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7 that he rent. ch.11.14.-18.37.-19.1. Nu.14. 91 he lighted. Lu.7.6.7. Ac.8.31.-10.45 6. Je.36.24. Mat.26.65. Ac. 14.11. din 1 God. all rell. Heb. Is there prace: ch.4.4,Ge.30.2. De.32.39. 1 Sa... 6. Da.2.11. Ho,6.1. 02 Uy master. 1 Ki.13.18. 15.59.3. see hore. 1 K1.20.7. Lu.11.54.

Jn".8.41. Ac.5.3,4. Re.21.& the sens. Se 8 rent his clothes. ver.7. 2 Sa.3.31. lei him 2.3. i hi.20.35. gide them, O Co.10.16 come. ver.3.15. ch.1.6. Iki.17.21.-18.36,37, and talent. See on ver 5. Ex.38.24..381h he shall. Ex.118. Ro.11.13. Lze 2.5. 16.12.13. 23 Be content, i hi..0.7. Lu.11.54.

9 ch.3.12.-6.32. 15.60.11. Ac.16.29,30.37..39. urged him. ver.16.ch.2.17, boroid. ch.12

10 sent a messenge. Mat.15.03..26. wash. ch. and they dare. 19.30.6. 2.21.-3.16.-1.41. no.9.7.1 Co.6.11. seven times, 2 tower, or, Secret place, and bestone Le.14.7,16.51.-16.14,19. Nu.19.4,19. Jos. 6.4,13.. | 1,11,12, Ilab! 16. thy flesh. Ver.1. Ex. 4.6,7.

05 stood before. Pr.30.20. Eze 33.31. 11 Naaman. Pr.13.10. Mat.8.8.-15.27. Lu.14. 15,16,21.25. 10°.13.9,90. 30. hence 11. menu away. Pr.1.39. Mat.19.99. Jn" 6.00..69. Ge.3.8.9.-1.9.-16.8. Thy sertant, VEL -13.20. Ile.19.05. Behold. Pr.3.7. 18.55.8,9. Jn° 5.3.1. no whither, He, not hither or 4.48. i Co.1.21.25. - 9.11.,10,- 3.18. 20. 1 26 he said. Ps.63.11.Pr.18.19,... ACS thought, &c. Heb. I said, &c. or, I said with iny ch.6.19. 1 C0.5.3. Col.9.5. Lia * self, He will surely come out, &c. streke. Heb. Ge.14.23. Ec.3.1..8. Mat.108. Ac.20.33. move up and down.

9.11,19. Co.11.8.19. 9 T.3.8.9. 19 Abana and Pharpar. or, Amana. --This 47 leprosy. See on ver.1. Jose river is evidently the Barrada, or Barda, as the 10.10.13. Mal.2.3,4,8,9. Mat.973.5. A Arabic renders, the Chrysorrhoas of the Greeks, -8.20. i 11.6.10. 9 Pe.2.3. wbich taking its rise in Antivibanus, runs east. 2.30..36. 2 Sa. 3.99.

a leper. ch.13.5. ward towards Damascus, where it is divided Nu.12.10. into three streams, one of which passes through the city, and the other two through the gar

CHAP. VI. dens; which reuniting at the east of the city, Elisha, giving leave to the young preparto forins a lake about five or six leagues to the their durllings, causeth iros lo sucio south-east, called Bchairat el Mari, or, Lake of closrth the king of Syria's castiske the Meadow. Pharpar was probably one of the

which was sent to Dothan to aspired branches, better. ver.17. ch.2.8,14. Jos.3.15..17.

&mitten with blind?, 13-18. Bass Eze 17.1.8. Zec.13.1.-14.8. Mar. 1.9.

Samaria, they are dismissed in six, 13 his servants. ver.3, 1 Sa.25.14..17. 1 ki,20).

Jamine in Samaria caxseta vesire is !! 24,41. Job 32.8.9. le.38.7..10. My father. ch.2.

children, 24-99. The king underà is to

30 33. 12.-6.21.-13.14. Ge.11.13. Mal.16. Mat.23.9. 1 C0.4.15. hose much rather, 1 Co.1.01,07.

1 the sons, See on ch.2 3.-4.1. 16:2 Wash. See on ver.10. Ps.51...7. Is. 1.16. Jno.13.8. place. ch.1.38. 100 SITSI Ac.2..16. Ep.5.26,07. Tit.3.5. He.10.00. I Pe.3. 17.11.-19.17. Job 31.10. 21. Rе.7.14.

