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e did your res bate ICh.9. Nay, but we will serve the LORD. *These five you a land for is fear the LORD, and be which your fathers I Ju. 2.7.

de of the flood, and Te ye the LORD

i kemeel onto you to Le lata, coorse you this day ATT, .bose land ye dwell: 'n De. 11. 2,7. * did those great signs in

ognut ai the land of Canaan, and B. C. 1427. our sight, and preserved us in all the pird bis Seed, and gare bim leac.

way wherein we went, and an ali 4 Åndo!zare sute Isaac, Jkob and a Ge. 91., 2 the people through whom we pa sed. Slare unto Esan mount Seir, G..A 18 Aud the LORD drave out from be

po it but leband is chalcle, 36, fore us all the people, even the Amorites 15 00 Ft.

De 5 which dwelt in the land: therefore' will 3! Missa aod Aaron, and I d Ge 1... we also serve the LORD ; for he is our PERTA, atording to that whichi Po. 116. 16. God. al witz then, and afterward 1 La.174.75. 19 And Joshua said unto the people, Ye

Ex. VII.

cannot serve the LORD torbe u an 4d I trust your fathers out of

XII. holy God; he is a jealous God, he will TEA: it came into the sea and g Mat. 6. 24. not forgive your transgressions nor your E. Lyftus poet ater your fathers le. 19. 2. sins. c d luctenen unto the

I Sa. 6. 20. 20 If ye forsake the LORD, and serve 1 la 6. 3.

strange gods, then he will turn and do i tadabas they cried unto the LORD. I Ex. 20. S. you hurt, and consume you, after" that cances between you and the

Pr 3,7

he bath done you good. 5*25, brott the sea upou them,


21 And the people said upto Joshua, "Esse e in Exypt: and ye.

F.zr. 22. We are a lous season.


22 And Joshua said unto the people,

Eve. IN 4. Ye® are witnesses against yourselves that you into the land oo De, 25. 17.

ye have chosen ! you the LORD), to serve 15. dvelt on the other prb, á. 6. bim. And they said, We are witnesses. Sot tey fought with you: Ps. 119 173.

23 Now theretore put' away, said he, en fa voor hand, that ye 14.10.15 16. the strange youts which are among you, 79 hand, and I destroyed

I SAT3 and incline your heart' unto the LORD

.N21.21.35 God of Israel. bales the boa of Zippor, king of Pr. 2. 2. 24 And the people saul" unto J 5.** Ed Tarteri axalist Israel,

He. 12. 29 The LORD our ciod will we serve, s'ad Chito Balasin the son of

huus voice will we obey. De. 5.239.

95 So Joshua made a covenant with the tool tot hearken unto Be

Elu2.&c. Sett be the sed you sull: so

De 4

people that day, and set them a statute

and an ordinance in Shechem. Tot of has hand.

seb 3.1417.

6 And Joshua wrote these words in the o'tover Jordan, and came y Ju. 1.6 book of the law of God, and took a kreat nad the men of Jericho : cb. VI. stove, and set it up thered under an oak,

To, the Anorites, and a De 32. 1. that was by the Sanctuary of the LORD). feestes, 22d the Canaanites, and b Ex. 323. ! 7 And Joshua suid utito all the people, the Gozashite, the Hi De. 1. 20.

Behoki, this stone shall be a witness lebisses, and I delivered ceh 284,34 uoto us; for it hath heard all the words

d P: 443,6. of the LORD) which he spake upto us: it - lez: tbe borbet o before you,

ch?1 6.

shall be therefore witness unto you, est tel out from before you see 1.13. lest ye deny your God. +7 er the Arporites; but


28 So Joshua let the people depart, Sud, nor with thy bow.

& 1Sa 12.24. hch. 19. 50.

every man unto his inheritance. .

29 And it came to pass alter these 5 vur, and cities which

# Ge. 17. 1. dwell in them; of

De is 13. things, that Joshua the son of Sun, the 24 sad oliveyards which ye

Jn". 4. 24.

servant of the LORD, died, being an hun2 Co. 1. 12. dred and ten years old.

