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8 the breast plate. Ex.28.15..29.-31.8..21. Ca. 25 See on ch.3.3..5,9. Ex.29.99..15. P 8.6. 19.59.17. Ep.6.14. IT5.5.8. the Urim. Ex. Is.53.10. 28.30, Ezr.2.03.

Cô E1,29.03. Jno.1.14. Ac.5.1. 1Toi. 9 Ex.98.4,30..38.-29.6.-39.28..30. Zec.3.5.-6. 47 upon Aaron's. Ex.99.21, &c. Je 30.9 11.14, P. 11.

9.14. and waved. See on ch.7.30,31. 10 Ex.30.03..29.-40.9..11.

28 Moses. Ex.29.25. Ps.90.13,14. Zec.13. 11 ch.1.6,17.-16.11,19, Is.52.15. Eze, 36.25. 10.11..09. They were. See on ver.24. Tit.3.6.

99 ch.7.30..31. Ex.29.26,27. Is.66.90. I 12 ch.4.3.-21.10,11,12. Ex.28.41.-29.7.-30.30. 31. I Pe. 4. 11. Ps.133.2.

30 the anwinting. See on Ex.29.01.-30 13 loses. Ex.28.10,41.-29.8,9.-10.14.15. Ps. 61.1.3. Ga.5.20..25. He.2.11. 1 Pe.1.9. 1): 132.9. Is. Pe.2.5,9. Re. 1.6.-5.10. coars. Re.7.11 and sanctified, ch.10.3. Su.33. The kethoneth, or coat, was made of linen; but 31 Boil, ch.6.08.-7.15. Ex.29.31,92. De the form of it is no where described in Scrip! Sa...13..17. Eze. 10.20...1. fure, except in the visionary appearance of Ju".6.33,35.51,53..56. Ga.2.00. Christ to St. John, in the form and habit of a 39 ch.7.17. Ex.10.10.-29.34. Pr.97.1. E priest (Re.1.13); where he is said to be evde du Co.0... le.3.13.14. HEVOS odnon, clothed with a gamment down 33 seven days. ch.14.8. Ex.29.50,35. Nu to the feet, which perfectly agrees with the Eze.13.25...27. description the Jewish writers give of it; who 31 lle.7.10,57.-10.11,12. also say, that it had sleeves which came down 3,7 the tabernacle, ch.118, Ex.29.35. Nu to the wrist, and was tied about the neck; 50

Eze. 13.05. O Co.7.1. Col...0.10. Ile.7.12 that it was not unlike a long shirt. It was com A kecp. ch 8.30.-10.1. N.3.7.-9.19. 11 mon to all the priests; but the tunic of the iki.2.3. 111.1.3,4,18.-5.21, -0.13,17.30 high priest was made of finer linen, or wove in

1.1. a more curious manner. (Ex.28.1.) pul. Heh.

36 Jaron. This was necessary to be bound, bonners. The mig baoth, or bonnets, are

to show the exact fulfilment of the com described by JOSEPHUS as being like helinets delivered to Moses, and which are recor of linen), one wreath being plaited and folded Exodus, ch. XXIX; and consequently thi over another, and a thin cap, suited to its plete consecration and preparation of shape, put over all, to prevent its untolding.

and his sons to fill the awfully irnportan 11 he brought. Ver. 2. ch.4.3..19.-16.6. Exso. of priests and mediators between God a 10..14. Is. 53. 10. Eze, 43. 19. Ro. 8. 3. 2C0.5. children of Israel, to otter sacrifices, an 21. He. 7. 26...8. 1 Pe.3. 18. laid, ch. 1.4.-4. 1. atonement for the sins of the people. E: -16.01.

-10.16. De.4.2.-12.39, 1 Sa.15.22. 15 he slet it. ch.1.5,11.-3.2.8. Ex.29.10.11. Mones. ch. Ex.99.19,36,37 Eze. 13.

