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I. THE names of the smaller Measures of 2. The chanix, youve, rendered a length among the Hebrews have been borrowed Re, vi, 6, was a Grecian measure of from some of the members of the human body, about a pint and a half, corn-measure as digir, handbreadth or palm, span, foot, cubit. 3. The metietes, metonins, rendere The following are the measures of length men. Ino. ii. 6, is supposed to be equal to the tioned in Scripture :

bath, i.e. about seven gallons and a b 1. The digii, or finger breadth, yayx, etuba, IL As the Hebrew Coins were is said to contain the breadth of six barley. Heights, and as it is by their respectiv coms, where thickest, and equal to 0.919 inch, that their value is ascertained, it wi or rather more than three-fourths of an inch.

cessary to treat of both at once. 2. The handbreadth or palm, 100, tophach, is 1. The gerah, 772, rendered a piece the width of a man's four fingers laid flat, :.e. was one-twentieth of a shekel, (Ex. four digits, or rather inore than 3 inches.

weighing nearly 11 grains, in value a 3. The span, 171, sereth, is the measure from

9. The beka, VPD. was a half shek the thumb to the little finger expanded, equal xxiv. ... Ex. xvii. 36,) weighing to three palms, or about 10 inches.

dwt. 134 gr. in value rather more than 1 4. The cudit, nx, ammah, is the measure of 3. The shekel, ow, according to w a man's arm, from the elbow to the extremity the other weights and coins are compu of the middle finger, equal to about 1 foot 8 in.; been variously estimated at from 91 though some compute it at I foot 9 in., and and four sevenths to 973 grains and thre others at I foot 6 in., or even less.

and consequently in value from 2.3 5. The fathom, apyvia, is the distance between Bp. CUMBERLAND states that the u the hands stretched out, including the breast, the shekel was halt a Roman ounce equal to four cubits, or about 6 feet 8 inches.

grains, Troy weiglit; according to wh 6. The reed, 1737, kaneh, was six cubits and a posing the value of silver to be five handbreadth, or about 10 feet 10 inches.

an ounce, its value in English money 7. The stadium, oradcov, contained 100 cubits: 2. 3. ed., for which traction, we may, or about 115 paces, nearly equal to a furlong, or the eighth part of an English mile.

l'entence in computation, use, the d 8. A mile, Milcov, so called from mille, a being only little more than one-titthof a thousand, contained in the East 10 stadia, or

4. The maneh, 72, or mma, in g about one fifth more than an Lnglish mile. equal in weight to 100 shekels, (comp. 1 II. OS Measures of capaciry, some of which with a Ch, ix. 17.) or about 31b. 90

3 grs.; and consequently, reckoning were for liquids, and some for things dry, the

1. an ounce, was in Value rather me following are mentioned in Scripture :

£180. But, in silver, it Wrighed only of 1. The log, 35, the smallest measure for liquids, Eze. xlv. 19,) or olb. 3 oz. 7 dst on was one-fourth of a cab, and one seventy-second as a coin it was only equal to 50 she of an ephah, about three fourths of a pint.

about 45. 145 9. The cal, 2p, kaos, was one-sixth of a 5. The talent, y, lidkar, weighe seah, and contained i eges, or 3 pints English. shekels, or 114 lb. 15 dwt.; and was i

3. The omer, 72, was a measure for things about 1312, 3s. 9d. dry. (Ex. xvi. 3ti, ) about 64 pints English. BESIDES these coins, proper to the

4. The hin, 1977, was a measure of liquids, nation, the following Greek and Home (Ex. xxix. 40.-XXX. 21, &c.,) equal to two Attic

are mentioned in the New Testament choas, i.e. one gallon and a halt English.

1. The mite, or 107 TOY, called by t 5. The seak, XD, or gatov, was a measure of Jews 10179, peruta, the eighth, 1, e. of things dry, containing of an ephal, and equal sarium, was equal to halt a quadranto about two millons nd a ball English.

X1.18.) or about three-cigliths of a fait 6. The ephuh, ER, was a measure of dry • The farthing. Kodpurīns, or guad things, containing three sta, or seahs, equal called from quartior, tour, was a Roma to about 7 gallons and a half English,

com, in value about three-fouiths of at 7 The barh, n, or Baros, Lu, XVI. 6,) was a 3. The asianum, acoupon, or as. Ten measure or liquids, of the same capacity as the farthing, Mat. 1. 20, and called by the ephah, 'the tenth part of an homer,' Eze xlv.14.

ho'x, bor, who say that it containe 8. The leshech, 105, was a ineasure of dry mites, was equal to the tenth part of a de things, and contained fifteen seals, as Epi about' 3 farthings and one tenth of our r PHANTUS states, equal to 16 pecks English

4. The pewny, or denuitus, onvapio., 9. The humer, or charmer, 1977, a measure of because in ancient times it consisted dry things, contained ten ephalis. ( Eze. xlv.11,) sibus, of ten asses, was a Roman sikre equal to 32 pecks, I pint, English, 10. The cor, 72, or Kopos, was a measure both equal to about 714. of our money.