Ep. 6. 24 30 And they buried him in the border anty and in truth and

Ale. 17.7.

of his inheritancein Timnath serah, F.ze. 20. is. which is in mount Ephraim, on the north

side of the hill of Gaasis.

31 Aud lsrael! vrved the LORD all the B prolonged their days

days of Joshua, and all the days of the after.

elders that Boverlived Joshua, and which

had known "all the works of the LORD, 3. father served that were on

1KL 21. *xe a tod, or the gods of

ino. 6. 67

32 And P the bones of Joseph, which Ge. 50. 25.

parcel of ground which Jacob bought" of 4 ople answered and said,

Ex. 13. 19. the sons or llamor the father of Shechein, Pa ve sbould forsake the

He. 11. 22. for an hundred 7 pieces of silver and it

became the inheritance of the children

9 Ps. 1012 Lou God, be it is that

33 And Eleazar the son of Auron died; and our father out of the - Ge. 33. 19. and they buried him in a hill that per 1 toro the house of bond-yor, lavabo. Tained is Phinehas his son, which was

given him in mount Ephraim. 167

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119. 106. of Joseph.

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B. C. 1425. 17 And Judah tent with Now, after the deaths of Joshua it

brother, and they slew the 1 came to pass, thai the children of Israel a ver, 3. that inhabited Zephath, and asked the LORD, saying, Who shall go up Jos. 24. 29. stroyed it; (And the name of ! for us against the Canaanites first, toc ch. 20.18. called llormah..) fight against them!

Nu.27.21. 18 Also Judah took Gaza 2 And the LORD said, Judah shall go d Nu. 21. 3. coast thereof, and Askelou sit up: behold, I have delivered the land Jos. 11. 22. thereof, and Ekron with the co into his hand.

Ge. 49.8, 9. 19 And the LORDS was w 3 And Judah said unto Simeon his bro. 6 ser: 2.

2Ki. 18. 7

and ßhe drare out the ixhabi ther, Come up with me into my lot, that


mountain, but could not dri we may tight against the Canaanites; and

Ec. 9. 11.

inhabitants of the valley, bet I likewise will go with thee into thy lot.

had chariots of iron. So Simeon went with him.

Bor, possess-
ed the

00) And they gave Hebronky 4 And Judah went up; and the LORD


as Moses said ? and he expel delivered the Canaanites and the Periz A Ex.14.7&c. the three sons of Anak. zites into their hand : and they slew of Jos. 17. 16.

21 And the children of Benj them in Bezek" ten thousand men.

Ps. 46. 9.

not drive out the Jebu sites that 5 And they found Adoni.bezek in Be- i ver. 17. Jerusalem ; but the Jebusitesi zek; and they fought against him, and they k Jos.149.14. the children of Benjamin in slew the Canaanites and the Perizzites. I Nu. 14. 24. unto this day.

6 But ddoni bezek fied; and they pur De. 1.36. 09 And the house of Jaseph sued after him, and caught him, and cut un Jog 15. 63. went up against Beth-el: and of his thumbs and his great toes.

18 29.

was with them. 7 And Adoni-bezek" said. Threescore n 1 Sa. 11. 8.

23 And the house of Jose

over. 19. and ten kings, having their thumbs and

descryp Beth-el: (Now the ki

Ge. 49. 24. their great toes cut off, d gathered their

p Jos. 7.2.

city before was Luz.9) meal under my table: as I have done, so

4 And the spies saw a man God hath requited me. And they brought the thumbs out of the city, and they said

of their him to Jerusalem, and there he died.

hands and

Shew us, we pray thee, the ent 8 Now the children of Judah liad!

of their

the city, and we will shevth fought against Jerusalem, and had taken


05 And when he sheged the it, and smitten it with the edge of the

trance into the city, they sword, and set the city on fire.

9 Ge. 29. 19. 9. And afterward" the children of Ju-orgleaned. With the edge of thisword; A

go the inan and all his family, dah went down to fight against the Ca

le. 24. 19.
1 Sa, 15.33.

26 And the man went into ! naanites, that dwelt in the mountain, and

Is, 33. 1.

the Hittites, and built a city. in the south, and in the valley.

