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SIMS basket there 1 burds did eat them *** on my head. Oractats thereot: Ibe ver. 1.

aguan; and he gavel xo, mere Cane Up Out of ever. Bpthey ted in & meadow.l

et duis dream in ose B.C. 17183 And, behold, seven other bune came at the ter

up after them out of the river, ili ta stre, the butter and adobs.15.17 voured and lean flested. ***

the other kine upon the brink ofte rixer, A fat.

4 And the ill lasoured and learned

kine did eat up the seven we'i lavorated 2m d upon ther, and, ferro) and lat kive. So Pharaob a wide

Ne. 2. %.

5 And he slept and dreamed the second bates Port's cers that children time and, behold, seven ears of an TIDe vad of tas lord's

De a 19. cal.ie up upon olie stalk, prank and goud retore rook je 10

6 And, bet:old, seven the cars, and

blastert with the rast wird, sprung up dute him. We have Enz. ii. after them.

7 And the revers the cars des oured the at 20 insep said unto Da. 1.2. seven rank ani tull ears Altalau 2. A praia em to i da. 7. 13. awoke, and, behold, u was a drearn.

i Co. 1. 19. 8 And it came to the tarthat 1 Der tad is dream j ch.0.2.

he spirit was troubled, and be sent and Ed to us, 10 mny

eh. 40. 5.

called for all the maskar, Clypt, atd 22 zes before me;

Ich. 41. .

ali the wise mer, thereot and Itality lad de se sentree branches:

Da 2
#or, rrekon.

then his drearti, but there was done that treenit bredded, and ther!

could interpreti the auto Planet det bra and the clusters Je. 32. 32.

9 I ben spake the chief bulle: unto

Eroamber Plaraoh, saying, I do remember ty *********oses in my hand,

fauit this day. Id pressed then thee

10 Pharaoh was wrothy with his set Paano and I gave the cup -1820.14,15 vants, and put me in ward in the cap

1 Ki.. taid of the guards buuse, dock me aid tek sad sesto brz, This is

Lu. 2. 2. the chiet baker.
The three made an 11 And we dreamed a dream in one

mixht, I and Le wedrearned each manak 2:ee days shall Pha-54.2. *.

Ps. 10. 20. cording to the interpretation of te dreati. se er, and restore 01 buasbalt deliver

12 And thee was there with us a young PI Sa. 24.11. Ps. 3,4

man, an Hebrew, sertarit to the captain of stated, after the for

D... the guard; and we told bu, ant lie inter U sast bis buitief.

Ps. 3. 14. preted to us our dreans, to each man arbed it shall be De S. 16. cording to his dream be dud internet az edes, I pray or, whea 13 And it came to pass, as be inter - 3 : 44: Tư Lià of the un rào Arar. preted to us, so it was, ide te restored 2 store or out of the bouse. at a dream unto inibe othce, abst hati be hanger a tilta away out

to con 14 Ilen Pharach sent and called to *** the Hebrews, and bere ***Tel. seph, and they n brought him hamly out ! Doing that they

or the dungeon and be shaved Armwell, % Co. 3.a.

and Changot has raunent, and catne 10 * ter sa that the SALA Cod, be said unto Jo

• or, full of

unto Pharaoh.

15 And Pharaoh sand unto! Joseph, enzy dream, and, bebold. 2 sala

I have drearied a dreamn, and su come leiets on my head F44 44, Done that ca interpret it: and I have

the work heard say of thee, that thou canst us ter o A beke-meats for of a bador, derstand' a dream to interpret it.

or, cook. 16 And Joseph answered Pharaoh. ch.01.26

saying. It is not in me (od shall give as aered and said, i ver. 13. Pharaob an answer of peace,

17 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, la 'eiee days:

my dream, behold, I stood upon the Le v ter days shall Pha

thre, and

bank of the riser:
14 y sad trom ott

take thy
othce from

18 And, behold, there came up out of ea a tree, and the


the river seven kine, tat fleshed and well Desc" from cti thee. 1 Sa 17. 44. tavoured, ani they fed in a meatow

pass the third day, 2 Sa. 21. 10. 19 And, behold, seven other kine came

burb-day,' that re. Mal. 14.6. up after the in. poor, and rery ill-tasoured ** 2 bus servants and be Mar. 6.21. and lead-tested, such as I never saw in

Desde: the chie: butler and . Or, reck all the land ot Feypt for badness Per air con bis serrauts. oned

20 And the lean and the il tavoured ized the chief butler - come to kine did eat up the first seien fal kre

21 And when they had rated them Prana's band:

parts of

up, it could not be known that they had ozirotse ctif baker; as

Thom. The Drund u them.

