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El geench any coal which is left,
Sesat are to my husband neither

Sarriag sand unto the woman, greatly.
Ostate, and I will give charges le. 1. 6.
az X lead, o king, the iniquity
Belag i he throne de guiltless.
agka te ther, bring him to me, and
Her sad she, I pray thee, let the
så so destroy any more, lest they

sn. And he said, As' the lica, there shall not one hair of het king. And he said, Say on.

had the woman said, Wberefore Borsa thou thought such a thing Zoe de people of God! for the king o this thing 2$ one which 15

tout the king doth not fetch

a his basisbed, 11e ve taust needs die, and are as water salt an the ground, which cannot Fred up again: x neither doth

man that kept the watch lifted up his eyes, B. C. 1030. God respect any person ; yet doth he looketa, bebosd, there came much peo

devise means that his banished be not be the way of te huil sade bebind bm. Job 34. 19. expelled from him. $ And Jocadab said unto the king,

Mat. 2. 16. i5 Now therefore that I am come to Bell, the king's sons come: pas thy Ae 10. 3. speak of this thing unto my lord ye king,

Ro. 2. U. And it came to pase, as soon as he No. 3. 24. and thy handinaid saud, I will now speak

is because ye people have made me afraid: made eod of speaking, that, bele. 25. 40. unto the king it may be that the king the king's Sots Came, and lifted up

Is. 50. 1, 2. will perform the request of his handmaid. Toice, and wept: and the king also

LA 2.31 32

16 For the king will bear, to deliver his al bis errant wept y very sore.

$ sccording, handmaid ont of the hand of the man But Absalon fe, & went to Talmai, to the word that would destroy me and my an toge. Frank Ammedeking of Geshur. And of the set-ther out of the inheritance of God. and mourned for las son every day.


17 Then thine handm.da, T he word 3$e Absen fled, and went to Ge- with a of my lord the king shall now be Corse s'adras there three years.

great weep-fortable for as an angel of God, sou my and the son of kung David lunged ing greatly. lord ye kiny to discern good & bad there. plert moto Absaloin : for be was d cb. 3. 3. fore the LORD thy God will be with thee. de concerning Amnon, seeing - or, domi 18 Then ye king answered & said unto ye

woman, Hide pot tror me, I play thiee, the for rest.

thing that I shall ask ther. And the wo

man said, Let my lorii the king now speak. Sahebu a beartres towards Absalom. ch. 19. 27.

19 And the king aid, Isw the band of Realisab sent to Tekoah, and fetched con Joab with thee in all this? And the woman Bonne vonas, apd said unto her, I

Ps. 84.2. answered and said, Aittiysulisseth, uy ng iyself to be a mourner, &• hear.

lord the king, none can turn to the rialt A neuraing apparel, and anoint Ge. 57. 35.

hand or to the left from ought that illy atten oil, but be as a woman that

34. 12. lord the king hath spoken : tor thy sers ant had a long time tourned for the dead; ch. 13. 39. Joab, he baste me, and he put all these

And true to the king, and speak on 12 Ch. 11.6. words in the mouth of thine handmad: batte sute him. So Joab put the ver. & 20 To fetch about this form of speech

1 1 Sa. 20. 41. hath thy servant Joab done this thing : And then the woman of Tekoah spake A seves and my lord u wise, according to the senske felf on her face to ye ground, ch.12.1,&c. wisdom of an angel of God, to know all less king saad tato her, baldins deliver things that are in the earth. And she answered, I am indeed a

er between.

21 And the king said unto Joab, Behold Tey woman, and mine husband is dead. De. 19. 12.

or, thy.

now, I have done this thing go therefore,

bring the young man Absalom again. 4&d by mandmaid bad two sons, and ch. 13. 37.

29 And Joab fell to the ground on his Seyta stere together in the field, and Ge. 43. 3. face and bowed himself and thanked the

eta me to part ther, but the one wake testher, and sles bin.

Ex. 10. 28. kiny: and Joab said, loduy thy servant Tad behold, the whole family is risen

e face of the knoweth that I have found grace in thy

earth. sight, my lord, o king, in that the king Segri handmand, and they said, Dede la dat scote his brother, that we

. And as As-hath tulnlled the request of his servant.

salom there 23 So loab arose, and went to (ieshur, for life of his brotherwbom was not a

and brought Absalon to Jerusalem. a E se will destroy ye heir also: & beautiful 84 And the king said, Let him turn to

Ran in all

his own house, and let him not see my

Israel to face. P So Absaloin returned to his own inder upon the pearth.

praise bouse, and saw pot the king's face.