Mat.7.1, 2. the naine thereof Luz: wta 10 And Judah went against the Ca. Ja... 13.

name thereof unto this day. naanites that dwelt in llebron, (now the Jos. 2. 12. 97 Neither did Manasselar name of llebrou before was hrath arba,) 1 Sa 30. 15. inhabitants of Beth-shean and and they slew Sheshai, and Ahmani, iudt Jos. 15. 13. nor Taanach and her towns, bor Tamai.

u Jos. 11.21. tants ot Dor and her towns, nor 11 And from thence he went against v2Ki. 7. 6. tants of Ihleam and her towns, the inhabitants of Debir ; (and the name or, love habitants of Megiddo and ler! of Debir before was kirjath-sepber :) 12 And Caleb said, 'Ile that suiteth « Jos. 17.11. the Canaanites would dwell is

28 And it came to pass, when

13 Kirjath.sepher, and taketh it, to himn wills Jos. 15. 13. strong, that they put the Canas I give Achisah my daughter to wite.

y Ro.7.21.

bute, and did not utterly dri 13 And Othniel the son of Kenaz, Ca

: Jos. 15. 15,

29 Neither did Ephraim dri leb's younger brother, took it: and he

&c. Canaanites that welt in Gez gave him Achsah his daughter to wile. a Jos. 16. 10. Canaanites dwelt in Gezer am

1+ And it came to pass, when she came 1 ki. 9.16. 30 Neither did Zebulun dri to him, that she moved him to ask of her > Jos. 19. 15. inhabitants of hitron, or the i father a field : and she lighted from off c Jos, 19.21- of lahalol; but the Candar her ass; aud Caleb said unto her, What


among them, and became into wilt thou !

d Ge 33. 11.

31. Neither did Asher drive 15 And she said unto him, Give me a

I Pe. 3.9.

habitants of Accho, nor the in blessing :d for thou hast given me a south

echill, 17. Zidon, nor of Ahlab, nor of A

ICh.2.55. land; give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and

of lebah, nor of Apbik, Doro S P's. 106.35.

32 But the Asherites ducit. the nether springs

5 Jos. 19. Canaavites, the inhabitants of 16 And the children of the Kepite.

39. for they did not drive them cu Moses' father in-law, went up out of thek i Nu..1.1. 33 Neither did aphtali 4 dni city of palm trees with the children of k Nu, 10.29.. inbabitants of Beth-shernesh Judah into the wilderness of Judall, which

inhabitants of Bethanath ; but liein in the south ofi Arad; audk they 1 Sa. 15. 6. among the Canaanites, the inta

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& C. 1495

A. M. 4379

18 Also Judah, Tbere is the following re CHAP. I. The art of ladak ens Sieron, 1-3. Ademiberet markable variation here in the Septuagint: en espeird + Jerusalra takra, 9,9. Hebron Kui vuk e Anpoyounger lovdar in rarar, ovde

Otell datt Ardeak to sile for taking ! Ta opiu avtn' onde TI Aakalera, ovde ta

- The Kessley dwell in Judah, 1 opia aute' kau in Akrapov, ovde ra opa op Ares, 34, datrlat, as E taken, 17-2

της' την Αζωτον, ουδε τα περισπορια GUTE. Then sein, 1 of the home of Joseph, ale taksa. Oj Zetaisa, 3. Oj Ashet, thereof; nor Askelon, sur the enasts thereof;

But Judah did not possess Gaza, nor the counts 28 of Fas', . Of Dan, 34–36.

mot Ekron, rer the coasts thereof, Nor Ash Velo 21.99.10 asked. ch.90.16,98. Ex. dod, nor the coasts thereof, PRocorits 21SL150.10.-13.9, 10.

and ALGUSTINR reall the same, and Josk. 66;& Su 3.-7.12. PS 1862.70. He. PHUS (Ant. I. v.e. l) says that the Israelites A Be-1.16

only took Askelon and Ashdod, but bot Gaza Set 31. Jos.19.1. 1 btevise. ver. or Ekron: and from ch.3.3. and the whole suc.

ceeding history, it appears that these cities laluneDe. 79-93. Jos. 10 8.. 10. were not in the possession of the Israelites, but 14540-17.46.17. i K1.22.6, 15. of the Philistines. Gasa. ch.3 3.-16.1, S. 91. Emai Emers and TERUMI mention two Ex.21.31. Set on Jos. 11. %.-13. 3.-15. 43..47. Tags efe, Dear each other, about 1 Sa.6.17. nos restos Shechem, towards Scytbo 19 the Lord, ver. 2. ch. 6.18. 13. Ge.39.9,91.