2 and take thence. Jn. 91.3. Ac.183.14 went he derron. Job 31.13. Pr.9.9.-05.11.15. ( 1 Co.9.6. 1 Th.2.9. O Th.3.8. 1 116 Eze 17.1..9 Zer.13.1.-14.8. according to. 2 Ch. 3 Be content, ch.5.23. Ju. 196. Jobb 20.20. Jn0...5. He.117.8. his flesh. ver.10. Job zith thy. Ju.4.8. 33.05. and he was clean. Lu. 1.27.-5.13. Tit.2.14, 4 they cut doan nood. De 19.5.-29.!

15 he returned. Lu.17.15..18. non I knote'. ver. 5 or head. Heb.irop. Ec. 10.10, Is . 8. Jos.2.9.11.-99,91. Sa, 17.46,47. 1 h1.18.30. master. ver. 15. ch.3.10. Re.18.1410,11 Is. 13.10.11.-11.0.8.-15.6. Je, 10.10.11.-16.19.. was borrowed. ch.4.7. Ex.co.14,15 P1 21. Da...17.-3.29.-4.31.-6.20,27. Ro. 10.10. 6 he cur doren. This could have to blessing. Ge.33.11.1 81.25.07. 2 C0.0.5. tendency to raise the iron and to

10 As the Lord. See on ch.3.14. 161.17.1.-18. swim: it was only a sign, or cerea 15. I will receive. ver.20.26. Gel 1.29,23. iki.

the propbet chose to employ on the 13.8. Da.5.17. Mat.10.8. Ac.8.18..20.-20.33. 35. ch.2.21.-1.41. Ex.15.25. März 201.54 1 C0.6.19.-10.39.33. Co11.9,10.-12.14.

Juo.9.6.7. the iron. This was a real 17 of earth, ser. 12. Ro.11.1. will henceforth. for the gravity of the metal must ehti Ac.26.18. 1 Th.1.9. i Pe. 1.3.

have kept it at the bottom of the rivet 18 and he leaneth. This verse should probably, 7 Take it up. ch.4.7,36. Lu.7.13. At as inany learned men have supposed, be read ou. Ex.4.4. in the past, and not in the future tense: 'In 8 the king. ver.24. 1 Ki 20.1.31.-**! this thing the Lorit pardon thy servant, that i Ki.20.23. Job 5.12,13. Pr.90.18-21.30 when my master went into the house of Rimmon-8.10. camp, or, tocamping. to worship there, and he leaned on my hand, 9 Beware. ch.3.17..19. i ki.90.13.23 and I worshipped in the house of Rimmon; in the Syrians, ch. 1.97. Am.3.7. teda that I have soorshipped in the house of Rimmon), 10 sent to the place. To see if it is the Lord pardon thy servant in this thing.' the l'ulxate renders, misut res Isteri Rimmon is supposedly SELDEN to be the same !! preoccupatit eum, the king of is with Elion, a pouch of the Phancians, borrowed the place, and pre occupied it will undoubtedly from the Elyon of the Hebrews, likely, though not expressed in the one of the lanes of God. ch.7..,17. and I ho text. ch.5.14. Ex.9.20.01. 11.01) ch.17.35. Ex 20.5. I Kij9.18. the Lord pardon, Mat.24.15.,17. aarned him. Eze bi 2 Ch.30.18.19. Je 50.90.

19.-3.7. lle. 11.7. sared, ch... 19.-12 19 he said. Mat.9.16.17. Jno.16.12. 1 C0.3... 20.00. Am 7.1..6. AC.97.2+. He.5.13.11. Go in peace. Ex. 1.18. 1 Sa 1.17. 11 Therefore. I Sa. 821. Job 18.7. 11 25.35. Mar.5.34. Lu.7.50.-8.18.

5. 15.57.90 91. Mat.2.3, &c. Heh. a little piece of ground. Ge 35.16, marg. 20.8.

90 Gehari. ch.4.19.31,36. Mat.10.1. In".0.70. 19 None. Ited. No. Eliskachat -19.6.-13.2. Ac.8.18,19. my master. Pr..0.10. | Am.3.7. tellesh. See on ver 9.10 I Lun. 10.8. no. 12.5.6. Ac.5.2. as the Lord loreth 23.93.21. Da.2.49,23,28,30,47.-1.9..20 ch.6.31. Ex90.7. 1Sa 14.39.and take. Ex.90.17.charder. Ps.139.1.1. Fc 10.2 Ps.10.3. Je.99.17. Hab.2.0. Lu. 12.15. I 13 spy a here. I Sa. ICEL 2 T1.4.10. Tit.1.7. 1 Pe.5.2. 2 Pe.2.14,15.