Ne. 2. I.

eaten them; but tliey were still alltavour Jeste core buller remem

. ver. 19

ed, us at the beginning. So I awoke. a Ps 31. 12.

22 And I saw in my divain, and, behold, Ec.9.15, 16. seven cars came up in one stalk, full and A. 5. 6. goox:

OT, mall. 23 And, bebold, seven ears, withered. ** te Pawis dreamed

thin, and blasted with the eastwind, stil by the riser.

D. 2. 1.

sprung up after them :

24 And the thin ears devoured the Ds. 4.7. seven good ears. And I told thus unto the magicians but there was


or, rrekon

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that could declare it to me.

B. C. 1715. presence of Pharaoh, and went 05 And Joseph Said unto Pharaoh,

out all the land of Erypt. The dream of Pharaoh is one : God hatha Da.2.29,45. 47. And in the seven plenteo hewed Pharaoh what he is about to do. Re. 4.1. the earth brought forth by hand

The seven voor kine are seven years; b2hil. 18 And he gathered up all the ti and the seven good ears are seven ytats:

ch.12. 17.

seven years, which were in th the dream is one.

Ju.7. 12. Egypt, and laid up the food in t 27 And the seven thin & ill-favoured kine,

1 S3. 13. 5. the food of the held which that came up after them, are seven years ;

Ps. 75. 7 about every city laid he up in th

dcb, 46. 20. and the strenempty ears, blasted with the

49 And Joseph gathered cor

49.5. rast wind, shall be seven years of famine. e ver. 17.

Sand of the sea,' very much, un 23 This is the thing whuch I have 3 or, prince. numoering; for it was without ke unto l'haraoh: what God is about i.e. for.

50 And unto Joseph were ! to do, he she weth unto l'haraoh.

sousd before the years of tamir 29 Behold, there come seven years I ver. 54. which Asenath, the daughter of great plenty throughout all the land ch.17.13. pherah Bpriest of On, bare unto 01 Kypt:

i.e. fruit 51 Aud Joseph called the nal 30. And there shall arise after them

first born 7 Manasseh: For God speen years of famine; and all the plenty ch. 49. . bath made me forget all my toil

heary shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt;

nay ther's house. and the famine shall consume 8 the land:

ich.37.7, 9.

52 And the name of the secol 31 And the plenty shall not be known, or, pres

pared of

he o Ephraim: For God hath ca in the land, by reason of that famine fol.

to be fruitful in the land of my : lowing; for it shall be very curierous. A Nu. 13. 19.

33 Annithe seven years of plent 32 And for that the dream wits doubled

Is. 16. 10. that was in the land of Egypt wet unto Pharaoh twice,' 1! is because the i ver.30. 54 And the seven years of d thing is nestablished by Goul, and God in Je. 14. 1, 2. van to come, according as Ja will shortly bring it to pass,

La. 4.4. Saint and the dearth was in all la 33 Now, therefore, let Pharaoh look oor, orer. in all the land of Egypt there w out a man discreet and wise, and set him

55 and when all the land of E over the lat. of Egypt.

* Pr. 6.6.-8,

famished," the people cried to 31 let Pharaoh do this, and let him ap


for bread: and Pharaoh said unt

* all where point Botheers over the land, and take up

Egyptialis, Go unto Joseph;

IN WAS. the nth: part of the land of Evypt in the

0 c1, 2, ..

Sath to you, do. Seven plenteous years.


50 And the famine was over 35 And let them gather all the food ot' be notcut face of the earth. And Joseph those good years that come, and lay up

all the store houses, and sold com under the hand of Pharaoh, and let p &c. 7. 12. Egyptians; and the fainine wa them keep food in the cities:

9 Ac.7. 10.

in the land of Egypt, 30 And that food shall be for store to i N1718 57 And all countries came int the land agamst the seven years of tamine,

Job 3... to Joseph for to buy corn; beca which shall be in the land of Frypt; that

Pr. 2. 6.

the tamine was so sore in all lan the land perish not through the famine.

Da. 4.8,1%.