Jos 1.5,9.-14.18. . Sa 5.10. 2k1.18.7. Ps.46.7, * St. Hub, the thumbs of their hands 11,-60.19. Ex.9.11. 1$. 7.11.-8.10.-11.10.14,15.

ther feet. This was not an unusual act Mat.1.93. Ro.8. 31. he drade, &c. or, be pos

welty eacient times towards enemies. sessed the mountain. but could. Not because Pas that in after ages the Athe. the iron chariots were too strong for Omni

te citation of Cleon, sou ot Clece. tence, or because he refused to help them, but de a destee that all the inhabitants of because their courage and faith failed when

ting should have the thunb cut they saw them. ser 97.39. Jos.7.19 Mat.14., batetand, so that they might ever 31.-17.19,20. Phi. 4.13. chariots, Ex.14.7.&c. * based iron holding a spear, yet Jos. 11.1.9.-17.16.18. Ps 46.9. en watle a car, it was a custom among 20 they gare. Nu.11.84. De. 1. 36. Jos.14.9..14.

3 the did not like a military lift, 15. 13. 14.-21.11, 12. the three bonus. ver. 10. 2 tabs, that they might be in Nu.13.92

uz o serier in the army; and for the 21 ch.19.10..19. Jos. 15.63.-
*** Parrots sometu nes cut off the 99 the hone. Nu. 1.10.39. Jos. 14.4.-16.1....

hester Caldrea gathered, or, gleaned. i Ch.7.19. He.7.8. the Lord. See on ver. 19.
La 9 3. Té 91.19.21. i Sa.15.33. Ge 49.24. 118.7.
Hal.7.1.2. LA.657 3. Ro.2.15. Ja.2.13. 23 tỉ 4. clo. 18.9. JU9.1.79. Lau, Ge.28.


84 we will. Jos.9.19. 14. I Sa. 30.15. 108. 10.36.-11.01.-15.13..20. val. 25 they smore. Jos.6.29.25.

26 the land. OK1.7.6. & Ch.1.17. sereia. Jos.14.15.

Sheshai, ver. 20. 97 Manasseh. Jug. 17. 11..13. Taanack. ch.5. 2 121513,14. Ps. 93.16,17. Ec.9.11. 19. 103.21.25. The Canaamies. Ex.23.32. De.7.

2. 1 Sa. 15.9. Ps. 106.34.35. Je. 18.10. De 1910.8,39.-15.15.

99 See on Jos. 10.10. Thi.9.10. Cecibe hole of this account is 30 Kuron, "The Talmudists say kitron is wakuu.19. and seems to be inserted Tsippor,' that is, Sepphorus, or Droca sarea, a **** a recautalaljon. Jos.15,16,17. 15a celebrated city of Galilee, now the village sa-4-4 km. lo ancient times fathers foury ; situated in the plain of Esdraelon,

da date night over their children, iweuty miles (north west) from Tiberias, ac-
aly a dresing of them in marriage, cording to Benjamin of Tudela, Nahalot. Jos.
Touary for a king or great man 19.15.
the ta daughter in marriage to him who 31 Asher. Jos.19.94..30. Arcko. Accko, the

Ptolemais of the Greeks and Romans, and

calle Saint John of dere by the Crusaders, is une salle cose Jos, 15.18.19. and she lighted. situated on the Mediterranean, in a tine plain,

hele hesrily or suddenly alighted, at the north angle of a bay to which it gives had forgotten something, or was about name, and which extends in a semicicle of

three leagues as far as Carmel, and nine leagues Menang Ge 3.11. 1 92.05.18,27. ?C0.9. from Tyre. Zidon. Another celebrated city of * Beli Pe 3.9. & soulk land, Which Pheenida, now saida, situated in a fine coun.

y dry, Ge very ill watered. gite me try on the Mediterranean, 400 stadia from Be. * *es. Let me hare some helds rytus, and 200 (north) fron, Tyre, according to *** acts already digged.

