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all that the LORD commanded Moses. B. C. 1491. paz, and a carbuncle: this see 23 And with him was Aholiab, son of

11 And the second row, Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dall, in en. a ch. 35. 34. sapphire, and a diamond. graler, and a cunning workman, and an

12 And the third row, embroiderer in blue, and in purple, and ICh. 29. 14. agate, and an amethyst. in scarlet, and hne linen.


13 And the fourth row SU All the gold that wits occupied for Hag. 2.& onyx, and a jasper: they tan the work in all the work of the holy place,

ouches of gold in their inc even the gold of the ottering, was twenty &c Re. 21. 12.

14 And the stones were ac nine talents, and seven hundred and thurty

names of the children of i shekels, after the shekeld of the sanctuary. d ch 30.13,21. according to their names, l. 05 And the silver of them that were

Le. 5. 15.

ings of a signet, every one numbered of the congregation was an 27.3, 25. according to the twelve tri hundrert talents, and a thousand seven Nu, 3. 47.

15 And they made upon hundred and threescore and titteen she

18. 16.

chains at the ends, of wre hels, alter the shekel of the sanctuary :

pure gold. 90 A bekab for Bevery miell, that is, half

3 a poll.

10 And they made two ( a shekel, after the shekel of the sanctuary,

and two gold rings, and put for every one that went to be nunbered,

in the two ends the brea from twenty years old and upward, for

e ch.30.13,15.

17 And they put the tv SIX hundred thousand and three thou.

chains of gold in the two sand and five hundred and fitty men,

Nu. I. 46.

ends of the breastplate. 97 And of the hundred talents of silver

26. öl.

18 and the two ends of the were cast the sochets at the sanctuary,and

chains they tastened in th the sockets of the vail; an hundred sockets & Ca. 1. 10. and put them on the shou of the hundred talents, a talent for a socket

the epliod, before it, 28 A:ad of the thousand seven hundred h ch.26.19.32. 19 And they made two seventy and five shekels he made hooks

and put them on the tw for the pillars, and overlaid their chapi-lich. 27. 17. breastplate, upon the borde ters, andi filleted them.

was on the side of the epho 29 And the brass of the oftering tous

20 And they made two

k ch. 3 31. seventy talents, and two thousand and

rings, and put them on the ti tour hundred shekels.

efthod unciemeatli, toward 1 30 And there with he inade the sockets to I ch.25. 4. it, over against the other con the door of the tabernacle of the congrega

35. *3.

above the curious girdle or tion, and the brazen iltar, and the bracen

21 And they did bind the grate for it, and all the ressels of the altır, on ch.31. 10. his rings unto the nngs oft 31 And the sockets of the court round

35. 19. at lace of blue, that it inigh about, and the sochets of the court gate,

curious girdle of the ephod and all the pins of the tabernacle, itbd all nch. 28. 1. bre.stplate might not be lo the pius of the court round about. Eie. 42.14. ephodi as the LORD comin CHAP. XXIII.

0 And he inade the robe AND of the blue, and purple, and

och. 23. 6. of woven work, all of blue, scarlet, they made" cloths of service, to Le, 8.7.

63 And there was an hold do service in the holy place, and made

of the robe, as the hole ore the holy garments for Aaron; as the

caith a band round about th LOR1) * commanded Moses.

p ch.99. 33.

should not rend. And br made the ephodnf gold, blue,

24 And they made upon ti and purple, & scarlet, i tme twmedling. Ca. 4. 13. robe pomegranates of blue 3 And they did beat the gold into thin

and scarlet, and twined lin plates, and cut it into wires, to work it mr ch.29.39,40. 03 And they made P bells the blue, und in the purple, in the scarlet,

and put the bell between t and in the fine linens, a wh cunning work.

o ch.25.41,33. hate upon the hem of the + l'hey hade shoulder-pieces for it, to

about between the pomegra couple it together: by the two edges was ich. 29. 42.

20 d bell and a pome.rar it coupled together.