CUAP. XLII. 37 And the thung was good in the eyes of

5. 11. Now

OW when P Jacob saw that tt Pharaoh, in the eyes of all bis servants.

$ cb. 43, S.

I's. IIX. 1;. Som in E ypt, Jacob said uuto 1 38 And Pharaoh said unto his servants, ol's: 105:21. Why do ye look one upou anoth Can we find such a one as this is, aan be armed,

And he said, Behold, I har in whom' the Spirit of God is!

or, kiss.

that there is corn in Egypt : 39 And Pharaoh Said unto Joseph,'' str.3%. down thither, and buy for! Torstuch its God hath Dhewed the ~ Da. 6.3. thence; that we may* live, and a all this, there is none so discreet and Es. 3. 10, 3 And Joseph's ten brethre We as thou art:

8.2., 1. down to buy com in Egypt. 40 Thou shalt be over my house, and ych. t. 41. + But Benjanin, Joseph's brothe according unto thy word shall all my

Or, sila.

sent not with his brett.ren: for people ribe ruled only in the throne = 125.7, Lest peradventure mischiet het. will be greater than thou.

or, inder

5 And the sons of Israel care 41 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, See,

com 018 those that carne: fol I have set thee' over all the lanter Frypt. a 1.45.,6. mine was in the land of Canaan, 48 And Pharaoh teok ott his my tron de 10.

6 And Joseph was the governo his hand, and put it upou Joseph's hand,

the land, and it it was that sold i aut artayedt binin veatures of fine linen,

people of the land: and Josepli's and put it cold chain about his un Ik hriscane, itd bowed down themse

43 And he made him to ride in the se whicbin fore him ..ith their faces to the ea cond chariot which he had and they triest the l'optic 7 And Joseph saw his brethren, betere him, so lowthehuet: auttemade signibes, kuer them, but made himselt biu ruler over all the luftavot.

arbetler H4 And Piarach said unte Jusein l.ro

unto them, and spake orough!

them, and he wid unto them! Pharaoh, and without thee shall noin.in

orth MIN litt up his hand or txt in all the land

Colie ye? And they wid, Fru

land Canaan, to buy tood. ot Eypt.

${crrtoare 43 Ind Pharaoli called Jeseph's nine d.3 3.9.

8 And line kuew his brethin

they own him. 2.phosath-paeahiT ai te tot i

Wil Janez rerrembered the Powite Asenat the daughter of Pist. Ei6 1 ht greed at tilei!). herah, stoof (u.

urto the. Te pres; to we it out over a' the lancia: Fap

is 151. barchas ot the laud ye are com 40 And Jone piirty years old 1.1.1

10 they watu bin, SE wheu he stedbetor. Prikla 0: 14:1. *. lond, but to buy nou are the se Feypt. And lose;" went out to the


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7.6.2) 14. Jo.11.6. Persia. See the same phrases y al Dile - N45,7 Amb. Syria, Paestuu, . LSI.

of or.pe. (1118. Lite 3:18F. 900 Heb. (, (b).

Wa A.

o stars. (...) 41.1.1 km imam 19.06.6. L'a'.51. stod y 18, 21h 1208 Pr Da I 19

LU11.5). Jude *

47 Frm A. M. PP.C 1715, to A. M.

B. C. 17 handia (h.co 14 P.7 16. .***.34.228.13. K1.17 1. 48 ver t... (1.47.81.

i e. ver.1.5.. Pr. 49 22.11. Ju..-7.19. i sa 13 3. Jobis kur 13. 18.16. P78:7. Je 13.2.

KDWO, ftat in art 50 untia Juvepi ch 46.30 - 18.3. Atenask, ver. 27 Lyte rol try depend. 45. Ch.*20. Vain punto, >> XL overwins of the 51 raked A W222 HC. 171. ch 48 5,

*De arcyb pro 1. t. 13,14,186) De 33 17. Manai. 1.. Hit Bet of orein tins. See ouver 3). P. 45 10. Is 57 16. fuge. Kesed apt prepare it for the Ps 303,1) Pr 31.7. 163 16

PLT Irelaxae by wi.ich the 5. A M. S. 10. 1711
art ay be a certained, woxb. 35.-30.6.13.-50.23 I per annut

dered pemerty conect. The ch.48.10.19.-) 1.40.1,. ita land suid In the R05 * 16 ekibits 17.18. Am.60 AC 7.10

renderver to this standard, 53 AM. 36. B. C: 1708 ver $9.31 P.73 Sie wole privuud, when Lu 16.25