5. The drachma, dpaxın. of toca w for liquids and solids, of the same capacity as in value to the Roman denarius, Lu. the homer, Eze. xiv. 14. Lu. xvi. 7.

6. The did, achma didpa xuov,or donhle BESIDES these measures, peculiar to the le rendered by our translators trbure brews, there are three others mentioned in the Mal. xvi. 21. was consequently equal to New Testament, belonging to other nations, 7. The starer, OTUTOP, a Grecian coi

1. The sestavrus, or FOTOs, rendered a pot, as appears from Mat. vii, 7, equal i Mar. vii, 4, was a Romau ineasure of liquids, to two didrachmas, or four Attic drache equal to about a pint and a ball English. consequently to os 7d.

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The lonker Seripture Media
A culit

rrect and Rana. Money reduced to English,
20 A stadiuni


@IA farthius (pavarut 51 A Sabbath chay's journey

0 700 3.0

* A*, **PROV, ) or farthing 1 An Fastere mile

1 403 1.0

10 | A penny, denarius, or drachma
0 $1 A parasang

153 3.0

81 Didrachma

0 0 7
200 $40 18 241 8 | A day's journey


si States

2.) Allic mina A digit 2. The shorter Measures of length. kug.folled porre

0 0.918 4000 CHOI) CONUT MO.** 1500109 Attic talent 143 15 00 HI A palm

0 3.610

The Italian mina, or Roman libra or pound, was minely six

denni, equal to 31 A span 0 10.045 Seventy two labras made a Roman talent, equal to

25 0 0 0
6 O! A cubit

Note lu the preveding Tables, allvar la valved at de sed roldal par
B! fathom
14.30 181 61 14 1 Erekiel's reed

6. Jeu'ish Measures for things liquid.

192 | 48 | 16 | 81% 14 1 An Arabian pole

A capb

1920 | 480| 100 10 | 20 | 13 | 10 | Aschenus, or

14 Alog

measuring line

41 A cab

S. Jewish Money reduced to English.

A gerah

0 0 1.2017 32

61 A seah 101 A beka

0 1.6475

18 61 31 A bath, or ephah 21 A shekel 0 3.375 900 7001

10 A corus, boner. 1000 1001 50 maneh, or mina llebraica

or chomer,
er,} 73

5 14 0.75
60*W) 00! 30X001 601 A talent

7. Jeuish Measures for things dry.
Asuus aureus, or sextula, was worth

Aus aureus w Warth

Eagliah Care Mour
1 1 6

Pe Gad
A talent of gold was worth

. 3475 00
A cacbal

4. Jewish

1 A cab
Weights reduced to English Troy weight.


B018 | An omer, or Romer
A gerah

o 0
0 0 $ 10 $
120 1
1 A seah

1 0 1 10 A beka

0 0.19
300 18 103 An ephah

LA shekel

0 0 9
50 15 A letech

16 0 0 1901 I Amaneh


1100) ī 30 101 ! ! A chomer, 60000 6000 3000 | 50 A talent

hotnes, of corus}s: 01 114 0 15 0

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With the Abbreviations used in the References, and the Places in which the

Nero Testament Books were written.

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52 I Thessalonians 52 II Thessalonians. 56 I Corinthians 57 II Corinthians SS Romans 61 Ephesians 61 Jones 6. Philippians 6: Colossians 62 Philemon 63 Luke

1 lhes. 2 Thes. 1 Co. 2 Co. Ro. Ep.

Judea. Macedonia or

Corinth, Corinth. Corinth. Ephesus. Macedonia. Corinth. Rom. Jerusaleon. Rome, Rome. Rome Greece.

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Gereer. Macrdonia. Roma Macedonia or

Greece Rome. Rime. Rome. Judrus, Ephrsus. Ephras. Unen. Patut. Asia Minor

Phi. Col. Phile. Lu.

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B. C. 4004.