Eze. 44.2 a pomegranate, round abou 5 And the curious girdle of his ephod,

the robe to minister ini : that was upon it, as of the same, accord uch.23.9.12. comuanded Moses. my to the work thereot; of gold, blue,

7 And they made' coats and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined v ch. 23.3). of woven work, for Aaron an diuen; as the LORD commanded Meses,

98 And a mitrenne line 6 And they wrought onyx stones in.

we ch.29. 29.

bonnets of fine linen, and! closed in ouches ot gold, graven, as sig.

Jos. 4.7.

of fine tunned linen, nets are graven," with the names of the children of Israel.

29 And a' xirdle of fine Ich 15,&c.

and blue, and purple, and sca 7 And he put them on the shoulders of

v Zec. 14.20.

work; as the LORD coinman the ephod, that they should be stones for a

30 And they made the plu memorial" to the children of Israel; as

crown pure gold, and wr the LORD commanded Moses.

#ter. 1. 13.
ch. 3. 10.

writing like to the engraving 8 And he niade the breastplate of

De. 12. 3.

TIOLINESS TO THE LO cunning work, like the work of the ephod;

I Sal... 31. And they tied unto it a of gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet, ICh.19. to tasten ir on high upon t and tine twined linen,

Mat. 20. the LORD commanded Mos 9 It was foursquare; they made the He. 8. 5. 30 Thus was all the work breastplate double: a span was the length

nacle of the tent of the thereof, and a span the breadth thertot, a Re.21.19,20. tinished: and the children o being doubler.

ccording to all that th 10 And they set in it four rows of or, ruby. mandied Moses, so did they.

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P 117.5. Je 1.2. MatX.20. 7 a memorial. ch.08.19,29. Jos 17.


# See (1,25.7.-28.4.13..29. Len&9 149 - Le PRIEIEI e attie of $81.9.17 6.14.

10 the prut tot See on ch.2 16,17,91. ke 3rd T. orttelier 81.19. 21 sa drus, er, ruhy. 7925) is a sata stekel 11 a diamond. I te word yahalom my means

...!: 27335 to 45.46 5. the dramind, friti halam, to brat, me, fue e au2 tsreke at Drags, of its externe hard rent, by wirn it will be

Met. Don); to pieces tie other strives it is a fir.d H., the brais, 1077 Sustaike, derer debased rith an ad: ixtire at

ze total sue of all the iter tales; susceptible of eixant fitses from

AK, 1. sequent y all. ruit Detalline particles, fie with stor 12. Cla! wetsofthese termsenting with and menstrua scarcely call

!:00 1. unds trey, Otable by at y deiree of fire, and in the to the top writ, seal siipie and per valent balleu ailegt.ts *STLETIS so poveds'-It may, It is the baridest and onlleiras,

Wheu pure, perfectiy clear in pelle ra the te posessed ci so much yealth clearest water, after it notiy distid

out be reenbesni, from all otier substanses by its list si eks** &rzrs were colest men before dotar, and the brightest (! its retettine's * St; ut temere fart.rs 10 a ligure. Teshem, the lige « tte at a

balso the typtian and the jacinth, or hyacinth, # poetas steuerta **** satt prettle the stand deep red, with a conserbe te of Britime

to w bo bordered on THEOPHRASTUS and PLINY Mitreven big

re prea the three rea the carbuncie, of a bratr sparkling me Stresbou id tave brendre en agale. Sheco, the agaie, a vera e rid

estret of the taberunkie, ora pound gern, formed of diteren Sie mnie *5 1 7 tbe feast's rings with the deals, as chalcedony, cofarlialı, Jaspei, darbe

e 11 Dr Majesty, and site, quartz, amethyst opai, &d irre.

