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Eu. Heb. Chavab; that is, living. of. Ac.17.26. I T5.1.9. Nod. So called from nada

21 make. v.7. 15.61.10. Ro.3.20. 200-5.2,3,21. bond,' which Cain is termed in der. 12.

90 as one, ver.5. ch.1.26.-11.6,7. Is.19.12.13. 17 Enoch, lleh, Chanoch, ch.5.18,92. 47.12.13. Je.22.23. tree, ch.9.9.Pr.3.18.Re.2.7.- he. ch.11.4. Ec.2.1..11. Dat.30. Lu.17.4 22.2. cat. Ps.29.26. Jno.6.18.58.

the name. Sa.18.18. Ps.49.11. 23 till. ver.19.ch...5.-1.9,12.-9.20.Fc 5.9. 18 A. Mar. 194. B.C. cir. 3810. Lar

94 east.ch.2.8. Cherubims. Ex.25.0,20,20.1Sa. Heb. Lemecb. ch.5,91.-36.2 4.4. 1h10.45..35. Ps.80.1.-99.1.-104.1. Eze.10.2, 19 1760 stes, ch.2.18.24. Mat.19.4..6,8. &c.lle.1.7. a flaming. Nu.92.03. Jos.5.13. 1 Ch. 20 the. ver.21. 1 Ch.2.50..39.-4.4,5. Jno. 21.10.17.He.1.7. to keep. Jno.14.6. Be.10.18..22. Ro.4.11,12. father. The inventor or teacher. CHAP. IV.

10.10. dwell. ver.2. ch. Ile. The birth, occupation, and offering of Cain and Abel, 21 A.M.cir.50).B.C.Cr.3504. tacher, Rou 1-7. Cain murdere his brother Abel, 8-10. The 12. the harp.ch.31.7. Jab Am curse of Cain, 11-16. Has a son called Enoch, and 02 instructer. Heb. whetter. brass. Ex. builds a city, which he calls after his name, 17. Nu.31.22. De 8.9.-33.25. Ch.2.7. His descendants, with Lamech and his two wives, 23 hear. Nu, 3.18. Ju.9.7. I have slain a 18-24. The birth of Seth, 25, and Enos, 26. so my wounding. or, I would slay a man ir

I kneu. Nu.31.17. Cain. That is, gotten or wound, &c. ch.49.0. to my hurt, or, in my! acquired. I have. ver.25.ch.3.15.-5.29.11no.3.12. 21 if. ver.15. setenty. Mat.18.22.

2 Abel. Heb. Hebel. And Abel. ch.30.99..31. 25 A. M. 130. B. C. 3871. and called.ch. -37.13.-46.32..34.- 47.3. Ex.3.1. Ps. Ch.1.1. Lu.3.38. Seth. Heb. Sheth; 1.8 Am.7.15. a keeper, flod. a feeder. ver.25.29.Ps. pointed, or put. God. ver.1..3,8,10,11. 127.3. Jn°8.44. 1 Jno.3.10,12,15. riller. ch.3. 26 A. M. 295. B.C.3769. to him.ver 6..8. 1 23.-9.20.

Heb. Enosh. to call upon the name of the I 3 A. M. 199. B.C. 3875. in process of time. or, call themselves by the name of the I Heb. at the end of days. Either at the end of De.26.17,18. 121.18.24. Ps.116.17. 15.44.5.the year, or of the week, i.e. on the Sabbath. 1 ki. ---63.19. Je.33.16. Joel 2.39. Zeph.3.9. Ac.2.5 17.7. Ne. 13.6. the fruil. Le...1..11. Nu. Ro.10.13. I Co.1.2. Ep.3.14,15. 4 the firstlings. Ex.13.12. Nu.18.19,17. Pr.3.9.

