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their eyes.

9 And I saw the sera che stood before God: 28.

3 And another anzeigen there was given unto y of all saints upon the gode

+ And the sinole of the 's

which were intre sex, ! *

sword, and with hunger, and with death, A. D. 46. of all nations, and kindreds and with the beasts of the earth.

and tongues, stod before tettrout 9 And when he had opened the fifth a ch, 5. 9. Defore the Lamb, dedo mi seal, I saw under the altar" the souls d of

Ro 11. 95. robes, and palas' in teer tous them that were slain for the word of God, bch. 6. 11. 10 And criedt vitia and for the testinony which they beld: c chế 8 3.

ing, Salvation to our Cows 10 10 And they cried with a loud voice, d ch. 20. 4.

upon the throne, and to in saying,

llowi long, O Lord, holy and Le. 3. 40. 11 And all the angel seu fuit true, dost thou not judge and avenget our fch, ... the thrope, and get thee'st blood on them that dwell on the earth

12 17. il And white robes were given unto a ch. 19.1.

four beasts, and fell bort ** & Zee. 4.7.

their faces, and worship every one of them, and it was said unto

Is. 43. 11. 19 Saying." Ane Her them, that they should rest" yet for a little i Zec. 1. 12

and wisdom, and thanksti,

nour, and power, and not and their brethren, that should be killed "De: 41.43. God for ever and ever. A as they were, should be fulfilled.

1 ch.7.9, 14.

13 And one of the eldes 2 19 Ånd l beheld when he had opened . ch.5.13.14. saying unto me, what are the v the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great Jude 25.

are arrayed in wit robe earthquake :P and the suna became black . ch. 14. 13. came they! as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became o He. 11. 40. It And I said unto hin, as blood:

p ch. 16. 18.

est. And he said to me, 199? 13 And the stars' of heaven fell unto Joel 2.1031 which came out of great

to' the earth, even a a tig-tree casteth her 3. 5. have washed' their robes, 2017 Puntimely figs, when she is shaken of a Mat. 24. 29 white in the blood of

the mighty wind.

ch.8 10. 15 Therefore are they did 14 And the heaven" departed as a scroll ich. 6.9. of God, and serve tia de when it is rolled together; and every Jn". 16. 13. his temple and be tha: mountain * and island were moved out a 100.6. 11. throue shall dwell' am of their places.

He. 9. 14. 16 They shall hanger" 15 And the kings of the earth, and the

thirst any more. Dette s great men, and the rich men, and the

or, green,

light on them, or any btu.' chief captains, and the mighty men), aud u ch. 1. 5. 17 For the Lamb, sbuch is an every bondman, and every freeman, hid

1Jn?. 1.7.

of the throne, shall feeds themselves in the dens and in the rocks • Ps. 102:26. lead themi unto living fiecare of the mountains,

and God shall wipe away 16 And saidd to the mountains and uch. 16. 20 rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the Je. 4. 23, 24

CHAP, VIIL 120 of hi tha itteth on throne, and

Hab.3.6,10. And when he had opened trol the wrath of the Lamb:

ch. 21.3, 4. seal.. there was silence is de 17 For the great day of his wrath is vls. 49. 10. come, and who sball be able to stand! • Ps. 121. 6. CHAP. VII.

Is. 4.6. And after these things i saw four an.

e Ps. 3.1.2,5.

given seren trumpets. gels standing on the lour corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the

Is. 40. 11.

the altar, hering a

Is. 2. 19. earth, that the wind should not blow

c Is. 25, 8. on the earth, nor on the sea, nor ou any d ch. 9.6. that he should offer is 23 tree.

Ho. 10.8. 9 And I saw another angel ascending La. 23. 30.

was before the throne. from the cast, having the seal" of the

e ch.5. 1. living God: and he cried with a loud

sch. 16. 14. came with the prayers of the top 3 voice to the four angels, to whom it was

(s. 13. &c.

cended up before God out at ta** given to hurt the earth and the sea, 3 Saying, HurtP not the earth, neither

Zep.1.14,&c. haud,

5 And the angel to the essence the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed % Lii 116. filled it with fire of the ata do the servants of our God in their fore. Ch. 39.33. d into the earth: and it was formas heads." 4 And I heard the number of them & Da 7.2.

22 and thunderings, and in

earthquake." which were sealed; and there were sealed

or add it to.

6 And the serep angels of byens an hundred and torty and fourthousand

Ich. 5. &

seven trumpets prepared to rete of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

sound. 5 Of the tribe of Juda were sealed

mch. 6. 9.