9. 1o take out gularly or in layers. It is of blue, redtuk,

of cosetousnes. Dellor ish, or greenish ground, also varu ly 7*jede and a gwry, by leading the red in its subalaixe as to represent sanita, votre disse servire even the trees, animals, anit (Alier ubber an amenil

I ch.11.16.- schlamah, an amerhut, atrangarent gener

ug. ch.23 2.-4.-15. Pored ul a strong biue acut deepnediad afbord. w skabe Le 5.15.-7.3,25. in as either pre alls, atturinn hattei en ti...es

of pu ple, someties approaching to wlot. and 2: 3515 15.10. every man. Heh, a sometimes even fata lo & the rune Cour. 16.1** ended. ch.12.17 No.1.46. 13 a beryl. Ta skuh, a pellucid xen, otava,

or blauensk green colour. a jarper. Tanpek, the 1.17.17.

jasper, a hard stone, or which there are not lees 1.3.-47 10.17.

than fifteen varieties of colour, us preen, red, CHAP XXXIX

velioli, brun, black, dr.

14 Re. 119. The siste 1. The role

15 chains at the ends, ch 8.14. 9 Ch.1.5. Ca. Té co, re, and goodle 1.10. Jn" 10.2.-17.15 I Pe. 1.5. Jude ..

Tkx plate of the holy item, 16 gold met. ch.23.12. kised, verteved, and apyroord by 18 ta urethon. ch.28.11. Ca.1.10. ephed.

ver.8. 5.&-6.1.-15.23. baths.ch.31. 20 coupling. ch.06.3. is place. Ps.635 Ize.43.12. lle 9. fl as the Lord. Mit 16,87.1 Pe...16. 3 3 4.-31.10. Eze. 42.14. 22 Ser 0..1831 33. 03.12. 87.

4 they made.ch.22.33. pomegranate (a 3..2. 6.1.-3, 20 beils, ch.18.33,34. Psy 15.

the pomera E-91. Le 87. Isil, nares. Ca. 4.13. & L, V4.0. I Co.11.23 et pomegranate ch.28.31.Ca 4.3,13.-6.7. hem.

Tapint of the word De...12. Mat 9.00. Det er determined. It has been 7 cals. See od ch.98 99. 49 L R 13 14 10. 37 c red a berzi, ime: ald, prants, Eze. 14.10. Ro.3.2-13.14. Ga 3.17. P.1.0.8.

diet, rudy. carmlan, onys, and I l'e.1.13. fine, the word Vosh serins rather

tray sily bott; the unit and to mean cotton, than either one lonen, or vilk, 3. The latter 1.é is a mixture of the called also buti, and by the Greeks and Romans, history and redus, metunes D strata, puroor, byssus.

Tinied together and is a mure.Ch.84.19. F ze 44.18. Ion C..19, * kase and we trata, or breeches. Michnasim, trom tanas, to stap runud. kiraly allowed that there is 1. pudle. Tinet, a belt or girile, of the sx,

epe in hardness, between same kind as the eastern sash, which connues Tin, rétagı!d, sardonyr, and the loose garments about the waist; and in

Tesci a darkisk bayray colour, which their long skirts are fucked up when at Attor Ante firm which arcum work or on a journey. Chi V.

iTe on. It has often a 30 the plare. See on rh. 36.-28.36.39. I Co. ditet te or red in it, and when 1.3). !6.521. le.1.3. 7.10. HOLINES

of this white there appears ch 28.56. Zec.14.2 lit.2.11. Re:5.10. testind coirnil, the jewellers call 39 all the ser. 31, 48. ch. XXV. XXXI.

See on ch.25.7.-28.9.- XXXV..XL L.VII-IX.,31,36, 9.1 8.13.

muebes, mishbezoch, 37.-4.4..32. according. ver.49.13. ch.95.40,- 40. em sa deti to insert the stones in, 32. De.19.32. 1 Sa.15.02.1 Ch.28.10. Mat.28.90.

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33 the tent. ch. XXV.XXX.-31.7..11.- 35. 19 the tent. ch.96.1..14.-36.8..19. 11..19.-XXXVI..XL.

20 the testimony. ch. 16.3.-25.16 35 the mercy cai. ch.05.17. He.9.5,8.