CHAP. V. He.9.22. 1Pe.1.19,20. Re.13.8, Rock, Heb. sheep. Reeripitulation of the creation of man, 1, 2. or, goats. far. Le.3.16,17. had. ch.15.17. Le.9. genealogy, age, and death of the patriarchs, 21. Nu.16.35. Ju.6.21. í ki.18.27,38. 1 Ch.91.26. Adam un to Noah, 3-31. Thegedlines and tre 2 Ch.7.1. Ps.90.3. Marg. He.11.4.

tion of Enoch, 22-24. The birth of Noah, $c. 5 Bu. Nu.10.15. le.11. acrorh. ch.31.0.5. 1 book. The original word rendered 'book, Job 3.2. Ps.20.3. Is.3.10.11. Mat.20.15. Lu.15. nihes a register, account, history, or any kin 28..30. Ac.13.45.

writing.ch • 1.-6.9.-10.1.jCh.1.1. Mat.i.i.I 6 1 Ch.13.11..13. Job 5... Is.1.18. Je 2.5,31. Jon. 36..38. in the likeness. ch.1.20,97. Ec.7.29,4.1..4,8..11. M1.6.3.5. Mat.20.15. Lu.15.31,32. 1C0. Ep.1.91.col.3.10.le.1.3.

7 If shone doest well. ch.19.21. O Sa.24.23..hi. 2 Male. ch. 1. 27. Mal...15. their. ch...1. 8.28. Job 49.8. Pr. 18.5. Ec.8.12,,11. Je, Marg. Ac.17.00. 6.90. Mal.1.8,10,13. Ac.10.35. K0.2.7.,10.-12.1. 3 A.M.130.B.C.387 4. hundred. The chrono 1 1.18.-15.16. Ep.1.6. i Ti.5.4. 1 Pe.2.5. be ac differs in the Hebrew Text, the Samaritan. cepled. 01, have the excellency: Job 29.4. Pr.91. LXX., and Josephus. The LXX. adds 100 y .7He.11.4. sin. ver.8..13. Ro.7.8.9. Ja.1.15. to each of the patriarchs Adam, Seth, Enos, unto thee. or, subject unto thee. ch.3.16. Marg. ban, Mahalaleel, and Enoch, before the bir

8 talked. 2 Sa.3.27.-13.26..28.-20.9.10. Ne.6... their sons; while they take 20 from the ag Cain rose. 2 Sa.14.6.Job 11.15.Ps.94.3..6.-139.19. the space from the creation to the deluge is n Mat.23.35. Lu.11.51. 1 Jno.3.12..15. Jude 11. 2219 years, according to the Vatican copy.

9 Where is ch.3.9.11. Ps.9.12. I know. ch. 2262 by the Alexandrine; and the sum tota 37.39. Job 22.13,14. Ps.10.13,14. Pr.98.13. Jo .8. Josephus is 8065, by the Samaritan 1307, and 44. Ac.5.4.9.

Hebrew Text, 1650. The sum total from 10 What. ch.3.13. Jos.7.19. Ps.1.21. blood. Deluge to the 70th year of Terah, accordan Heb, bloods. Cricth. ch.18.20. Ex.3.7. .K1.9.26. these authorities, is, lleb. 99!; Sam.912; Job 16.18.-94.19.-31.38,39. Ps.9.12.- Vat. 117; Alex. 107., and Josephus 1002. Ac.5.3,9. le.11.1.-19.24. Ja.5.4. Re.6.10. his. Job 14.4.-15.11.16.-5.1. Ps. 14.2.3.

11 ver.14. ch.3.14. De.27.10.26.-23.15..20.-- Lu. 1. 35. Jn".3.6. Ro.5. 19. I Co. 15. 39. Ep 29.19..21. Ga.3.10. opened, Job 16.18.-31.38. called. ch.1.25. Is.26.21. Re.19.16.

4 and the. I Ch.1.1..3. Lu.3.36. 38. and 19 it, ch.3.17,18. Le.26.20. De.28.23,21. Ro.8. ver. 7,10,13,19,20,20,30. ch.1.28.-9.1,7.-11 90. a fugitive. ver.14. Le 26.36. De 28.65.66. Ps.197.3.-144.12. Ps.109.10. Je.90.3.4. Ho.9.17.

5 A.M.930. B.C.3071. nine.ver. 8.11,14,17, 13 My punishment is greater than I can bear with De.30.20. Ps.90.10. and he died. ver. or, Mine iniquity is greater than that it may be 14,&c. ch.3.19. 2Sa 11.14. Job 30.23. Ps.49.7. forgiven. Job 15.09. Re 16.9,11,91.