STRABO, one day's journey froin Pancas, acme ch.4 11.17. Nu. 10.29.29.-24. cording to JOSEPHUS, and Sixty-six miles from

26. 16915. Je 35.2. Moses. Ex. Damascus, according to ABOLYEDA. Achaib. 1-12-2014 11:27. Su.10.29. ciry of or, Exdippa, now Zib, nine miles north, from

De Ch 2.16. skich. Nu. 21. Accho.
aille pyra. N0.10.09.30. 1 Sa.15.6. 32 Ps.106.4.35.

duhet see on ver.3. Zephath. 2 Ch.14. 33 Naphiali. Jos. 19.32.38. he duelt. ver. 39. Lactathat. Hargh. Su 11.45.-21.3. Jos.19.4.' became. er 30,6. Ps.18.24.



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31 ch.18.1. Jos.19.17.

established in New Tyre, after the ter 35 Aijalon. ch.19.12. Jos. 10.12. Shaalbim. of the regal state ; and the Carthagiolan Jos.19.12. 1 Ki.4.9. prevailed. Heh, was heavy. the Athenian Aichons, and the Roman I

36 from the going. or, Maaleh-akrabbim. Nu. ay pear to have been nearly the same. 31.1. Jos.15.9.

Heb, saved. Ne.9.27. Ps 106.43.. 45. CHAP. II.

17 they would I Sa 8.5.8.- An angel rebuketh the people at Buckim, 1-5. The 30.15.16. Ps 106.43. stwring. Ex.311 wickedness of the new generation after Joshua, 17.7. Ps.73.87. - 106.39. tlo 0.9. R 6-13. God', anger and pity towards then, 11-19. quickly. Ex.39.8. De.9.19,16. Ga.l.6. The Canaanites left to prove lordel, 20-23. Their ver.7. Jos.21.24.31.

1 dud an angel, or, messenger. ch.6.19.-13.3. 18 then i he Lord. Ex. 3.12. Jos.1.5. A Ge.16.7..10,13.-20.11,12.-18.16. Ex.3.2..6.-11. it repenied. ch.10.16. Ge.6.6. De.32.36. 19.-23.20.-33.11. Jos.5.13.11. Is.63.9. 10.19. -100.1+,+5. Je.18.7..10. Ho 11.8. Joo 11 3..5. Zec.3.1,9. Mal.3.1. Ac.7.3)..33. Bechin. grvanıgs. Ex...Loki.13.4,9.,23. I's. ver.5. I made. Ex.3.7.8.-11.11.-20.2. De.1.31.

19 then the. See on ver.7. ch 3.11.19 P5.78.31.53.-105.36. 38. have brought. Ge.12. 33. Jos.21.31. 2 Ch.24.17,18. corrupted 7.-92.16,17.-46.3,4. Jos.3.10. Ps.105.14,15. i corrupt. more, Je.16.12. Mat.03.39. will never. See on Ge. 17.7.8. Le..6.19. Nu.14. fiom. Heb. let pothing tall of. stubbe 31. Ps.81).34. Je.11.21.-33.20,91. Zec.j 1.10. 15.23. Ps.78.8. Je.3.17.-23.17.

o Ind ye shall. Ex.23.32,33.-31.12.16. Nu. 80 the anger, ver.14. ch.18.-10.7. Ex. 33.52.53. De.7.9..1,16,25,20.- 12.2.3.-20.16..18. De 39.29. Transgresed. EX 94.3 8. D. 2 C0.6.11..17. bu ye hove, ver.20. Ezr.9.1.3. Joy.23.16.-21.01.25. Je.31.32. Eze 17 10..13. Ps 78.55..58.-100.31..40.Jt.7.23..28. 21h. 21 ver.3, Jos.93.13. Eze.9081. 1.8. I Pe.1.17. why have. Ge.3.11,12.-4.10. Ex. 22 through. See on ch.3.1..4.

pron 32.21. Je.2.5,18,31...33,16.

