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RICHARD II. to England on his arrival, (Richard II).
King Lear against his daughters, (King Lear) v. 126. 148.
Suffolk on his banifliment, 2 Henry VI) vii. 297.
Lady Anne against Richard Int. (Richard III) viii. 123,
Queen Margaret's againft him, &c. (ibid) 138.
'Timon's, on the Athenians, (Timon) x. 59.

on mankind, (ibid). 71.
Coriolanus, on the people of Rome who baoished him,ico-

riolanus) xi. 183.

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Burgundy's for peace, (Henry V) 113.
The citizens for a marriage betwixt the Dauphin ang

Blanch, King John) v. 260
Agamemnon's, Nestor's, Ulylles's, on Achilles's defertion,

(Troilus and Crellida) xi. 255.

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UOTS PU R's to the King about delivering prisoners,

T (1 Henry IV) vi. 1222
The chief justice's defence to King Henry. V. (2 Henry. IV).
- 3:9.
Exeter's, of the deaths of York and Suffolk, (Henry V) vii.

Duke of York's, of a battle, (3 Henry VI) viii. 22.
Richard's, of the Duke of York's fighting, (ibid) 29.
Clarence's dream of drowning, (Richard 11 ) 143.
Norfolk's description of the interview betwixt the King of

England and France, (Henry VIII, 2 0.
King Henry VIII's. on his divorce, (ibid) 294
Antigonus's account of a ghost appearing to him, (Winter

Talt) jii 205.

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Henry VI's. on Duke Humphry's disgrace, (2 Henry VI): .

i. 280.
Suffolk, and Queen Margaret, parting, (ibid) 297:
Edward IV's on the murder of Clarence, (Richard III) viii
- 156.
Duke of Buckingham’s after condemnation, (Henry VIIN

Queco Catharine's before her divorce, (ibid) 290.
Cardinal Wolsey's to Cromwel, (ibid) 321.
Queen Catharine's, recommending her daughter to the King..

(bid) 334.
Hcuna's, on her husband's Aying from her to the war, (All's.

well, &c ) ii 2.65.
Hermione's defence when impeached of adultery, (Winter's

'Tale) iii. 239.
Nark Antony's on Cæsar's murder, (Julius Cæfar) x. 151.

his funeral oration over the body, (ibid) 159.



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DOVER Cliff: (King Lear) v. 197. Edgar.

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GLOUCESTERSHIRE, (Richard II) vi. 44. Noribe..


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