--89.48. Ec.9.5,8.-19.5,7. Eze.18.1. Ro.5.19. 14 driven. Job 15.90..21. Pr.11.32.- 1 Co.19.21.22. He.9.27. Ho.13.3. from thy. ver. 16. Job 21.14.15. Ps.-51. 6 A. M. 235. B. C. 3760. begat. ch.4.96. 11.14.-143.7. Mat.25.41.46. Th.1.9. Suguire 8 A. M. 1949. B. C. 2009. De 98.65. Ps.109.10. See ver.1.. chat. Ver.15. 9 A.M.325. B.C.3679. Cainan. Heb. Ken ch,9,5,6. Le Q.10, Nu.17.12,13,-15.19,91,7.1 Ch.1.2. Lu.3.37. • Sa. 14.7. Job 15.20..94. Pr. 28.1.

10 beyat. See ver.4. 15 Therefore. I k1.16.7. PS.59.11. H0.1.4. Mat. 11 A. M. 1110. B. C. 2861. died. See ver.! 26,52. Sevenfold. ver.24. L.26.18,91.21.28. Ps. 19 A. M. 395. B. C. 3009. Mahataleol. 79.12. Pr.6.31. set a mark, 40. Or, rather, 'gave Maleleel. Lu.3.37. a sign or token to Cain, that those who found him 13 and begat, See ver.4. should not kill him. Eze.9.4.6. Re. 11.9.11. 11 AM 1235. B. C. 8760. See ver.5.

16 went. ver. 14. ch.3.8. Ex.20.04.2Ki. 13.03. 15 AM.460.BC.3514.Jared. Hleb.Jered.iCh. 21.20. Job 1.12.-2.7.-20.17. Ps.51.11.-68.0. Je. 16 and begat. See ver.4. 23.39. - 59.3. Jon.1.3,10. Mat.18.00. Lu. 13.26.1 17 A. M. 199. B. C, 1714. died. See ver


1d her mouth to re22iTo thy hand:

Totes the glottid, 119lJo.3. 12. hundred and twelve years and he died. P.Odier than I can bear. 220 cf the earth, and

to driven me out or, in

I be txi sud I shall fietre * tus, that every one Lid Gato him. There erre Careth Cain, vengeance eJob 20.24 years, and begat sons and daughters

As tim sere-fold. And Ki. 13. 23. Dine hundred and ten years : and be dird. Baloni Cain, lest any

Anders wat out from the
Diselt in the land

20 base (Funct

1 bis site, and she . Jered. BUS, called the name of


The Gentations of dom. La se me the motber of all B. C. 4003, the city, after the name of l.non, Fooch

18 And urito Erwh was botilrad and e also, and to his wife, Charch, Ired legat Metujael and Medicinsellesa

le living. Methusael Methusae: bezaty lau este Lamera

19 And Liech took wat fsi , 34:20 God said, Behold, 17 %

the Dallie of the opp sa Adal, 22 De of us, to KW

is 61. le. 20. tte putio.th

PS i 3.

and the name of the other Zallah.

20 And Adah bare Jabal: he way the 3:24. SO the tree oilie, le 2.7.

father of such as dwell in tents, aixo

such as here cattle, Size LORD God sent him , Ps,8c !

21 Atx his brother's name was lubal. Do I den,' to til

he was the father of all such as handle srbence be was taken, &IC..21. 16. the harp and organ She mat : and te He. 10.30. 9. And Zuliah, she also barr Tyha!

* 25 de sardes of Eden, wetter, (ain, and instructor of etery artificet in Cena sword&stach i or, leould brass and iron : and the enter of IutalSery, to keep the way of

play a mascain aas Saamah.

23 And Lariecho said unto his wives,

und, He. CHAP. I.

Adah and Zi!!, hear try one, ye A ter*Ese bis wifeand she

wises of lamert hearken unto niyepeech

hart. 2e Cain, and said, I

.l.e. gotten,

for I have slain & mad to my w cand 02. Froth LORD,

Or, er IDR, and a young taon to my hurt

24 !! Cain shall be usengedesen told, bare tis brothers Abel.

truly lamech severty an:I er en foid : % TE a terms of socep, but a feeder.