14,32,33. Je 36.26. Mat.24.... Ju®.11.4

lircle itay.


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pe cut to ne, od stand Oxtail the waters of

attem, and be clean!

utaway in a race.
uts (40 Dear and oct. 15. .
her to be man of God,

y, and cartie 2014 De
Sakai: te therefore, I. Ge.mil.

E' of ty sert ant. ch.3.14 BIR or will receive webt.

to take u, but be Malle Wat betan said, Shall there Dorot, e2 Ry, given to they ser!

verdes or tarto"

tert ott f neither ecki2 E 7 Britice, to other Cotton there, and



De to thee, bebost. I have skot exit B.C.894. bim, he hugbted down from the charme to

meet hin, and said, Bls all weil' det at record his deprosy.

#lo there

And he said, Allu well. My t.tet 1 Asd it came to pas bebeng of

hath sent me, sayma, Behold, esos. * de altad De lettertat de rest is a ls. 37. 14. there be come to me from mount par a. 17 des, and sad, ja Gov, takut and be 3.2. two young nenot the os o! the Miet, La doth seudun

« De. 2. 39. phets : give them, I pray thee, tatt of PROEF 32 bis leprosy!

silver, and two chair,

gf zarients
R 08:er, pray yut, a.d see

23 Andaman an, Bedcontent, take esca's coarte against me.

Iki 20.7.

two talents. And he urged bim des was, bta FI:sha tbe nan

Lubl. 54. bound two talents of silve? in ** tras Exadat the king of lsraei

yor, sretc!

with two changes of garlients, a.it and Les fat be sent to the


them won two of his servants, and they prege best thoa reut Ki 18 h, bare Them bicre hima fetes new to me, and

24 And when he came to the tower,

Eae. 2. á. 06/th! there is a propbet in

be took them from theu hani, and he Jos 1.21

stowed them in the house and be let Varas carne sith his borses and

the meo go, and they departed. Sad stood at the door of A Eze. 33. 31.

25 But he went it, and str. betare é met hlber bis master

And lustra saw but hin, la sent a messenger unto

or thither. Whence cement then, Getia ad tabi i Jordan ijo;

said. Thy vervant *est whet the flesh shall come Pr 12.1922.

26 And he sad u t-> MITI, Went. Dit e bebou stiait be clean. 1 Jos 6.416 mine brart u thee, when the man táva sroth, and went said, or,

turned again from has chant to Tert oud, I thouant, He"

thee? Is it a time to receye ald

to receive zartients, and seya, and She ise of the LORD tus de 4 e.vmeyards, and street and one, and mencethaud over the piace, ose up

I servants, and minervants

7 Ite lepsony keretro una drzad Pharpar, sicers of

shall cleave unto ther, and unto y sund * Is 39.2, 3. Ho. 10. 13.

for ever And he went vot from his pre

sence a leper as € as ow.
• or, Anana

P. 1.
AND the

the sons of the prophets and un

Vo 12. 10. , and said, Myr father,

to Blesta, Peda. tie pia bere bd ther do some great

pcha. 1.35

we dweli withi thee is to strast !! Ja

9 ch.2.12. Chou bot bave done it!

Ge. 41. 3

? Itt 04 20, we pray ther, ur! Jordan, here then, when he saith Cols and take theine einry na be and be clean!

Ele 47.19. let us make us a piace there, where we so be down, and dipped Zec. 13. 1. may dwelt Arundior a wearl. (xt ye. rean Jordan,

3 Au Obed, Ee! (.tert. ! ;ray teran of God and I ch.. thee, and go with thy servants. And hoe *** en like unto the flesh ob 13.4828wered, I was he was clean.

• Lu. 4.2. 4 be weat with them. And

they cade to lorin, they cut 4.5

5 But as cor az a Pod he said. Pelicid,

terdteii intoteater and te... ad

6 And the Ian of God. We

fell it! And toe besed... is the LORD liveth, c. 2. 21. AG' he cutie, WU a txx, md cast at a

da Ge. 14 3

titter, and thirts **...

7 Iteresote sile, iaiello to thee. Ac lộ.

And test rout, and

8 Ite te kiritarred

Israel, 4 dliad 9... ,
IT. 1.9.

$* yks. lo such and such a par stads
Tây ("".

Anxt be ment (tot ,

kot Ista, ay.. ter") 979 me the LORD pardon thy

Dut sud. Kui Bano ay master poeth into brians are connect

Det min sent the ht, and I wisy & P3 4.4, & plac WXN ter !

