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Therefore waita ye upon me, saith B, C. 630.

14 Sing, o daughter of Zion; shout, ORD, until the day that I rise up

O Israel; be glau and rejoice with all the e prey; for my determination is to a Pr. 20. 22. heart, ( daughter of Jerusalem, r the nations, that I may assemble La 25,26. 15 The LORD hath taken away thy indg madoms, to pour upon them mine bZec 2.109.9. ments, he hath cast out thine enemy: tation, even all my fierce anger: for e Joel 3. 2. the king of Israel, eren the LORD), is in earth shall be devoured with the Mat. 25.32. the midst of thee: thou shalt not see evil my jealousy:

d R0.8.33,34. any more. or then will I turn to the people a

Re. 12. 10.

16 In that day it shall be said to Jeru Slanguage, that they may allt call Pe. 3 10. salem. Fear thou not; and to Zion, Let be tame of the LORD, to serve bim

slip. De d consent.

Ac. 2, 4,&c.

not thine hands beyslack.

17 The LORD thy God in the midst of Tom beyond the rirers of Ethiopor, faint.

shoulder thee is mighty; he will save, he will rety supplants, even the daughter

& Ps. 68. 31. joice over thee with joy; he will crest dispersed, shall bring mine of is. 18. 1, 7. in his love; he will joy over thee with

A Is. 62. 5. singing that day shalt thou not be ashamn. Je. 32, 41. 18 I will gather them that are sorrowful all thy (toings, wbere in thou hast be silent, for the solemn assembly, i ho are of thee, sed against me: for then I will i Ps. 49.5. to whom n the reproach of it was a burden. w out of the midst of thee them Joel 26,27. 19 Beholil, at that time I will undo all sice in thy pride; and thou shalt the burden that aftlict thee; and I will save her that t be haughty because of mine

upon it was balteth, and gather her that was driven reproach,

out; and I will get them praise and all also leave in the midst of thee in, fame in every land where they have

* set them Ikd and poore people, and they

for a.

been put to shame. at in the name of the LORD).

of their

20 All that time will I bring you again, Tempant of Israel shall not do


even in the time that I gather you: for I nor speak lie3 ; " neither shall a Ja. 2.5. will make you a name and a praise among tongue be found in their mouth : 1 Am. 9. 14. all people of the earth, when I turn back talt feed and lie dowli, and none m Mal. 13.41. your captivity before your eyes, saith the them afraid.

* Re, 21. 27. LORD.


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H A G G A I.

B. C. 520.1 19 Then Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, wad year of Darius the king,

and Joshua the son of Josedech, the bigh the month, in the first day of the a Ezr. 4.24. priest, with all the remnant of the people, ene the word of the LORD, by 5, 1, 2. obeyed the ice of the LORD their God, the prophet, unto Zerubbabel

s by the

and the words of Haggai the prophet, (as Sheritiel, 7 governor of Judah, hand of

the LORt their God had sent him,) and whua the son of Josedech, the b Ezr. 3. 2. the people did fear before the LORD.

13 I hen spake Haggai,the LURD's messenSteaketh the LORD of hosts,

> or,captain,

gerd in the LORD's message unto the peo

c 1C, 6, 15, his people say, The time is not

ple, saying, l' am with you, saith the LORD. time that the LORU's house

d Mal. 2. 7. 14 And the LURUS stirred up the spirit i built,

2 Co. 5. 20.

of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, gover. came the word of the LORD by e Mat. 28. 20. nor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua the prophet, saying,

s 1 Co. 12. 4. son of Josedech, the high priest, and the be for you, () ye, to dwell in your

11. spirit of all the remnant of the people; es, and this house lie waste?

82 Sa. 7. 2.

and they came, and did work in the therefore, thus saith the LORD A Ezr. 5.2, 8. house of the LORD of hosts, their God, Consideri your ways.

y Set your

15 In the four and twentieth day of the Be sown much, and bring in

heart on,

sixth month, in the second year of Darius tat,' but ye have not enough illa. 3. 40.

the king but ye are not filled with drink; De. 29. 38. In the seventh month, in the one and

CHAP, IL you, but there is none warm, I Ho. 4. 10. Bearneth wages, earneth wages Mi, 6. 14.

twentieth day of the month, came the sto a bag 5 with holes.

word of the LORD n by the prophet Hag. saith the LORD of hosts, Con

& pierced.

gui, saying, ways.

hand of

2 Speak now to Zerubbabel the son of P to the mountain, and bring

Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and to Jod build the house, and I will

m Rur. 3. 12

shua the son of Josedech, the high priest, are in it, and I will be glori " ch. 2. 16,17. and to the residue of the people, saying, the LORD.

or it away. 3 Who is left among you that saw this sked for much, and, lo, it came o Zee. 4. 10. house in her first glory? and how do ye and when ye brought it home, P Zec. see it now! is is not in your eyes in comupon it. Whysaith the 9 De. 28. 2.

parison of it as nothing?