CHAP. IX. 19..27. Re, 9.18..03. to make. ch.6.30.-16.5 The first offerings of Aaron, for himself 2 Ch.29.24. Eze, 45.20. Da.9.21. Ro.5.10. O Co.5. prople, 1-7. The sin vering, e-ll, and 18..21. Ep.2.16. Col.1.91.00. Be.2.17. The be

pfering for himsels, 12-14. The frixi pinning of this verse may be rendered, Anul

people, 15-22. Moses and Aaron blew the Moses Slew it, and took the blood,' &c. We tind

23. Fire cometh from the Lord, upon the a it expressly said in Exodus, that Moses slew 1 the eighth day. Not on the eighth day the sacrifices.-Ex. 29. 11. Yet, in general, the month, but on the first day after their offerer seems to have killed his own sacrifice. tion, which occupied seven days, and 10 ch.3.3..5.-1.8,9. Exo9.13.

which they were deemed unfit to mi 17 ch.1,11,12,01.-6.30.-16.27. Ex.29.11. Ga. holy things, being considered in a state 3.13. le. 13.11.13.

perfection. All creatures, for the mos 18 See on ch.1.1..13. Ex.29.15..18.

were considered as in a state of uncle 21 a sweet savur. ch.1.17.-29. Ge.8.21. Ex. and imperfection seun days, and perten 29.18. Ep.5.2.

the cighth: (see ch.12.2,3.-14.8..10.-15.1 on the ram of consecration. ver.2,29. ch.7.37. 49.17 ch.8.33.-14.10,93.-13 Ex.09.19..31. no.17.19. 1C0.1.30. 2C0.5.21. Nuo.10. Eze, 13.26,97. Mat.28.1. Ep.5:05, 27. Rel. 5, n. The ram of consecrat a young. ver.7.8. ch.1.3.-8.14. Ex.sg. tion' was evidently a sacrifice of peace offering. 5.21. lle.5.3.-7.27.-10.10..14. and ca though presented on a particular occasion, Part 8.18. of the blood was applied, not as that of the win 3 Take ye. ch.1.93.--16.5,15. Ezr.6.17. offering, to the homs of the altii, but to Aaron 18.53.10. Ko 8.3.2 C0.5.21. Tit.9.14. Heu and his sons ; to the tips of their right ears, the I Pe.2.91.-3.18. Re.5.0. a lid. As the o thumbs of their right hands, and the great toes here is a kid, which was the sacrifice II of their right feet; implying their obligation to of the ruler, some think that the readine hearken diligently to the word of God-to do Samaritan and LXX. is to be preferred his work in the best manner which they could, unto the ELDERS of Israel.' and to walk in his ways with stearly perserer on ver. 2. buth. ch. 19.6.-14. 10. -93. ance; and also, that they could not do these 19. 5. things acceptably except through the atoning 4 a brelock. See on ch. Ill.

ande blood, received and applied by faith. Theo 11.-6.11..23, Nu.15.3.9. 10-day. rer 0, part of the blood reserved upon the altar, pro: 16.10.-19.11.-21.10.-19.43.-10.34,35. bably in a basin for that purpose, was mingled 10.-10.19. 181.8.10..19. Eze. 43.9. with the holy anointing oil, and sprinkled on 5 and all the congregation. Ex.19.17. De the garments both of Aaron and his sons, to i Ch.15.3 Ch.5.2.3. Nr.8.1. ballow them to the Lord. This may be looked 6 and the glory. ver.23. Ex.16.10.1 upon as a lively representation of our purifica: 31,33. I his 10..19. Ch.5.13,14. Exe. 11 tinn by the blood of Jesus Christ, through has 7 ofter thy. ver... ch.1.3,90.-8.31. 1. Holy Spirit.'--Bishop PATRICK.

He.5 3.-7.97.28.-3.7. uffer the cu 03 Moses look. ch.14.14,17,28. Ex.29.00. Ro.6. le 3.1. 13,19-12,1. 1 Co.10,4). 0,2%), T.3.3, li.1, 8.1.4,5,--4.4,99. 20.-2.17. He.9.10.-5.8.

