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Abou Ben Adhem

Leigh Hunt 124
Admirable Exploits of Peter the Headstrong, The,

Washington Irving 208
Against the Adoption of the Constitution,

Patrick Henry 23
Arnold (Dr.) of Rugby

Thomas Hughes 94
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, The;

Oliver Wendell Holmes 38
Ballad of the Oysterman, The Oliver Wendell Holmes 36
Battle-Hymn of the Republic

Julia Ward Howe 68
Bridge of Sighs, The

Thomas Hood 50
Cardinal Wolsey

Samuel Johnson 278
Caudle (Mr.) has lent the Family Umbrella,

Douglas W. Jerrold 263
Caudle's (Mrs.) Lectures on Shirt Buttons,

Douglas W. Jerrold 258
Caudle (Mrs.) Needs Spring Clothing, Douglas W. Jerrold 256
Caudle's Second Wife

Douglas W. Jerrold 266
Caudle's Wedding-Day

Douglas W. Jerrold 252
Chambered Nautilus, The

Oliver Wendell Holmes 33
Characteristics of Byron

Leigh Hunt 125
Christmas Hymn.

: Reginald Heber 9
Course of the Nile. The

Herodotus 27
Court of Miracles, The

Victor Marie Hugo

Crocodile, About the

Herodotus 29
Description of Jerusalem

Flavius Josephus 289
Dream. A

Julia Ward Howe

Dream of Eugene Aram, The

Thomas Hood 60
Embarkation, The

Jerome K. Jerome 242
Eve of St. Agnes, The

John Keats 308
Faithless Nelly Gray

. Thomas Hood 57

John Keats 304
Fine Lady. The

Julia Ward Howe

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death Patrick Henry 19
Happy Life at a Tavern

Samuel Johnson

Help, Lord, or We Perish

Reginald Heber 11
High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire Jean Ingelow 143
How the Sovereigns of Castile Took Possession of

Washington Irving 191
Inundation of the Nile, The :

Herodotus 25
I Remember, I Remember

Thomas Hood 56
Jean Valjean and the Bishop

Victor Marie Hugo 112
Jenny Kissed Me .

Deigh Hunt 133
Jim Bludso

John Hay 5
Johnson to Lord Chesterfield

Samuel Johnson 286
La Belle Dame Sans Merci

John Keats 306

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