Ho. 2. 9. bosts. Because of mine house

4 Yet now be strong.P O Zerubbabel, ste, and ye run every man unto reh. 1. 13. saith the LORD ; and be strong, () Joshua

. 1 Kl. 17. 1. son of Josedech, the high priest; and be store the heaven over you is

2 Kİ.81.

strong, all ye people of the land, saith i dew, and the earth is stayed , • Ex. 29. 45, the LORD, and work for l' am with

you, saith the LORD of hosts : Talled for a drought upon the u Ne. 9. 20. 5 According to the word! that I cove. ba the mountains and upou the T's 51.11.12. panted with you when ye came out of upon the new wine, and upon the

Egypt, so my Spirit" remaineth among jou that which the ground bring. Joel 3. 16. you fear ye not i upon ineu, and upon cattle,

He. 12. 26. 6 For thus saith the LORD of hosts, Yet il the labour of the hands.

once, it is a little while, and i' will shake

by the

the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, 1 B.C. 520. 16 Since those days were And the dry land;

came to an hea of twetty seun 7 And I will shake all nations, and the a ch. 1.6, 9. were om teo: when ese casetat desire of all nations shall come :) and I Zec. S. 10, fat for to draw cut bity is my will till this house with glory, saith the

press, there were but veuty LORD of hosts.

b Ge. 49. 10. 8 The silver is inine, and the gold is

Mal. 3. 1.

17 mete you wit blast Lu. 2.27,46.

mildew, and with bali, in all ter mine, saith the LORD of hosts.

of your lands; yet ye turned a 9 The glory of this latter house shall . De. 28. 22. Saith the LORD be greater than of the former, saith the Iki 8 37. 18 Consider bow from this dy LORD of hosts : and in this place will Am. 4. 3. ward, from tive four and to give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

d ICh. 29.14

the launt Tivi, tiện lợi từ 4 10 In the four and twentieth day of the

the foundation of the Losu's te ninth month, in the second year of Darius, ie Jn'. 1.14. laid, consider it. came the word of the LORD by Haggai 2C0.39,10.

19 Is the seed yet in the ben the prophet, saying.

yet the vine. ard the titet 11 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Ask Ps. 85.8.


pomegranate, and the one the now the priests concerning the law,

Ep. 2. 14. brought forth from this day Saying,

yok. 12 If one bear holy flesh in the skirt of g Zec. 8.9,12. 20 Aud again the wond of his garment, and with his skirt do touch

A Hab. 3. 17,

came upto Hlagkai 10 the fiei bread, or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any


tieth day of the moth, saya meat,'shall it be holy? And the priests!

91 Speak to Zerublar, answered and said, No.

i Le. 10.10.11. Judah, saying, I will see 13 Then said Haggai, If one that is un De. 33. 10. and the earth; clean by a dead body touch any of these,

Mal. 2.7. 2 And I will overthrose shall it be unclean? And the priests an-k ver. 6,7.

kingdoms, and I will destra swered and said, It shall be uncleat.

of the kingdoms of the best 14 Thun answered Haggai, and said, 'I Nu. 19. 11. will overthrow the cut Soors this people, and so is this uation be

m Da... 44

that ride in thein; and to! tore ine', saith the LORD; and so is every

their riders shall coco , work of their hands; and that which they n Mi.5. 10. by the sword of his bir offer there is unclea),

Zec. 9. 10 93 In that day, saith the la 15 And now, I pray you, consider from

will I take thee, o Zerbia

o Tit. 1. 15. this day and upward, from before a stone

Jude *3.

the son of Shealtiel, and I was laid upon a stone in the temple of

will make thee as a sitt: 1 the LORD

chosen thee, saith the LORD

Ca. 9. 6.



B. C. 520. bottom; and betioithrin In the eighth moulin,' in the second

horses, B speckled, and it year of Darius, came the word of the ch.6, 2. 9 Then said 1,0 m,

b llar 1. 1. LORD unto Zechariah, the son of Be.