25 And Adam oes his wife in: Teie or be ground.

- at the end and she bare a son, arid called in ra'i e 2 o; une it came to

Seth : For God, and she, bath atted 221 of the fruit of. Śheth, i.e. me another seed instead of Abel, whom Sent unto the LORD appointed, Cain slew. asr brust of the

or, put.

26 And to Seth, to him also there was Sorne aon of the fat Nils 12.

bem a SOD arit be called he bane es the LORD tarii respect


then be an metap to call upon 13 otteri

er, to call (I, a to tis offering.


the battle of the LORD.

by the And (ain was very


man Tuis us the book of the generations of es ist unto Cain, Why De 2. W

Adam. In the day that God creatrd rau, Oead why is thy coun Ps. 116. 17. in the likeness of God male he ha)

? Male and female created he then * tell, shalt thou pot 7 be Joel?. 32 and blessed them, and called their na're

ico. 1.2

Adam, in the day when they were created. IAnd x unto thee shall sheep, or, 3 Aod Adam lived an hundred and rastruieoser him.

thirty years, and begat a won in bas,
& with Abel he bro Le 3.1917. likeness, after his image, and calied
2. pass, when they

I He 11.4
De wet (ain rise up

+ or.baer the

his name Seth arter, and slewhid *ch. 1.7.


4 And the days of Adam, after he had

begotten Seth, were eight lubrired years, Dus et uut (am, Entbert And be said,

1 Co.11.7. and he begat sons and daughters

2003.18 5 And all the days that Aamlined were ny brother's kerger , Mal.2. 15. nine hundred & thirty years he diedt. Chat Liou donelo do 3.12. 0 And Seth lived an hundred and tre bobet's bioodi crieth), or, subject years, and bezat Foos

7 And Seth lised, after he begat Fros, ECS curved from the Job 25. 4.

eight fundred and seven years, and be Jn".2.

gat sons and dau litery : 1 (0.15 39

8 And all the days of Seth were pune

Jade 11.
Di and a sagabond shajt

Ps. 9. 12.

9 And Enos lised ninety years, and • He. 9.2.

begat B Caidan: i oni su onto the LORD, My!; He. 12.24.


10 And Enon lirert, after he berat

Cainan, eight hundred and hfteen years, Re.6.10. and begat sons and daughters

11 And all the days of were nine

émiquity w hundred and five years and he died, altezda saab and in the earth;

19 Atid Cainan lived seventy years, than that

and begaty Mahalalee! : It may be

13 And Cainan ined, after he begat forzitn.

Mahalaleel, eight hundred and forty
Mat. 12. 31.

14 And all the days of Caltan were

15 And Matalaleellised sixty and five Ps. 51.11. years, and begat & Jared : PTO8 Kenan.

16 And Malalaleel lived, after be he

gat Jared, eight hundred and thirty years, Maleleel.

and bexit soins and daughters

17 And all the days of Sahalaleel were and he < Chanoch. eight hundred ninety and ove years

and he died.


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18 And Jared lived an hundred sixty B. C. 3317. 13 And Gol Said unto Noah, and two years, and he begat Enoch :

all flesh is come before mue; for tl 19 And Jared lived after he begat a lPc. 4.7. filled with violence through thein Enoch eight bundred years, and bezat

a or, from

hold, I will destroy them a with 1 sons and daughters :

the earth.

14 Make thee an ark of goph 20 And all the days of Jared were nine s nests. Brooms shalt thou make in the hundred sixtyand two years; and he died. Gr. Ma shalt pitch it within and withoutv

21 And Enoch lived sixty and tive thusale. 15 And this is the fashion w years, and begat y Methuselah :

bch. 6.9.

shalt make it of: The length of 29 And Enocho walked with God after! 17.1. shall be three hundred cubits, th ne begat Methuselah three hundred years, De. 13. 4. of it fifty cubits, aud the hei and legat sons and daughters :

2Ki. 20.3. thirty cubits. 23 And all the days of Enoch were

I's. 16. S. 16 A window shalt thou make t three hundred sixty and five years :

Am. 3. 3. and in a cubit shalt thou finish 24 And Evoch walked with God, and

Mal. 2.6. and the door of the ark shalt th he kas not, fur God took him.

c He. 11.3.

the side thereof: with lower, sec 25 And Methuselah lived an hundred Lemech.