Ps.40.8. Mat.3.15. mercy. ver.3. ch. 30 the sherbicad. ch.25.30. 1h1.7.18.

3.25.-10.1. He.4.16.-10.19.91. 1 Jo 37 tr : 41, Ex.271. 14t5.14,.lo. Phì.2, 15, 1 91 he brought. ver.3. ch.26.33.-3

38 sueet incense, Hleb, the inceuse of sweet covered. He.10.19,20. spices.

co he put. Jno.0.33..57. Ep.38. 39 Ex.38.30. Iki.8.61.

ver.24, ch.26.35. si cloths. ver.l. ch.31.10. the holy. Ex.28.2. 03 ver.4. ch.05.30. Mat.19.4. He.

4. According. ver. 32. ch. 23, 21,00.-I.. 24 ch,25,31, 35,-37.1.4. Ps. 19 XXXI. Dt.19.32. Mat.28. 20. 11.2.15.-17. 1,5,9.-8.12. ke.1.20.-2.5. mude. ch.35.10.

25 ver.t. ch.05.37. Re.4.5. 13 did look. ch. 10.05. Ge. 1.31. l's.101.31. 30 ver.5. ch.30.1..10. Mat.23.19. blened them, Ge.14.19. L.9.00,23. Nu.0.23.27. XVII. He.7.05.-10.1. 1 Jno.2.1. Jos. 2.6. Sa.ti.18. U 1.8.11. i Ch.16.2. 2 Ch.O. 27 ch.30.7. 3.-30.27. Ne.11... Ps.9.11.

18 ver 5. ch.20.36,37.-38.9.19. J CILAP. XL.

9. Ep.2.18. le.10.19,20. The tabernacle is commanded to be reared, anointed, So the altar, ver.6. ch.97.1..8.-30.

and consecrated, 1-12. Aaron and his sons to be 19. R0.3.24..26. He.9.19.-13.5,6,10. sanctified, 13-15 Mosrs performeth all things 09.38,&c. accordingly, 16-33. d cluud coverith the taber. 30 ver. 7. ch.30.18..21.-38. 8. Ece nacle, 37-38.

10.12. o the first month, ver.17. ch.12.1,2.-13.4. Nu. 31 icashed. Ps.26.6.-51.6,7.Jno.13.10 7.1. tabernacle. ver.6,18,19. cb. 32 as the Lord, ver.19. ch.30.19.90 21.-30.30.-33.11.-30.18.

33 up the court. vers. ch.27.9..] 3 VOL. 20,21. ch.25. 10,00.-26.31,33,31.-35.12. Mat 10.8. 1 Co.19,12,98. Ep.4.11.13 --30.35,30.-37.1.... Le.16.11. Nu.1.5. Re.11.19. the tabernacle. The tabernacle mist

4 the table. ver.2, 25. ch.05.23..30.-46.35,10. called a house or a tent, because it ! --37.10. 24. the things that, &c. lleó. the order walls and partitions like a house, a thereof. Le 24.5,6,8. The candlestick, ver.27,45. and hangings like a tent; but as a See on ch.25.31.39,

resembled a common oblong tep 5 the altar, ver.26.27. ch 30.1.,5.-35.95..28. wooden walls were without a roof, at 37.25.28. Ju".14.6. ll.9.21.-10.19..24. i Juo... only supports for the many curtains 1,9, pul ver.28. ch.96.36,37.

ings spread over them, it is more pro 6 ver.29. See on ch.97.1.8.-38.1..7. Ep.1.6.7. a tent. Even the ordinary tents of lle.13.10. 1 Ju".2.2.-1.9.10.

have at least two main divisions ; th 7 ver 30..3.. See on ch.30.18...1.-38.8. Ps.96.6. for the women, and hence called Zec.13.1. 111.3.5. He, 10.00, 1Jno.1.7. Ke.1.5.6. cut off, inaccessible. In the tent of

8 the court, ver.33. See on ch.27.9..19.-38.9. inrermest space is accessible to him 20. Mat.16.18. 1 C0.12.28. Ep.1.11.12.

those whoin he particularly bonour O the unorting oil. ch. 30.03.33.-37.29.-39. outer tent others may come.

