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*** Inic of Elijah, so he requested a

Des 17. Zec.9.18.-19.8. 111.5.17.

13 dagars Job 15.95,6. Pr. 07.02. Ec. 10 Thou hast. Mar. 11.92.44.no.6-84. asked

1.13. fell - Hob. 1. 19.66... besought. a hard thing. Heb. done hard in asking. If theu LINU.12.11.-13.1k113. Res...' see. ver.1%. Ac. 1 9.10. Gd. Ps.102.17. Ja. 1.7.

11 ch.6.17. I's.OH. 17.-104.3.4. Fze. 1.4,&c.-10. 14 Beurer 10.11. let may life. I Sa, 20.21.9. &c. Hab.3.8. Zec 6.1..0, He.1.14 by a shule 1 P.498-74 14.-116.15. Pr.6.20. Mat.16.25, wind. See on ver.l. into hearon. Mar 10.19

12 saw it. ver. 10. My father. ch.13.14 Job Eser af aid bin, Ge.15.1. 1 Ki.18.13. 89.30. Pr.11.11. Ec.7.19.-9.10. 18. 19.374,15, TL 19.51.1211. Je.1.17.-15.20. Eze.9.6. 21. Ac.87.91 he saw him. Pr. 30. Mar. 16.12. He 11. 7.

Lu.2.15.-21.51. Ja 3.13. Ac.1.9.2Co.5.2, Tp. Frusuá See on ver.3,4,6. Ex.4.99,23. 4.8. Re. 11.12. Tent them. Job 1.20,91, 19.57.1,..

16,15.-11.18. 01.-09.98 Baatzebub. Ac.8.8. Liste lord of flies,' or, as the LXX. 13 the mantle. rer.8. 1 K1.19.19. bank. Hles. DET, Baal av beox, Baal the My god, lip. Ik1.9.26.

on hack there art gorue 14 smote. See on ver 8. 10. Jos. 1.1.-9. Mar. 16. to the East there is usually at the end of 20. Jn" 14.12. AC2.33.-3.19,13. here is. Ju.

a little gallery, raised three or 6.13. iki 18.36. 30. Ps.46.9.10.-115.2. Joel 2.17. me ore the floor, with a balustrade in 15 to pien. See on ser.7. The spirit. Null.

d they ge up by a few steps: here 25..29-97.20. Jos 3.7. 15. 11.8.-39.21. no.15.20, operetter beds, an allusion to which situ. 87. AC.1.8. 2 Co.19.). 1 Pe 4.1t. buz ed. ver. 19

ated in this declaration of Elijah's, ch. Jos.4.11. sety reerred to in the Sacred Scrip 16 strong men. Heb. sons of strength. 9. 4. Ps.13.. 3.

Spirit. iki 18.12. Eze 3.14.-8.3.-11.21.-40.8. like it is said in ch.3.1, that he' Ac8.39. 4 Co.122,3. some mountain, lled. one

sa in the eighteenth of Jehoshaphat, of the mountains. 2 x PE La Jebastiaphat admitted bis son 17 they urged. ? Sa. 18.29,23. Lu.11.8. Ro. 10.8.

en i saa sith him eight or nine years found him not. He 11.5. 336 stk. The second year that Jehoram 19 my lord seeth. Nu.19.11. 1 k 1.187,13. 111,

based the eighi conih ef Jehoshaphat.' 5.17. the water, Ex.7 19.-15.93. Jos.6.17,26. - ** 1.3.1.-6.16,17. 1 k1.92.51. iki 10.34. barren. Heb. causing to miscarry. & the book, See on i ki.14.19.-22.39. Ex 83.26. De.28 2..4,11,15.,18. 110.9.14.

20 salt therein. Ju.9.15. Eze: 47.11. Zep.e9. CUAP. II. Rust. Saken bis le see af Elisha, with his mastle

21 cast. ch.4.41.-6.6. Ex.15.25.26. Le 13,

Mat.5.11. Mar.950. In°.9.6. I have healed. Index, 1-; and, franting Eluha his

Eze.17.8.11. I Co.1.18.18. Re.22.,3. there *** står up by a fory chariot into bearer,

Elisha, riding Jordan arith Elijah'; shall. Ps.107.33.38. Re 21.4. Meil der his suberner, 12-15. The

23 Bethel, IK1.12.28.39. H10.4.15.-10.5.15. ***? poports, Ac diy obtaining love to tell

Am.3.14.-4.4.-5.5.-7.13. lule children. The 54 estras had hex16-18 Bluha with salt words ni arım kelasnim not only signify bosilo in the westerse saters, 19-22. Bears children, but young men, for katon signifies wot on the children that sucked Elyka, 23.-25. only luile, but yorong, in opposition to old, and

op Ge 3.24. 1 K1.19.4. Lu.9.51. Ac.j. nur sigmties not only a child, but a young man, 113. ke.11.19.

by a uhirl ind, 1 Ki.18. grown to years of maturity: thus Isaac is called 41. Job 8.1.