7. The first angel sourdes twelve thousand

# 2 Ti. 2. 19. Of the tribe of Reuben

o F.x. 30.1.

followed lail and fire miocas were sealed twelve thousand, Of the tribe

pch. 6. 6. and they were cast upon the of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

9 Eze. 9, 4. the third part or treat *** 6 Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve ch. 22. 4. and all green gras was terits thousand. of the tribe of Nepthalim

8 And the second angel were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe

& Or, upon.

as it were a grtat aku of Mana-ses were sealed twelve thousand. ch. 16. 18 with fire was cast in die ys 7 Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed

(2S4. 22. & nch. 14. 1.

third part of the sea berace twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi

Eze. 3. 22. 9 And the third part of met sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar roere sealed twelve thousand. Je. 51.3.

e Is. 2. 13. 8 Ot the tribe of Zabulon were sealed v Am 7. 4.

and the third part of the sus veft *

stroyed. twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph : cb.16.3.&c. were sealed twelve thousaud. Of the tribe

10 And the third and of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand. a ch.9.1.

Ex.7.19-21. there tell a great star tv 9 After this beheld, and, lo, a great

in as it

Is. 14. 12. IT: ultitude, which no man could number,

third part of the nvers ses pare

fountains of waters:

ele a lamp, and it? 1 2

%. ch.8.3.-9.13.-14.18. Le.4.7. Ino.16.2. 10 cried, Zec.4.7. Salvation, ch.19.1. Ps. .T1.4.6. the souls. ch.90.4. .Co. 37.39.-08.19,90-115.1. 1$.43.11.-15.15,21. Je.3.

slain, ch.1.9.-2.13.-11.3..7.-19. 03. 110.13.4: Jon.2.9. Zec.9.9. Lu.3.6. Jno.4.99. 1.10.. 11.1.8.

Ep.2.8. sitleth, ch.4.0,3.9..11.-5.7,13,14.-21.5 cried. Ge. 1.10. Ps.9.19. Lu.18 7.8. He. into. ch.4.6.9.-22.3. Jn".1.20,36. Hose. Ps. 13.1.-33.17.-74.9,10.-94.3, 1. 11 all. ch.4.6.-5.11..13.-19.4..6. Ps.103.20,21. 19.6. Zec.1.12. holy. See on ch.3.7.--148.1.2. and fell. ch.11.16. and cor shipped. st. ch.11.18,-16,5..i-18, 20,4-19.2.1 ch.4.10.-15.4-19.4.- 0.9. Ps.45.11.-971. Mat. 13. Ju.10.28. 1 Sa. 04.12. Ps.58.10,11. 4.10. Jo°.5.23. He.1.6. 3.1..6. Lu.21.90. Ro.19.19. 2 Th.1.6..8. 19 Amen. ch.1.18.-5.13,14.-19.1. Ps.11.13,bus seal seems a prediction of the ter. 72.19.-89 52.-100.48. Math.13. Jude 25. Bless. Ecution of the church under Dioclesian ing. See on ch.5.19,13. thanksgiving. Ne.19.8, imian, from A. D. 970 to 304, which 16. Ps.50.14.-95.2.-100.4.-107.22.-116.17.-147. ver, and was far more bloody, than any 7. Is.51.3. Je.33.9,11. Jon.2.9. 2 Co.4.15.-9.11, which it was preceded, whence it was 12. Col.2.7.-3.17. æra of the martyrs.'

13 one. ch.1.1,10.-5.5.11. arrayed. See on . ch.3.4,5.-7.9,14 that they. ch.14.33. Ver.y. whence. Ge. 16.8. Ju.13.6. Jn 7.28. 1. Da.12.13. until ch.7.11.-13.15. 11 thom. Ex.37.3. came. ch.2.9.-6.9.11.-15.2. .10.21.-23.34,35. Jno 10.2. He 11.40. - 17.6. Jo°.16.33. Ac.14.22. Ro 5.3. 2 Th.1.4.

cb.8.5.-11.13.-16.18. Thi.19.11..13. and hare. ch.1.5. Is.1.18. Zec.3.3..5.-13.1. Jno. m.1.1. Zec.!4.5. Mat. 4.7.-27.54-28.2. 13.8..14. 1 Co 6.11. Ep.5.20,27. le.9.14. no. 4.13.9,10.-21.23.-60.19,20. Eze 327.8. 1.7. the blood.ch.5.9.-19.11. He. 13.12. 1 Pe.1.19. 0,31.-3.15. Am.8.9. Hag.2.6.7,21,20. 15 are. ch.4.1.-14.3..5. He 8.1.-12.2.

serre. -17.45. Mar.13.21,25.-15.33. LU.23 ch.20.10.-29.5. Ps.134.1,9. daell. ch.21.3,1.-29. 0.19.90.