Tire 39. Le.8.10. Nu.7.1. Ps.15.1. 13.11.9.-01.1. Mat. costly, the floor covered with a rich 3.10. Ju.3.34. 960.1.1.90. 1 Jno.2.20.

has a stand with a censer and coals.c 10 saniy. 01.29.30,37. Le 8.11. Is. 11...-61. cense is strewed. Ilence we have 1. 1.1.3,34.-1719. most holy. Hleb, holiness of ideat atter which this magnificentro holinesses. Lu.l.35. iCo.1.30.9C0.5.91. He.7.20. Jehovab, the hing and God of the

1. See ou ch.29. 1..35. Le, 8.1..13.-1X. Is. was made. hanging. Jo°.10.9.-14 11.1.3.-01.1.3. Mat.3.16. Lu.1.35. Jn".3.31. Ro. He.1.14..16. Su Moses, ch.39.32. Il 6.3. Gd.1.1.

4.9. Jn'. 1.3.-17.4. O 11.1.7. He.3.2 13 anomu him. See on ch.98.41. Is.61.1. Juo.3. 31 a cloud. ch.13.91.02.-14.19,90). 31.-17.19. He. 10.10,99. I Jn.2.20.07.

20.-29.43.-33.9. Lt.16.2. Nu.9.15 1; I9.44.3.5,-6110, Jno.1.16. Ro.8.30,-13.14. 8,10,11. Ch... 13-72, P.18, 10 12 1 C..1.0.30.

0.t. Eze.43.1..7. Hag.2.7.9. Re.15.8.15 toerlasting. ch.12.14.-30.31,33. Nu.85.13. 33 Le.16.2. 1h1.8.11. 2 Ch.5.14.Ps.110.4. Ile. 1.-7.3,7,17.01.-VIII...

Re. 15.8. 10 according. Ver. 17.39. ch.43,21,09.-39.49, 36 when. ch.13.91,00. Nu.10.11..13 43. De. 1.9.-12.30. 13.8.20. Mat.28.20.1 Col... 17..23. Ne 9. 19. Ps.78.11.-105.3).

17 An. Ex. Is... A bit. ver.1,.. A 0.7.2,-9.1. Co 5.19.20. went onward. Heb. jou

18 reared, ver.l.ch.26.15..30.-36.20..31. Le.96. 37 S | 19, P.3115. 11. Eze 37.7.68Jn".1.14. G.1.1.1 Pe.15. Re. 38 the cloud, ch.13.21. Su.9.15. 21.3. and fastened 13.33 40. Mat. -105.39. 15.4.5,6.

CONCLUDING REMARKS. Moses was undoubtedly the author of this Book, which forms a continuation of the preced evidently written after the promulgation of the law : it embraces the history of about 145 having in the Book of Geuesis described the creation of the world, the origin of nations, audi of the carth, details in the Book of Exodus the commencement and nature of the Jewish Cage which bas very properly been termed a Thecracy. (teo-pata, from Oct, Gud, and para which Jehovat appears not merely as their Creator and God, but as their king. Hence this and ing books of Moses are not purely historical; but contain not only laves for the regulation of conduct and the rites and ceremonies of their rel glous sership. bot judicial and political law government and civil lite. The stupendous facts connected with these events, may be clear by consulting the marginal references ; and many of the circumstances are confirined by th of heathen writers. Apenins a l'vthagorean philosopher, mentioned by Enarbus, speak. of tion of the propicians, whom he calls Jaunps and Jambore, to the miracles of Moses of these maritians are not preserved in the Sated Teat, vet tradition had preserved them in records, from which St. Paul (2Ti 3.) undoubtedly quotes, Add to this that many of the po heathen respecting the appearance of the Deity, and their religious institutions and laws, we from this book; and many of their fables were nothing more than distorted traditions of i which are here plainly related by Moses.


