. During the time the person is in this state, it is with the utmost difficulty he is made to eat or drink. I questioned a man, who had thus been afflicted, as to the manner of his being seized, and he told me he only felt a giddiness without any pain, and that afterwards he did not know what happened to him.
Стр. 483 - It is long since you came here you should go home now ! ' whereupon Wang Chih, proceeding to pick up his axe, found that its handle had mouldered into dust.

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