third stories shalt thou make it. cightyand seven years and begat d Lamech: a Ps. 93. 3, 4. 17 And, behold, I, even I, dd

26 And Methuselah lived after he begat Am. 9. 6. flood of waters upon the earth, t I amech seven hundred eighty and two e ch.7.8, 9. all flesh, wherein is the breath years, and begat sons and daughters: Gr. Noe;

from under heaven; and every t 7 And all the days of Methuselah were i.e. rest,

is in the earth shall die. nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he or, COIR 18 But with thee will I esta died.

fort. covenant : and thou shalt come 8 And Lamech lived an hundredeighty / ch.3. 17. ark; thou, and thy sons, and and two years, and begat a son ;

4.11. and thy sons' wives, with thee. 99 And he called his name € Noah, say.gch. 6. 10. 19 And of every living thing of ing. This same shall comfort us concerning 7. 13. two' of every sort shalt thou brin, our work and toil of our hands, because of iCh.11.31. ark, to keep them alive with th the grounds which the Lord hath cursed. ch. 1.2 shall be male and female.

30 And Lamech lived after he begat He. 11.7. 20 Of fowls atter theirkind,and Noah five hundred ninety and five years, Pe. 3. 20. after their kind; of every creep and begat sons and daughters :

2 Pe. 2. 5.

of the earth after his kind, two of

A Le. XI. 31 And all the days of Lamech were

shall come unto thee, to keep the seren hundred seventy and seven years : seven, he. 21 And take thou unto thee on and he died.

that is eaten, and thou shalt ga 32 And Noahwas five hundred years old: 1 Job 31. 1. thee, and it shall be for food for and Noah begats Shem, Ham, andJapheth. Im De. 7. 3, 4. for them.

Ezr. 9.2. 22 Thus did Noah; i accordin AND it came to pass when men began Ne 13.26 27 that God commanded him, so die to multiply on the face of the earth, and

2 Co. 6. 14. daughters were born unto them,

Ne. 9.30. And the LORD said unto Noa

Is. 5. 4. 2 That the sons of God saw the daugh

63. 10.

thou and all thy house into ters of men' that they were fair, and they

Je. 11.7, 1. for, thee have I seen righteous btook them wives of all which they chose.

1 Pe. 3. 20.

in this generation. 3 And the LORD said, "My Spirit shall . Ps. 78. 39. 2 Of every k clean beast thou si not always strive with man, for that help Ps. 14.2. to thee by sevens, the male an also is tlesh: yet his days shall be an hun.

53. 2.

male; and of beasts that are not dred and twenty years.

Ro. 3. 9.

two, the male and his female. 4 There were giants in the earth in those

blot out.

3 Of fowis also of the air by se days; and also after that, when the sons

male and the female; to keep se of God came in unto the daughters of " or, the


upon the face of all the earth. men, and they bare children to thein, the


4 For yet seven days, and I will same became mighty men, which were of The He to rain upon the earth forty day old, men of renown.

brew word nights; and every living substa 5 And God saw P that the wickedness signifies

I have made will Indestroy fron of man ii as great in the earth, and that pot only

face of the earth. every imagination ? of the thoughts of the imagi 5 And Noah did according unto his lieart was only evil * continually. nation, but the LORD commanded him. 6 And it repented the LORD that he

also the 6 And Noah nas six hundred y had made man on the earth, and it grieved purposes when the floodof waterswasupont him at his heart.

4 desires.

7 And Noah went in, and his son: 7 And the LORD said, I will destroy man, a ch. 8. 21. wife, and his sons'wives, with him, whom I have created, from the face of the De. 29. 19. ark, because of the waters of the earth, Aboth man, and beast, and the creep.

Eze. 9.12.

8 Or clean beasts, and ot beast ing thing, and the fowls of the air ; for it Mat. 15. 19. not clean, and of fowls, and repenteth me that I have made them. * every day. thing that creepeth upon the eart

8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of from man 9 There went in two and two un the LORD.

into beast into the ark, the male and the te 9 These are the generations of Noah : (nor,upright. God had commanded Noah.

Or, on the Noah was a just man, and a perfect in his

10 And it come to pass, after generations, and Noah walked with God.

days, that the waters of the tio 10 And Noah begat three sons, Shem,' ch.5 2.

upon the earth. Ilam, and Japheth.