05 But o in all Israel there was none

to be so much praised as Absalom for

Ge. 27. 13. his beauty : froin the sole of his font te voman of Tekoab said unto 1 84. 25. 24. even to the crown of his bead there was

eh. 3. 28

no blemish in himn. S'ka my father's house; and

1 Ki. 2. 33

26 And when he polled his head, (for that the

it was at every year's end that he polled Terenger of

it; because the hair was heavy on him,

blond do not therefore he polled it.) he weighed the all set touch thee any more.

multiply to

hair of his head at two hundred shekels Nu. 35. 19.

Je. 4. 2. parne was Tamar: she was a woman of # ver. 24.

a fair countenance. Plan de conca staid, Let thine band. Ju. 15.4, 5. Jerusalem, and saw acts the king mace ra thee, Speak one word unto 51387 is. have sent him to the king: but he would

Ps 90.3,10. not come to him: and when he sent again He. 9. 27. the second time, he would not come. xor, because

30 Therefore he said unto his servants, God hath See, Joab's tield is near pmine, and he hath not taken barley there; go and set it on hre. And

Absaloni's servants set the field ou fire. life, he 31 Then Joab arose, & came to Absalon hath also unto his house, and said unto bin, Wheredevised. fore have thy servants set my field on fire!

32 And Absalom answered Joab, Be.

Sul to the earth.

Greay his


u best bear F-14 11.-161-173. if there 23.13. merry.ch.2.6. Ps 3. 0.-57.1.-17.68 110 15.1 P. P. LL Je 2.421 10.-89.11. Ir 14 * Joo 1.1. Pills

21.1. the hard 1.0.1-5 Ch.24. 4. EC 3. Ac. Ex Is 66. kuused -4.30. wel kul.14.17 P1.17.17 1.6 ... G-34-45 15. Lu, 15.30. 18.10.2011. 6.6 AC.11.-ig CHAP. X.

and all the intele. Sur JOHNOMARD:XDca, tz for optredens end contain, steelse forms us, in a MS. Dote op tipur, that it is vez, Code poetrece ser usual with the greatest art (f the eastern per te 3 and free porn Hebe, ;ple, espera'iy the Arabie, to carry their wicie er there a gapir kev, 10-12. Daard fanity with them when they go to war

teruslar, 13-14 11G 3 all the county Ro 1: 15 the bro The Slesve to, 5-Zsde $d Abiathar bro hidin, wth is but a few pares mad. **trut becs , 24-29. Land and au runs along the valley of feltartat, east of

Jerusalem to the moutwest corner of the city. A* sitoneel, 31. Huskal i sent at then, turting to the south east, et tres it

it into the bed a. like the T, it is 30 B.C.1A. Arai. ch.10 11. dry at least nine months in the year, beans OLIS

5.6.11. 11.1.5,33.-10.06.29. Ps. turnished with water in the winter, atd atler P.-6.16.-17.1). Je...1.. 16. hely rains its bed is narrow anut deep, tinh P. 694 14. Pr.4.16. Mat.7.1.

indicate that it must ter.erly have been the et. LX,18.14.16,6161.3.16..28 cha.Dei for Waters W101 have found sofie e. .1.9.13,14. P. 129. Da.ll. other, and protably subterranerrus course.

dere ts, 40. o, Done will hear dron. 1h 137. Ju 181, Cedron. 16 alder te in daard. ch 8.15. Ex.2012. sess. et 16.2. Mat 3.1.3 Lai). $11.17. Eze 22.7. Mat.15.4. AC 23. 94 Zadek, ver 17.5 8 17.0.25 IMITA,

-0.5.-2.4.1 Ch.6.8, 18 Fee 4x11. Acamp. s! Ju 2.1.2, 9. PC56. La.14 8. ichi.. 13. No. 15-i9, Juý 3.3 6.15.1-30 18. d. PP.74 ? Pe.2.19.