3. Ex.99.45. 1 Ki.6.13. 1 Ch.03.25. Ps.08.16..18. ars. ch.8.10..12.-9.1. Eze 39.7. Da.8. Is.4.5.6. Jno.1.14. 1 C0.3.16. C0.6.16. 5. untimely figs, of, green figs.

16 hunger. Ps.12.2.-03.1.-143.6. 18.41.17.-49. -33.9. Da. 4.11. Na3.12.

10.-05.13. Mat.5.6. Lu.1.53.-6.21. n.4.14. the earon. Ps.102.26. 15.31.4. He.1.11..13. sun. ch.91.4. Ps.121.6. Ca.1.6. 19.4.5,6.-25.4.

and wery. ch.16.20. Is.2.14..17. Je.3. 32... Jon.4.8. Mat.13.6,91. Mar. 4.6,17. Ja 1.11. 26.-51.95. Hab.3.0,10

17 in the. See on ch.3.6. feed. Ps.90.26.-23.1, ngs, co,8,9.11,-19.13.1. Job 34,19,7 2,5-28 9.44.8. Ca.1.7,8. Is, 5.6.440.11.449.9. 1..12.-49.1,2 -76.12.-110.5.6. Is. 1.21, Eze.31.23. M1.5.4.-7.14. Mat.2.6, marg. Jno.10. 05.10.16,17. Ju.6.2. 1 Sa.13.6. Is...10, 11.11.-21.15..17. Ac.20.98. 1 Pe.5.2. shall lead, Mi.7.17. He 11.38.

ch.21.6. Ps.30.9. 15.12.3.-30.25.-35.6.7. Je.2.13. ch.10.6. Je.8.3. Ho.10.8. Lu.23.30.-31.9. Jno.4.11.11.-7.37,38. God. ch.4.21.-21.4. and from. ver.10.ch. Is.25.8.-30.19.-35.10.-60.20. 19.12.-14.5.-21.8..12.-110.5,6. Zec, 1.

CUAP. VIIT. -.26.64.2 11.1.7..9.

At the opening of the serenth seal, 1, seren angels Cal. ch.11.18.-16.14. Is. 13.6, &c. Je. have seven trumpets given them, 2-5. Four of 2.31. Zep.1.14, &c. Ro.2.5. Jude 6. them sound their trumpera, and great plagues -7.-130 3,4. Joel 2.11. Mal.3.2.

follow, 6–8. Another angel putteth incense to the CHAP. VII.

prayers of the saints on the golden allar, 9-13. alrth the servants of God in their fore.

1 And. ch.5.1.9.-6.1,3, silence. Job 4. The number of them that were sealed: 16. Ps 37.7.-02.1, marg. Hab.2.20. Z«c.2.13. bes of Israel a certain number, 48. of seten angels. ch. 5.1.-16.1. Mat.18.10. Lu.1. nations an innuteetable multitude, relics 19. trumpers, ver.6..19. chi.9.1.13,14.-11.15. See ore the throne. clad in white rubes, and on Nu.10.1..10. 2 Ch.99.25...8. Am.3.6..8. their hands, 913.

Their Tubes tere 3 auther. ch.7.2.-10.1. See on Ge. 18.15,16. the blood of the Lamb, 14. 17.

Ex.3.2..18. Ac. 7.30..39. stood. ch.9.13. Ex.30). h. IV.VI. four angels. ch.4.6.-9.14.1..8.2 Ch.26.16. 20. Ro.8.34. He.7.05.

haring. 7.9. Zec.1.18..20.-0.1. Mat.24.31. Mar. Le.16.19. Iki.7.30. Ile.9.4. much. Le.16.13. odmg. 15.97.8. Je.19.30. D4.7.9.-7.8. Nu.16.16,47. Mal.1jl. offer it with the prayers. at.8.26,97.-24.31. the sind. ch.6.6. 1, add it to the prayers. ver. 4. ch.5.8. Ps.111.2. 3.