Pr. 8, 29.

11 In the six hundredth year o 11 The earth also was corrupt before God, Mat. 24.38 lite, in the second month, the sevi and the earth was filled with violence, 1 Th. 5. 3. day of the month, the same day 12 And God looked upon the earth, and,

or, floud

the fountains' of the great dec behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh liad

up, and the windows of hear


o fata. Ch.4.17. 1Ch 11, 60.18, 1967. Eze 8.17.-B.16. llo.4.1,e.

1. Godver Hrh 18.01.31 -7 13.148.-ILI,

14.-53.9.3. Pr. 15.3. for all. ver.> 3. C. 330. Mechselak. Gh. 19,16,17 Job 13.17 14 36 Pesi. Pe 2-3.

13 The end. Je 5113. 6. Alsin. I Pe. 023-3.1.-21.418.15. Ex.16 1.1 2.26. 4.7. Alled. ver.4.11.1% (n.19.3. and, 9-11.-23. IKI 24. OK1.90.3. Ps be hold, ver 17. ithay, from chi.. il earia *-*1.-12-20.11.-116.9.-12. Cal. Je.4.23.23. le 11.7.2 P.

11.5.-8. Mal. La.1.6. 14 A. M.154. 1. C. Vake. Mate8 W 11.11.2Co.6.10.F, -5.15.Col. Lu. 17.07. Pe 3.90. roma. He bests. UT11. He 11.3.6. 6.1.7. pruch. Ex.2.3.

15 ruburi, ch.7.20. De 1.11. Set 1. med. The same ex. 16 windoo ch 16.5 616.2K19.30, the door. ST.-... Je. 11.15. Mat.2 ch.7.16. 11. 13. 5. Suk. Ize.41.16.-18.3.

L34% He. 11.3.6. Jude 14.15. 17 behold. rer. 11. ch.7.4, Ex.14.17. 3. C.3130. ch.4.18. Marg. Le..8. De 12 W. Ps:2) 10. 1.51.1. FSB

-6.3.-34.11.00 110.5.14. Pe. 3. Arise.chi. SC338. he died. See vers. 17.91.23. Job 2 16. P$.29 10-96.1.4.-17.14 24VB. C.

18.54.9. Am 9.6. Mat343) Lu 17.67 He 11.7. SW3689.-103-9.24. 1: 51.9. Eze. 1 Pe 3.20. u the ch.27.-7.15. shall dr. ver 7.

Lu.1.30.-17.00,67. le. 11.7. Ps 107.34 R-5.12..14.01. - 3-20).

Vaak. Groe, i.e. rest of 18 entablash, ch.9.9.11.-, v his ch.11.19.-1.11.19.

7.13. 1.20.20. He 11.7. I le 1.9.2 P.5. F1, see ser. 4.

19 The cubit beiny nearly lates, and the . EC 353. tu died. See ver, 5 ark baug 300 cubits in length 50 intreacts, and E2120CP. Amb.6.10.-7.13,-9.30 in beight, fra. 15.) its size was exual to 517

1.21.30 ICh.14..28. L.3.36. feet long, 91 feet broad, and 54 feet high and it }} iP. VI.

is computed to have been Bir ton burtbru. Flores bessed, skich provoked lad': The dimensions were sutħoient to contain all the d1-7 Noah Andat the persons and animals in it, and fod for tror

The order, than a year. I. ch. 617.P. 6.

20 ford. ch.1.20..24. Ac,10,11,19. 14 BE.. to purply.ch.1.8. B.-6.19.-7.8.16. Jn 5.10.

C. LL 4.990 3. De.14.1. Ps 82 21 ch.1.29.30. Job 6.41.-40.90 P: 66.6.-104. 16 N29.11. 1.8.41,42. Ro.9. 7.8. 57,98.-1* 5.-145.16.-147.9. Mat 62

14 that they.c.5.6.-39. 99 ch.7.5,9.16.-17.3. Ex.10.16,19,81.83.25.-7.

31 1 i Ja*.9.10. and they.ch.32. De. 1.3. Mat.7.24..07. Jo"....-13.14. He. 2213435, De.7.3,4. Jos. 23. 12, 13. 11.7.8. 1 Jn"5,3,4. E14.47. Mal.2.15. I 20.7.39.