Malwe asd sane* . set it be of Rom, the

piece of BELLAS Tent in this thing

11 Terese te art of the #

Syria was retr" no.kr hard bratte way:


afid de caled beus servants, i 180 FL, bet d. ay master i Hasi2

12 Aguer id. od tisti te I

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it was told him, saying, Behold, he is in B. C.893. 32 But Elisha sat in his bou», 2 Dothan.

elders sat with him; and the he 14 Therefore sent he thither horses, and a Eze. &. I. man from before him: butere chariots, and a Bgreat host: and they came 20. 1. senger came to him, he said to th by night, and compassed the city about. b Ge. 37. 17. See ye how this son of a murder

15 And when they servant of the man of c 1 Ki. 14. 6. sent to take away mine head! lo God was risen early. A gone forth, behold, sheavy. the messenger cometh, shut the an host compassed ye city both with horses a 1 Ki. 18. 13, 0. his master's feet behind him

hold him fast at the door: is not and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do?

33 And while be yet talker 16 And he answered, Fear not; for yor,minister. behold, the messenger came do they' that be with us are more than they e 2 Ch. 16. 9. him, and he said, Behold, this e that be with them.

32.7, & the LORD: what should I wa 17 And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD),

Ps. 55. 18.

LORD any longer! I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may

Ro. N. 31.

CHAP. VII. see. And the LORD opened the eyes of

Job 1. 21. Tu Hen Elisha said, Mear ye

Ps. 37.7, 9. the young man; and he saw: and, behold, ch. 2. 11. of the LORD; Thus saith the Lthe mountain was full of hor est and

Ps. 34.7.

morrow, about this time, shall a chariots of fire round about Elisha.

68 17.

of tine fiour be sold for a sbekel 18 And when they came down to him, Zec. 1. 8. measures of barley for a sheke Elisha prayed unto the Lord, and said, 6. 1.7. gate of Samaria. Snite this people, I pray thee, with blind Re.19.11,14. o Then a lord, don whose hand Dess. And he smote them withi blind-i ver. 18, 19. leaned, answered the man ot! ness, according to the word of Elisha, which be said, Behold, if the LORD koal 19 And Elisha said unto them, This is not longed to

windows in heaven, might this the way, neither is this the city : 5 follow the king, And he said, Behold, thou shaltas me, and I will bring you to the man whom leaning up thine eyes, but shalt nct este ye seek. But he led thein to Samaria. on his hand. 3 And there were four leprous 20 And it came to pass, when they were

ch.b. 18. the entering in of the gate at coine into Samaria, that Elisha said, Ge, 19. 11. said one to another, West LORD, open the eyes of these men, that Ge. 7.11. until we die ? they may see. And the LORD opened Mal. 3. 10. 4 If we say, We will enter into their eyes, and they saw; and, behold, 1 2 Sa. 16. 15. then the famine is in the city and they idete in the midst of Samaria.

s come ye af. die there: and if we sit still these 21 And the king of Israel said unto Eli

also. Now therefore come, abd sha, when he saw them, My father, shall

unto the host of the Syrians, I smite them shall I smite them!

in ver. 17, 20.

save us alive, we shall live, 13 20 And he answered, Thou shalt not Lu24.1631. kill us, we shall but die. smite them: wouldest thou smite those p Es. 4. 16. 5 And they rose up in the whom thou hast taken captive with thy Lu.15,17,18. go unto the camp of the Sta sword and with thy bow? Set bread! and g Pr.25.21, when they were come to the water before them, that they may eat and

Ro. 13. , part of the camp of Syria, beso drink, and go to their master.

ch. 19. 7. was no mau there. 23 And he prepared great provision for

2 SH. 5. 24. 6 For the LORD had made the them: and when they had eaten aud

Job 15. 21.

the Syrians to hear a noiseochar drunk, he sent them away, and they went s ch.3.22,&c. a noise of horses, eren the neisen to their master. So the bands' of Syriat ch. 5. 2. bost: and they said one to apo came no more into the land of Israel.

24. 2. the king of Israel hath hired 2 And it came to pass after this, that u 1 Kl. 10. 29. the kings of the Hittites, atkal! Ben-hadad king of Syria gathered all his

#Ps. 14.5.

of the Feyptians, to coine up host, and went up, and besieged Samaria.

48. 4..6.

7 Wherefore they arose." 25 And there was a great famine in Sa

68. 12. the twilight, and left their tent, maria: and, behold, they besirked" it, Pr. 21.1. horses, and their asses, even time until an ass's head was solil for tourscore se le. 26. 26. ituas, apd ted for their lite. pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a Je, 52. 6.