Luljo. He 4.15,16.-10.19..22. 1 Jn.2.1.2. the ch8.3.-10.1. Mal.3.1.-4.9. Ac.7.30.. golden, ch.6.9.-9.13. Ex.37.25,26.--40.26. 2. ver.3..8. ch.5.2.-10.4. Ca.8.6. jn'.6. 4 ver.3. ch.15.8, Ex.3).1. los.141.2. Lu.1.10. 90. Ep.1.13.-4.30. 2 Ti.2.20. ling. 5 and filled. ch.10.1, &c. 19.66.6,14..16. Je.51. -5.26. 1 Sa.17.20,30. OK1.19.4. Mat 20. 11. Ezej0.9.7. Lu.12.49. into, or, upon. and J.le.12.22. to whom. ch.1.3.-8.7..12. there., See on ch.4.5.-11.19.-16.18. 2Sa 20.7..9. 101. ch.6.6.-9.4. Is.6.13.-27.8.-05.8. Ps.18.13. 15.30.30. Fe.12.18,19. an. ch.11.13, 31. tull. ch.14.1. Ex.12.13,23. 15.26.20, 19. 1 k1.19.11. 15.29.6. Zec.14.5. Mat.24.7.-97. 6. Zep.2.3. the sertants. ch.19.9. Is. 52..51. Ac.4.31.-16.26. 17,26.-6.16. Mal.3.18. Jno.12.20. Ro. O See on ver.. €17. ch.13.16.-14.1.-20.4.-22.1.

7 hail, ch.16.21. Ex.9.23..25,33. Jos. 10.11. Ps. 2. ch.9.10. an. ch.14.1.3. Ge.15.5. 11.5,6.-18.19,13,-78.47.18.-105.32. Is.98.9.-99.

1.5,6. all. Eze. 47.13.-18.19,31. Zec.6.-30.30.-32.19. Eze 13.10..15.-38.99. Mat.7. 2.28. Lu.29.30. Ac.26.7. Ja.1.1.

05...7. cast. ch.16.2. the third. rer.9,10,12. ch. juda. Ex. 1.2.4. Nu.1.4..15.-10.14.. 6.8.-,13.–10.17.18. Ja.1.11. i Pe.1.94. 6. 1 Ch.2.1.2.

8 and as. Je 51.45. Mar.11.23. burning. Am. Lu.2.36.

7.1. the third, ver.7. ch.16.3, &c. Ex.7.17..21. . Ge.49.10, Ps.2.8.-09.07.-72.7.11.- Eze.14.0. -98.3.-110.2,3.- CXVII. Is.9.0.3. 9 the third part of the creatures. rer.7,10,12, 1.1..14. Je.3.17.--16.19. Zec.2.11.-8. ch.16.3. Ex.7.21. Zec.13.8. the ships. Ps.48.7. Is. -5.9..12. nw man. ch.5.11.-11.15. Ge. 9.16.-23.1. 1.10. Lu.19.1. Ro.11.25. He 11.19. 10 a great. ch.1.20.-6.13.-9.1.-12.4. 19.14.12. 211, ch.5.9. Da.4.1.-6.05. stood. Lu. Lu. 10.18. Jude 13. the fountains, ch.16.4. Ex.7. 13.

clothed. Ver.13,14. See ou ch.3. 20,21. Ju.5.11. 2Ki.2.19..22.2 Ch.32.3. Is.12.3 --6.11. palms. Le 23.10. Jno. 12.13. Ho.13.15,16.

7 in the, ch.11.15.18 E

11 Wormwood. De.29.18. Ru.1.20. Pr.54, Je, , month, and a year, computing a year . 9.15.-23.15. La 3.5,19. Am.5.7.-0.18. He.12.15. day, amount to $) years. 15 €; 2.07 many. Ex. 15.03.

their first conquest ore the case, 12 and the third part of the sios. ch.16.8,9. Is. 1981, to the taking of laneniec ires the i 13.10.-21.93, Jet 23. Eze 32.7,8. Joel.10,31. A. D. 1672, which was the last og 3 Am.8.9. Mat. 2.29.-97.45. Mar.13.24.-15.33. which their doinining was exto, Lu.21.25.-03.41,45. Ac.0.20. and the day. Ex. actly that period. rt?.. 10.1.3Co.4.4.2 Th.2.9.19.

brimstone. ver.18. CLI-10:30-1 13 flying. ch.14.3,6.-19.17. Ps. 103. 20. He.i. 24. Ps.11.6. Is.$.33. Eze

Suite 10.2 14. 1loc. ch.9.1,19.-11.14. Eze.9.10.

8. Is.5.28,90. CHAP. IX

18 the ikud. See on rer.15.17. At the sounding of the fifth angel, a star falleth from

19 in their fail, ver.lv, 13.4.13. Ep.6.14 heaven, to whom is given the kry of the bottomless 20 And the. That is, those of te pit, l. He openeth ihe pit, and there come forth Greek churches, who escape destitutt locusts, lito scorpions, 2-11. The first roe past, persisted in their idolatrous touch 12. The sixth trumpet soundeth, 13. Four angels &c. yel. ver.21 ch.9.21,8-lé-le1191 are let loose, that were bound. 14-21.