De.8.9.10.-13.3. 9 Ch.39.31. Job $3.10." 3 I also said. ver.21. No.33.55. Jos.03.13. Pr.17.3. Mal.32,3, their gods. ch.3.6. Ex.23.33.-- 31.12. De.7.16. 23 leli, or, suffered. iki. 117. Ps.106.30.

CUAP. III. 4 the people. ! Sa 7.0. Ezr.10.1. Pr. 17.10. Je. The nations which were left to prove lr 31.9, Zec.19.10. Lu.6.21.-7.38. 2 Co.7.10. Ja. 1.9. By communion with the they comment 5 Buchim, that is, Weepers. Ge.35.8. Jos.7.26.

5-7. Othniel delivereth three fres they sacrificed. ch.6.21.-13.19. 1 Sa.7.9.

rishathaim, 9-11; Ehud from Eglen, 120 Joshua. Jos.90.6.-01.3. &c.

Shamgar from the Philistines, 31. 7 the people lov.21.31. Ok1.12.2.2 Ch.24.2.14.. 1 A. M. 0561. B.C. 1413. An. Es, Is. # 29 Ph... 19. outlined. Hib. prolonged days after. nations, ch.221.00. De 7.92. 8 Joshua. Jos.21.09,30.

..Ch.32.31. Job 23.10. Pr.17.3. Je.6.17,o Timnath.heres. This was his own inherit. 2ec. 13.9. In°.9.21. 1 Pe.1.7.-4.1%. Re.. ance; and EUSEBIOS says it was celebrated had not. ch.2.10. in his time for the tomb of Joshua. Jos. 19.50. 9 might know. Ge...17.-3.5.7. & Ch. 21.30. Tinnath serah,

10.34.39. Ju”.10,33. 1 Co.9 cm. * 10 A.M.cir..590 B.C.cir.1414. An. Ex.Is.cir. 1 11.6.1.. 2 11.0.1.-1.7.

to teach Their 77. gathered. Cic.15.15.-25.8.17.-19.33. NU.97. fought by a divine power. God taust 13. De.31.16. & Sa.7.12. Ac.13.36. Anett nor. Ex. hands to war and their fingers to the 5.2. 1 S4,2.12. 1 Ch.98.9. Job 91.14. Ps.92-3,6. Is. they might be the instruments of dest? 5.12. Je.9.3.-22.16.-31.31. Ga.1.8,9. 21h.1.8. to the wicked nations on whom te Tit.llo.

rested ; but now that they had fortut 11 did evil, ch.4.1.-6.1.-13.1. Ge 13.13.--38.7. tavour, they must learn what it is to 2 Ch.33.9,6. Ezr.8.12. and seried Baalim, other inen. Bailam, or lords, seems to have been the com 3 fire lords, ch.10.7.-14.4. Jos.13.1.1 mon aprilation of the Syrian gods; whence 2.-0.18.-135.19.03.-09.9.

Careaki. we have Baal-peor, Baal.zebub, c, ch.3.7.-10. 03,2+. Ge.10.15..19. Nu.13.29. 6.10. | Sa.7.1. iki 18.18. 2Ch.28.2.-33.3. Je... 10.12.-18.7. Ge.49.13. Jos. 11.8.13.-19.5 93.-9.11. 110...13..17.

metunt. Nu.34.8. De.1.7.-3.9. Jos 11312 forsrok. See on De.13.5.-29.18.25.-31.16. 4 10 prore. See on verl.ch.9.c. Ex.13 17.-30.15.-33.17. other gods.ch.5.& De.6.14,15. 33.8. I Co.11.19. . Th.2.9.19. bored. See on Ex.20.5. De 5.9.

5 duelt.ch.1.09.30. Ps. 106.34... Ca 13 serred. ver.ll. ch.3.7.-10.6. 1 Sa.31.10. Ge.10.15..18.-15.19..21. Ex.3.817. Del ikit, 0, Ps.106.36. 1 Co.8.5.- 9.1. Ne.98. 10.21..00.