A.M insect. open firmament. Heb. face of th CHAP. I.

mament. ver.7.11. GOD creates heaven and earth, 1; the lighi, 3; the 21 great. ch.6.20.-7.14.-8.19. Job 7.12.

firmament, 6; aparates the dry land, 9; form. Ps.101.44.26. Eze 39.2. Jon.1.17.-2.10. M The sun, moon, and stars, 14; huhrs and fouls, 20 ; 10. brought. ch.8.17.-9.7. Ex.1.7.-8.3. cattle, wild beasts, and creeping things, 21; creates saxe, ver 18,25,31. mun in his own image, blesers him, 26; grants the

20 ver..ch.8.17.-9.1.-30.07.30.-35.11. I fruits of the earth for food, 29.

9. Job 10.15.-12.12.P5.107.31,38.-128.3.-11 begineung. Pr.8.99,03,21.-16.4. Mar.13.19 14. Pr. 10.09. In°.1.1.,3. He.1.10.1Jno.1.1. God. Ex.20.11.-31. 21 Let. ch.6.20.-7.11.-8.19.Job 38.39,10 17.1 Ch. Job.26.13.-28.4. Ps.8.3.-33. 1,5,9%.19.-10.15. Ps.50.9,10.- 104.18.2. - 1 6,9.--89.11,12.-96.5.-102.25.- 104,24,30.-115.15. Caitle, denotes domestic animals living on -191.2.-181.8.- 131,3,- 136.5.-116.6.- 118.1.5. tables ;-Beasts of the earth, wild animals; Pr.3.19.-8.22.30. Ec.12.1. Is.37.16.-10.26,68.-42. cially such as live on fesh; and-Cre 5.-11.21.-45.18.-51.13,16.-05.17. Je 10.12.–32. things, reptiles; or all the different genera 17.-51.15. Zec.19.1. Mat.11.25. Ac. 1.21.-11.15.- pents, worms, and such animals as have ne 17.24. Ro.1.19.20.-11.36. 1 Co.8.6. Ep.3.9. Col.i. 25 chap.2.19.20, Jub 19.8..10.-26.13. 16,17.He.1.9.-3.1.-11.3. 2 Pe.3.5. Re.3.14.-4.11. 26 Lei w. ch.3.09.-11.7. Job 35.10. Ps.10 -10.6.-11.7.-916.-22.13.

119.2. Is.64.8. no.5.17.-14.23. 1Jno.5.7. 2 without. Job 26.7. Is.45.18. Je.4.23. Na.2.10. Hebrew, Adam ; probably so called either Spirit. Job 26.13. P's.33.6.-101.30. the red earth of which he was formed, or

3 God. Ps.33.6.9.-148 5. Mat.8.3. Jn".11.43 the blush or flesh-tint of the human counten Let. Job 36.30.-38.19. Ps.97.11.-101.9.-118.97. the name is intended to desiunate the sp Is.15.7.-60.19. Jno.1.5,9.-3.19. 2 (0.4.6. Ep.5.8. in 04. ch.5.1.-9... Ec.,98,29. 14. 1 T4.6.16. 1 Jno.1.5.-9.8. Ep.4.24. Col.l.15.-3.10. 4 that, ver.10,12,18,25,31. Ec.2.13.-11.7. the have dominion.ch.9.2,3,4. Job5.23. P5.8.4..8. light from the darkness. Heb. between the light 20..24. Ec.7.29.Je.276. Ac.17.20.28,29. 1 Co and between the darkness.

2C0.3.18. Ep.4.24. Col.3.10. He.2.6.9. Ja 5 Day, and, chap.8.29.1's.19.2.-74.16.-101.20.Is. 27 in the image. Ps. Ep. 45.7.Je. And the 4.04.Col.1.15. See ver.26. male.ch.2.21..2 evening and the morning seere. Heb. And the even. Mal.2.15. Mat.19.4. Mar. 10.6. 1 Co.118,9 ing was, and the morning was. rer.8,13,19.23,31, 8 ver.29. ch.8.17.-9.1.7.--17.10,20.-22.

6 Let there, ver. 11,40.chap.7.11,12. Job 26.7.8, -24.60.-26.3,1.01.-33.5.-40.25. Le 26.9. 13.-37.11.18.-38.20.26. Ps.19.1.-33.6 9.-101... 10.-26.5. Job 19.12. Ps.107.34.-197.1..5.-136,5,6.-118.4.-150.1. Ec.11.3. Je.10.10,12,13.- 1 T1.4.3. mureth. llcb. creepe 51.15. Zec.19.1. firmament. Heb. expansion. 69.34. Marg.

7 divided. Pr.8.28,29. above. Job 26.8. Ps.104. 29 I hate. PS,21.1.-115.16. 10.2.8. Ac 10.-148.4. Ec.11.3, and it.ver.9,11,15.44. Mat.8.27. 25,28.1 11.6.17. bearing. lleb, seeding.