I ch.1.07,17,18,25,30.-8.15.-16.18. He 24 Moses sprinkled, Ile.9.89.


a call

sy te sons hands, and waved

B, C. 1920. them for a wave ofiering before tbe LED). be put the breastpiste upco!

* And More took then friss the bei putebestilte liste E 15_3' hants, and bursit them on the altar

3. * the burnt offering they were conecta

bors or a sweet at our it to an offering #tes, en 2 je EU 29.6. de by fire unto the Lou

Zee 25. 2) And Moses to the breast, and waved 72. Stelotnote: Moses. El it for a wave otiring before the LORD: VisiD.1.2011,

for of the fan of coosecration it was Mo ser part, as the LORD) con rated Morser

And Movy try of the worst, **criebesretpoa the fun and of the buin whkhas up the * 200.DP the altar & cha 44

a.tar, abi sprinkled t! Wo Aarn, and boob the laver a

1. 5. 1S.

upon his garnets, and upon has wins, at 1

P.12. *ujn his sus' zarne with him, and * he ointing oil

Bictate Aaron, and his carinerts, and 4*, and pointed bunch 10.3 his sns, and is won't Thiels* with titth.

Sa. 23. 31 Aud Mises and unto ar ant to •ch 21.1912 his sons, Boil the flesh at the doy at the

tabernacle of the contexton, and the 238 pulbrite's usi

eat it with the treat that is in the basket

P. 122 of copsociations, as I ded, say. at the bet kk for the Eu 31.32 10. Aasia uld I was shali eat it.


3. And that whatronaineth of the esh pe the heart of the 1 Ez 3.59 and of the bread shali ye lurt with fire.

33 And ye shall not go out of the doo de vi and Moses took

of the tabernacle of the cyngrezaO ;** up the horns och 47. seien days, until the days to your ense.

Ex 4139,29 Cration be at an end. for seven day, war. and poured the

He..13, sliall be consecrate you. 2: the site, and manc. Ese 42 34 As he hath date this day, so the teraru abu it. oct. 16.

LORD bath commanded to do, to make in all the tattiat was

Ch.22 ani a mere it for you. the casi asoce the

83 Therefore shall ye abide at the door Bridgeys, sn their fai, Da, 94

of the tabernacle of the congregatif day med 1 tbe alla 2001. and night, seven days, and keep the Lata bide bis tiesh, Ep. 16. charge of the LORD, that ye die not : for

COLLI, so I am commanded. LOBO CONUT anded oves. He. 2. 17. % 50 Aaron and his sons did all things 14 Liberan for the bunt: p Xe 3.7. which the LORD commanded by the 2:24. a ani his soos laid 9. 19. hand of Moses. tead of tire ram.

CHAP. IX. yar. Moses sprinkled

ki. And it came to pass on the eighth the a tar round about. I TL 1. 18 day, that Moses called Aaron and his se cette ran into 1rces ; s. 21. Soks, and the elders of Israel, the at the lead, and the

. And he said unto Aaron, Take thee 2 TL 1.

a young calf for a sin cottering, and a noted the inwards and 2 ch. 411,12. ram for a burnt offering, without ble ****, 21 Moses turnt the Ex. 14 mph, and offer them before the LORD. *tualtatiitss) a burnt

He.311.13 3 Áod unto the children of Israel thou mistet savour, and an Ex, 27. shalt speak, saying. Iake ye" a kid of

ses 005 the LORD; asoch. 4. 3. the goats for a sinuttening, and arall hooded MP3.

and a lamb, both of the first year, with. 2x the terrain.ye ram Ex 21. out blemish, for a burnt offering; jaron aid his 900231 ch. & 19.