Elisha. Iki.19.16. 91. nur when tuenty eight years old, Joseph wheu vw.419.-5.9.

thirty-nine, avd Rehoboam when forty. These ang here. Ra.1.15,16, & Sa.15.19.90. Joo, idolatrous young men, having heard of the ascet B. As the Lord. ver.4,6. ch.4.30. 1 Sa.1. sion of Elijah, without believing it, blasphe? $45.96. Je. 4.8. Iwll not. Ru.1.16.. mously bade Elisha follow him, Thelenerable 12.591. Ilno...19. Beth-el. Ge.%.19. prophet, from a divine in pulse. pronounced a 493.-13.1,

in the name of the Lord,' which was sores, ver 5,7,15. сh 4.1,18.-9.1.1 Sa. iminediately followed by the most terrible -1931. ki.18.1.-20.35. 13.8.18. thy judgment, thus evincing the source from which 123.3. Ac.19 3.

it flowed. Job 19.18.-30.18, &c. Pr.90.11.-26, *** 10.6.6. I Ki.16.34. Lu.19.1. As 15. Ec 11.10. 15.1.4.-3.5, le 18. mocked. Ge. Heitech.4.30, AC.2.12.-11 23.

21.9.2 Ch.96.16. Job 30.1,8.9. Ps.35.15. Is 57.3,4. So1.8, as the Targumist renders, Ga.4.29.11e.11.36. Go up. ver. 11. Mat.7.2).. disciples of the prophets,

31,40.. 43. Reze, see on vers. Jos.1.1,9. Lu.C151.

24 cursed them. ch.1. 10..19. Ge.9.25. De.C8. *** ÃCI 9,11.-2.95.

Yea, I kw 11,

15.6. Ju.9 20,57. Je.28.16.-2021..63. La 3.65 * alan. Isänn. Hab 9.90,

Ain.7.17. Mar.in 14,81. Ac.5.5.9.-8.20.- 130.. ma er 17. i K1.18.4,13.

to view afar 11. 2C0.106. she bears, Sa. 17.8. I'r.17.12 kitsubt, er over against.

28.15. Ho.13.8. children of them. Ex.80.5. Iki. ** Burcle. Invatnu avtov, his sheep 13 91.-19.17.-20.36.

y the Septuagint; the skins of sheep 25 moun Carmel, ch. 1.25. 1 K1.18.19,42, inly worn by propliets as the simple

CILAP. II. Pay their othce : see Note on ch. 1 8. Jehoram's reign, 1-3. Mesha rebellet, 4.5. Jehoram, 1. Bere. ver.1. Ex.14.21,99. Jos.3.

with Jehoshaphal, and the king Edom, bring 1145.7.15.0125. He 11.29. Re.16.19. distressed fur want of water, by Elha obtineth 5. ch.13.14..19. u. 97.16.03. De 31. tratry, and promise of victory, -20. The Moabites, 192.19. P.72.1.00. Lu.24.45.51. Jn. deceived by the colour of the water, coming to tp sil, i Al 18.-8.17.-30.95,36. Elisha said ere overcome, 21--25. The king of Moab, jailog ini o iki 39. Ch.1.9,10. Jo®.14.12..14. his attempt to break through to the king Edom, a douMe porrion. This pro

sacrificeth his son, and ratseth the siege, 26, 27. Teles is the law respecting the first born,

1 Jehoram. ch.1.17.-8.16, Joram. iki.69.51.

2 ufoughi. ch.6.31,30.-21.6,80. See on 1 Sa. As Liisha may have considered himself 15.19. 1 K1.16.19. but noe. Iki 1633-190,25.

and like.ch.9.02,34. i, image. Heb. tatue. Baal. ch. 1 ki.16.31.19.

3 he cleaved. ch.10.20..31. See on IK1.19.28..33.

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which made. See on 1 K1.14.16.-15.26,31.-16.31. De.20.19,20. only in, &c. Heb, untii de leit he departed, ch.13 0,6,11.-11.21.-15.9.18.-17.00 stones thereof in Kir haraseth. Kirche 1 ki.ig.20...8.-13.33. 1 Co.1.19.20.

Supposed to be the same As, or Arena Ha sheepmaster. Ge.13.0-26.13,14. .Ch.26.10. the capital of Moab. See on De...9. Is.10.7 Job 13.-12.12. rendered. OS.,8.9.1 Ch.18.. Ps. Je.18.31,36, bir-beres. 60.8.-108.9.10. lambs. Is.161.

26 wto the king of Edom, ver.9. Am.9.1. 5 See on ch.1.1.--8.20.2 Ch.21.8..10.