2 re&. 10. 1. un running 54 the son ver c 4511 P. 15 16. tasca. La Dot sasat. Ac7.11 accordingle and in till 12. & beatae detained s), 4.5.6.-43.1.-45.11 - 7 11,

Tre!55 /amushed hub 5 9. Je 141L41. If it rise by 19 cubits, 10. Ge mia. Ver 10,61 1'100 Mats 17. me, at 1.3 towager pre-, -17-5. Ju" 1.14. 10. Gilla *74.5) golea' €}**ong 15 pertert! 56 the face. 1.3 17 Zer53. Im Ac 17.

Ties of rule. graetor, 26. all the stere a i. Vled. aliwlereid bu 11.11.

I sold. 26 12. Job.3.14.15. (13.1. 57 all centen, (t.18.1.5-5%. De.99. Ps.

14.07-46.10.111103.16.17 is all land vet 54.50.

ador.prparelot 1:.30. 24 Mar 10.1(02) Re 9.15. Jacod sredeth disten toimi wycorn i Faupi, 1

(HAP XIII, e a 4.7. bok out. Ex.18.19...

15. Try are imprirsd by Jorpet 16, 17. They are al al limity

... brr 2., sterseerSu 91.14.9K.11.11,

Bonjamem, * 2 Tutar 1"*** fe 1.4 Wisad take Job 5.00 Ds.

3-97.12. Lu.16-5.
545.6.7. hand. Fx.4.13 relatins to Jacoa, Josed reft to wad
13.45. perust. Heb.be Benjamin, 34

1 = k, Ja(4), ct 41 3; Ac?
Ets: 28.19. Pr.10.2.-25.11. Ac.7. heard from the report of pay, it at 11.1 Wang

3.2.IK 21.2. peofy in faylle weaters et ne sense 0.18. Jod 30 DAG &18.- are frequently put for that its lle

brew (see the Paraul Paitaperver. 5.

12.-40.18 TK119.3.110 511 (a 17. Hang de ye 1-459.98 -105.91,90. Jos 7.10. Oh, Ear.10 4. le 14

de med. Heb. per yen.ch3.1-43.9. that ch.43.8. P **) 2011. Job 31.07. Px 2.19. 118 17. 13. 8.1. Mat.4.4.

3.2 E13. P1.17... -.2y. 31er 5.13 1. Mat. 2.18. F..) 11 4 Benjamin. (b.15.16 19. Les rer. B. eh... BE12-7.18-0.2 8.10.15.-16.-11.4.-23.1.2- 4 * -5.79 Laidon fire loren. or, 5 for 18.11-1-4157

du. Ir 19.-31.2. Ca. 6 pepernot, allt, ati intendant, Bryte por, 0.5,16,99 Lu.ly. 1o.19. ruler, trém halal, to be over as a proteifur, to

I en rute hepce the Arabic lahia, totain and Es Hab. Alrech. ruler. ch.42.6, exercise do Tiltiin, rule, lidt suit in ruder, fond,

priber, and king. ch.41.40.41.- M 13 W. İL117.

10.1. AC 1.10. heit war. 11.53.56 bort vd ch. e pamel shache in Copete signife, 18.6.-19.1.-37.7.444.14 Res.

7 Tohmnto them. Had hard things with BRUNE Sayy this tiarenified them, ve!. Mat.133

e mendi, the Saviour of 8 but they buen. LU 24.16. 10° 20.11.-14.

duke phek in Coptic, isrer. 9 remembered ch.975.9. Yease ipies. Permite Stact the world, from Cat, for who, unter the preteper of wishing to truy corn, cem, test of the genitive desire tiy to find out whetter the land toe so

It ta interpretatio defence ens that the tribe to which you beling 9 must have me at luptlig may attack it surressfuity, drie put the in:*

mert be justlyternet bitants, and settle then selves in it; or, basink *** Una the 11 ocrans called plupleted it, retire inte their deserts. 111*

use unhe Orbus lerarhim, a frequent (usten arr ong the Arabs to the pre * Curse uy the same of sent day, ver 9,16,10.31.14 U139.16 10. JAN... terreser: 4 sodde phrase 1.-6.43. Justinaso. La 20 He 11.31.