8 And when these leper ( cab of dove's dung for five pieces of silver. 26 And as the king of Israel was passing

Eze. 4. 16. uttermost part of the camp, they by upon the wall, there cried a woman

►or, Let nor one tent, and did eat and drie the LORD

ried thence silver, and gold, unto him, saying, Help, my lord, king! 97 And he said, nii the Lord? do not

save thee, and went and hid it; and (

and entered into another te help thee, whence shall I help thee? out of

- Ps. 127. 1. the barn Hoor, or out of the wine press?

ried thence alse, and went a

146, 3,5. 28. And the king said unto her, What

Je. 17.5.

9 Then they said one to a

not well: this day is a davetips! aileth thee! And she answered, This wo

y Le. 19. 18 man said unto me, Give thy son, that we

Pr. 11. 26.

and we bold our pace: it' we?

morning light, some ini cha may eat him to-day, and we will eat my

Es. 4. 14.

upon us : now therefore, at son to-Dorrow.

we shall

may go and tell the king's 5 29 So we boiled my son, and did eat And punisl.

lo so they came, and call! bim: and I said unto her on the knext

porter of the city, and the day, Give thy son, that we may eat liim; L. 26. 29. ando she hath hid her sou.

Saving, We came to the ca

De.-953.57. Syrials, and, bebold, theta 2** 30 And it came to pass, when the king

is. 49. 15.

there, neither voice of 1183 heard the words of the woman, that he

* other. rent d his clothes; and he passed by upon 12 Sa. 18.26. sele.

tied, and asses tied, and the tales the wall, and ye people looked, and, behold, he had sackcloth within upon his flesti.

el ki. 3. 26.

11 And lie called the posters, 31 Then he said, God do so and more

told it to the hing's bouse with di ki. 21.27.

1. And the king arose io ! also to me, if the head of Elisha the son clki, 19.2. said uuto his servants, 1 *! of Shaphat shall stan't on him this day.

you what the Syrians have con

BATHUut to about ll. 93., which

Ae for so an 4 part of this nun

o be tbipks they were so Gel pointed at ege end, and ac

251.59. Is 9.20,21.-19.15. Lat. La Hat 1.1891. L.23.29.

Detin. Puss supposed to be the ) he reut his clothes. ch.5.7.-19.1. 1 hı.21.0. ane place where laser a sold by this 18.54.5. 7.

9; and it plaid by Et SKBIS 1 31 God do so. Ru.1.17. 19a 3.17.-14.44.-25. Son of Satara Ge 57.17.

8. 2,3,4,5,-10, 1315:23 V the head,

It is strange the Thu 18.17.-19.2-028. Je-37.15,16.-30.4. Jo o arch nott.sk, that he wbu could 11.50). Ac. 23.12.13. Estate orcrets with respect to the Israelif 32 the elders. Lze 8.1.-14.1.-20.1.-19.31

Oudt i baseif of all the macbi. the messenger. ver.19. ch.3.20 See ye hun. Lu.

2 st siste, ch.1.9..13. I Sa. 3. 13.32. son of a murderer. Thi. 18.4,13,14.-21.10. 14. Val. 35. Ja'.18.3.6. great. Red. the su rond. Iki.146. Busch... 2

33 his oul is of the Lord. Ge. 4.13. Ex.16.6. 8. 1 IKI 3,5ter. See on ch 3.11.-5.30, 13.280.8.-31. 4. Job 11.21.-.-3.9. Pr.19.1. Status 19.21. Val.20.2.3. Ac.13.5. 188.21 Je.8.25. Eze.33.10. Mat..7.13. 2 C0.2.7,

.:06-30.12. P. 533 Mat 8.90. ! 11. Re. 16.y.ll. want for the P 27 14.-777,9. aw. EX.11.13 Ps. 3.6.-11.1.-27.3.-'--62.3. 19.8.17.-20.3.-50.10. La 3.65, 26. lab.2.3. 21.11. 18.13,-41.10. 14. Mar.16.6. Ac.; Lu.18.1. They that be. 2 (h.16.9.-3..!

P#:11-55.18. Isp.lo. Mal6-53. Ro.8.' Elisha prophesieth incredible plenty in Savaria, 1.2.

Forse lepers, venturing on the foal of the Syrians, tou. PR 1 13. Ja_5.16..18, open his eyes, bring tidings of the Night, 3-11. The king. Anding

2 19.12.7. Ac.26 18 Ep.1.18. by ptetthonos lubo ir spoilelike tenis the * B , cho.11, P336.468.11. Syriana, 12-16. The lord who would not believe the

113..16. Zec.18-0.1.7. dat. prophrey aj plenty, having the charge of the gate, 19.11.1..

trodden to death in the prrus, 17.30 pepe. Cootoond their sight, 9 1 Elisha said. See ou ch.6 13.-2016. iki.re. teknow what they see; and 19. 13.1.10. Eze 37.4. To muitou. Ver. 18.19. Ex.

pare for another. The word 8.23.-9.5,6.-1413.-16.18. Jos.3.5.159.Ily. Ps. Sengered Hindsess, occurs only here 46.5. a measure of fine Mour. A seah ol four.