sub, et temay manister unto

lises the test, and alt bis furns B. C. 1891. clothe them with coats: des, les boards, bis bers, and

15 And thou shalt anoint them, as the sed las societs.

a Xu. 3. 12. didst anout their father, that they ky o the corentax ram sms Ps 110 4 minister unto me in the priesto.cat ad ud te conering ot badigers H2.7.1-24 their abouting shall surely be an ever de 16 the correring.

latin priesthood througiauut their pe E The art of the test. euy. and the Sa. I. peratsit. Le berea, the Tatsy-seat,

ther inerek

16 l bus did Meses according to all betasteand all the sessels thereof,

af merrt

that the Lord manned ..., it! pieri.

17 Audit came to their love to Deputat'estick, tá tive lamps & c. 16.

jo the second year, ou the torst day of te cate of the sprich 1.8. muth, that the taberriarle was tvaivaip and all the resets thereof, and the

18 Awas realed up the tabrale,

e ch.21 and fateved hus soxckets, alal tu the und the prides altar, and the

boardthereot, and put in the bar there ting oi, od tae secet inceuse, y eh. 31. 10. ot, and reared what play. be bergengste tabernacle durrer, 4

19 Apd be spread abroad the tent over The roses aitar, and us frate of

the tabernacle, and put the nelle 3 is us, ad all his vessels, the th 2%. the tent above upon it, as the LORD

ich 35. 10. commanded Moses. Bons of the court, his pollars, j Ge. 14. 19. 90 And he took and put the testimony

and the banning for the Le... into the ark, and set the stases the ark, pascards, and his pats, and all N27 & put the d mercy-seal above upon the ark. 15 serrace of the taberna

21 And be briuxit the art into the tatees of the congregation,

28. 6. 14 bernacle, and set up the vallt the *** Dece of service to do service

IKLS 14. vening, and con ered the at the test e part, at the boy garments

2.c.307. mony, as the LORD (09.mmanded Verses kan se prest, and lip suas gar

Ne. 11. 2.

. And be put the table in the test of Bater in the priest's othce.

the courte 44tko, upon the sum of the ta Listambay to all that the LORD com. & ver. 1 bernar le northward, without the vil edesso the children oi Israel

ch. 26. 37. 13 And he set tbe tread in order up

1 ver. 17. it betere the Lord, as the LORD haut os dad look upon all the

ch. 12. 2 comminanded Moses bed, they has done it as

13.4. 94 And be put the candlestak in the test La costat ded, even so bad

No.7.1. of the congregation, oser against the tale, can it ad Moses) blessed them. meh. 30. 7. on the sade of the tabernacle wrth * arit CHAP. XL

25 And he lighted the lamp is to the DE LEED Scake unto Moses sayine. €1.77.1,2. LORD; as the LORD coriftunded Vers Cette first days of the first month

the order

26 And he put the oldest wiar la the Erst we the tabernacle of the


tent of the congregation to ture the sal

27 And be burut sweet Det se there put therein the ark of Le. 24. &

on, as the LORD commanded Vine me, and cover the ark with the p ver. 7. 28 Aud be set up the hang mind at the

ch. 30. 18 door of the tabernacle, And the salt bring in the table, & set , ver. 30 29 And he put in altar of burnt offer bora the esses that are to be set in

c. 30. 18 ing by the door of the tabernate the at and thou shalt bring in the', ek3019en tent of the contex atson, and these up Flex, ad lagts the lamps thereof. Ps. 73. 13. it the butt ottern and the mat otiersea shalt set the altar of gold

. ver.

ing; as the LORD commanded More sange beure the ark of the testi

ch. 7.9,16

30 And be set the laver between the the hanging of the door

tent of the congregation and the aitar, I ch. 30. 26.

and put water there, to wash wal Si ta salt set the altar of the

3 ch.12.21.22

31 And Moses, and Aarot), and has mus, Pateteng before the door of the ta

washed their hands and their teet theret: aces the test of the congregation. Le. 16. 2.