08.09 Je. 5.3.-8. 4..0. Hat SIC2 1 the fifth, ver.19,13. ch. sorship, Le. 17.7. De.32.17. Ch.221;. a star. ch.1.3).-8.10. 13.14.19. Lu.10.18. 11.9. .5. Ps.100.37. Is 9.& je 25.6.-18. A 3.8. O Ti 3.1..5. to him. ch.1.18.-20.1. The bot: 19.06. 1 Co.10.20,91. 171.4.1. cad. NI tomless, ver.2,11. ch.17.8.-20.10. Lu.8.31. Ro. 4..8.-135.15..18 is 10.19.21-11-11 10.7. Gr.

41.9.20.-6.5. i. Je. there. ver.17. ch.14.11. Ge.15.17.-19.28. Is. -51.17. Da.5.23. Ilab.2.18.20.

AB 14.31. Joel ..30. Ac...19. and the sun. See on 21..93. ch.8.19. Ex.10.21..03. Joel 2.2.10.

of their murders. ch. 11.7.2-117,15-113 krusts. Ex.10.4..15. Ju.7.12. 13.33.4. Joel 1. 18.24. Da.7.91..23.-11.31. 4.-2.05. Sa.3.15.17. as, ver 5,10,11. De.8.15. 13. 13.-18.03.-21.8.-09.15 14.12 1 kl. 11. E.ze.9.6. Lu.10.19.

Mal.3.5. Por of their forucaks, lii that they. ch.6.6.-7.3. Job 1.10,19. Ps.76.10. 5.-18.3.-19.2. Mat.15.19. Co.19. Mat.21.24. hurt. ch.8.7. brut. Cor

СНАР. Х. rupt and idolatrous Christians; against whom A mighty strong angel appeareth sieben the Saracens chiefly prevailed. which, See on in ku hand, 1-5.

Heterets by her ses ch.7.3,1.-14.1. Ex.12.23. Job 2.6. Eze.y.4,6. Ep. for rper, that there steil te sore 4.30.

Jos is coexanded to take and then 5 it was. ch.13.5.7. Da.5.18...90.-7.6. Joo. 19.

1 anosker, ver.5.6. ch.3.9.- 11. They should not. That is, should not kill 13,14.-14.14.15. them as a political body, state, or empire; aud 16.0. Ps.97.2.-104.3. 15.19.1. La 14

clockce, ch.1.;.'s and Latin churches, they could not extirpate 9. Eze:1.8. his face. ch.1 10. Desu

a Tarabus.ch Gew them, nor gain possession of the empire. ch.11. 2. Ac.26.13. pillars. ch.1.13 CZ 7. Job 2.6. they should be. ver. 10. tive. Five prophetical months, each consisting of thirty he ser, ver 5.8. PS:08.-05.5. Post

? a huule. ver. 10. ch.5.1.3days, and each day denoting a year, amount to 19. Mat.08.18. Ep.1.90...0. Plin 150 years, and accordingly, from the time that Mohammed began to propagate his imposture, 30. Joel 3.16. Am.1.2.-3.8. seeu. Chla-3

3 trad. Pr.19.12. Is.5.09.-31.1.2 A. D. 019, to the building ot Bagdad, when -15.1,7. they ceased from their ravages, A. D. 763, are just 150 years. and their. See on ver.3.

4 Isas. ch.1.11.-11.-111, 1981 1 O shall men. ch.0.16. O Sa. 1.9. Job 3.90..92.-7.

Sealup. De.99.90. 13.8.16.-09.11.08 15,16. 18.2.19. Je. Jon.4.8,9. Lu.23.30. 15.16. Ex.08. De. 30. 10. Eze.al

i one shapes. Soe 2.4,5. N 4.3.17. their faces: 30.1.-17.14. Da.19.7. He.6.11 b Da.7.4,8. & hair. 2 ki.9.30. 19.3.24. 1 C0.11.14,15. 1 Ti. Ex.20.11. Ne: 9.6. Ps.95.3.6.-**

-1.9. Je. 10.10. 0.9. I Pe.3.3. and their. Ps.57.4. Joel 1.6. 9 they had, ver.17. Job 10.18.-11.23..30. Joel there. Rather, the time to be

Je. 10.11..13. Ac.11.15.-17.2. Ron ** 2.8. and the. Job 39.95. Is.9.5. Joel 2.5.7. Na. Xpovor ouk eori ets, that is, the 9. 1,5. 10 fails. See on rer.3,5.

glorious things with which the

God should be finished. ch.161; Their 11 they had. ch.19.9. Jn.12.31.-11.30.-16.11. 2C0.4.4. Ep.29. 10.1.4.-5.19. the angel. ver. 16.23. Ep. 3 3.9.

es ke. See ole 1. Ahaddon, that is, a destroyer. Jno.8.14. Ac.321. 19 20. See on ver.1.2. 1:20. ver.13..21. ch.8.