Noah, with his family, and the living erraturn, I 1911. Ve... 1.5.4.-63.10. Je.11. enter the ara, and the food borins, 16

25. 17. I Th.5.19.20. i Pe. 3. increas and contenance of Mod for forty 4.15 P 78.39. Juo 3.6. Ro.8.1.. daya, 17-31. All Aek to destroyed by 1, 21 -Pe 1.30

Ini dati, 24. (5.11.De 9.9021.-3.11. 19a.17 4. 1 AM. 1636. B.C.948. Come. ver.7.13. Joh.

self.ch.114 N9.16.9. 19.04. Ps.91.1..10. Pr 1106 -18.10 1.21. 6-11-18191 PS4.14.-53...Ro Rze.9 46.Zep. Mat.si 37.39. Lu 17. 7. Ac. 2- Corytmagination, or the whole 2.3). Mle. 117 1Pe 3.91 Pe.2.3.

- weiteres sord signifies not only ch.6.9. P3.33 18,19. Pr.106.7.9.-11.4. Is.3.10. care te site the purposes and de 11. Phi.2.15,16. Pe 25.9. Den 9.19 Job i5 10. Pr.6.18. Ec. enery clean. ver ch. le XI. Mat.15.19. Mar.7. De 11.1.01. Ac. 30.11. 13. se ens. Hleb, se en. IV.3. bought. Je A.14. con- se: en. mot. Le 10.10. Eze.44.03.

4 Por, ver 10. ch. 25. 03.-6.10.19-29.07.R. Texe 14 Xa.c3.19. De 39 36.1 Sa. Job 28.05.-36.37.34.-7.11.19. Am 4.7. forty

* 1001.15 P5.10.15.-110. days, ver. 12,17 and enery. ver.21..23 ch.6.17. ** HOJ18. Jon 3.10. Mal. 3. destroy. Hled blot out. ver.01.23 ch. H-107.18 14.1.17. gruered, De 5. Ex.32 3.13. Job 10. P.69 2. Re3 5.

-113.-05.10.-119.153. Is. 5 all that, ch.6.2. Ex.w.12.42,43.- 10.16. Ps. - Ea ni Lu.19.41,49. Ep.4.30. 119.6. Mat.3.15. LUB.21. Jn 9.583,29 -12

| Phi?.8, le.38, 11 P118-51.90. Pr. 10.7.-16. 4. 6 ch 5.12.-8.13.

Rehear. He from 3 uato beast. 7 ver.1. 13.15 ch.6.18. Pr.28.3. Mat4.. ***HAHA. Zep. 1.3. R13.30.09. L4.17.07. He.6.18.-117. I Pe 3.20. Pees.

474 312.17 P5.81.11.-145.00. Pr. 9 ver. 16. ch.2.19. 1.11.6.-9.-05.25. Je.87. 14-Tesi 3.1.30. AC:46. RA AC.10.11.12. Ca 3.3. COL.3.11. - 10 B4 Ga 1.15. eTi.1.18. Tit... 10 after seten days. or. 0the seventh day. PSP 5.

ver. 4. waters, ver 1.17.20. ch.6.17 Job $9.16. -5.1.-10.1. just. ch.7.1. Job Mat.21.59.39. Lu.17.27 Protocol Far. 14.14,90. Hah.2A. Lu. 11 second month. The first month was 'n 2 ADR0.1.17. Ga.3.11. 11e.11. which answers to the latter end of September

Blect opright 2 Ch.15.17.-25. and first half of October; the second was Mar12 fra 16 Phi.3.9.15. and chest an, which answers to part of October aud *** .5.22.24.-17.1.-16.15. I 61.3.6. part of Vesember. all. ch.11.-6.17.-8. Job 8.

4.-30.8.11. Ps 33.7.-74.15. Pr.8.28.89. IS.$4.19. B.C.948

Shem. ch.5.3. Je.5.22.-51.16. Eze.26.19. Am.9.5,6. Mat.24.11. 4. ; - -313 Ch.3. Lu. 1 1 1,5.3. tindows, or, food gates, ch.1.7.-4.8. The 15-3.19 Sled. Ps. 113.-55.9.-140.12 P5.78.23,94. Mal. 3.10.

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