G21 a wext see the Note. De.. the seah was about two gallons and a hall, the i Zec 24 Jn 9.39.-12.40. Acis. shekel 8. 4d, at the lowest computation : a wide

ditterence between this and the price of the ass's fins er. Heb, come ye after me. Mat.16. head. ch.6.25. Re66. of barley ch.4.12. Jn°6.9. B.1.4 I will bring. 2 Sa.16.18. in the gate of Samania. From this it appears that

the gates were not obly used as courts of judi ad ga. See on ser.17. Lu. 91.31. Cature, but as market places. So Mr. MORIER 42. La 16).

obserres: 'In our rides we usually went out of 28 . This was dastardly : the utmost the town at the Derz aueh Shah ditul dueem, or NET tare done with these men, who the gate leading to the village of Shah Abdul raks kato bly hand, was to make them Azeem, where market was held every morn.

war. n.2.12.-5.1.3.-H.9,- 13.14. ing, particularly of horses, mules, assry, and 14 14,19.-68. Lu.9.54..56.-29.49. camels. At about sun rise, the owners of the : tte 30.11. 16. 2 Ch.288.. 13. thy animals assemble and exhibit them for sale.

Jo.94.19. P-44.6. Ho.1.7.-. But besides, here were sellers of all sorts of ad P? 25.91.00. Mat 5.44. Ro. 1. 20,21. goods, in temporary shops and tents and this, u posed. 141.17.18. Ch.98.15. Pr. perhaps, will explain the custom alluded to in

4.45€ Lu.6.35.-10.29.-37. So the hi. 1. 18. Ta coosiderable time.


9 a lord, &c. or, a lord which belonged to the the wext verse was more than a king, leading on his hand. ch 5.18. V The Lord. Seeds See on ser 8,9. ch.5.2.-21.2. Ge. 18.12.14. Nu.11.x1..23. P.78.19.-21.41. **aber ch 175-18.9.-25.1. De.28.52. des. Ce.7.11. M2.3.10. hon shalt w€6 tl. ver.

17..20. De 3.87. Ch.20 10. 13.7.9. Ro.3.3. 2 TI. Punetave ter 98,29. ch.7.4.-25.3. Le. 2.13. He.3.17..19.

a je 14.13..15,18.-39.24.-526. 3 fons leprous. See on ch.5.1.-8.4. Le 13.46. ale te the pieces of sitter were drachms. N0.3.2.1.-12.14. Ihy. ver.4. Je.8.11.-27.13.

4 veuill enter. Je.14.18. let us fall. I Ch.12.

19. Je 37.13,14. if they sare ws. E3.4.16. Je 8.14 4.13.,16.

dore', dung. This Job.3.9. Lu.15.17..19. we shall bou die. ? Sa.14. luas labies, as BOCHART, SCHEUCHZEK, 14. He.8.27. e sose, a kind of pulse, or vetches 5 in the iwilight. 1 Sa. 30.17. Eze.

- still call pigesn', dung. They behold. L.27B, 36. De2.7.-92.25, 20 say, 17. SHAW, constitute a dish by 6 the Lord. ch.3.92.03.&c. - 19.7. 2 Sa.3.24. s bet ze stresed sozly as a garnish Job 15.21. Ps. 14.5. le.20.9.4. Eze, 10.5. Re 6.15,

A, gule, and ther dishes. They 16.-9.9. the kings of the Huntes. Thi.10.29. Selda Testest repute after they are the kings of the tøyptians. 2 Ch.19.2.3. I3.31.1. as abi orens; thea assuming the

7 they arose. Job 18.11. Ps.18.4..6.-68.18. Pr.

21.1.-28.1. le. 18.8.9. their horses, Ps 20.7.8.a mi coborar la parching

33. 17. Am. 2.14..16. and fled for their ate. Nu. Anlad, a114. Is 10.3. L4.18.3. 35.11,12. Pr.6.5. 15.9.20. MAT:24 16..18. 116.6.18.

