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What wickedness is this that is done B. C. 1406. against the children of Benjamin among you !

third day, and put themselvei 13 Now therefore deliver us the men, the a ch. 19. 22 against Gibeal, ay at other time children of Belial, which are in Gibeah,

31 And the children of Ben alt that we may put them to death, and put De. 17. 12. out against the people, and seto awaybevil trom Israel. But ye children of

if wounded. away from the city; and they ! Benjamm would not hearken to the voice

smite of the people and kill, es of their brethren the children of Israel:

times, in the high-

wys, of 14 But the children of Benjamin ga-le ch. 3. 15. goeth up to the house of God, thered themselves together out of the I Ch. 12. 2. other to Gibeah in the field, abe cities into Gibeah, to go out to battle

men of Israel.

d Jos, S. 14. against the children of Israel

32 And the children of Bedjan 15 And the children of Benjamin were

Ec. 9. 12.

They are smitten down betoie numbered at that time, out of the cities,

Is. 47. 11.

the first. But the childreu of Is

1 Th. 5. 3. twenty and six thousand men that drew

Let us fee, and draw them frona sword, beside the inhabitants of Gibeah, le ver, 23, 26. unto the high-ways. which were numbered seven hundred Joel 1. 11. 33 And all the men of Israel chosen unen.

out of their place, and put the 10 Among all this people there were

f ch. 11.

array at Baal-tamar; and their seven hundred chosen men left handed:

Nu.27. 21.

of Israel carne forth out of thi every one could sling stones at an hair

ez en cut of the meados nt 6 Jos. S. 15,

6 breadth, and not miss.


31 And there came against ! 17 And the men of Israel, beside Ben

thousand chosen ten out of it jamin, were numbered four hundrejthou- or, made and the battle was sore: buté 1 ize sand men that drew sword: all these cere

long sound

not that evil was near there.

with the men of war.

35 And the LORD smote Per... 18 And the children of Israel arose,

Jos. 6. 5.

fore Israel: and the children and went up to the house of God, and

destroyed of the Benjaintes asked counsel of God, and sand, Which Ge. 49. 27. twenty and live thousand a of us shall go up tirst to the battle against

Hos. 10.9. dred men: all these drew tie 3 the children of Benjamin! And the LORD

30 So the children of Benja

cor, time. said, Judah shall go up first.

that they were smitten : tor et 19 And the children of Israel rose up in with. Israel gave places to the Bers the morning. & encamped gainst Gibeah.

cause they trusted unto the 20 And the rien of Israel went out to * elevation which they had set beside Gibe battle against Benjamin, and the men

the wounded

37 Jud the liers in Wait of Israel put themselves in array to tight

rushed upon Gilah, and the against them at Gibeah.

i ver. 26, 27. wait o drew themselges along, a: 91 And the children of Benjamin caine Ps.78.34. all the city with the edge of ter si forth out of Gibeab, and destroyed down Hos. 5. 15. 38 Now there was an appoici. to the ground, of the Israelites that day, a Ge. 19. 9.

between the men of Israel na twenty and two thousand men.

in wait, that they should make 3

Joel 2. 30. 20 And the people, the men of Israel,

tame with smoke rise up out! encouraged themselves, and set their bat Reholr con

39 And when the men of Israeli tle again in array in the place where they


the battle, Benjamin begato $TR put themselves in array the first day.

kilot the men of Israel abuit 23 (Andi the children of Israel went ! Is. 13. & sous; for they said, Surely try are up, and wept before the LORD until even, 33. 14 ten down before us, as in the tre and asked counsel of the LORI), saying,

40 But when the flame bent :

touched. Shall I go up again to battle against the

up out of the city with a pilias ut children of Benjathin my brother? Andm ver. 21. the Benjainites looked behind: the LORD said, Go up against him.)

behold, the flame of the city 29 44 And the children of Israel came " La. I. 3.

mp to heaven. near against the children of Benjamin o ver. 19, 93.

41 And when the nien of Israrı the second day.

again, the men of Benjainin ** 25 And Benjamı went torth against Joel 2. 12.. ed :: for they saw that evil Hava them out of Gibeah the second day, and


upon them. destroyed " down to the ground, of the

42 Therefore they turned a children of Israel agan, eighteen thou or, trom before the men of Israel urato Sand men all these drew the sword.

Menuchah. the wilderness; but the battle. 20 Then all the children of Israel, and

unto over

them; and then which came all the people, went up, ani care auto


cities they destroyed in the the the house of God, and wept,pand sat there

43 Thus they inclosed the te before the LORD, and tasted that day un. Jos. IS, I. round about, and chased their til ven, and ottered burnt-offerings and 1 Sa. 4.3, 4. them down with ease, sve peace-offerings before the LORD).

Gibeah toward the sun-ris

Nu.25.7...)3 27 And the children of Israel inquired

Jos. 4. 33.

41 And there fell of Benjamin of the LORD, (ior? the ark of the cove.

thousand men: all these sot nant of God as there in those days; $ De. 10. 8. Valour.

28 And Phunchay,' the son of Eleazar, 1% 5. 15 And they turned, and fi! the son ot Aaron, stoosi' before it in those

the wilderness untu the rock oft days,) sayink. Shall I yet agam go out to Jos, 15. 32. and they gleanet of them in t** battle a alust the children of Benjamin

iCh.6.77. Ways tie thousand meat

Zec. 14. 10. my brother, or shall I cease! And the

hard after them unto (alom, LORD said, Go up; for to-morrow 1-2 Ch.10.17. two thousand men of them. will deliver then into thine hand.

10 So that all which tell that 29 And Israel set liers" in wait round Jos. 8.4.

Benjamiu were twenty and ove the about Gibeah.

2 SA.5.3

met that drew the sword: all the 30 And the children of Israel went up

men of valour.

16.2. Ps.33.16.-73.18,19.-77.19. Jainites by a miracle,

Benzer.?.01.2 children of Behal.ch, 7 ngtured. ver 18.23. Nu.27.21. the art. Jos. 2001-16. Iki 18.1. 1521.3,4 P.78.60,61. Je 7 12. The lens

(3.7, . De 17.7,18.-19.12.- of two battles at length brought this sti4-Decked

11-17 Exillu me 152 people to enquire of the land - for all the com 3. PL Hoy 9.-10.9. Ro. Dany s: this time met at Shrioh, and kept a day R 18.4.3 I be conduct on the Israelites of tasting and prayer with great earnestors 5 *; a table that al, tot perhaps and solennity. Bebold, the Lord's haod 13 dot

yetembeah cecht perpusly shortened, that it cannot save; neither hus ear *** Les applied to, to deliver op the cri- beary, that it cannot hear.' 13.59.1.

tiesc Hoerter, the refriul of the 28 Pkinchas. It is evident, from this mention C. ad the protecting of those who of Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, that these ** tible wickedness, because transactions must have taken place ont long E&? #2 Lette. prove thes to lave after the death of Joshua. Nu 25.7.13 JOU Dear, ord, zod a tveir d'antages 13,30..39.-24.33. stood. De 108.-18.3.

teret er for dine eros.ce as the re. Jos.7.7. 1 Sa 14.37.-3.4..19.-308. 5.5. And Gomorrah Dad been, 19.9.- Pr.3.5,6 Je.10.23. Go wp.cb.

- Set cvu alour and military 1.2.-7.9. Ch.80.17.

her se tru prepared for tattle gy Israel. Though God had promised them 22 Dei contest with such superior success, they knew they could expect it only

by the use of proper means. Hence they used 9. Ca. 13.13. Job 15.25,26. all prudent precaution, and employed all their u.9.41.

military skill. hers. ver. 34. Jos. 8. 4. & Sa. * Leyed pemena, obstructed 5.23.

T! 0 tbe Galdee Targom, 31 draxen. Jos.8.14..16. smute of the people, and a med bars cameeza, enotated or im. kill, as al. Heb site of the people wounded 1636 STEPD).'

LE CLERC observes as at, &c. the house of God, or, Beth el. Gideak. 46 handed seen therefore to ch.19.13.14. 18.10.2). Thuriy. Jos.7.5. 233 szers, because they could 32 L tus flee. This was done, not only be

lett, hachis eriployed in ma: cause they had placed an ambuscade behind 12020, and tbey could discharge Gibeah, which was to enter and burn the city

e sing in a direction against as 8000 as the Benjamites left it; but it would Se poats were not upon their seem, that the slingers, by being within the city teps the greater execution. ch. 3. and its fortifications, had great indvantage oser

The iting was a the Israelites by their shines, when they could Larike instrument, and, in the not come among them with their swords, unless *** te were skilled in the use of they got them in the plain country. Jos.8.15,16.

sting effects. The inhabitants 33 rose up. Jos 8.18..22. put themielres. There *** Belarus, now Majorca and appear to have been three divisions of the ter the cost celebrated slugers of Israelitish ariny: one at Baal-tamar, (which * 17 permit their childreta was situated, says EUSEBIUS, near Gibeah)

a fost, tid they had struck down a second behind the aty in ambush; and a potrebe Sy had to eat from the top of a pole, third, who skurinished with the Heujamites before ter sece.

VEGETICS tells us, Gibeah, mal o qederal hit the mark at

H4 ten thousand ver.29. kney mot. Jos.8.14. * 1521.10,19,30.-25.09. s Ch. Job 21.13. Pr.4.19.-29.6. Fc8.11.16.-9.19 18.3.

10.11.-17.11. Mat. 94.44. Lu.21.34. i [1.5.3. 7 tot vero Xu.1.46.-26.51. 1 Sa. 35 ezenty, ver.15,44.. 16. Job 20.3. Though the (15.Ch.17.11.18.

numbers of the Israelites were immensely su- 18.31.-19 18. Jos.18.1. Joel 1. perior to those of Benjamin-though the strata

3,20..1 ch.li. N0.97.5,91. gem was well laid and ingeniously executed, adet 1.1.2 Ge 19 8.10.

and the battle bravely fought-yet the inspired 1.1.-6.19.-1.16.

historian ascribes the victory to the hand of the de 4.57. lo.10.9 destroyed. Lord, as entirely as if he had smitten the Ben

36 for the men. Jos 8.15, &c. Pred te 15,17, 182.30.6. 2 Sa.11.25. 37 The luers in wait hasted. Jos 8.19.

themselves a long. er, made a long sound with the 1947. P: 78.34.36. Ho5.15. And trumpets. Ex.19.13. Jos 6.5. President that the Israelites 38 Now there. From this verse to the end of

the protetta of God. When they the chapter, we have the details of the same *** se brine of God.' (ver. 18,) it was operations which are mentioved, in a general

4 boncerting the erpediency of the way, in the preceding verses of this chapter.
fit nucess, but which of the tribes sogn. or, ume. and. Heb. with. fame. Heb.
a the attack, and here the question elevation.
Op gain to battle against the 3y And when ver.31. smite and bill. Hed.

to my brother Haring so smite the wounded.
y side, they had no doubt of the 40 a pillar. Ge.19.28. Ca.3.6. Joel 9.30. Re.
Sexy case, and the propriety of their 19.3. looked, Jos.8.20. Name, Hed. whole

og such a superiority of nun consumption. *10 doubt of success. But God 41 1616 amaud. Ex.15.9,10. Is. 13.8.9.-33.14. ter, add delisered them into the Lu.17.97,8.-01.26. 11h5.3. 2 Pe.2.19. Re.6. terenies, and shewed them that 15.-17.-18.6.10.

was come upon them. Hed. *** next to the swift, por the battle to touched thein.

42 the balle. La.1.3. Ho.9.9.-10.9. HOT 9. Ge.18.25. Job 9.12,13. Ps.! 43 mu losed. Jos.8.20..99. with ease. or, from

Menuchah, &c. over against. Heb. unto over siete ver, 18.23

wepe. I Sa.7 6. against. TUL-9.4.5. Joel 1.11.-2.1...18.