27 offered him. In cases of great extremity O A. M. 3109. B. C.895. numbered. 1 Sa. 11.

was customary in various leathen Latina 8.-15.4. O Sa.91.1,&c. iki.20..7.

offer human sacrifices, and even their own Tilt thou go. See on i hi.22.1,32,33. 3 Ch.18. dress. This was trequent amoup the Phew 3,2...32.-19.2.-01.1.7.-02.3,1,10.12.

Greeks, Romans, Scythians, Gauls, Ance 8 the wilderneSS of Edom. "The wilderness of and others; and was the natural fruit of a Edom was probably the same as that of Zin or Sigious system, which had tor the objects of Kadesh, through which the children of Israel worsbip cruel and merciless dirjoities passed; extending southward from the Dead king of Moab, in this case, sacriticed his so sea, to the eastern branch of the Red sea. See obtain the favour of Chemoshi his yed, wlo. Note on Nu.13.21. Nu.91.4. Mal.1.0,3.

a devil, delighted in blood and murder, 9 Edom. See on i ki.02.17 no maler. Ex. 15. the destruction of mankind. The dealer 29. - 17.1. Nu..0.0,+.-21.5.-33.14, that followed thing was to them, the more accept Net them. Heh, at their feet. Ex.11.8, marg. Juh. 0. idolaters thought the sacritice, and theft

10 the Lord. ch.6.33. Ge. 1.13. P's.78.31..36. Pr. burnt their children in the fire to their 19.3. 18.8.21.-51.90.

Ge.29.9,13. De.12.31. Ju.11.31,39. Ps.100. 11 Is there not here. See on 1 Ki.20.7. Ps.74.9. Ezt.16.20. M16.7. they deparied. 1 Sa.14.3 Am.3.7. That toe may. ier.1,3. Jos.9.11. Ju. 20. 121.20.13,98,13. 8..11,18,23,26..28. 1 Ch.10.13.-14.10.11.-15.13.

CHAP. IV. poured water. That is, was his constant and confidential servant. Mr. HANWAY, Speaking

Elisha multiplieth the widow's oil, 1-7. Hebte

a son for the good Saunamite, S-17. Ha of a Persian supper, says, Supper being now her 109 when dead, 18-37. Allgelb Arsdreh brought in, a servant presented a basin of water, deadly portage, 33–41. He satused on leasant and a napkin hung over his shoulders; he went men with twenty loares, 42-41. to every one in the conipany, and poured water 1 A. M. 3110. B. C. 894. Sort, ser.3. Sel on their hands to wash. Gie.18.4. Jos.l.l. iki. ch.2.3,5. 1 K1.20.35. Thy servant did tee.Co 19.01. Lu.42.26,27. Jno.13.4,5,13,14. 111.5.10. 12. IK1.18.3. Ne.7.2. PS.103.11.1-111 Phi:09.

115.13.-17.11. Ec. 8.1.-19.13. Val.3.16 12 The word. ch.2.14,15,21,21. 1 Sa. 3.19.21. Ac.13.26. Re.15.4.-19.5.

the crediler. L Israci, ch.2.25.-58,9,15. 15.49.23.-20.17. Re.3.9. 39,40,48. Ne.5.0..5.-10.31. Je.34.14. Mal.

13 Ilhat. Eze.14.3.5. Mat.8.29. J11.9.4.CO. 30,35. Ja.2.13. 5.10.-6.15. get. Ju.10.14. Ru. 1.15. Pr. 1.28. Je... 2 Ilhat shall 1. ch.9.9.-6.26,27. Mali 27.28. the prophets. Iki 18.19.-90.6,10,11,22..25. Jno.6.5.7. AC.3.6. 2 C0.6.10.

sare e por Nay. See on ver.10. De 32.37..39. 10.6.1.

1 k 1.17.12. Ja, 25, 11 As the Lord, ch.5.16. Th.17.1.-18.15. ]

3 empty vessels. ch.3.16. Jh.c.7. dorrent regard, Ch.17.39.9.-19.3.4. Ps. 15.4. I would sere, licb. scant not, ch.13.18.19. Ps81.10. not look. 1 Sa.15.26..31. 161.11.5,80.-21.20. Je. 16.04. 1.18. Da 5.17.03. Mat.9.16.

4 thou shalt shut. rer.39.33. 1 K 1.17.19,91.1 15 bring me. This was evidently intended to 201. Mál.6.6. Mar.5.40. AC.9.40. and tak soothe and tranquillize the prophet's mind, Mar.6.37.41.-8.5.9. Jno.2.7.9.-6.11.25. which had been apitated and discomposed with 5 she went. ch.5.11. Ki. 17.15,16. La holy indignation by the presence of the idola- lle.11.7,8. trous king, and the recollection of his abomi. 6 when the vessels, ver.43.44. Mat999.nation. The soothing influence of music is -14.20-15.37. Lu.6.19. generally acknowledged in every civilized oil, ch.13.19. Jos 5.19 IK1.17.14. Jood.. nation. i Sa. 10.5.-16.03.-18.10.1 Ch.25.2.3. Ep.