© Ex.34.16. De.7.3.4. 1 K1.11.1.5. I 11 the anger. ch.3.7.8.-10.7. L.26.28. Nu.30. 19. Ne. 13.03.07. Eze.16.3. 11. De.c8.00.57.-29.10.20.- Ch.36.16. 7 did evil, ver.1o. ch.9.11..13. the P.100.10.12 he delivered. 2 k 1.17.20. Ch. 6.25. Ex.34.13. De 16.21. iki 10 15.5. suld them. ch.3.8.-1.9. Ps.41.19. 19.30.1. 21.03.611. O Ch.15.16.-94.18.-33.312 could not. ch.1.19.54. Le 20.37. De.32.30. Jos.7. 8 A.M.9591. B.C.1413. An.Ex.is, & 12.13. P.14.9,10. Je.37.10.

ch.2.14.20. Ex.49.04. De.99.80. Ps.61.-& 15 against. Je. 18.8.-21.10.-11.11.27. Mi.C.3. sold. ch.2.14-9. De.39.3). 1 Sa. 18.81 had said. Le.26.15, &c. De.t.05. 28.-28.15, AC, R0.7.14. Chruhan-rishachaim. Uab.37 Jos.03.15,16. had exorn. De.32.10,41. greatly. petamia. Heb. Aram-naharam.- ne ch.10.9. 1 Sa 13 6.-11.21.-30.6.9 (0.4.8. tayım.' Syria of the two rivers,' or W

16 A.M. 2501-2009. B.C. 1413-1095. the between the rivers,' is a famo'ls preus Lard, ch.3,9,10,15.-4.5.-05.11. Sa.12.11. Ac. ated between the Tigris and Euphrates 13.20 judges. The shophetim were not judges called by Arabian geograpbers, Marea in the usual sense of the term ; but were heads the country beyond the river ;' ad or chiefs of the Israelites, raised up on extraor. called Diarhek. diuary occasions, who directed and ruled the 9 A.M.9599. B.C.1 105. An.Ex.is.fi, nation with sovereikn power, administered jus. Ver.15. 11.4.3.-6.7.-10.10. 1 Sa.19. 10. tice, made prace or war, and led the armies Ps 20.5.-78.34.-100.41.44.-107.13..19. over wliom they presided. Officers with the up. See on ch.2.16. deliderer. Hab. same power, and nearly the same name, were Othniel. See on ch.1.13.

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the souhua had let the people per a la these did keep er or not.

Scrits seirl. I will not drive Lze you, but they shall wisu sides, and their

A a Sre' unto you.
PAR: Spike these words unto all fall of.
Tots, wheu the angel letmolking

and they sacrificed there Ceritance to post s tlse land.

so tra that generation were Jos. 13. 3.
is er fathers and there * Ex. 5. 2.
2 2287 Beration after ther,

tashe LORD, Dor yet the
'i berea of Israel did evil in

des, whics brought them out of
- Bem, ad boked them ach. 3. 7, 8.

them, and provoked the LORD
BAK ger of the LORD Was hot ech 4. 2.

vds of poulers that spoiled
3 be sold them into the hands
a w any bouger stand before e Le 26, 17. the band of Chushan rishathaim king

enses round about, so that

rever they went out, the S 1Sa. 12. 10. Israel served Chushan-rishathaim eight

the was 3$ainst them toi ta' RE sad saxd, and as the 12D y auto them and they r nastour. bevers the LORD raised up is gi reikes tás Israelita. JUDGES, III.

Idolatry of the leachin besh se af Beth-anath becarne B. C. 1406. judges which ødeliverert them out of

the hand of those that spel tiem, As the Aceites forced tbe chia Ae. 12. 2 to the sountari: for they say.d.

17 And yet they would not beastern

unto their judges, but they weut a whor *** ter then to write down to Pr. 106 13.. lind after other gods, and bowed then * ttbe åmontes would dwell in lc ver. 30.

seises unto them they turned qux ly

out of the way which their fathers walked Hreia Aison, and washaal.