And the angel that the rechiali, the sou of lado the prophet, or, bay, unto me. I will show thee Saying,

Mat. 03. 35.

10 And the MD at om & The Lord bath been ysore displeas.

trith dir.

myrtle-trees answered ed' with your fathers.

are they whoin the 3 Therefore say thou unto them, Thus af's. 103. 20, walk to and fro throust the saith the LORD of host. Turns ye unto,


Il And they answered me, saith the LORD of hosts, and 1 & wil He. 1. 14.

LORD that stod amonth turn unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. €2Ch.36.16. and said, We have

4 Be ye not as your fathers, unto whom Ps. fo.l. through the earth, and, 17" the former prophet; have cried, saying, 1 je 3. :: earth sitteth still, and is stir Thus saith the LORD of hosts, Turn ye!

Mal. 3.7. 1. Then the angel efter now from your evil ways, avd from your & Mi.7. 19. ed and said, O LrDet

Lu. 15. 20 evil domes: but they did not hear, nor

wilt thou not have mercy

Ja. 4.8 hearken unto me, saith the LORD. 5 Your fathers, where are they? and ? Ps. 102.13. and on the cities of

thou hast had indiquaiian

Re, 6. 10. the prophets, do they live for ever?

i cb.1.5.

score and ten years 6 But my words and my statutes, which


13 And the LORD as were I commanded iny servants the prophets, D 9.2.

that talked with me sui did they not d take hold? of your fathers? Je. 29.10. and comfortable words and they returned and said, Like as the or, over. 14 So the angel that LORD of hosts thought to do unto us, teke. said unto mne, Cry twoch, 25 according to our ways, and according to I Ho. 6.3. the LORD of hosts, I am jr our doings, so hath he dealt with us. La...17. salem and for 7100 with a

7 Upon the four and twentieth day of mch. s23. 15 And I am very or the eleventh month, which is the month

Joel 2.18 the heathen ika! Sre at en Sebat, in the second year of Darius, care le IR but a little di plessed, at the word of the LORD unto Zechariah, p ls. 47.6, torvand the attiction

Ob 16,17 the son of Berechiah, the son of Iduo the propliet, saying,

q1s. 21.

16 Therefore this with the 51.

an returned to leru 8 I saw hy biglit, and, behold,' a nian Jos 5.13.

my bouse shall be mit hot riding upon a red borse, and he stood Re.. 4.

LORD of hosts, and line among the myrtle-trees that were in the

ed forth upon Jerusale.

1stlake, Eze 21.97. Da.2.44,45.-7.20.25. Joel 11 Le. 10.10, 11. De. 83. 10. Exe. 44.23, 24. Mal.2.7. 16. L. and the. Ge 3.15.-22.18. 49.10. Tit. 1.9. 10. Lu...10.11,07,46. Ro.15.9.15. GA3..

12 Ex.:19.37. Le.6.27.29.-7.6. Rze, 44.19. Mat.23.19. 41. Ex.40.34,15. IKS, 11.2 Ch.5.14. Ps.90.1. Mal. 13 Nu.5.,3.-9.6..10.-19.11.... La 19.67. 01. 21.38. Ja.1.14.-2.13..17.-7.37.. 14 So is this people. ch.1.4. 11. Pr. 15.8.-21.4,7 23. Col 2.9. tit.1.15 Jude 3. and that. Ezr 32,3. | Ch.29.14..16. Ps.24.1.-50.10..12. Is.

16 consider, ver. 18. ch. 1.5.7. Ps. 107.13. Is.5.12. Ho.

14.9. Mal3.4..11. Ro.6.21. 1 Co.11.31. 2,17

from before.

Eir3.10.-4.24. lery. Ps.24.7.10. Jr.1.14. 2 C0.3.9.10. 1T1.3.16.

16 when one came to an, ch. 1.6,9..11. Pr.3.9,10. Zee, 1 saith. Wboerer compares the description of 8.10..12. Mal.2.2. emple of Solomon, in the first book of Kings, 17 with blasting. ch.1.9. Ge. 41.6.-3.7. De 28.22.

the most splendid arcounts of the second temple, 1 K1.8.37.2 Ch.6.28. Is.37.27. Am. 4.9. till fail. EX Psdorned wiih costly stones and other mag 9.19.29. Is 28.2. in all. ch. 1.11. P.78.46.15 6. Je

decorations in after ages, must perceire that 3.24. vol.2 Ch.3.2. Job 36.13. Is.9.13. - 42.25, Je.5.3. farmer, being wholly overlaid with pure gold, -6.16,17.-84.7. Ho.7,9,10. Am.4.8..11. Zec.1.2..4 3omparably more glorious than the latter in 7.9.13. Re.9.21.- 9.21.21. teatest magnificence and the Jews themselves 19 Consider, ver. 15. De.32.29. Lu.16.17..20.