-6.4.6. 1(1.15.8 m 10.4.10.-53.21. Pr.26.25.

25 Carry back.ch 19 le 7 4.

he will bring. Ps.27.8.-27 4,5.-2.1.2-1.3.1.P2.11.9. Ro.16.18. 2 Pe...

63.1,8.--84.1 3.10.-1921,9. 12.8.2 habuaian. 1963. B. 1021. An. Ex. Is. 470 ch.17.-7.9

Aiavid reignied in the whole oniy 0 I hate no. ch. 29. 20. Nu. 14.& 1 ki. 10.9. 13, sendo 15 esidently corrunt, 20.9.8. 12.1.-2.4 Je...8.-39.41 l.

y te corrianty printed 10. let. Jo 10. 15. 154.3.18. Job 180,21. Ps 349. Laodha.dee. Put the Syriae, 97 a seer. (H.C.11. Sa 0.9. 1 Ch.23. 5. ren.

PALY, THEODOR ET, the Sixtne Ver 31.30. ch.17.17. Citate, vieral MSS. of the 2% et.23. 1..16.2.-17.1.16. *****, rad YOUR ; and it is 30 the aueat. Zec.14. Lu.19.99.5-91.9.

the tatarhan, FORTY. is an 20.39. AC.1.12 monn (11:et. Micunt (Winxt, so 411, CR, though not supported by called from its abundin witt: alte trees, is

* . yet discovered. Two of those situated east of Jerusalem, betra separated *** by Dr. KEICOTT, however, base tren it only by the valiey of Jehurshap! at and

astead of ihanah, year,' i. e. forty : the brook Kidron. Jos PHUS says it is nie - G# 10:17 YEARS, but this is tot stadia, 1, 6. 123 ger mietkal paces, trem Jeru*tweightie otter authorities. ch. len: and St. LOKE (Ac. 1.1%) says it is a

...13. let me go, ch.13.21.97. pay. Sabbath day's your liey, or about abt stavila **PIS . Mal...-13.14. distant, i.e. to the summit It lorit. part of a

Tel. Ge. 8.0.21. 1.581.11.-16.0, .ridge of linestone blis, extending from north --- 3.4. Geskeur. ch.13.37.8.-14.03,32. to south for about a mile, and it is described as 1994 13. 13.08.15. Je 93.5.-19.20., having three or according to others foursuin mits,

8.-11.). Tugueth. ch 19.10., the central and highest of which overlooks the 173.18,19 Hebron. ch.2.1,11. whole of the city, over whose streets and walls the 91113.-19.23,6.

eye roves as it in the survey of a meddel. and 9.13.-16.3.5. their simplicity a epi as he sent up. Heb, going up and weepine. 1.22.15. Pr.14.15 20 3. Matje.jo. PS.4. 3..11.- Lu.19.41 hus head tereid.

s custom was on y practised by peryns in tel. rer.si. ch. 16.90.03.-17.14,93. great distress, or when conucted of great comer. *** P41.9.-15.12.17. 1117.5,6. Jo.13.18. Thus Darius, when intorined by lynote, the ** 1531. Aile he offered. Nu 31,14, eunuch, that his queen was dead, and that she 2009.12 P: 50.16 ei. Pr.917 19.1.10. had suffered no vinience from Alexander, co. "1.16. the people. P: 5.1.2.-13.1,2

bered his head, and wept a long time, then betu eilb. ch.3.36. Ju.9.3. Ps.62 9. throwing off the garment that covered him, he

thanked the gods for Alexander's moderation 19.9. Ps 3. title. bring. Heb. and justice. ch.19.4. E.6.19. Je 113.. bare1.1 Mat.11.19, marg. Lu.10.15. fool. Is.0.0.4. Fue 41.17.29. weeping. Ps.120.5, Mind? 16.11.P.51.18.-53.3..11.-137.56. 6. Mat-5... Ro.1. 15. 1 (0.12.87

Cleme. Prin 94. Lu.9.2009. Jno.6.66..69. Atithuphel, ver.19. P 31.-119-55 19.14. aut. Heh, choose

Mat.26.14.13. Jno.13.18. (lerd. P- 55.15.-119 can Ps, s, title efter him. Heb. at 3. In the commuel. (16.83.-17 14.03. Joh 5. *** 11.4.10., marg.

19-19.16..20. 11. 19.3,11..41. Je 8.8,9. I Co.1.20. 313 -6 C, c. a) 3. Ro, 122.

-3.18..20. J4.3.15. Delta P. 3, title, $.-06.12. Fc 10.7. W the top. ver $0. 1h 11.7. L4.19.99. lutei. ch.8.1H-207,93. I Sa 30.14 worshipped. iki 8.44.15. Job 1.20,21. Ps. 3.5. Gutes, ver.19..29. ch. 7.-11..3.-50.15.- 9115. Hushai. ch.16.1619.

Arute. Jos 10.2. coat rent, ch.1.2.-13.19. : 12.2 Ru.1. 11..13.

13 then show. ch.19.35. and burn Heb. Waoder in going. Ps.' 34 return. ver.20. Jos.8.9. Mat. 10. 16. e-, 15 Anx19. Hel1.3.38 secing. 1 Sa.

have been. ch.16.16..19. then mayesi, (b.17.5.14.


35 thou shall rell, ch.17.15,16.

outrage. But it is probable that Sbiniei me 30 their two sons. ver 97. ch.17.17.-18.19,&c. inore than disrespect and outrage to this affilio

37 friend. ch.16.16. 1 Ch.27.33. Absalom. ch. hing: Sir JOHN CHARDIN informs us, tha 16.15.

the East, in general, those who demand jus CAP. XVI.

against a criminal throw dust upon him, si Ziba, by presents and falar suggestions, obtaineth his tying that he ought to be put in the grave: master's inheritance, 14. A! Bahutin Shinei hence the common imprecatiou ainong the Tu curseth David, 5-8. David with patience abstain. and Persians, . Be covered with earth,' or, E. eth, and restrainrth others, fruin revenge, 9-14. be upon thy head.' Hushoi insinunetk himself into Abaalum's counsel, It there, rer.5. 15-19. Ahithuphel's counsel, 20--3.

15 Tbsalom, ch.15.37. 1 linle past, ch.15 30,3%. Zida, ch.9.2...12. 16 God save the king. Ileb. Let the king li reith a couple. ch.17.27.29.-19.32. 1 Sa.17.17,18. 1 Sa.10.24, iki.1.95,34. .Ki.ll.19. Da.2.4. -25.18. 1 Ch.19. 10. Pr.18.16.-29.4,5. summer. 10.-6.6.21. Mat.21.9. These were probably pumpions, cucumbers, or 17 Is this thy. De.32.6. why tentest. ch. water-melous; the two latter being extensively 3...37.-19.05. Pr.17.17.-18.24. used in the last to refresh tra ellers in the 18 ch.5.1. 3. 1 Sa.16.13. burning heat of the summer, and probably, as 19 hould I we serre. ch.15.34. 1 Sa.28.1.Mr. HLARMER supprises, called suminei irtuts ' 8. Ps.55.21. Ga 2.13. on this very account. Je.10.10.19. Am.8.1. Mi. 96 Gtre counsel. Ex.1.10. Ps.2.0.-37.19,13 7.1. a bottle. 1 Sa. 10.3.-16.20.

21.30. 15.8.10.-09.15. Mat.7.1. Ac.4.93.23. • Ilhat meanest. Ge.21.29.-33.8. Eze 37.18, 21 Go in. Ge.6.4.-38.16. Wuo thy.ch...1 The asses. This is the eastem mode of speaking 15.16.-20.3. Ge.35.29. Le.18.8.-20.11. This when presenting any thing to a great man : 99. I Co.5.1. abhorned. Ge. 34.30. 1 Sa. 13.4. * This is for the slaves of the servants of your father. Ge. 19.3,1. then shall, 1 Sa.47.19. majesty ;' when at the same time the presents hands. ch.2.7. Zec.8.13. are intended for the sovereigu bimselt, and it ce the top. ch.11.2. went in. ch.12.11,19 is so understood. ch.15.1.-19.20. Ju.5.10.--10.4. 16.-203. Nu..5.6. 13.3.9. Je.3.3.-12. Eæ. for the young. 1 Sa.05.97. that such. ch.15.23.- 7. Pin.3.19. 17.00. Ju.8.1,5. 1 Sa.11.28. Pr.31.0.7.