7 pay. Ps.37.01. Ro.19.17. Phits11 5.18,19. The hand. I ki.16.16. Eze.1.3.-3.14,-2. - 1.12. 2 Th.3.7.19. debt, or, creditor. -8.1. Ac.11.21.

8 it fell on. Heb. there was ver.11.19 16 Make this rallev. ch.4.3. Nu. rem. This city was situated in the trib

17 Ye shall not. Iki.18.36..39. Ps.81.6.-107. Issachar, five miles south from mount ! 35. Is. 11.17.18.--43.19,20.-18.21. that ye may. according to EUSEBIUS; and is probat! Ex.27.6. Nu 90.8.11.

i plac which he calls Sanim, in Acaba? 18 and this. Iki.3.13. Je.32.17.97. Lu.1.27. the textbourhood of Samaria or Sel axt Ep.3.20. a lighi. ch.20.10. Thi.10.31. 15.7.13,- 19. Jos. 19.18, 1 Sa.28. 1 ki.1.3. great 49.6. Eze 8.17. he will. 1 Ki.20.13.28. 2 Sa.19.32. Job 1.3.-30.9. Lu.1.15. shri

19 And ye. ch.13.17. N0.01.17. Ju.6.16. Sa him. Heh. she laid hold on him. Gely...) 15.3.-23.2. fell. De.20.19,20. mar. Heb. grieve. 20. Pr.7.01. Lu 11.93.-94.09. Ac.16.15 Ver.25.

9 she said. Pr.31.10,11. 1 Pe 5.1. basu N 20 xhen the meat. Ex.29.39,10, 1 Ki. 18.36. 16.111.9. 10. Pe. 1.91-19 maar D. I. There came water. This supply was See on De.33.1. 111,13.1.-17.18.54. I altogether miraculous; for there was neither 10 Let us. I4.32.8. Mat.10.41,49.-25.4) mind or rain, nor any other natural means to 9.11. Lu.8 3. R0.12.13. He10.91-13.6.11 furnish it Alled. See on P5.78.15.16,20. Is.35.0,7. 10. a little chamber. An Qleepak, or ****

I gashend. Heb. were cried together. puim the crabs callit; it small back bouse ata armour. Heb. gird himself with a girdle. Iki. to the principal dwelling, in which tre per 20.11. Ep.6.11.

could live in as kreat privacy as in les 23 This is blood. ch.6.18..20.-7.6. slain. Heb. house, and to which he could retire ? destroyed. now therefore. Ex.15.9. Ju.5.30.2 Ch. sure, without breaking in upou the 20.05. 15.10.14.

attairs of the family, or being in bus turi 21 smure the. Jos.8.20...2. Ju. 20.40.46. 1 Th.5. rpleid by them in his devotious. See to 3, t. sent forward, or, smote in it eren.

on Ju.3.20. 16.17.19. 05 beat Horn. ver.19. J11.0.45. Sa.8.9. 15.37.' 19 Gehari. ver. 99..31. ch.5.20..97. 1.5. 26,27. stopped. Ge.26.15.18

The into the hand of Moab. "xtra I regard the presence of

De LORD came upon him. Awd. Thus saith the LORD, tarties full of ditches : ** Van, peither shall ye see rain;

te hall be filled with water there was a children of the rest. - it your hand.

itsaliste every fenced city, we to pay in the morum, ***tering' was offered, that,

bystry as illed with water. Ex.29 39.40. cometh to us, that he shall turn in thither. ac shen all the Moabites heard were cried

ere coine up to hglit

they gathered all that gird him. Es pot sot atonur, and up A De Tose up early in the morn

Svoboan the son of Sebat, which made B. C. 895. ing, and the sun shone open the water, 0; he departe bot therefrem,

and the Moabites saw the water in the Had Heraklea Moab as a shetla? Se 8.2. other side as red as bloot:

ster, and * Tendtrer unto the klug of Ps 101.9.10. 23 And they sand, This as blood: the king ne! 13 bucured the bad labs, and ls. 16. l.

are surely stain, they have snitten te cred the sad race, with the wool. Eat' i carne to pass, when Ahab wasi

another: now therefore, Moab, to thing! o destroyed.

94 And when they caine to the cany of that toe kurs of Moab rebelled

: ca. 1, 1,
9. 20.