8 the voice. See on ver.4.5. Is.0.01 13.-11.14

9 Teke. Job 23.18. Je.15.16. E2.83-** 13 The sirth, See on ver.l. a voice. See on ch. 14. Col.3.6. 8.3..5. Ile.9.24.-10.21. 1t to the. ch.8.9.0. Loose, ver. 15. ch.16.12. Eze.3.3. my belly. Eze... 10.-3.14, 731

10 sweet. Ps.19.10.-104.34.-119.13 the great. Ge.2.11. Sa.8.3. Je.51.63. 15 for, or, at, an hour. ver.5,10. for to. ver. 15..30.

11 Thou. ch.11.9.-14.6.-17.15. Jelsace 18. ch.

СНАР. XI 16 the number. Ps.68.17. Da.7.10. horseman. The two witnrue propery, 1-5 Eze 23.6.-38.4, Dal1.10. I heard, ch.7.4. to shut Araren, that it raise, Tarla bla

17 haring. This appears to point out the scar. night against thens, and will pa, pint let, blue, and yellow colours, for which the buried, s-10; and after three des Turks bave always been remarkable. The again, 11-13. The secoed oppas,

four angels bound in the Euphrates' denote seventh trumpet soundth, 15-19. their four sultasies bordering on that river, 1 a reed, cb. 91.15. 15.8.17. Eze #3 where they were confined till after the period 15.00. Zec.0.1,9. Ga. 6.14.10. of the Crusades. The time for which they 1..5. Rise. 6.35.18 Eze XL WITH were prepared, an hour, and a day, and 4 1 3,16,17. 9 C0.0.16. Ep.2014 1Pelad

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name of the star is called | A. D. 96. thousand :' and I heard the number of " and the third part of the

them. me wormwood; and many a Ps. 68.17. 17 And thus I saw the horses in the vi.

the waters, because they bch. 7. 4. sion, and them that sat on them, having itter.

c De. 29. 18. breastplates of fire, and of Jacinth, and - fourth angel sounded, and Am. 5. 7.

brimstone: and the heads of the horses of the suns was smitten, and He. 12. 15. were as the heads of lions :' and out of : of the moon, and the third & Ex. 15. 23. their mouths issued fire and smoke and ars; so as the third part of Je. 9. 15.

brimstone. rkened, and the day shine

23. 15.

18 By these three was the third part of rd part of it, and the night I Ch. 12.8. men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke,

Is. 5.28,29, and by the brimstone, which issued out veheld, and heard an angell 16. 13. 10. of their mouths. gh the midst of heaven, Say. Je. 4. 23. 19 For their power is in their mouth, id voice, Woe, woe, woe, to Eze.32.7,8. and in their tails: for their tails A were % of the earth, hy reason of Joel 2. 10. like unto serpents, and had heads, and ices of the trumpet of the

Am. 8. 9. with them they do hurt. which are yet to sound!

ch. 14. 6. 20. And the rest of the men which were CHAP. IX.

Is. 9. 15. not killed by these plagues, yeti repented fifth angel sounded, and I

Ep. 4.14

not of the works of their hands, that they tall from heaven unto the

Je. 5. 3.

should not worship devils, * and idolsi ot

8. 6. o him was given the key of

gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and

k Le. 17.7. s pit."

Co, 10.20.

of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, opened the bottomless pit; . Ps. 135. 15. nor walk: se a smoke out of the pit, as Is.40.19,20.

21 Neither repented they of their muris great furnace and the sun mch. 8. 10.

ders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their 'ere darkened P by reason of Lu. 10. Is. fornication, nor of their thefts. the pit. nch. 17.9.

CHAP. X. re came out of the smoke 20. 1.

AND I saw another mighty angel come the earth and unto them o ch.22. 15. down from heaven, clothed with a cloud:

er, as the scorpions of the p Joel 2. 2. and a rainbow! was upon his head, and wer.

9 Eze. 1. 25.

his face was as it were the sun, and his vas commanded them that : Ex. 104,&c. feet as pillars of fire: ot hurt the grass of the earth,

. ch. 1.16,16.

2 And he had in his hand a little book

Mat. 17. 2. reen thing, neither any tree;

open: and he set his right foot upon the

! ver. 10. e men which have not the

uch. 6.6.

sea, and his lett foot on the eartlı, in their foreheads.