Stial is described nakedness. FxW.65

11 We are, &c. We do not belong to different no more than for bare walls, perfectly tribes; and it is not likely that one family the place being open at the top, and fu would make a hostile attempt upon a whole at wretched lodging: and even these, i kingdom, nor, if any serious design had been bable, were not in use at this early per intended, that one man would have sent his 28 their heart. ver.36. ch.27.3%. Les sons on so hazardous an expedition. true men. 28.65. i ki. 10.5. Ps.61.2. Ca.5.6. I

failed them. ver.19,33,34. Jno.7.18. 2 Co.0.4.

Heb. went torth. This 12 nakedness. ver.9.

the spasmodic affection which is felt 13 Thy servants. ver.11,32. ch.29.32..35.-30. breast at any sudden aların or fright. 6..21.-35.16..26.-43.7.-16.8..27. Ex.l....5. Nu. Is.45.7. La 2.17.-3.37. Am.3.6. 1.-X.-XXVI.-XXXIV, 1 Ch.II..VIII. one 30 roughly to us. Heb. with us bart is not. ver.36,38. ch.37.30.-41.20,98.- 45.26. Je. ver.7..20. 31.15. La.5.7. Mat.2.16,18.

33 ver.15,19,20. 14 ver.9. 11. Job 13.21.-19.11. Mat.15.21..28. 31 traffick. ch.34.10,21. i Ki.10.15. Ez

15 By the life. ver.7,12,16,30, De.6.13. 1 Sal. 35 every man's. ver.27.28. ch.43.91. 26.-17.55.-20.3. Je.5.2.7. Mat.5.33..37.-33.16,42. 36 Me have ye. ch.37.20..35.-43.11. Ja.5.12. escepe, ver.20,34. ch. 13.3. 41.90..34. Things are against me. Hlay hayoo e 16 kept in prison. Heb. bound.

literally; · upon m are all these thing 17 put.

11eð gathered. Is. 94.22. Ac.5.18. dered by the Vulgate, in me hac omnia ward. ch.40.1.7.-41.10. Le.24.12. Ps.119.65. Ac. cideruni,ʻall these evils tall back upon te 4.3. Ile.12.10

Tie upon me as heavy loads, hastening my 18 1 Jear God. ch.20.11. Lt.25.43. Ne.5.9,15. they are more than I can bear. ch.43.98 Lu. 18.2.1.

1 Sa.27.1. Job 7.7. Ps.31.19. Ec.7.8. 15.2 19 house, ch 40.3. I3.42.7.00. Je.37.15. carty 10.-11.10.13,14. Mat.14.31. Ro.8.28,31. corn, ver.1,2,26. ch.41.56.-43.1,2.-45.23. 13. Co.4.17. Ja.5.7.11.

20 bring. ver.15,31. ch.13.5,19.-44.23. And 37 Slay my. ch.43.9.-41.32...31.-46.9.2 they. ver. 26. ch.6.29. Jno.2.5.

38 hits brother. ver.13. ch.30.29..24.-3 21 they said. ch.41.9. NU.32.23. 2 Sa.12.13.1 Ki.-37.33,35,-41.20,27.31. of mischief. E. 17 18, Job 337,8 - 31.31,39-36,8,9. Ho. big. c.37.35 -4.29,31. Ki. Mat.27.3,4. Mar.9.44,46,18. Lu.16.28. Ac.19.18. 71.18.-90.10. Ec.1.11.-2.26. Is. 58.10. - 4 we sato. ch.37.23..28. Ju.1.7. Pr.21.13.-24.11.12.

CHAP. XLIII. -98.17. Je.2.17,19.-1.18.-31.17. Mat.7.2. 1 Jno. Jacob is hardly persuaded to read Benjamin 1.9. Ja.2.13. This distress. Pr. 1.27,28.

Joseph entertaineth his brethren, 15-18 22 Spuke 1. ch.37.21.29,29,30. Lu.23.41. Ro. discover their fears to the steward, 19-25. 2.15. his blood. ch.4.10.-9.5,6. 1 61.5.32. 2 Ch. maketh them a feast, 26–34. 21.02. Ps.9.12. Eze.3.18. Lu.11.50,51. Ac.28.4. 1 ch.18.13.-11.54..57.--42.5. Ec.9.1,2.. Re. 13.10.-16.9.