4 Also a bullock and a ram for peace. 4379e heart of the ram.

offerings, to sacrifice before the LORD, 229; and Moses took of be. 9. 20. 21. and 'a meat-offering mingled with oil ad vat it upon the tip

Ep. 5. 2

for to lay the Lord will appear unto you. sad upon the thumb.ch 4 23 5 And they brought that which Moses , 250 upon the great toe

Eur. 6. 17.

commanded before the tabernacle of the

Is 53. 10. congregation : and all the congregation 47 Aaron's sons, and Be. 9. 26. drew near and stoort before the LORD

At the box upon the tip of <Ex.2.19.31 6 And Moses said. This is the thing AZ , dat co the thrubs of , No. 15. 9. which the LORD commanded that ye 25, od sa the great to : ch.14.14,17, should do ; and the glory ot the LORD 21:41 Moses sprinkled

shall appear unto you. Saltar rogodabout. @ ver. 23 7 And Moses said unto Aaron, Go and the runp and

Ex. 24. 16. unto the altar, and offer thy dsm offer. Lad on the juwaris, and 46,13,14 ing, and thy burnt ottermg, and make

He 9

.. h. LIE, the tokki.

an atonement for thyself, and for the metad terisht shoulder:

people: and offer the otterns of the

&c. te te basket of unleavenert


people, and make an atonemneots for Bo te tbe LORD, be took

1 Sa. 3 14

them; as the LORD commanded. **** use, and a cake of olled

• He. 5. 3.

8 Aaron therefore went unto the altar,

and slew the calf of the sin-oliering, *2.2 te right sitoulder:


which was for himself. all poa Aaron's hands, He. 6. 1. 9 And the sons of Aaron brought the

blood unto him; and he dipped his finger

in the blood, and put it upon the horus B. C. 1190 had said. of the altar, and poured out the blood at

6 And Moses said unto Aaron, the bottom of the altar:

ach. 4.7. Eleazar and unto Ithamar, his s 10 But the fat, 6 and the kidneys, and Hc.9.22,23. cover not your heads, neither r the caul above the liver of the sin oiler.bch. S. 16. clothes; let ye die, and lest dwr ing, he burnt upon the altar, as the LORD

upon all the people: but let your

c ch, 31, 10, commanded Moses.

Eze. 24. 17. the whole house of Israel.bewanie 11 And the flesh and the hide he burnt

ing which the LORD bath kindle with fire without the cainp.

d Nu. 16. 46.

7 And ye shall not go out of

Jos. 7. 1. 12 And he slew the burnt-offering; and

door of the tabernacle of the o

22. 19, 20. Aaron's sons presented unto him the


tion, lest ye die: for the anointi blood, which he sprinkled/ round about

the LORD is 8 upon you. And

ech. 21. 12. upon the altar.

according to the word of Moses. 13 And they presented the burnt-offer. 1 ch. 1, 5. 8 And the LORD spake unto ing unto him, with the pieces thereof, 8. 19.

Saving. and the head: and he burnt them upon 8 Ex. 23. 41. 9 Do not drink & wine nor strot the altar.

40. 15. thou, nor thy sons with thre, whe 14 And did wash he inwards and

h Is. 27.

into the tabernacle the con127 the legs, and burnt them upon the burnt.

EL. 41. 21.

lest ye die: it shall be a statute offering on the altar.

Lu. 1. 15. throughout your generations 15 And he brought the people's offer. 1 Ti. 3. 3.

10 Aud that ye inay put idi ing, and took the goat, which was the Tit. 1.7. between holy and unholy, and sin-offering for the people, and slew it, lich. 11. 17.

unclean and clean ; and offered itt for sin, as the first.

20.25-6. 11 Anil that ye may teach?the 16 And he brought the burnt offering, Je. 15. 19.

of Israel all the statutes which to and offered it according to the Bmanner. Eze. 41. 23. hath spoken unto them by the 17 And he brought the meat-offering, k Is. 53. 10.

Moses: and y took an handful thereof, and burnt He... 17.

19 And Moses spake unto Aal it upon the altar, beside the burnt-sacri


unto Eleazar and unto Ithamar, fice of the morning.