Israel, the Israelites rose up and smiote the king of Israel.

the Moabite, so that they fleet before sking lebcrara went out of Samaria Pinote. them: but they y went forward smiling xetine, 204 nom bered al' Israel.

tee it, even the Moabites, even in their country. be went and seat to Jehoshaphat


25 And they beat down the cities, and The Juda's, 549 55, The king of

Is. 37. 26.

on every good piece of land cast every and thats rebei ed against me: wilt e Ge. 26. 15. man his stone, and filled it, and they - vita e a ainst Joab to battle? ifiki. 22. 4. stopped all the wells of water, and felled HüvesI will go op: I am as thou d until he left all the good trees: douly inhir harseth pole as thy people, and iny the stones left they the stones thereot: hostelt, the

thereof in slingers went ab ul it, and note it. W. W bich say shall we go


20 And when the king of Moab saw that Lasered, I be way through


the battle way too sore for hus, he took unders of Edom.

Is. 16.7. 11, with him seven hundred men that drew Oleracl went, and the A Mi.6.7. Words, to break through errn unto the

and the king of Eston: and at their king of Edom: but they could not. Dass of seven days' jour.


27 Then he took his eldest son, that 323 do zater for the lost,

Ex. ll. muld have reigned in his stead, aud Be that followed them. Am. 2. 1. offered tum for a burnt offering upon the

LUX La of Israel said, Alas! Als. 37.37. wall And there was great itkisanation A tato called these three 7161..2.7. against Israel: and they departed from y, to deliver tbein into the

him, and returned to their own land.

Iki. 30. 33. I let lesyshaphat said, Is there not' La. 22. Now there cried a certain woran of ** bets the Lord, that we may I Ti, 3. 10.

the wives of the sons of the proplets *** LORD by bim! And one of

unto Elisha, saying, Thy servant my his

ele. 35. 39. de servants answered and Mat. )

band is dead, and thou knowest that thy itu tiba the son of Staphat, 'p 1 Kl. 17. 12. creditor is corne to take unto bim my two

servant did fear the LORD and the Altise ayat said. The work Exe. 14.3.

sons to be bondmen. Blam. So the king of : Ju. 10. 14.

2 And Lusha said unto her, What shall me ne leo hapbat, and the king of

Pr. 1.9.

I do for thee! tell me what hast thou in Je. 2. 28.

the house! And she said, the hatha naid Elisha said unto ye king of Israel, 1K, 18. 19. hath not any thing in the bouse, save a Este i to do with thee! get thee I ch. 3. 16. pot of oil. end of thy father, and to the

Ro, 4. 1ị. 3 Then he said, Go, borrow thee ves. And the king of or, kant. sels abroad of all thy neighbours, even de cate him, Nay: for the LORD u ch.5. 16. empty vesels, borrow not a few. tese three kings together,

IKI. 17.1. 4 And when thou art conte in, thou shalt

Mar. 6. 37.. shut the door upon thee and pain thy sons, La said, A," the Lord of

and' shalt pour out into all these vessels, before whom I stand, surely,

& 5.9. an i thou shalt set aside that which is full.

Jn.27.9. 5 So she went from tim, and shut the door *the bing of Jadah, I would

Ep. 3. 20.

upon her and upon her sons, who brought 1 could tree, por see thiee.

Ps. 15. 4. the vessels to her, and she poured out. me a minstrel.' And it . 1 Sa. 10 5. 6 And it came to pass, when the vessels when the minstrel played,that y Ex. 1. 3. were full, that she said unto her son, ang

me yet a vessel: and he said unto her, There 81. is not a versel more. And the oil stayed. sch. 4.3.

pay thy #debt, and live thou and thy drink, both ye, and your

a Jos, 19. IS.

8 And « it fell on a day, that Elisha

passed to Shunem," where was a great s n brat a light thing in the ladet hold woman; and she constrained hun to eat LORD: he will deliver the

bread. And so it was, that, as olles le pass • Mat 5. 16.

ed by, he turned in thither to eat bread. ¢ De 20.19.20.

9 And she said unto her husband, Behold Tekicity, and stall fell every! s grieve. now, Ipireerse that this is an holy man estad stop áll wells of water, and a Mat. 10.41, of God which passeth by us continually. Taxi piece of land with stones.

10 Let us make a little chamber, I pray Mar. 9. 41. thee, on the wall; and let us Set for him

He. 13. 2 there a best, and a table, and a stool, and tree came water by the way of

1 Pe. 4.9. a candlesticki and it shall be, when he

11 And it fell on a day that he caille together. thuther, and he turned into the chamber,

and lay there. milf with a 1 And he said to Gehazi his servant, girdle. Call this Shunamiite. And when he had

called ber, she stood before him.

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sy tot er.

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Ecotood in the border.