Ac.7.11..13 23 he spake unto them by an interpreter. Heh. O ver.4,20. ch.42.1,9. Pr.15.16.-16.18.an interpreter was between them. The mailitz 1 11.5.8.-6.6..8. does not seein to have been an interpreter in 3 mar. ch.12.15..20,33,34,-44.23. our sense of the term; as we have many evi- lemnly protest. Heb. protesting, protester dences in this book that the Egyptians, Hebrews, 7.34. see my face. ver.5. 2 Sa.3.13.-14.2 Canaanites, and Syrians, could understand each A1.20.25,38. other in a general way, and it appears from 5 will not. ch.49.38.-44.26. Ex.90.10. several passages in this very chapter, (particu

7 asked us straitly. Heb, asking asked larly verse 24, that Joseph and his brethren un- 3, marg. teror. Heb. inouth. could rece derstood each others' language, as his brethren know, knowing could we know. ver3, and Joseph's steward also did, (ch. 43. 19, &c.;

8 lad with me. ch.49.38.-44.26. Ex.%0.19 compare ch. 39 and 49.) It seerns to denote anwe. ch.12.2. De.33.6. 261.7.4,13. Ps. officer who is called in Abyssinia, according to also our ch.15.19.-50.8,21. Nuu1.31. Ezi Mr. BRUCE. Kal platze, the voice or WORD

9 will be. ch.42.37.-41.32,33. 161.1.2 of the king, who always stands at the side of a 17.3. Ps.119.122. Philem.18,19. Heb.7.c lattice window of a balcony, within which the my hand. ch.9.5.-31.39. Eze.3.18,20,king sits; who is never seen, but who speaks Lu.11.50 through a hole in the side of it, covered in the 10 ch.19.16. this second time. or, twicet inside with a curtain, to this officer, by whom 11 Vit misst be, ver.14. Es.1.16. AC he speaks to the persons present.

carry down. ch.32.13..21.-33.10.-37.95. 24 wepo, ch.43.30. Is.63.9. Lu. 19.11. Ro.12.15. 14. 1 Sa.9.7.- 1 C0.12.26. He.4.15. Simeon. ch.31.25.-19.5.7. 8.8.-16.8.-20.12. Ps.68.29.-72.10.-76.0. Jude 20.23.

18.-18.16.-19.6.-21.11. Eze.97.15. 25 commandedch.44.1,2. 13.55.1. to give balm. ch.37.05. Je.8.09. Eze.97.17. them, ch.15.21. Mat.6.33. and thus. Mat. 5.11. an explanation of the words iloti, recher R0.12.17..21. I Pe.3.9.

lot, here rendered respectively balm, spice 27 the inn. ch.43.21.-14.11. Ex.4.24. Lu.2.7:- myrrh, see on ch. 37.25. Detash, honey, i 10.31. inn. Malon, from loon, to stay, abide, posed by some not to have been that pro lodge, denotes any place to stay and lodge in. by bees, but a syrup produced from n'pe particularly a place where travellers usually The Jewish doctors observe, that these stop to lodge, which is generally pear a well, 2 Chron. 31.5 signities dares; and the Ara where they fill their girbehs, or leather bottles, at this day,call the choicest dates preserved with fresh water, and having unladen and butter,dabous, and the honey obtained from clogged their camels, asses, &c., permit them to dibs, or dads. Benanım, nuts, signifies pis crop any little verdure there may be in the nuts, the finest being found in Syria; but, se place, keeping watch over them by turus. Our ing to others, a small nut, the produce of as word enn here gives us a false idea--there were of the turpentine tree. Shekardom is cert no such places of entertainment in the desert aimonds. honey. L.20.24. spices. iki which Joseph's brethren had to pass; por are Ch.32.97. 04.1,10,14..16.-5.1.-8.14. there any at the present day. The only accom 12 double. Ro.12.17.-13.8.! C0.8.21. P modation such a place aftords is either a well, i Th. 1.6.-5.21. Be.13.8.

mouh. ch.42.25 or a khan, or caravanserai, which is generally 13 ch.49.38.

the spake unto the

O, and bound him
WE FETE, 2 to restore!
CO DO his sack, and moura.

en hel ases with the
De Hoender the

y , 1r i TPO 10 La992. u te bred of the land.

s, and tot us for will Inn, 09 of our $*$th word of the country,

B. C. 1706. said unto us, llereby shall Insett at ye

a true men: leave or nystarten

.ch . >> Arre with me, and take fordir the latte 23iye are ce. de. 31. 16. of your households, and be a 1er ar.