43 Rimmon. Jos. 15.30. 1 Ch.6.77. Zec. 14.10. 16 twenty. ver.15,35.

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47 sir hundred. ch.21.13. Ps.103.9,10. 15.1.9. I look for its site, and the place calle Je.14.7. La.3 39. Hab.3.2. rock of Rimmon. The Rabbad seems to correspond, very to rock Rimmon was doubtless a strong place, but the spot; though it probably sull retas it is uncertain where situated. It is probable the Arabs its ancient name. 1 Sa.11 however, that it was near, and took its name 11..13. 2 Sa.. 5,6. from, the village of Remmon, mentioned by 10 Go and smire. As they had sworn! EUSEBIUS, titteen miles north from Jerusalem. those who would not assist in the war It appears that rocks are still resorted to in the they determined to destroy the men o East, as places of security, and some of them and to leave none except the virgins ale even capable of sustaining a siege. DE LA give these to the 600 Benjamites whola ROQUE says, that The Grand Seignior, wish to the rock of Riminon. The whole ing to seize the person of the emir (Fakr-eddin, dreadful. The crime of the meb of G prince of the Druzes, gave orders to the pacha of the deepest dye; the punishment to take him prisoner: be accordingly caine in both the guilty and innocent, was ert search of bin, with a new army, in the district the most criminal excess and their of Chouf, which is part of mount Lebanon, remedying the evil they had occas wherein is the village of Gesin, and close to it, equally abominable. ver 5. ch.5.93. the rock which served for a retreat to the emir. Jos.7.24. 1 Sa.11.7.-15.3. It is named in Arabic, Magara Gesin, i. e. the 11 every male, Nu.31.17,18. De.. 34. cavern of Gesin, by which name it is famous. by man, Heb.knowetli the lying The pacha pressed the emir so closely, that this 12 virgins. Heb. women, Sir D. S uptoitunate prince was obliged to shut himself 20.18.23. Jos.18.1. Ps.78.10. Je.7.18. up in the cleli ot a great rock, with a small 13 to speak. Heb. and spake and cal number of his officers. The pacha besieged him rock Rimmon.ch.20.17. Jos 13.3.. cali there several months; and was going to blow or, proclaim peace. De 20.10. Is.57.19 up the rock by a mine, when the emir capitu. Ep.2.17. lated.'

14 sufficed them nor, ver.19. ch.27 46 smote them. De. 13.15..17. 2Ch.25.13.-28. 15 repented. See on ver 6,17. des 6.9. Pr.18.19. came to hand. Heb. was found. 13.11.-15.13. Is 30.13.-58.19, they came to. Heb. were found.

17 an inheritance. Nu.20.55.-561 CHAP. XXI.

18 $2007 n. See on ver.l. ch.11.13 The people bewail the desolation of Brnjamin, 1-7. 19 a feast. Ex.23.14..16. L.03.2,46

By the destruction of Jabrah-gilead ihry provide | 10.10.-08.10,20.-29.12. De, 16.1.2018 them four hundred wires, 15. They advise the Jno.5.1.-7.2 yearly. Heb. from sta* remainder to surprise the virgins thal danced at on the east side. or, toward the sun Shiloh, 16-25.

the highway, or, on

Lebonah. M I had sporn.ch. Je.4.2. There. ver.

supposes, that either Khan Lebar ! 5. ch.11.30,31. I Sa. 11.91,28,29. Ec.5.9. Mar.6. situated on the eastern side of 23. Ac.23.10. Ro.10... his daughter. Ex.31.19.. vale,' four leagues south from Sterbe 10. D-.7.2,3,

two leagues north from Bethel, or 2 the house. ver.12. ch.20.18,23,26. Jos.18.1. of Leban, which is on the opposite lifted. ch.2.1. G6.27.38. 1 Sa 30.4.

pies the site of the ancient canal ! 3 why is. De.29.24. Jos.7.7..9. Ps.71.1.-80.12. hours, or about 94 miles, from Jerust Pr.19.3. 13.03.17. Je 19.1.

cording to Dr. RICHARDSON. + rose early. P5.78.34,35. 10.5.15. built there.

21 darue, ch.11.34. Ex.15.2. 192.18, ch.6.26. Ex.20.21,25. 2 Sa.24.18,25. 1 k1.8.64. Hle. 0.14.21. Ps.149.3.-150.4. Ec.3.4. Je.315 13.10.

10.17. Lu.15 25. 5 u great ath. ver.1,18. ch.5.23. Le.97.28,99. 20 Be fatourable unto them. my, Grabe! 1 Sa. 11.7. Je. 48.10.

them. Phile.9..12.

each man ver 6 repented them. ver.15. ch.11.35.-20.23. 2 Sa. -7.13. Mar. 10.6.8. I C0.7... gt 9.26. llo.11.8. Lu.19.41,42.

7.18. Pr.20.25. 7 suor. ver.1,18. I Sa. 14.28,29,45.

23 and they went. It appears that 8 Jabesh-gilead. This place, is its name im. mites acted in the most honourable i ports, was situated in Golead, east of Jordan. women they had thus violently carrier EUSEBIUS and JEROME say it was a great we may rest issured, that they took th town in their time, standing upon a hill, six inheritance more than equal to the to miles south from Pella, in the way to Gerasa, this transaction, as well as the 100> now Dierash. The Rady Yabes, mentioned by massacre of the people of JabeshBURCKHARDT, which empties itself into the GRAY observes, was certainly 4Jordani, in the neighbourhood of Bisan or Beth injustice and cruelty; and must be shan, (see 1 Sa.31.11,) and upon which Pella was on those principles which the Script situated, (celebrated by PLINY, !, V, c. 18, for where turuish. repaired. ch.2.1 its fine waters,) seems to have taken its name 25 no. ch.17.6.-18.1.-19.1. noge.it from Jabesh. Near this spot, we must therefore 12.8. Ps.19.1. Pr.3.5.-11.19. E6.11.9

It furnisbes to

CONCLUDING REMARKS ON THE BOOK OF JUDGES. The book of Judges forms an important link in the history of the Israelites. description of a fucruating and unsettled nation ; a striking picture of the disorders and we prevailed in a republic without magistracy; when the highways were unoccupied, and the walked through bv-ways,” (ch. 5, 6, when few propheta were appointed to control the peopie, a one did that which was right in his own eves." (ch 17.6.) le cibibits the contest of inel superstition; and displays the beneticial eflerts that flow from the former, and the miseries : sequences of impiety.' It is a most remarkable history of the long-suffering of Good towards the in which we see the most signal instances of his judier and mercynlernately displayed: tbe porno and were punished ; they repented, and found mercy, should presume, for God is just; none need despair, for God is mercifal lode pendentis it the evidence of the authenticity of this sacred book, the transactions it records are not ons led by other inspired writers, but are further confirmed by the traditions current among bearben Badia

Hem, saying. Go!and

the sword, with the 400 that the thing that ye shall Tely destroyesery male,

f? Bet* s rend ses turned, and B. C. 1906. them onto the camp to Shiloh, which us to the site to catbe rock

in the land of Canaan. O za bazia tbe rock Rimmon ach. 11. 12. 13 And the whole congregation sut ¿ be the men of Israel turned again

Jos. IS 1

some B to speak to the children of Bed

jamnin that were in the rock Rithmon. more betten Beta rin, 21 stote 4 and opale, and to all peaceably onto them. horword, as well

and called.

14 And Penjamın came again at that Tem aty, us the beast, and e ch. %0. 07. time, and they gave them wives which 20 la: also they set on

they has saved alive of the women of Lathy caide to

yor, pro Jabesh gilead: and yet so they sufficed elaine

them liot. VHB Israel bad swora


15 And the people repented them for Lin. Txe bali wot any's en found. Benjamın, because that the LORD had e daugiter unto Benjanin

made a breach in the tribes of Israel.

were found 16 Then the elders of the congrega the sale care to the house deb. 20.1,10 tion said, How shall we do for wites for **t! 23 byte tere all EPD before

them that remain, seeing the women are ced up their voices, and

Ro. 10. 2.

destroyed out of Benjamin!