13 And he said unto him, Say now unto B.C. 895. door upon them twain, and prayer ber, Behold, thou hast been careful for us

the LORD. with all this care; what is to be done for a 1 Ki. 17. 20,

34 And be went up, and lay un thee? wouldest thou be spoken for to the

21. child, and put his mouth upon his a king,or to the captain of the host? And he He, 6. 10. and his eyes upon bis eyes, and to answered,l dwellanong uniue own people. c Ac. 20. 10. upon his hands; and he tretched

14 And he said, What then is to be done 3 once hi self upon the child, and the files i for her? And Gehazi answered, Verily ther, and

child wared warnı. she hath no child, and her husband is old.

Once this

35 Then he returned, and walked 15 And he said, Call her. And when ther. bouse P to and fro; and went a he had called her, she stood in the door. d Ge 18.10,14. stretched himselt upou binn: and the 16 And he said, About this season,

y set time. sneezed seven times, and the cbido according to the time of life, thou shalt

e ver. 29.

his eyes. ernbrace a son. And she said, Nay, my f Ps. 113. 9.

36' And he called Gehazi, and lord, thou man of God, do not lie unto Lu. 1. 36.

Call this Shunammite. So be call thine handmaid.

He 11. 35.

And when she was come in unto 17 And the woman conceived,' and bare ch.2.1. said, Take up thy son. a son at that season that Elisha had said i ch.8. 1. 37 Then she went in, and fel unto her, according to the time of lite. ach. 2. 3. feet, and bowed herself to the #

18 And when the child was grown, it ? Lu. 10. 39. and took up her son, and west e fell on a day, that he went out to his fa

Ac... 3 38 And Elisha carne again to ther to the reapers.

? Is. 5. 4.

and there i. as a dearthi in the las 19 And he said to his father, My

Mat. 15. 13.
He. 12. 15.

the sons of the prophets sert! sitt head, my head! And he said to a lad,

Nu.9. 11.

fore him; and he said unto bá # Carry him to his mother.

0 ch. 2. 21.

Set on the great pot, anii secte 20 And when he had taken luin, and

Ex. 15. 25.

for the Sons of the prophets. brought him to his mother, he sat on her Jn. 9. 6.

3) And one went out into the # knees till noon, and then died.


Jather herbs, and found a w's 21 And she went up, and laid him on


gathered thereot wild pa asb the bed of the man of God, and shut the not for me tull, and came and shredite a door upon him, and went out.

to ride pot of pottage: for they kikitam And she called unto her husband, and eril thing 40 So they poured out for the axe, said, Send me, I pray thee, one of the

plSa, 9. 4, 7.

and it came to paus, as they were young men, and one of the asses, that I may


i Co. 9. 11. of the pottage, that they cried o run to the mau of God, and come again. Ga. 6. 6. said, vihor man of God, iterud

23 And he said, Wherefore wilt thou go . ch. 2. 25. the pot. And they could not est to him to-day! it is neither new moon" nor Is. 35. 2. +1 But he said, Then bring meal sabbath, and she said, It shall be well.

or, in his he cast it into the pot; and te sa 94 Then she saddled an ass, and said to

crip, or,

out for the people, that they her servant, Drive, and go forward, Gslack


And there was no hari ini not thy riding for me, except I bid thee.

* Lu. 9. 17.

42 And there came a man ir 25 So she went, and came into the man Jn".6.11.13. shalipha," and brought the Draga of God to mount Carinel." And it came to Le 10.3. bread of the first truits, twenty pass, when the man of God saw her itar Job 1.21.22. barley, and full ears of an oft, that he said to Gehazi his servant, Ps. 39. 9. thereof. Aud he said, Give to Behold, yonder is that Shunaminite; u Mat. 14.20. ple, that they may eat.

26 Run now, I pray thee, to meet her; 15. 37. 43 Aud his servitor said. WE." and say unto her, I. ir well with thee? 10 * by his fret. I set this before an huwured it well with thy husband? is it well with Mat. DS 9. said again, Give the people, the the child! And she answered, It is well. Mat. 20.31. may eat: tor thus saith te Loco! 27 And when she came to the man of


shall eat, and shall leave a serey God to the hill, she caught him k by the

1 Sa. 1. 10.

41 So he set it before them, at feet; but Gelazi care near to thrust

did eat, and left theras, accord her away. . And the man of God said,

Ge. 18. 11. word of the LORD. Let her alone; for her soul is A sexed

& Lu. 1. 27.

CHAP. V. within her: and the LORD hath hid kit p before. Now Naaman, captain of the from ine, and hath not told me.

i lifted up,

the king of Syria, was a great war 28 Then she said, Did I desire a son of my

or, cerpted in counte.

his ma ter, and honourable, bea lord? did I not say, Do not deceive me?

him the LORD had given de 20 'I lien he said to Gehazi, Giru' up graciou.

ance, or,

unto Syria: he was also a mi thy loins, and take my staff in thine

in valour; but he was a leper. hand, and go thy way: if thou meet any

y ver. 16.