8 hid u. ch.5.94. Jos.7.91. Je 41.8. Mat.13.44. led, &c. er, Let not the Lord sare -23.18. SP: 16.11.-B. -118.8,9.-184.1..3.

said one. ver.3. Hag.1.4.5. this day, 161.2m Je. 17.5.

vệ .. Is 41-5ị, Na,115, Lu,Q.10, Phi... cele trei Gesult. Ju. 18.03. i Sa. some mischief will come upon us. Hed. we shall 1 P.1145.15.22.1.

Give thy son.

hind punishment. ch.5.2.27. Nu. 34.93. Pr.24.10.

10 the porter, fer. 11. Sa, 18.26. Ps. 127.1. Mar.

13.34,35. ne man there. Ser on ver 6.7. she hath kid. I K1.3.26. 18 unto his servants. ch.0.8. Gew.8.--41.8.

iki.20.7,23. I will now. ver.l. ch.5.7. They

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y they

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B. C. 892.

Anow that oe be hungry. This was a very na-Tell, Mat.2.8. Lu.9.9.-23.8. Jno.9.9. Ac. tural conclusion; and, in the history of the all the great. ch.,24,-3.14..16. revolt of Ali Bey, we have an account of a 16,17.-5.14.97,-0.6,9..12.17.-20.32-1.1.16.stratagem very similar to that supposed to have 5 he had restored. ch.1.35. behold, the w been practised by the Syrians. "I he pasha of Ru.2.3, Es.5.14.-6.11,19. Pr.16.9, F4.9.11 Damascus having approached the sea of Tibe- 10.29,30. Ac.8.27,8c. R0.8.31.

My berd. rias, found sheik Daher encamped there; but 19,20. 1 Sa.26.17. Ps. 145.1. the sheik, deferring the engagement in the next 6 officer, or, eunuch, ch.9.32. Ge.Si.. morning, during the night divided his army | 28.1, margins. Restore all. De.-2.9. Ja into three parts, and left the camp with great 2 Sa.9.7. Pr. 16.7.-21.1. fires blazing, all sorts of provisions, and a large 7 Damascui. Ge. 14.15. Iki. 11.94, quantity of spirituous liquors. In the middle Ben-hadad, ch.6.94. 1 K1.15.18.-20.1,34. of the night the pasha, thinking to surprise the man of God, ch.1.9,10.-9.15.-6.10. See sheik, marched in silence to the camp, which, 33.1. 1 K1.13.1. is come. Ju. 16.9. Acli. to his astonishment, he found entirely aban 8 Harael. i ki.19.15. Take. Set ca doned; and imagiming the sheik had tled with 1 Sa.9.7. 161.14.3. enquire, ch.1.9,6.-3 so much precipitation that he could not carry 1 K1.11.1..4. Lu.13.03. Ac.16.30. off his baggage and stores, he stopped in the 9 Hazael. See on 1 ki.19.15. Eith bu Camp to refresh his soldiers. They soon fell to in his hand. ch 5.5. Thy som Ben-hada plunder, and drank so freely of the spirits, 21.-13.14.-16.7. 1 Sa.258. Phile.lt that, overcome with its fumes, they sunk into a 10 Thou mayest, i K..29.15. the Lord deep lethargy. At that time, two sheiks came Ge.41.39. Je.38.21. Eze. 11..5. Am .5.7. silently to the camp, and being rejoined by 1-8.1. Zec.1.20. Re.69.1. he shall a Daher, rushed upon the sleeping foe, 8000 of ver.15. ch.1.4.16. Ge...17. Eze.18.13. whom were slain; the pasha and a few soldiers 11 stedfastly. Heb, and set it. sxp, barely escaping with their lives. ch. 6. 25.29. Ps.119.136. Je.4.19.-9.1.18.-13.17.-14 hide ihemselves. Jos.8.4..12. Ju.30.29..37.

19.11. Jno.11.35. Ac.20.19,31. Ro.9.! 13 one. See on ch.5.18. in the city. Heb. in it. 12 my lord. See on ch.1.08. 1 h they are even, ver.4. ch.0.33. Je.14.18. La.4.9. evil. ch.10.32,33.-19.17.-13.3.7. A. 15 vessels. Es.1.7. Is.0.21. had cust array.

ch.15.16. Ps. 137.8.9. Is.13.10.18. Hell Job 2.4. Is.2.00.-10.3.-31.7. Eze.18.31. Mat.10. 10. Am.1.3..5,13. Na3.10., Phi,3,7,8, 0e1.1.

13 a dog. 1 Sa.17.43. O Sa 9.8. PM 16 sporled the tents. 1 Sa.17.53. .Ch.14.12..15. 56.10,11. Mat.7.6. Phi 3.2. Re...13 -20.25. Job 7.16,17. Ps.68.1, 15.33.1, 1.23. ac do, Je. 17.9. Mat.20.33..35.