8 God. ver.5,10. chap.3.2. evening. ver.5,13, ch.2.16.--.3. Job 30 31 P. 19.23,31.

5.-136. 25.-145.15, 16.-146.7.-147.9.15 9 Job 26.7,10.-39.8..11. Ps.94.1.4.-33.7.-95.5. Mat.6.11,25,20. Ac 14.17. -104.3.5. 9.-136,5,6. Pr.8.98,99, Ec.1.7. Je.5.92. 30 ch.9.3. Job 38.39.. 11.-39.1,8.30.-10.15 Jon.1.9.2 Pe.3.5. Re.10.6.

104.11.-145.15,16.-147.9. lile Heb.alivir 10 God sax, ver.4. Dt.39.4. Ps.104.31.

31 iely geud. Job 38.7. Ps.19.1.2.-104 11 Let the, ch...5. Job 8.5. Ps.101.14.,17.-117. La 3.38. I 11.4.4. and the. ver 5.8,13,19. 8. Mat.6.30. He 6.7. grass. Hleb, tender grass. 2... Ex. 20.11 fruit. ver.29.chap.9.9.16.Ps.1.3.Je.17.8. Mat.3.10.

CHAP. II. -7.16..20. Mar.1.08. Lu.6.43,44, Ja.3.19

The first Sabbath, 1-3. Farther particula 19 caith. Is.611. Mar.1.28. herb. 1.55.10,11. crrning the manner of creation, 4-7. Mat.13.24..26. Lu.6.41.2 C0.9.10. Gal.6.7. ing the garden of Eden, and its situats

14 Let there. De. 1.19. Job 25.3,5. - 18.12..14. man is placed in it; and the tree of an Ps.8.3.4.-19.1..6.-74.16,17.-104.19,90.- 119.91.

only forbidden, 15-17 Thr animals are na - 136.7.-9. – 148.3.6. 19. 40.26. Je 31.35. - 33.

Adann, 18. The making of troman, and 1 20.25. lights, or, rather, luminaries or light

tution of marriage, 21. bearers; being a different werd from that rep. 1 Thus. ver.4.ch.1.1.10. Ex.91.11.-31.1 dered light, in ver. 3. the day from the night, be 19.15. 2 Ch.2.19. e.9.6. Job 12.9. Ps 89.1 tween the day and between the night. and lei. 104.2.-136.5.8.-116.0. Is.19.5.-15.18,-. ch.8.20.-9.13. Job3.9.-08.31,39.P: 81.3. Eze Je. 10.12.16. Zec.19.1. Ac 4. 8.- 46.1,6. Joel Am.5.8. - 8.9. 4.3. host. De.4.19.- P Mat.2.2.-16.9,3.-94.29. Mar.13.24. Lu.21.25,20.- 18. 31.1.- 10.20..98.-15.12. Je 8... Lu.2.13. 23.45. Ac.2.19,20. Re.6.12.-8.19.-9.2.

dud on.ch. 1.31. EX.20.11.-03 19.-31. 16 to rule. lleb, for the rule, Kic. De. 4.19.Jos. 10.5.17. He 1.4. sezonchd 10.12.14. Job 31.26.-30.7. P5.8.3.-19.6.-74.16.- The LXX. Syriae, and the Samaritan Te 15.13.10.-94.23.-15.7. Hab.3. the SIXTH day, which is probably t 11. Mat.24.09.-97.45.1Co.15.41. Re. 16.8.9.-21.23. reading; as, which stands for six, miglo he made the stars also, or, with the stars also. be changed into 1, which denotes seven.

17 ch.9.13. Job 38.19. Ps.8.1,3. Ac.13.47. or, rather, ceased, as the llebrew word 18 Ps.19.6. Je 31.35.

opposed to wearinss, but to action, as 20 Let the waters, ver.22.ch.2.19.-8.17.PS.104.vine Being can neither know fatigue, no 24,25.-148.10. Ac.17.25. moring. Or, creeping in need of rest. iki. 4.33. life. Hleb, a living soul, ver.30. to.. 3 olessed. Ex. 16.02..30).-20.8.11.-23 21. ford that may fly. Heb. let fowl tly. This 13..17.-34.91.-35.2,3, Le.23.3.-05.2.3. 1 niarginal reading is more conformable to the 14. Ne 9.11.-13.15. ( Pr.10.20. 15,50.original, and reconciles this passage with chap 13.14. Je.17.21...7. Eze.90.19. Mar.2.97.1 2.19.

The word fowl, from the Savon flcon, to He.4.4..10.created and made Heb.created fly, exactly corresponds to the original, which 4 the pincrarions. ch.1.1.-5.1.-10.1.


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