Px. 14. 4. ditte louse of Joseph R12341516. La rebre you the commandments of the at be became tribratarırs.

Jos. 10.12.

18 And when the Lord raised them up $ coast of the Amerites as et 25? to Auszbbim, from was heavy. Judge then the LORD was with the judge

and delivered them out of the land of

I or Maales. their enemies all the days of the judge:
A Daud the Lord came up

Akrabbe, for it repented the LORD because of

Nu. 34. 4. on to backed and said, I made

their gruanings by reason of them that Jou 15. 3.

oppressed them and vered them. But I fapt, and have 6 Ge. 6.6, 19 And it came to pas), when the judge to the land which are

De. 3. 36. was dead, that they returned, and a cor. - cers, and I sand, I will

Ho, 11. 8.

rupted themselves more than their fa. see? Otroant with you.

cor, CMEN

thers, in following other Rods to serve Do league with the 1924, ye sbali throw

& será.

ther, and to bow dowli unto them they atechis text'ye hare not obey.

i eh. 4. 1.

Oceased not from their own delig, nor ** hale ye done this?

& 33.

from their stubborn way. he Ge. 17.7.

20 And the anger of the LORD was bot Ps. 34. against Israel, and he said, Because that Vete cor this people hath transgressed my cove.

repl. Dabt which I commander their fathers, I De 7.2 and have not hearkened unto my roke,

21 I also will not henceforth drive out

any from before thein of the tations pro Lirael, that the people - De 12.2. which Joshua left when he died;

29 That through then I may prove Is. step called the na ne of that

Pa. 106. 34. rael, whether they will keep the way of

o Jos. 3.16.

the LORD, to walk therein, as their ta.

23 Therefore the LORD A left those na keer steel weat esery man 3. tous, without driving them out hatiyi

De. 7. 16. deither delivered be them into the hands
sersed the LORD all. Ps 66. 10. of Joshua.
vina, and all the days of a Lewrepen. Now these are the nations which the

that is cantlised Josiaa, who
in a tise works of the LORD,


LORD left, to prove Israel by them;

t Jos. 4., een as many of Israel as had not known bate son of Nun, the ser

&c. all the wars of Canaan; died, being an hundred - prolonged 2. Only that the generations of the

days after children of Israel might know to teach 5 buried him in the border dos. 19. so, them war, at the least such as before De Tumpath-heres, 10 24. 30. knew nothing thereof; 28 izraim, on the north side Timnath 3 Namely, hise' lords of the Philistines,


and all the Canaanites, and the Sidonians and the Hivites that dwelt in ineunt le

balion, from mount Baal-hermon unto 1 Ch. 29. 9. the entering in of llamath. Ps. 92. 5,6. 4 And they were to prove Israel hy Je. 9. 3.

them, to know whether they would

I hearken unto the commandments of the LOR, and served Baalım: 46 tarik the LORD God of

2 Th. 1.8.

LORD, which he commanded their faTit. I. 16.

thers by the hand of Moses. a tart, and followed other

• The 31. 16.

5 And the children of Israel dwelt

among the Canaanites, Hitutes, and are of the people that were . De. 7.3, 4. Amontes, and Perizzites, and Hivites,

and Jebusites:

10.7. 6 And they took their daughters to be water foryok the LORD, and

Ps. 106. 10.. their wives, and gave their daughters to


their sons, and served their gods. 12 Ki. 17. 20.

7 And the children of Israel da evil

m the sight of the LORD, and for at the Ps. 44 12. Is. 50. 1.

LORD their God, and served Baalim and d Hab. 3.7.

the groves. Arem-na

# Therefore the anger of the LORD was harent

hot against Israel, and he sold them into
De... 15. of Mesopotamia: and the children of
Ne 9.7 years.
Ps 107.13,19. 9 And when the children of Israel/ cried

unto LORD, the LORD raised up a geb. 1. 12.

#deliverer to the children of Israel, who

delivered them, even Othovels the son of

Stirna dope for 1srael.

Teleald Ashtaroth.

es label, w be delivered' then

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