that the ark of the covenant, hre from heaven, ch.1.14,15. Ezr 5.1,2. Zec 8.9,12. rn and Thummim, the anointing oil, the She 19 ar. Hab.3 37.19 frien. Ce 26.12 Le 285.3, &c.

s visible glory, and the spirit of prophecy, De 15.10.-23.2.15 Ps.64.12. 122.1.-3.-133.3. Pr.3. distinguished the former temple, were wanting 9,10, Zec.8.11.15. Mal.3.10. Mat.6.33.

is nothing, in fact, conid the second temple 20 in the ver 10. the first in glory, except in the personal pre. 21 Zerubbabrl. ch.1.1,14, 1Ch 3.19. Eur 2.2.-3.2. of the Desire of all nations,' He who is the Zec. 4.6.10. I will, ver 6,7. Ps 46.6. Ere.26.15.-38 of the Lord,' and the true temple, in whom 19,20. Joel3.16. He 12.26-7. Re. 16.17.19.

2! the fulness of the Godhead bodily,' and prithrote. Is. 12. Eze 21.27. Da.?. 34,35,44,45.as the true Shecbinah, of which that of Solo.

7.05.27 21. Mi5., 15. Zep 3.8. Zec.10.11 12.5. temple was pierely a type. And if it be admit 143. Mat 24.7. Re. 11.15. and I will overthrom the

the presence of the promised Messiah was chariots. Ex 14.17,28. -- 15.4,19. Ps.46.9.-76.6. Eze 39. led, bea it will follow that Jesus of Nazareth' 21. Mi,5.10. Zec.4.6.-9.10, epery. Ju.7.92. 1 Sa 14.16. de for the second temple, in which as the 9 Ch.29 2. 18.9.19.-19.2. es el pue' he preached peace and reconcilia. 23 O Zerubbahrl. It seems evident that the Messiah ith G 4bas been utterly destroyed for upwards is here described under the name of Zerubbabel, as

ateee bundred years. pier. Ps 85 A 18.9.6, elsewhere under that of David, whose kingdom, after 1. Mi 56. LA.2.14, J.°.14.27. Ac. 10.36. Ep. these mighty convulsions, should supersede all others. . Col.19..21.

and will. CA. 8.6, Je.2.:4. Jn .6:7 2 11.2.19.fo. Fer1, eb.1.1,15.

Is.42.1. - 43.10.-49.1.3. Zec.4.6.14. Mat.12.18. 1 Pe.8.4.



ways, De.28.20. I..8.8..11. Je.4.4.-18.8..11, Eie.20.43. Heb erkorteth to repentance, 1-4. The vision

Ho.9.15, No.2.6.11.

7 A.M.3185. B. C.519. the eleventh, rer. 1, Sebat, ke forus, 7-11. At the prayer of the angel

Srbal is the Chaldee name of the eleventh month of fortable promises are made to Jerusaler, 12-17 tion of the fun horns and the four carpen

the ecclesiastical year, but the fifth of the civil year, IS!.

answering to part of January and February.

8 by night. Ge 20.3. IK1.3.1. Job 4.13. Da 2.19. 7. trybtk. ver.7. eh.7.1. Ezr.4.24.-6.15. Hag. 1. 2,13, behold, ch.137. Jos.5.13. Ps.45.3,4.

Zechariah. Eur.5.1. Mat.23.35. Lu. riding. ch.6.2.7. Re.6.4. 19.19..21. among. Ca.2.16. Idio. Ne. 12.4,16.

-6.2. Is. 41.19.-65.13.- 57.15. Ke.2.1. sprekled. or, H.2K12.16,17.19.-23.26.2 Ch.36.13... Ezr. bay, chố,. I Ne 9.16.-7. Ps.60.1.-79.5,6. Je 44.6. LA1.12.. 9 what. ver. 19. ch.4.4,11, -6.4. Da.7.16.- 8.15. Re.7. LS. - 3.42.45.-5.7. Eze.22.31. Dr.9.11,12. Zep. 13,14.

the angel, ch.2.3.-4.5.-5.5.-6.4,5. Ge-31.11. Yu3.0.32. Ac.7.52. sore displeased, