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M H E Divine Rights of the Britiso Nation and

I Constitution vindicated : In Remarks on the several Papers publish'd against the Reverend Mr. Hoadley's Confiderations apon the Bishop of Exeter's Sermons. The Second Edition corrected.

Archbishop Tillotsons Sermon, on Doing as we would be done unto: not printed in any of his Works.

The Charge of God to Foshua: a Thanksgiving. Sermon preach'd before the D. of Marlborough, for passing the Lines, and taking Bouchain. By Francis Hare, D. D.

Bouchain : a Dialogue between the late Meda ley and Examiner.' .

The Management of the late War, in 4 Letters to a Tory Member.

The Allies and the Late Ministry defended, in answer to The Conduct of the Allies. In 4 parts.

Frauds at St. Paul's. In 2 parts. K. William's Affection to the Church of England consider'd.

Inquiry into the Genuine Authority of 1 Fobn 5.7. There be three that bear Record in Heaven, &c.

A new Catechism, with Dr. Hickes's thirty nine Articles. With a Preface, relating to the true Interest of Great Britain, both in Church and State.

Some Thoughts on the Representation of the Lower House of Convocation. In a Letter to Dr. Atterbury.

A Letter to a North-Wiltshire Clergyman, relating to an Address from that Archdeaconry to the Queen. With a Character of the Bishop of Sarum, and an Account of the Clergy's Behaviour towards


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