I Ne. 8.2. & that were lett, Take the meat-otie 18 lle slew also the bullock and the rain Mal... 7. remaineth of the offerings of th for a sacritice of peace-offerings," which or, ordi made by fire, and eat it withou was for the people and Aaron's sons pre nance,

beside the altar: for it is thost b sented unto him the blood, which he

13 And ye shall eat it in th

y filled his sprinkled upon the altar round about,

hand out

place, because it is thy due, ani 19 And the fat of the bullock, and of

of it.

due, of the sacrifices of the Lor the ram, the rump, and that which cen Kx 29.33 by fire: for so I ain commanded Vercth the inzcards, and the kidneys, and rch-3.1,3,&c. 11 And the wave-breast and the caul a hove the liver:

o Nu. 19. 10. shoulder shall ye eat in a clear 20 And they put the fat upon the breasts, p ch.7 30..31. thou, and thy sons, and thy daugh aud he burnt the fat upon the altar : Nu.0.X.27. thee: for they he thy due, and thys

21 And the breasts and the right shoulder De, 21.5. which are given out of the sac Aaron waved for a wave ottering' betore

2 Ch.6.3.

peace-otlerings of the children the LORD; as Moses commanded.

Ps. 72. 17.

15 The heave-shoulder and th

Lu.21. 50. 22 And Aaron litted up his hand to

breast shall they bring, with the

ver. 6. ward the people, &9 blessed them, i caine

made by fire of the fat, to wave down from offering of the sin-offering and

Nu. 11. 10. ware offering before the LORD

16.19, the burut-offering, and peace otterings. . Ju 8.21.

shall be thine, and thy sons' w 23 And Moses and Aaron went into the 13. 19,21 by a statute tor ever, as the LO tabernacle of the congregation, and came I ki. 15.34 communded. out, and blessed the people: and the glory 2 Ch.7.1.3. 16 And Moses diligently so of the LORD' apprared unto all the people. < Eur. 3. 11. goat of the sin-offeriny, and,

2 And there came a hre. outtrom be 14 ch. 16. 12. was burnt: and he was angry fore the LORD, and consumed upon the

Er. 311. 9. war and Ithamar, the sons of Aan altar the burnt offering and the fat: a hich! Vu.16.6.&c. were left alive, saying, when all the people saw, they' shouted, och 9, 24, 17 Wheretore have ye not eater and fell on their faces.

Nu. 12.

offering in the holy place, seeingi CHAP. X.

2K1.1.10.12 holy, and God bath given it you AND Nadab and Abihu, the sons of

uch. 6. 24,3 the iniquity of the congregation

Nu. 3.3, . Aaron, tonk either of the his censer, and


atonement for them before the 1 put fire therein, and put incense thereon: ycb21,6,9,15. brought in within the holy s

18 Behold, the blood of it and ottered strange fire before the LORD), which he cominanded them not. 1 Sa. 6. 20. should indeed have eaten it ita

? And there went out fire froin the iCh.15.12.13. place," as I cominanded. LORD, and devoured them; and they P's. 7.7. 19 and Aaron said unto Moses died before the LORD.

Is. 5. 11. this day have they offered their 3 Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is Ile. 12. 2 ing and their burnt offering R it that the LORD spake, saying, I will be :18. 49. 3. LORD; and such things have sanctitied in them that come nigh me,

Eve.2 22. me: and if I had eaten the site and before all the people I will be glo Jno. 12.25 tonlay, should it have been acce rified. And Aaron beld hi. peace.

a ls. 1.11.15. the sight of the LORD? 4 And Moses called Mishael and Elza


2) And when Moses heard that

14.12. phan, the sons of Uzziel the uncle of

Hos. 3. 4.

content. Aaron, and said unto them, Come near, carry your brethren from before the > Ps. 3.9.

Mal.1.10.13. And the LORD spake unto M

CLIP. I. sanctuary out of the camp.

to Naron, saying into them, 5 So they went near, and carried them'c Ac. 5.6.10. 2 Speak unto the children

*:. Sedech - 12.34 35 3.1, 4.-16.9 13.49.-26.61, 1 Sa. 1. 16.11.10. POST.PL, 1.53.10 -57 15.- -15.13. Ar 35.121 (10.11 Thre, de

tryeditie sarit cery are from the same muce *1'11-1-1* HEIL11.12 with that 1.1ch tad ( ti ured tie ir 1.2.1. ER-5.2, 3..47.