. And the Syrians had gone man, salutea hain not; and it any salute or, victory. companies, and had brought awaye thee, answer him not again : and lay my z ch.9. 1. out of the land of Israel a little statt upon the face of the child.

a Lu, 10.4. and she waited on Nan's 1 30 And the mother of the child said, As Ex. 7. 19. 3 And she said unto her the Lor liveth, and as thy soul livetli,

Ac. 19.12.

Would God niy lord were pwitht I will not leave thee. And he arose, and was before. phet that is in Samarial for te. followed her.


o recover him of his leprosy. 31 And Gehazi passed on before them, guiher in. 4 And one went in, and told be and laid the statt upon the face of the attention. saying. Thus and thus said use who child; but there ias neither voice porc Mar. 5. 39. is of the land of Israel. Thearius: wherefore he went again to

Jn 11. 11. 5 And the king of Syria sart, (vo meet hun, and told him, saying, The 2 ch.8.89 and I will send a letter unittes child is not a waked.

1 Sa, 9.8.

Israel. And' be departed, and t* 32 And when Elisha was come into the in his hand. hiin ten talents of silver, and sust house, behold, the child was dead, ande ver. 4. pieres of gold, and it ha chanses of Jaid upon bis bed.

Mat. 6. 6.

6. And lie brought the letter tot 33 lle went in therefore, and shut the

of Israel, saying, Nuw, when this is

pe hart, Mat. 10.40. 42. Lu.9.3.5. R0.16. 34. Lu...46.-8.35.8.-10.39 AC.98 3. Set on ile 11.1.16 18. He. great por. Mar 6.37.-8.... 6. Lu.9.13. Jn.21.5,9. 1 të ik 1.15. 14.-8.1..6. Ge 1421 ya wild pine Is.3.4. Je 2.91 Mat.13 13. ile.

(apratn. ch.7.5. 19. 12.15. wild gourds. The word pakkuda, from

1 tel. T 116.6 8. He 13.5. peta, in Chaldee, to burst, and in Syriac, to # B Hel1..4. P. 53.

crack, thunder. is generally supposed to be the bers wetud. Ge 15.9.3.-17.17.-18. | fruits of the coloquinida, or coloryneh, whris

1-$21. Ju. 13.. 1 Sa 1 2.8. Lu. 1.7. leases are large, placed alternately, very inuch the hus, Ge 17.01.-18. 10, 14. season. like those of the vine, whence it might be called

turn shals. Ge.17.16.17. Lu. 1. a wild ime: the Mowers are white, and the fruit my brd. See on ch.419 do net lie, of the sourd kind, of the size of a large apple, 25.10, il Ge. 1819.15. 1 K1.17.18.-18. und when ripe, of a yellow colour, and a piea LA 1.18 20.

sant and inviting appearance. It ranks atnaug L 15ei 19,90. Ps.113.9. La.1.94,25, vegetable pousons, as all intense bitters do; but,

judiciously employed, it is of considerable use Behrami, Ru...4.

in med de tus said that the fruit, when ripe. musFrom this pecular exclamation, is so full of wind that it bursts, and throws its *on of the year, it is probable he was liquor and seeds to a great distance and if der et Decoup de soleil, or stroke of the touched, before it breaks of itselt, it mies open SCSD Deans uncommon in hot cli- with an explosion, and dischalkes its farted cota de mes fatal. Job 14.1.9. le.4.19. tents in the face of him who touched it. 149.15 06.13. La 7.18.

40 0 thor. ver.9. ch.1.9,11.13. De 11.1. IKI. +1-31.5,35. 161.17.17. Eze:24. 17.18. death. Ex 10.17.-15 03. Mar 16.18.

41 he cast.ch.9.21.-5.10.- 6. FX.15.25. Jn 96 Sieraiki.17.19.

1 Col 25. there. Ac.28.5. harm. Heb.evil thing. im 2. ver 1.26. Jn 11.3. Ac.9.38. 42 Baal shalsha. 1 Sa 9.4.7. bread, ver 38 38. 410.10.-8.11.1 Ch.23.31. 1. EX.01.16. De.19.6.-20.2..10. 1 Sa.9.7. 90.11.11 A. peace. ver.