+ cb.7. 3.

3 And cried with a loud voice, as when hern it was given that they Ex. 12. 23. a lion roareth: and when he had cried, Il them, but that they should Job 2.6.

seven thundersuttered their voices, five months : and their tor. Eze. 9.4. 4 And when the seven thunders had utthe torment of a scorpion, w ch. 8.5. tered their voices, I was about to write and eth a min,

14. 2. I beard a voice from heaven saying unto those days shall men seek. Da 8. 26. me, Sealk up those things which the seven all not find it; and shall die.

12. 4,9. thunders uttered, and write then not. d death shall fee from them.

Job 3. 21.

5 And the angel which I saw, stand shapes of the locusts aere

Je. 8. 3.

upon the sea and upon the earth lifted

: Ex. 6.8 erses prepared unto battle ;

up his hand to heaven,

De. 32. 40. eads were as it were® Crowns ad their faces d were as the ch. 14.7.

a Joel 2. 4.

6 And sware by him that liveth for ever

and ever, who created heaven, and the Ne. 9. 6.

things that therew are, and the earth, and Bad hair as the hair of women, Na. 3. 17.

the things that therein are, and the sea, th} were as the teeth of lops. Da.7.4, 8. and the things which are therein,' That

had breastplates, as it were e Da. 12. 7. there should be time no longer: of iron; and the sound of S Ps. 57. 4. 7 But in the days of the voice of the se. sas as the sound of chariots Joel 1.6. venth & angel, when he shall begin to ses running to battle.

ch. 11. 15. sound, the mystery i of God should be ey had tails like unto scor

Na. 2. 4.

finished, as he hath declared to his serere were stings in their tails: iRo. 11. 25.

vauts the prophets. power was to hurt men five

E.p. 3. 5..9. 8 And the voicek which I heard from
k ver. 4.
1 ver. 5.

heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go ey had a king over them.

and take the little book which is open in angel of the bottomless pit,

u Ep.3.2.

the hand of the angel which standeth e in the Hebrew tongue is s That is, a upon the sea and upon the earth. it in the Greek tongue hath

destroyer. 9 And I went unto the angel, and said pollyon.

* Eze. 3.1.3, unto him, Give me the little book. And De is past; and, behold, there

14. he said unto me, Take it," and eat it up; Des more hereafter.

och. 8. 13.

and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it e sixth angel sounded, and IP ch. 16. 12.

shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. e from the four horns of the

Ge. 2. 14.

10 And I took the little book out of the

Je. 51.03. which is before God,

angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in to the sixth angel which had y or, at. my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon Loose the four angels which

9 ch. 1. 13.

as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. the great river Euphrates.? Zec.2.1. 11 And he said unto me, Thou must je tour angels were loosed, ch. 8.7.... prophesy again before many peoples, and prepared y for an hour, and a Eze. 33. 4. nations, and tongues, and kings. nooth, and a year, tor to slay

CAP. XI. art of men.

Eze. XL.: And there was given me a reed? like e number of the army of the

XLVIII. unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, ere two hundred thousand

Rise, and measures the temple of God,

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they may

b Gesl, 4. the power of his Christmte

11 And they ofertas > blood of the Lamb, 3 D

1+ Add to the woman wort (7) wings' of a great eate, that she is nourished for a ture. 23

half a time, from the face 7. 14, 18 that he might cause bet Care

17 And the dragon was to

woman, and went to make 80.)

and the altar, and then that worship A. D.90. in bearea, &oc there Fayet therein.

the ark of his test the per . But the court wbich is without the Eze.40.17.. lightniggy od rest, ad ** temple Bleave out, and measure it not;

and an earthquake, and treat . for it is yiven unto the Gentiles: and cast out,

CHAP. XII. the holy city shall they tread under' foot 8 ch. 5. 6.


SD there appeared a prop forty and two months.

c Lu. 1. 24. in heaven; a word deu 3 And I will ògive porter unto mys two ch.161991. Sun, and the no ender be: *1,* witnesses, * aud they shall prophesy a e Da. 7. 3. thousand two hundred and threescore

upon her head

aftweit e

O And she belor vita child in 2 days, clothed in sackcloth.'

y or, sign,

ing in birtb, and pabei besu * These are the twoi olive-trees, and

& or, gire

3. And there appeared at TTN the two candlesticks standing before

to ay

in heaven; so berela a *

tres til the God of the earth. 5 And if any man will hurt them, fire

nears that gon," havin: eren beus acts

and seven Crowns uz bis 3 proceedeth out of their mouth, and devour


+ And his taildres the rest eth their enemies: and it any man will hurt , Mat. 18. 16. stars of heaveis, api di carton thein, he must in this manner be killed.