13 as if. Nu.17.21. 1 Sa 30.8. Ps.Re. 1 Pe 3 schere is.ch.0.9,10, P5.88.18. 11.7.5. To-day. 11. oracle of God, Heb. word of God. Ps. 19 ch.19.21..30. Ex 20.16. De.19.18,19. Ps.15.3. - 30 was. The first counsel of this sagacious 101.5. Pr. 1.19.-01.98. 1 Ti.6.9.10. Jude 11. wicked man to Absalom was inore like an era

4 Behold, ch.11.10,11. Ex.23.8. De. 19.15. Pr. of Saar, both for subtlety and atrocity. 18.13,17.-19.2. I humbly beseech thee. Heb.idvised the shameless measure just detailed I do obeisance. ch.11.1.09.

order to establish Absalom, and to preciu 5 Bahurim. This place is supposed to be the the possibility of a reconciliation with Das Same as Almon, (Jos.01.18,) and llemeth, (1 Ch. The wives of a conquered king were alwa 6.60),) a city of Benjamin, north of Jerusaltin, the property of the conqueror; and in and apparently not far from Olivet. ver.li.ch. sessing these he appeared io possess the night 3.16.-17.18. chose name. ch.19.16, &c. 1 619.8, the kingdom. all the counsel, ch, 17.11,9 9,36..11&c. he came, $c. or. he still came torth 5.12.-6.28. Je 4.09.-8.9. Mat.11.25. Lu.16 and cursed, cursed. Ex.22.28. 1 Sa.17.13. Ps.69. Ro.1.00. I Co.3.19,20. Ja 3.13..18. bath, ch.. 26.100.10..19,98. Pr.26.2. Ec.10.20. 15.8.91. 12. Ec.10.1. Mat.5.11.12

(JAP, XVII. 7 bloody man. Heb. man of blood, ch.3.37,- Anithophel's counsel is overthrown by lasts 11.15..17.-19.9. P 5.6.-51.11. man of Belial. according to God's appointment, 1-14. Sept De 13.13. 1 Sa.2.19.-05.17. Iki..1.10.13.

telligence is sent unló David, 15-2. Authp 8 rerurned. Ju.9.21,56,57. 1 17.2.32,33. Ac.28. haneth himaril, 23, 24. Ainua is made capid 4,5. Re. 16.0. the blood. ch.1.16.-3.28.09.-4.8.. 2), 26. David at Mahanaim is furnished with Fr 12. Ps.3.9.-1.9. thu, &c. or, thee in thy evil. viaions, 27-29.

9 Abishai, ch.3.30. 154.26.0..8. dead dog.ch. 1 Trill arise. P: 1.16.-1.16. Is.59.7,8. 3.8.-9.8.1 Sa.1.14. curse. See on Ex.e9.28. Ac. night. Ps.3.3..5.-4.8.-109.9... 23.5. I Pe...17. let me go. 1 Sa.26.6..11. Job 31. ucaly. ch.16.11. De.5.18. I will see 30,31. Je.40.13..16.

1 h1.29.31. Zec.13.7. Mat.21.38.-26.31. Jo' I io Ilhat hate. ch.3.39.-19.00. 1 k 1.2.5. Matt. 50.-18.1..8. 16.23. Lu 9.51..36. 1 Pe.2.03. so let him. Ge.30. 31: ill bring. ch.3.21. shall be. Is. 18.22-5 20. iki.2.21..23. 2K1.18.05. 14.3.38,39. Jn".18. 21. 1 Th.5.3. u. Pho shall. Job Ro.9.20. + the saying. 1 Sa.18.20,91.-03.91. Es 31 11 Behold. ch.18.11.14. came forth.ch.7.0.Ge.


pleased tosalom ell. Hes, war 15.4. seeketh, ch.17.1..4. 2 h1,19.37. ? Ch.39.21. in the eyes of Absalom. 2 Ch.30.4. Es... 1 Mat.10.01. the Lord. Is.10.5.7. Eze.14.9.-20.05. 5 Hushai. ch.15.32..37.-16.16..19.