32 When they went into the tent the fax thea salt set the laver be Nu. S. 15.

congregatiot., aod when they came near ette te the congregation and IKI, 10 unto the altar, they washed,

I put water therein. 2 Ch. 12 LORD commanded Moses. And totalt set up the court round

33 And he reared up' the court round za se up the banging at tbe

PsI8j0.12 about the tabernacle and the altar, and

set up the hanging of the court mate kad tisa shat take the anointing oil,

Hag.2.79. So Moses finished the work on the tabernacle, and all that

Re. 15. 8.1 34 1hen a cloud covered the tent of lands, and stak hallow it, and all the ch3936,7. the congregation, and the glory of the ten: and it shall be holy,

holines of LORD filled the tabernacle. And the salt anoint the altar of the

$5 And Moses was not able to enter effent, and all he vessels, and - Ne. 9. 19. into the tent ct the congregation, because

sitz: and it shall be an, - Le.&.1.13. the cloud abode thereon, and the wory 1 Add to bait anoint tbe laver and


of the LORD filled the tabernacle.

36 And wben the cloud" was taken up y Ps. 31. 15.

from over the tabernacle, the children of And the strait bringAaron and his ch.2.4. Israel (went on ward in all their journey ut the door of the tabernacle of the

I 61.1.

37 But if the cloud were not taken up. on, and was them with water.

1 Ju".2.20. then they journeyed not) til the day to bent put upon Aaron the dno.17. 19. that it was taken up. anowat him, and Ps.714 8 For the cloud of the Lorposar upon

105. 39. the tabernacle by day, and fire was on it base mets ofhce.

by night, in the sight of all the touse of

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B. C. 1490.

AND the Lord called unto Moses, and

And when any will offer spake unto him out of the tabernacle of a ch. 6. 14. fering unto the LORD, his ofte the congregation, saying,

9. 17.

be of fine four; and he shall

Nu. 15. 4. 2 Speak unto the children of Israel,

upon it, and put frankincense t

b Ex. 19. 3. and say unto them, If any man of you

2 And he shall bring it to Air bring an offering unto the LORD, ye shall Nu.13.1, 1. the priests: and he hall take the

c ch... 8 bring your offering of the cattle, even of

handful of the flour thereof, and

d ver. 9. the herd, and of the flock.


thereof, with all the trankincens 3 If his offering be a burnt-sacrifice of

Ac. 10. 1.

and the priest shall burn the me the herd, let him offer a male' without ch.3. ). it upon the altar, to be an offer blemish: he shall ofter it of his own vo 2.2. 21. by fire, of a sweet savour unto ti luntary will at the door of the tabernacle Ex. 13. 5. 3 And the remnant of the to of the congregation before the LORD). De. 15. 21. ing shall be Aaron's and his so 4 And he shall put his hand/ upon the

Mal. 1. 11. a thing most holy of the offerin head of the burnt-offering; and it shall

Lu. 1.35. LORD made by fire. be 8 accepted for him, to make le atoue

Jno. 1. 36. 4 And if thou bring an obla ment for hiin.

Ep. 5. 27

ineat-offering baken in the ove

He. 9. 14. 5 And he shall kill the bullock before

de unleavened cakes of fine flour

I Pe. 1. 19. the LORD: and the priests, Aarou's sons,

with oil, or unleavened wafery! sball bring the blood, and sprinkle & the


with oil.

4. 13. blood round about upon the altar that is 8.11

.. 5 And if thy oblation be a my by the door of the tabernacle of the con

16. 21.

ing haken Pin a pan, it shall gregation

Ex.29.10,15 Hour unleavened, mingled with 6 And he shall flay the burnt offering,

19. 6 Thou shalt part it in pieces and cut it into his pieces.