The La cording to, ver.1. Nu.23.19. Is.44.26. Mat.21.35. ver. 10. ibi.19.15. Mi....

17 the lord. See on ver... the people trode upon 14 He told me. ver. 10. ch.5.05. Mal him.ch.9.33. Ju.20.13. Is. 25.10. Mi 7.10.He. 10:29. 15 and it came, ser. 13. 1 Sa.10161

18 as the man. See on ver.1,9. ch.0.32. Ge.18.14. 13.-26.9.11. 1k1.11.26..37. The

20 Nu Job 20.23. Is.7.9. Je. 36.1. M1.2.1. that he tous a thick a 17.5,6. He.3.18,19.

is a considerable degree of ambie

passage. The pronoun he is general CUAP. VIII.

tu Hatael; but Dr. GEDDES aud The Shunamite, having left her country seren

decidedly of opinion, that we sta years, tu avoid the forewarned famine, jur Eli stand by it Ben-hadad; who, encoura sha's miracle's sake hath her load restored by the lavourable answer of Elisha, as it king, 1-1. Hazael, bring sent with a present by Hazael, adopted a violent remedy i Ben-hadad lo Elisha rat Damon, aller he had heat of his fever, and put over t heard the prophecy, killeth his master, and succerd. keveer, or fiy-net, (See Note on 1 eth him.-15. Jederal's wicked reign in Judah, dipped in water, which suddenly 16-19. Edom and Libnah resolt, 20-22. Ahaziah perspiration, and occasioned bis des succeedeth Jchiran, 23, 24, Ahariah's wicked he died. ch.9.24.-15.10..14.05.30. ik Teign, 25-97 lle visite th Joram, being sounded, 10.18. 15.33.1. Hatarl. Ver.13. Ik al Jezreel, 29, 29.

10 A.,11.3110. B.C.892. Jehoram. 1 A.M.3113. B.C.891. whose son. See on ch. Ch.911..20. began 18 1819 1 18,31. 35. sojourn Ge.12.10.-26.1.-17.4. Rul. · Began lv reign in concert with his 1. the Lord. Ge.41.05. 28,32. L. De. 17 A.M. 3119-3119. B. C. 893-8 28.2...1,38..40. 1 ki, 17.1.-18... Ps.105.16.-107. 18 in the way.ch.3.0,3. 1 1.90.52 31. Ilag.1.11. Lu.21.11.29. Ac.11.08. called for ch.9.7.8.-21.3,13. 9 Ch.91.13. V1.0.1 a famine. Je.05.29. seven years. Ge.41.27.2 Sa. ter. ver. 26. i 11.21.25. 2 Ch.18121.1.-21.13. Lu.4.05.

22.1... his wife. Ge.6.1..5. De: o eith. 1 11.5.8. land. Ju.3.3. 1 Sa.97 1..3. i k1.11.1..5. Ne, 13.25,26.

3 A. M. 3119, B, C, 885. ver.6.cb.4.13.-6.26. 19 for David. ch. 19.31. 2 Sa.7.14 & Sa.14.4. Ps.89.3,4. Je.29.16. Lu.18.3.5. 11.36.-15.1.5. OCh.21.7. 19.7.11.-

4 the king. As it appears not likely that the 25,26. Ho.11.9. Lu.1.32,33. light. king would hold conversation with a leprous or lamp. See on 1 h1.11.36. man; or, that, knowmg Gehazi had been dis 20 Edom. rer. 20. ch.3.9.97. Ge missed with the highest disgrace from the pro. 21.8..10. made a king. Sa 814. 1 phet's service, he would talk with him concern. u Zair. Lair is supposed by C ing his late master; some have supposed that others to be the same as Sir, the this bappened before the cleansing of Naaman. Seur the Horite, inhabited by the But it agrees better with the chronology to Idumeals. Probably the fornier consider it as having taken place after that ical pronunciation of the latter. event; the king, probably, having an insatiable 2. Yer. And so fulfilled. Ge. curiosity to know the private history of a man 20. Libnak. ch.19.8. Jos.01.13 who had done such astonishing things. As to 63 ch.15.6.36. See on iki11.4 the circumstance of Gelazi's disease, he inight 93. 2 Ch.21.11.-20. overlook that, and converse with him, keeping at a reasonable distance, as nothing but actual Ahasuah. 1 Ch.3.11. .Ch.91.1,17.

21 slepi. See on iki. 9. 10.-11. contact could defile. Gehari.c6.5.20..27.-7.3,10. ahaz.-06.1,6, Azarial.

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