sin is death -lley died reddentyded R$ 31,925. Q. XXVIIT before their lord, that is before the ai tal IS cosered the merry sal.- 1 hey der hing Are. ** V" zaude, ter.i2 14. ch. i 3. 10. by fire tres sinted. The ore di ot burn them

to ashes, as it at done the scritte, os vel. F22.41 much as singe their coats, fer.5 but stuck * suurey Hed, filled the dead it an instant

Leffets cf the site fore, we learn that it was the kr. t. IIL-11 18. Ro-5.1,10. Ep (0-12.a hre, but kundded by the breath of the

| Almighty: 1s). 31. 25.14

3 Isill be (BV.- F. A $1. n. ch.t1417 14.-19.099.43,44. De 3 a

31.03. 14. 17.086.90. I( 13 1911 PM9; -11 13) 1*u. Pe 4.11. Vtec maxded Eze 20.11.-42.13. Hel.33.99

15.173. z. Jo 1.-13.31.12-11

as Jetaisah Ac511 13.11.10. I Pe...17. aun (e.IR Vis also the read. 1b 1.40.41.-2.10. P.W.9 -16.10 !) Tarrus of UNXELOS L: 34 H. VALO

te tree reading wupport.. 1 tid. 6.18.600.8.19.10. 162 by these auttcrties, but by the I carry. Lu7.19. A..5 6.9.10.

6 ('ncore.ch:13.45-11.15. Ex 13 5. Nuns. sad, as the Greek as it.hr 14.-6.6.7.-116 De 139. le. Ezeu 16.17. SACHS the reasou why it M116 le1! ath. u.16.22,41. 47. Joni 1.11.

y tie rizi.t hani, be 2.189). Ova 24.1.15. 17. 76er that the ien. 7 ye shall (h.51.1 Ma 21. c. lug to the Pe band as a #esture used janinch.8.72.9 F2.8.41.-0 0-0 13.. " 4 & 0; $t Ligt 12.7 %e1g ty th 112, 15. A 10 W (0,L, W4; arly in swearing, Ge. 11. 9 To mor. NU.6.1.30. Pr.814.5.1 R 7. Je US. TP:; wa blessing. either of 6. Eze 441L1.15 Fp 318 ISIK -3.23. me or oljeti, as in this place. Iit. 1.7. streng drink. The llebrew hecho, Ara 4% of payer, uses the phrase, bx sakar, or suks, Greek Ginepa, trobar Anger

also Dasid. Let to enebriate, signihes ary kind of feriented and - tasds be as the evening bebrating qurbside *in, JEROM

ve 1419 Su6.23.7. De 108 - Itform:4 us, that ncera in llebrew denotes any 38. 10. 2013. SCL.6.3. P.79.17. inebriation liquor, whether made of com, the 5. Ac.1.26. & Co.13.14. Hej.uice of appies, honey, dates, of any other t uit

These different kinds of louons are de ribed ** la.1.51.32. He 9.918 the glory. by PLINY, who calls them ita fac nina 14-15 13,2

of the four Drohibited driekamour the Mo bese pictims were con- harmedans in India is cailed saker which Ef Dobran kondiing. Jose denotes inebriating inquor in general, but espe. ***** mata tre proxeeded from the cally date in shall be See 19h. 3.17.

se on its own ac turd, which trad 10 ch.11.17.-20.25.26. Je.15.19. kze 42.26 rofast of lettning, and con. 44.23. Tit. 115. 1 Pe.1.14..16.

2 * 2 pou the altar. 1.6.13. (e. 11 De..48.-30.10, CU 17.9.-W.9 NHCB. HE IS 19 1.21.- iki.-9.13,14. Je...8.-18.18. Mal...7. Malo.20. Ac. 1C214 Ch 6.9.-7.1... Ps.90.97. ITh4...

* hey shed. Ge 17.3. Nu. 1. Take. ch.11.-6.15..18.-7.9.-01.09. FX99 . - 17.3. Eur.3.11. Mat Nu, 18.9.10, Far. 14.8). for * 1# most. ch.01 ***

13 ye shall. Nu 18.10. jer se I. ch.9 3.-6.16.