1. the Lord. Ge 19.34.33. Ex.2.21,25.-3.7,8. Iten, is in his mouth. I Sa. 1.11. Ps.05.18. affiction, oi, tears. Hab. 0 saymg. Heb. word. eye. reynite. De.23 Mat.5.11.19. Ro. 7 grien. Heb. counselled. nel cord. Ps. 3! ! 8.08.2C0.4.17.2 Th.1.7. le.19.10. 1 Pe. 1.12.19. 8 mighty men. ch.15.18.-01.18.20-1

13 cursed, ver.5,6. cast dust. Iteh, dusted him 18,20.30. 1 Sa. 16.18.-17.34.50,50. iCal with dust. Ac.29.23. -It was an ancient custom, 17. Ile. 11.32.34.

chaled in their minds. He in those warm and arii countries, to lay the bitter of soul, Ju. 18.05. dust before a person of distinction, by sprink. 17.19.-28.15. Da.7.5. Ho.13.8. ling the grond with water. Dr. POCOCKE I S..23.03. and the consul were treatest with this respect 9 he is hid. Ju. 20.33. I Sa.09.1.-24.3 when they entered Cairo. The same customis Jos 7.5.-8.6.Ju.20.32. 1 Sa.14.11.15. overiks. alluded to in the well-known table of Phedrus, Had talleu. in which a slave 15 represented going before 10 heart. ch.1.23.-23.00. Ge.49.9. NU18 Augustus and otticiously laying the dust. To I'r. 8.1. utterly melt. Ex. 15.15. De 1.0 throw dust in the air while a person was pass 9.11. 15.13.7.-19.1. thy father, 1 Sa.18.17. H ing was therefore an act of great disrespect; to 11.34 and they ithich. Ca.3.7. do so before a sovereign prince, an indecent 11 all Israel. ch.24.8. Ju. 20.1.

as a dear. Ship

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as the sa

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et, code out, thou n bloody man, is in Ais

Vad thou hast reigned, and the bord. HARDsat delivered the kingdom into ch.9.8, tot in Absalor thy son: and be. Ex. 22. 23.

Athaya ai taken in thy mischief, to the , Why should this dead dog tay nylord the king? let me go over, bitter of hth you. ye sons of Zerujah! So let a P. 17. 12.

n.Care David. Who shall then 6 Ge. 15. 4.
a priants, Behold, my son, which eye, or,

It may be that the LORD will look on
Salfiction, and that the LORD wille Jos, 2. 11.

or his cursing this day. Ji Sa. 1817.1 the stones at him, and T cast dust. 8 Ca 3.7. 14 And the king, and all the people that Cheesd by Zika: used by Saimei. & SAMUEL, XVII. Ahithophel's and Ilushai's carensel,

33 And hest has not there with thee, B. C. 1023. were with him, came weary, and refreslaZados anti Abiathar the priests therefore

ed themselves there. #ta be, itay what thing never thou la ch.17.15,16

15 And Abulom, and all the people, Salt tear out of the king's house, thou shalt b ver. 27 the men of Israel, chine to Jerusalem,

dulatok and Abiathar the priests. c eb. 15. 37. and Atittophel with him.

$ Behold, they have there with them 3 Let the their two sons, Alinaaz, Zadok's son,

16 And it came to pass, when Hoshaj king love.

the Archite. David's friend, was come into and Josathaa, Avatar's for ; and by ch.16.13,16. Absalom, that Hushai said unto Aball, then se shall sead outo me every thing ICh God save the king. B God save the king, tuye can bear. sy Husna, Darid's friend,' came ch.9. 2.

ch.15 3132.

17 And Absalom said to Hushai, I:

this thy kindness to thy friend? I why te city, and Abralom care into i Sal; 17.19 wentest thou not with thy friend!


18 And Hushai said unto Absalom, CHAP. XVI. AND shea David was a little past the 1 ch. 17. 29.

k c. 15, 12,

Nay; but whom the LORD, and this pro

ple, and all the mcu of Israrl, choose, his hu, s tebod, Ziba & the servant w52 7. 12. will I be, and with him will I abide. of Neptbesketh met him, with a couple » cb. 2. 7, 19 And again, whom should I serve? asbes saddled, and upon themi two

Zec. 13. should I not serve in the presence of his pred leaves of bread, and an hundred och 19. ? son! As I have served in thy father's laces of raisins, and an hundred of

Pr. 16. 17.

presence, so will be in thy presence, er fruits, and a bottle of wine.

ir eb.12.11,12

co shen said Absalom to Alithophel, And the king id unto Ziba, What

15. 16.