& Is, 54. 6. earth; and the dragosto 6 These' have power to shut heaven, 4 ch. 20. . man which was ready tube 10* that it rain not in the days of their pro-li Ps. 54. 11. to devour ber tid à con 25 T ** phecy: and have power over waters to Mal. 4. 2 5 And: she brought the turn them to blood, and to smite the earth & Is. 2.12. who was to rule a!! sor with all plagues, as often as they will.

I Je. 11. 16.

of iron: and her ctuid ta 1027 7. And when they shall have finished Zec.4.3.11, God, and to his throue. their testimony, the beast" that ascendeth

6 And the somas tied iste te out of the bottomless pit shall make" war

mcb. 1. 20. against them, and shall overcome them,

ness, where she lato a place 11 ver. 9.

God, that they should feel

o Ps. IS, & and kill them.

thousand tsohundredest 8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the

Pls. 9. 13.
9 Nu. 16. 35.

7 And there s as farina streets of the great city, which spiritually

and his angels fought aga. is called Sodom and Egypt,“ where also , 1 Ki. 1;... and the dragon fought and 2 our Lord was crucified.

$ Ex. 7. 19.

8 And prevailed Dot; Det er 9 And they of the people, and kindreds, i Is. 7. 14. place found any noreiben. and tongues, and nations, shall see their - Ps. 2.9. 9 And the great drages 5 Cestent dead bodies three days and an half, and v ch. 17.8.

that old serpent, calice Beris shall not suffer their dead bodies to be - Da.;. 1. Satan,' which deceiveshte e put in graves, d

Zec. 14. 2, he was cast out into the 22.9 10 And they that dwell upon the earth

&c. angels were cast oot sit shall rejoice over them, and make merry,

. ch. 11.3. and shall send gifts one to another; be 5 He, 13. 12. beaven, Nor! is come se

10 And I beard a loud m 2 cause these two prophets tormented them

ils. l. 10. that dwelt on the earth.

a Ex. 21. 2.

strength, and the kidnog ora 14 11 And after three days and an half the Spirits of life from God entered into them, a Ps 19.3.

cJn.& .

our brethren e cast deste!

them before our God ditzant and they stood upon their feet; and great < 2ec. 3.1. tear feli upon them which saw them. heaven saying unto them, Come up hitber. % Ro.5.33,37 lives i unto the death, Ane they ascended up to heaven in a

i Lu. 14. 21 cloud;+ and their enemies? beheld them. A i Th. 4.17. ye that dwell in them. Wat

12 Tnerefore recebe 13 And the same hour was there a great

Mal, 3.18

Habiters of the earth, anxi et tu se earthquake, and the tenth part of the

* Ps. 96, 11.

the devil is come down you tai

18. 49. 13. city o'fell, and in the earthquake were

nch. 8. 13.

great wrath, beatise izbora slain (of men seven thousand: and the

hath but a short time. remnant were affrighted, and gave glory

och. 16. 19. to the God of heaven.

names of

13 And wben tbe crown sur toute 14 The second' woe is past; and, be


was cast unto the earth, lep! hold, the third woe cometh quickly.

p ch.106, the woman which brougts


9 ch. 144.7. 15 And the seventh' angel sounded ; and there were great voices in heaven, saying,

Is. 26. 15,

16. The kingdoms of this world are becomer ch.8. 13.

into the wilde mess, ipto ter iz to the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; ch. 10.7. and he shall reign for crer and ever. r Is. 40. 31.

16 And the four and twenty " elders, ch. 12. 10. 15 And the serpent cas which sat before God on their seats, fell - Da... 44. mouth water as a food,' utreren upon their faces, and worshipped God, 17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord

away of the food. God Alinighty, which art, and wast, and w ch.4.4 art to come; because thou hast taken to - Is. 59. 19.

16 And the earth helped to

and the earth opened her thee thy great power, and hast reigned. y ch. 16. 5.

swallowed up the road bi se

ich. 19. 6. 18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the > He. 9. 27.

& ver. 9.

cast out of his mouth, dead, that they should be judged, and c Ge, 3. 15. that thou shouldest give reward d unto thy & ch.22. 12. servants the prophets, and to the saints, e ch. 19.3.

renant of ber seed, star and them that tear thy name, small and

commandments of God, as isung great; and shouldest destroy them which

or corrupt. testimony of Jesus Christ. n destroy the earth.

CHAP. III. 19 And the temples of God was opened

s D27.2,8. AND I stod upon the sand artist

and saw a beast' rise up eale**

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