14 thg).3.2.1. Ex.)..., St.18.1. CHAP. X.


15 heart shoulder. ch.7.89.), 9. for ener, ch.7. En ser and his eyi ere forbid 31. Ge 13.15-172.11.17. IGO 913.11.

Th. priests are for. 16 the goal.ch.6.20 $0.-9.3.15. angry. Ex. 19.. sho tare te poate the tabernacle, 09. Nu... Mat..... Mar.15.-10.14. P. 26. The steg tar hely things, 12 15.

17 H'herefore (1.6 0.69-767. to bear. ch. Take the transgreining thereof, 16-20.

16.09.-20.16. Ex.28 $8,13. u 181. 1.390 11. 7.11.-09. E.03.-24.1.9.-08. Eze 4.1.6.-18.19,20. Jo'.1.99. 200.5.21. tle.g.

IL cere ch.16.13. Ex.73.-B. 1 Pe... 24. 24.lle 9.4 mt incense. Ex. 18 the blud. ch.6.30. as I commanded. ch.6.06.). 13.-111-5.39.-40.97. iki131,9. 19 this day ch.9 8,19. He 7 7.-98. shuld

2 PM Je Lu.l. De.197.-26.14. 1Sa 17,8. 1$ 111,15. le.6.20.Lage ch.9.31.-16.12. So. 16. 14.19. llo.9.4. Mal.1 10.1.3.-213. P.4 Pet Fr. De 4.9.-12.3.-17.3. Je, 90 he was content. Ch.30.18. 20. Mat.19.3..7.

Bitap HALL Says It is 20. Zec.7.18.19. im in the service of God. to o ir tutins-we have to

CHAP XI. 21:40 35 Wise to prescribe his own What beast may, 1-3: and what may not be eaten,

teggire ut at he has prescribed 4-8 What ihn, 9-1: Flat fowl., 13-23 The Titrateege what be bas not pre creeping them which are unclear, 29 47

• De. 11.3.8. Eze. 4.14. Da 1.8. Mat.15.11. Mar. 1.-16.1. 03.3,4 -16.35.- 19. AC 10.18,14. Ro. 111.4.4..6


his year.

46 This is the law of the beasts, and of B. C. 1190. 7 But if the scab spread much the fowl, and of every living creature

in the skin, after that he hath that inoveth in the waters, and of every

of the priest for his cleansing, be creature that creepeth upon the earth;

ach. 10. 10.

seen of the priest again : 47 To make a difference between the

Eze, 41. 3.

8. And if the priest see that, bu unclean and the clean, and between the Mal. 3. 18. scal, spreadeth in the skin, then tt beast that may be eaten and the beast

shall pronounce him unctean : that may not be eaten.

b Nu.12.10,12 leprosy. CHAP XII.

2 Ki.5. 27.

9 When the plague of leprosy AND the LORD spake unto Moses, say

2 Ch.26.19, man, then he shall be brought

20. priest; 2 Speak unto the children of Israel,

10 And the priest shall see kuu Saying, If a woman have conceived seed,

behold, if the rising be white in

c Job 14.4. and bor a man-child; then she shall

and it have turned the hair wb

Ps, 51.5. be unclean seven days; according to the

Lu. 2. 22.

there be Bquick raw flesh in the days of the separation for her intimity

11 It is an old leprosy in the si shall she be unclean.

tlesh; and the priest sball prorou 3 And in the eighth day the flesh of 3 the quick- unclean, and shall not shut him his foreskin shall be circumcised.

ering of

he is unclean. 4. And she shall then continue in the

19 Aud if a leprosy break out

flesh. blood of her puritying three and thirty

in the skin, and the leprosy cose days: she shall touch no hallowed thing.

skin of him thar hath the plague 1 nor come into the sanctuary, until the d ch. 15. 19. head even to his foot, wherese days of her puritying be fulfilled.