3* And bring your grunn Barther 34. 10. unts) ie : then shall I ketat ye *** € De 13 D) spies, but that ye are trade men I sa 1.2 will deliver you your brother, and ye 17 ssball trati.cs in the landl.

35 Autit cartje to prase, as they emple got you, saying, te

& ch... 21.

tied their sack, that, bebid. every!

bundle of money sai itu bu arkad Pearl be proter, By

whes Auch they and their fattet saw the 22 sesuai sot zo forta gathered. buddies of money, they were afraid 2. 7. * Jmlaget brother

So And Jacob their fatter et urto

«ck. 2. 14. 'them, Me liase ye bereated' of my dal To and let bird fetrh s 1. dren: Joseph ti dot, and simet is not

Job 7.7.

and ye will take Be ATD and all E 1.8

these things are against ise
Ro. A
#ch. 2. 11.

37 And Reuben wake unto his father,

saying, Say my two won, if I bran to the alisetbet into Ne.. 15.

not to the deliver tuin into my hud,

L. 12, 4. and I will bring him to thee dan A to be the third Ac.3.3 38 And he said, Mystal! mit go

se, ja litars God i ver. 14. down with you , for trs brother nidrat R12 , et ce of your

ch. 43. &. and he is left alone it schiet betail

14 3. bim by the way in the which yr , then DES y con for the famine eh. 4. 25. shall ye bring down my grey hairy with

I No. 3. 23. sorrow to the grase
Iki 17.15.

az u od be seriteri,

Job Ad the familie vai are in the land,

Hos. &. 15. Sy mae to apother. We

cb. 41.54.

& And it came to paa, where they had

eated up the corn which they liacint Eg our berber. .n.is out of fuype, their taltet sant un to eben, xaxax of bas ul,

94. 1), 12.00 sam, buy us a little fox Fast se od pot Je. 34. 17.

3 Am Judah space urte lim sayıne. ** sa distress come Mat.7.2 I be man dowi solemnly protest untu,

saying, Ye shall not see my lace, exept Seite untered them, say protesting, your brother be with you , ya, yie. Do


4 If thou wilt send our brother with and ye would Enean, beboid, also the

• eh. 37. a. us, we will go down and buy pre foi

5 But it thou wilt not set Asm, we will

IKI. 2. 2 not go down for the man saxt untus 341. Ces not that Joseph us!

Ye Shail pot see my face, except your Pe 9. 12. brother be with you.

6 And Israel saji, Wherefore deali ye 2. hirself about from an intr. 1 so ill with me as to tell the man wether

preter was ye had yet a brother! ed to them, and

7 And they said, The man masked us straitly of our state, and of our kired,

I sayinx. I your father yer alıve' has eve trd sn.

another brother and we told him acord ing to the tenor of these words: * could

we certainly know that he would say, Spa for the way

Bring your brother down
Mat S. H.

8 And Judah said unto Israel his father,

Ro 12.17 21. Send the lad with me, and we will anse erece

and go, that we may live, and not die ten opened his knoeing

both we, and thou, and also our little one

9 I will be surety' forhinofmytarid Felyfor, bebold,

shalt thou require hum: If I bring barn 22 m. la brethren, My. ch. 13.11. not unto ther, and set him before thee,

.ch. 44. 32

then let me at the blarne for ever

Ps. 119.122 10 For except we had lingerer, surely Teretttuled Athem, and Phi1.18, 19. Dow we had returned uthis wetu tine. at de to another,

11 And their father Israel said ulito yra neath debe unto us!

them, If it must be so now.do this, take they unto Jacob their forth. of the best fruits in the land in your

Din Cassan, and told 2. soto them, saying,

or, twice Sessels, and carry down the man pre. by this.

sent, a little halm, and a little boney, spkes, and myrrh, nuts, and almonds

12 And take double mogey in your

dard band: and the money that was brought ud auto bun, We are

ayan' in the mouth of your sacks, carry & ver. 7, 12. 15 again in your hand, per adventure it

- Pr. 1.14. as an oversigtit. ***** 90 od beyouczestus thurs

13 Take also your brother, and arise, se land of Canaanch :2go again unto the man

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