17 And they said, There must be an in SAS, O LORD God of Israel. ver. 6. heritance for then that be excaped of

Jass in Israel, that lg 1 Ch. 12 11. Benjamin, that a tribe be not destroyed e bas one be iacking

15, 13 out of Israel.

Is. 30. 13 18 Howbeit we may not give them wires Ildiz buss og tbe morrow,

58. 12.

of our daughters for the children of el the perse early, and! built a ch.20.18,28. Israel have sworn, saying, Cursed be he et acctered baratotlering i Ge. 97.88

that giveth a wife to Benja nin. 1 Sa. 30. 4.

19 Then they said, Behoid, there is a *- tren of Israel said, Who

feast of the LORD in Shiloh n yearly, ma La te tribes of Israel

ver. 1.

place which is on the north side of Bethwith the cugregation 1 2 Se 24.33. el, on the east side of the highway te Lies' For they hart made a from year

that goeth up from Bethel to Sbechern, Dersortem that came not te peat.

and ou the south of Lebonah. - HD L Mizpah, saying, He

20 Therefore they coinmanded the certe u to death.

+ or, toward children of Benjamin, saying, Go and 4. Breast Israel


He in wait in the vineyards,
Ina thear brother, and

21 Aud see, and, behold, if the daughsoce tribe cut off from Is Or, on, ters of Shiloh come out to dance

a ch. 11. 35. dances, then come ye out of the vine. a ve do for ives for them

eb. 11. 34. yards, and catch you every man his wife *, SD e have sworn by Be. 2.4

of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to te we will dot give them of

the land of Benjamin. à or, gratify

22 And it shall be, when their fathers

we in them, uy sad, What one is there of

or their brethren come unto us to comIrel that came not up to 18. 11. : plain, that we will say unto them, A Be de Llo! And, behold, there

31. 11. Tavourable unto them for our sakes: beto the carp from Jabesh- p 1 Co. 7. 2 cause we reserved not to each man has

witer in the war: for ye did not give eruite wete numbered, and,

ch. 5. 23.

unto them at this time, that ye should de of the inhabitants

1 Sa 11.7. be guilty.

23 And the children of Benjamin did Laegation sent thither

eh. 20.48

so, and took them wives according to es of the valiantest, • No. 31. 17. their number, of them that dance, whom

they caught: and they went and returned beants of Jabesh-gilead the lying

unto their inheritance, and repaired the with man cities,' and dwelt in them. ! ch. 17.6

24 And the children of Israel departed 18.

thence at that time, every man to his 19. 1.

tribe and to his family, and they went a that is hath lain by man.

out from thence every man to his inhe** mind among the inhabi.

ritance. Jabes-git ad four hundred


25 In those days there was no king in * Ca, La: th known to man

* De. 12

Israel: every man did that which was 3 ct way toale, and they brought

right in his own eyes. 185


the bly.

9 ver. 5.


The Book of RUTH.

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Now it came to pass, in the days

B. C. 1322. go; and where thou lodgest, I

thy people shall be my peopl when the judges Bruled, that there was a Ju. 2. 16.

God iny God: a famine in the land. And a certain man 5 ch.2.11,12.

17 Where thou diest will of Bethlehem-judaho went to sojourn

there will I be buried: the ] in the country of Moab, he, and his wife,

B judged.

to me, and more also, if ought and his two sons.

c Ju. 17.8. part thee and me. 2 And the name of the man was Elid 1 Sa. 3. 17. 18 When she saw that she melech, and the name of his wife Naomi,

fastly minded to go with be and the name of his two sons Mahlon

e Ac. 20. 24.

left speaking unto her. and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehem. Ac. 21. 14. 19 So they two went until judah. And they came into the country y strength to Bethlehem. And it can of Moab, and continued there.

enrdher when they were come 3 And Elimelech, Naomi's husband, self. that all the city was moved died; and she was left, and her two sons. 8 Ge. 35. 19. and they said, 'Is this á aon 4 And they took them wives of the

20 And she said unto ther women of Moab; the name of the one was

not Ç Naomi, call me Mu Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: h 18.23.7. Almighty hath dealt very bu and they dwelled there about ten years,

LA 2. 15.

me. 5 And Mahlon and Chilion died also that is, 21 T went out full, and the I both of them; and the woman was left

pleasant. brought me home agajo e of her two sons and her husband.