priest looketh; 5 But if she bear a inaid-child, then she e Ge. 17.12. 13 Then the priest shall conside shall be unclean two weeks, as in her se Lu. 2. 21. behold, if the leprosy have cost paration : & she shall continue in the blood Jno.722,23. his tesh, he shall pronounce Ara of her purifying threescore and six days. Ro, 3, 19. that hath the plague : it is all 6 And when the days of her purifying

Ga. 5. 3. white: he is clean. are fulfilled, for a son, or for a daughter,

14 But when raw flesh appea she shall bring a lamb y of the first year | Lu. 2. 22. him, he shall be unclean. for a burnt offering, and a young pigeon,

15 And the priest shall see the ra or a turtle dove, for a sin-ottering, unto & Is. 64. 6. and pronounce him to be uncle the door of the tabernacle of the congre Jno. 9. 41. the raw flesh is unclean: it is al gation, unto the priest;

16 Or if the raw flesh turn axa 7 Who shall offer it before the LORD,

be changed unto white, he sha and make an atonement for her; and she ran of unto the priest; shall be cleansed from the issue of her

17 And the priest shall see his blood. This is the law for her that hath

behold, if the plague be turned int born a male or a seinale.

heh. 5.7. then the priest shall pronounce ta. 8 And A if d she be not able to bring a

that hath the plague: he as clean. lamb, then she shall bring two turtles, or her hand 18 The flesh also, in which, lic two young pigeons, the one for the burnt And not skin thereot, was a i boil, and is b offering, and the other for a sin-oftening; whiciency 19 And in the place of the bo and the priest shall make an atonement

of a lamb. be a white rising, or a bright spot for ber, aud she shall be clean.

and somewhat reddish, and it be CHAP. XIII.

i Ex. 9. 9.

to the priest; AND the LORD spake unto Moses and 15. 26. 20 And if, when the priest seet Aaron, saying,

hold, it be in sight lower than tt 2 When a man shall have in the skin

and the hair thereof be turned ab of his flesh a Grising, a scab, or bright


priest shall pronounce him unclea spot, and it be in the skin of his flesh like

a plague of leprosy broken out of the plague of leprosy ; then he shall be

On But it the priest look on it, brought unto Aaron the priest,' or unto De 29, 27. hold, there be no white hairs there one of his sons the priests:

Is. 3. 17.

U it be not lower than the skin 3 And the priest shall look on the

somewhat dark, then the pries plague in the skin of the flesh; and u hen i De. 17. N, 9. stut bim *** up seven days: the bair in the plague is turned white,

21. 92 And if it spread much abroas and the plague in sight be deeper than the

Mal. 2.7. skin, then the priest shall pronous skin of his flesh, it is a plague of leprosy:

Lu. 17. 14. unclean: it is a plague, and the priest shall look on him, and pro.

93 But if the bright spot stay nounce bim unclean.

m I Co. 5.5. place, and spread not, it is a burnt 4 If the bright spot be white in the skin

and the priest shall pronounce hits of his Hesh, and in sight be not deeper - Job 34. 31.) whereof "there is na hot burnia

91 Or it there be any tlesh, in than the skin, and the hair thereof be noti Pr. 13. turned white; then the priest shally shut I Pe. 4.3. the quick flesh that burneth hare up him tha: hath the plague seven days :

bright spot, somewhat reddiel, or 5 And the priest shall look on hin the

25 Then the priest shall look u

o 2 Co. 2. 7. seventh day and, behold, if the plague

and, behold, if the hair in the brie in his sight be at a stay, and the plazue

be turued white, and it be me sight spread not in the skin, then the priest na burning than the skin, it is a leprosy brod sball shut him up seven days more :

of fire.

of the burning; wherefore the 6 And the priest shall look on him agam

shall pronounce hun unclean: it the seventh day, and, behold, is the plague 1s. 3. 24. plague of leprosy. be somewhat dark, and the placue Spread

20 But it the priest look on it, a not in the skin, the priest shall pronounce hin clean it is brut o scab uulitshani 9 Nu. 12. 13. hold, there be no white hair in the

spot, and it be no lower than the wash bis clothes, and be clean.

skin, but he somewhat that th

Por, neell

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