14. Pr 3.9,10. I Co.9.11. Ga.6.6. of barley. ch. * L 1 Sa 25,90. 1 Ki 18. De.8.8.-92.14. Jn 6,9,13 as Thee animals were not anciently, thereof.or, bis serip, or garment. Tote: Parrhed **** ay by the lower classes, but cora, or corn to be parched, full ears before

Pan use along the noble and chiet they are ripe, parched on the fire: a very fre. **** Easy, and it was not unusual quent food in the East. I be loaves were pro**aze Bestand to walk by the side of his bably extremely small, as their loaies of bread 2 cette riding, the driver, as was the still are in eastern countries. But small as this

Ibe Shubanimite, when may appear, it would be a considerable present e prophet, did not desire so much in the time of famine, though very inadequate

, but only requested her husband to the number of persons. Baal shaluha, of te bere si and its driver. Dride. I Sa. which the person who made this seasonable preListy riding for me. Heb. restrain sent was an inhabitant, was situated, according

to EUSEBIUS and JEROME, tifteen miles north m. d.o. 1 Ki.18.19,49. 1s.15.0, of Dvospolis, or lydda, w Zee 24 l,u zell with thee. Ge. 43 his sertitor. See on ver.19. W kat. Mat.14.

16.154 17 18 Mat.10.19.13. Ac.15.5. 16.17.-13.33,34. Mar. 6.37. 39.-4. Lu.9.13. de L.10.3. 1 Sa. 3.18. Job 1.9, Jn6.n. They shall eal. Mat. 14.00 -15 37.-16.

8..10. Mar.6.42,43.-4.90. Lu.9.17. Ja.6.11..13. the funt. Heb. by his feet. Mat.28.

CUAP. V. * L. Mat.15.03.-20.31. Mar.1o. Naaman, by the report of a captive maid, want to

La her alene. Mar.14.6. Samaria to be cured of his leprosy. 1.-7. Eboha, sed Hed, bitter. 1 Sa. 1.10. Job 10, sending Aim ta Jordan, curet him, 5-14 Heren

hid ut from me. cb.6.12. ing Naaman'ı gita grantet him some of the earth, 21:3 Am.3.7Jo.15.15.

15 -19, Gekasi, abusing Ais master's home unto * Ge 30.1. Do not. See on ver.16. Naaman, i smitten with leprosy, 21-17. ant bus. ch.9.1. 1K1.18.46. Ep. 1 A. M. 3110. B. C. 394. Naaman, Lu.4.27. hate my ch.2.14. Ex.4 17. 12 a great, ch.4.8. Ex. 11.3. Es. 9. 4.-10.3.

lay my staf ch.2.8.14. Heb, before. honon able. or, gracious. Heb. 16. AC 3.16.-19.12. lifted up, or accepted in countenance. by him. de bed. see on ch.2.2,4.

I will not Pr.21.31. Is. 10.5.6. Je..7 5.6. Da.2.37. Joo.19.11.

Ro.15.18. delte ance, or, victory. a leper, ver. ordenacs. 1 a 14.37.-286. Eze 14.3. 27. ch.7.3. Le 13.2,3,44.46. Nu.19.10..19. 2 Sa.s.

e Mar.9.19.99. AC 19.13..17. hear. 29. Ch.26.19.93. . Cole.7. a bleston. iki18.20.29 Mor at aked. 2 by companies, ch.6.23.-13 20. Ju.9.3. 1 Sa. 129 Mar, 5.39. Jo'.11. 11, 43, 44. 13.17.18. aired on. Heb. was before. Ps.193.9.

3 Would God. Nu. 11.99. Ac.46.29. 1 Co.4.8. d. 181.17.17. L4.8.52,53. Jo".11.17. uh. Heb. before. he wvuld, vert. Mar.2.1.

delser 4. Mat.6.6. prayed.ch: 11.5. Lu.17.12..14. recover hom of. Heb. Kather is. 1923 iki 17.2021.-18.26,9. Ja®.11. and told his lord. ch.7.9.11. Mar.5.19-16. Le Ja 513..18.

9,10. JD. 1.12.46.-4.28,29, ICO, 1.20,47

5 Go to go. Ge. 11.3.7. Fc.2.1. 18:55. Ja.4.13. H, oude hither ana once thi- -5.1. and 100k. Ch.B.8.9 NU.92.7,17,18.-24.11.: bald spened. ch 8.1.5.-13.21. 1 Ki. 13. 1 Sa.98. 161.13.7.-45 3. AC.8.18..20.

14-8-53. Jno.11.43,44. Ac.9.10. him. Hes. in his hand, ten talents of silver, transite. rer. 12. Take up. This, at 3531. 115. 1044. the talent, would amount 267 15. He 11.35

to 35.354. 12. Od. Jis show and. It shukels are feer ver 9. ch.2.15. 1 Ki. 17.94.

9524.16.17. ATJO. 38. - each. wall amount to 10.1234; and the whole

a chalie 666. De.B.2227. to 14,4647. 18. yd.: besides the value of the leti Hei, je 11.6 Eze. 14.13. Lu.4.23: changes of raiment. IER changes. Ge.45.82. Ju.

vere suling. P.8.11.19. Ja.5.9.3.

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ka 1.16.18.

ra Ac 90.10.

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