Nu 8. 12. oil thereon: it is a meat offerin) 7. And the sons of Aaron the priest Is. 63. 4..6. 7 And if thy oblation de a in shall put fire upon the altar, and lay the

2 Co.j. 21. ing baken in the frying pan, it wood in order upon the fire:

8 ch. 221,27. made of tine flour with oil, 8 And the priests, Aaron's sons, shall

18. 36.7,

8 And thou shalt bring the

A ch.1.-12. lay the parts, the head, and the fat, in

ing that is made of these things

9.7.-16.21 order upon the wood that is on the fire

LORD: and when it is presented

Nu 13.-. which is upon the altar:


priest, he shall bring it unto the 9 But his inwards and his le rs shall he

lle. 10.4.

9 And the priest shall take front wash in water and the priest small burn Jn.2... offering a memorial thereor, &sh all on the altar, ao be a burnt-sacrifice, an i Ex. 29. 2. it upon the altar: it is an offering ottering made by fire, of a" sweet savour k ch.3. 8. fire, of a sweet savour unto the L unto the LORD).

2 Ch.35.11. 10. And that which is left of 10 And it his offering be of the flocks, I. 52. 15. ottering shall be Aaron's and to namely, of the sheep, or of the goats, for le. 12. 24. it is a thing most holy of the ofe a burnt sacrifice : be shall bring it a male Bor, on a the LORD made by fire. without blemish.

Nat plate,

11 No meat-offering, which 11 And he shall kill it on the side of the or, slice.

bring unto the ORD. Shall be ir

Ich. 6. 15. altar" northward brfore the LORD: and

leaven' for ye shall burn no lex the priests, Auron's sons, shall sprinkle; "Exe202 any honey, in any offering of the his blou round about upon the altar :

Ep. 5...

male by tire. 19 And he shall cut it into his pieces, Ph. 4.1

12 As for the obliation of the with his head and his fat: and the priest Ex. 40.22. truits, ye shall offer thein unto the shall lay them in order on the wool that Eze, S. 5. but they shall not y be burnt og is on the tire which is upon the altar. och. 6. 17. for a sweet savour.

13 But he shall wash the inward, and Ex12.19.20 13 And every oblation of the the lens with water: and the priest shall Mat. 16.11. ofteriug shalt thou season with bring it all, and burn it upon the altar: Mar. 111. neither shalt thou sutter the se it is a burnt-sacrifice, an ottering maile

Lu. 12.1.

Costant of thy God to be lack by fire of a sweet savour unto the LORD, 1C0.5.6... thy meat offering: with all that 11 And if the burnt sacritice for his

p ch.3,10,11 offering to the LORD be of fowly, then he

Ex. 22. 21.

ings thou shalt otter salt. Y mecend.

11 And it thou ofter a ineat-otte shall bring his ottering of' turtle doves,

9 Nu. 19.

thy first-fruits into the LORD, or of young pigeons.


itter for the meat-ottering of 15 And the priest shall bring it unto the

Eze. 43. 21. truits green ears of corn driest by altar, and d wring off his head, and burn

Mar. 4. 49.ecen con betten out of full ears ut on the altar; and the blood thertof shall ch.5.7 -12.5. 15 And thou shalt put oil upog be wrund out at the side of the altar : Lu.2.24. lav frankincense thereon: it u a

16 And he shall pluck away his cropor, pinch ottering. with his Sieathers, and cast it beside the off the head 10. And the priest shall burnt altar oo the east part, by the place of withthanai norial of it, part of the beaten com the ashes :

5 2K1, 4.4.of, and part of the vil thereof, * 17 And he shall cleare it with the wings = or, the fill the frankincense thereot: it is an thereof, but shall not! divide it asunder:

& Ge. 13. 10.

ing inade by tire unto the LORD. and the priest shall burn it upon the altar, a ch.7.11.99.

CHAP. III. upou the wood that is upon the fire: it is

ND in his oblation be a sacri a burnt-sacritice, an offering made by rer. 9.13. sace-offering, if he offerit of the


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