> that is,

ther call ye me Naomi, seeing 6 Then she arose, with her daughters. bilter, bath testified against me, al in-law, that she might return from the i Job 1.21.

mighty hath aftlicted me country of Moab: for she had heard in k Ge. 50. 25. 29 So Naomi returned, an the country of Moab how that the LORD

Moabitess, her daughter-in-lai

Ex. 4. 31. had visited & his people in giving them Lu. 1. 68.

which returned out of the bread.

Moab: and they came to Be 7 Wherefore she went forth out of the

1 Ps. 132. 15.

the beginning of barley-barve place where she was, and her two daugliters-in-law with her: aud they went on

mch. 3.2, 12

CHAP. II. their way to return unto the land of Judah. # called

AND Naomi had a kipstu 8 And Naomi said unto her two daugh Booz, husband's, a mighty man w ters-in-law, Go, return each to her mo. Mat. 1.5. the family of Elimelech; apud ther's house: the LORD" deal kindly . ?Ti.1.16..18 was @ Boaz. with you, as ye have dealt with the dead,

o Le. 19. 9.

2 Aud Ruth the Moabite and with me.

De. 4. 19. Naomi, Let me now go to the 9 The LORD grant you that ye may

gleanears of corn after *** find rest, each of you in the house of her

happened. Sight I shall find grace. Ao husband. Then she kissed them; and Ps. 129.7.8 unto her, Go, my daughter. they lifted up their voice, and wept. Lu. 1.8. 3 And she went, and came, 9

10 And they said unto her, Surely we 2 Th. 3. 16. in the field after the respez will return with thee unto thy people. 9 Ge. 39. 11. hapk was to light on a part

11 And Naomi said, Turn again, my De. 23. 5. belonging unto Boaz, who 1 daughters, why will ye go with me? are TiTi. 6. 2. kindred of Elimelech. there yet any more sons in my womb,

4. And, behold, Boaz cane that? they may be your bushands?

or, were with.

lehem, and said unto the rei 12 Turn again, my daughters, go your

LORD be with you. And they way, for I am too old to have an hus. A hope. him, The LORD bless thee. band. If I should say, I have hope, if I


5 Then said Boaz unto his A should have an husband also tonight,

much bit. was set over the reapers, W. and should also bear sons;

tornes. 13 Would ye Mitarry tor them till they s Ju. 2. 15.

6 And the serrant that was were grown? would ye stay for them Job 19. 21. reapers answered and said, from having husbands? nay, my dauvh.

Moibitish damsel that came ters; for vit greveth me much for your

Naomi out of the country of sakes, that the band of the LORD is 39.9.10.

7 And she said, I pray ! gone out against me.

« Pr. 17. 17. ylean and gather after the rea 14 And they lifted up their voice, and

the heises : so she came,

u Ju. 11. 24. wept again and Orpah kissed her mo

tinued even from the mornio, ther-in-law, but Ruth clarer unto her.

Jos. 24. 15. that she tarried a little in the 15 And she said, Behold, thy sister.in. w Ca. 1.7, 8. 8 Then said Boaz unto Ru law is gone back unto her people, and

thou not, my daughter! Go! unto her gods," returu" thou alter thy

Be not

in another field, neither sister in law

against me. but abide here fast by my m 16 And Ruth said, Entrrat me not to 2 Kl. 2. 2..6.

9 Let thine eyes be on the leave' thee, or to retum from following Lu24.28,29. they do reap, and go thou after thee: for whither thou goest, I will

have I not charged the your

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