Give counsel among you what we shalldo. Sunt dou by these? And Ziba said, I he

20.3 do obei.

21 And Ahithophel said unto Absalom, for the king's household to ride on;

Go in unto thy tather's concubiues, which e the bread an sunmer fruit for the 4 wurd


he hath left to keep the house, and all La botat; and the wine, that'such a ch.19.16,&c Israel shall hear that thou art aburied Straat in the wildernese may drink. I'IK1941.&c. of thy father : then shall the hands of Find the king said, And where is thys still cane

all that are with thee be strong. 's 300! And Ziba said unto the

forth and

22 so they spread Absalom a tent upon Peloid, be abodeth at Jerusalem:

Chrud. the top of the house ; and Absalom went the sailo-day shall the house of Israel - Ps. 109. 17, in unto his father's concubines in the Tere the kingdom of my father.

sight of all Israel. 17 ben said the king to Ziba, Behold,

Pr. 28. 2.

3 And the counsel of Ahithophel, which beste all that perlained unto Meph Mats 1,12. he counselled in those days, was as if a

And Ziba said, I y humbly ther that I may find grace in

. ch. 16. 14.

man haut inquired at the doracle of God: Tiny lord, Oking

De. 25. 19.

$0 was all the counsel of Ahithophel, both

with David and with Absalomn. Asi when King Dasid came to Ba

t1 Ki. 22. 31. Old, thence came out a man of

Zec. 13.7. MOREOVER, Abithophel said unto

CIIAP. XVII. SF of the house of Saul, whose u Shimei, the son of Gera: be


Absalom, Let me now cheane out twelve

thousand men, and I will arise and pui nh, and cursed' still as he carne.

o tas right

sue atter David this night:
kad lie cast stones at David, and at
arranty of king David : and all


2 And I will come upon him while he is ape and all the mighty men were w ch. 1. 16,

1 Sa. 18.20. weary & weak-handed, & will make him

afraid: and all the people that are with him banat bant and on his left. rus said Shimei when be cursed,

3.2 29. shall Hee; and I will smite the king' only. 4,8..12. 3 And I will bring back all ye people unto

thee:ye man whom thou seekestis as it all

returned. so all the people shall be in peace. LORD bath returned upon thee a ther in thy 4 And the saying, pleased Absalom blood of the bouse of Saul, in


well, and all the elders of Israel.

5 Then said Absalom, Call now Hushai the Archite also, and let us hear

likewise k what he saith.
5 I Pe. 2. 23.

6 And when Husha was come to Absalom, Theo Abishai the son of Zeruiah

y la. 3. 39. Absalom spake unto him, saying, Anitho.

Job 9. 12. phel bath spoken after this manner: shall

Ro, 9, , we de after has saying?it pot, speak thou. I pray ther, and take off his head.

7 And Hushai said unto Absalom, The

soul. counsel that Ahitophel bath given is blad se king said, What' have I to Ju. 18. 25. not good at this time.

8 For, said Hushai, thou knowest thy Eleme, because the LORD hath said

Hos. 13. 9. father and his men, that they be mighty

men, and they be a chated in their minds, Wherefore hast bou done so !


as a bear robbed of her whelps in the Aas lavad said to Abishai, and to cl Pe. 4. 19. tield: and thy father is a man of war,

and will not forige with the people. Caled list of my bowels, seeketh my


9 Behold, be is hid now in some pit, or # box enuch more now may this Beu.!

Ge.9. 32. sute de ! let him alone, and let hiin

I Sa. 1. 11.

in some other place and it will come to for the Lord bath bidden him.

Ps. 25. 18

pass, when some of them be porerthrown d Ro. X

at the first, that whosoever heareth it will say. There is a slaughter among the peo

ple that follow Absaloin. Ad Daud and bis men went by the

10 And he also that is valiant, whose

He. 11. 34. i heart is as the heart of a lion, shall ut. one went along ou the hill's side, dusted him terly melt:• for all Israel knoweth that Carst him, and cursed as he went, !

with dust.

thy father! is a mighty mat), and they which he with him are valiant men.

man of

in the eyes

! tua man of Belial :

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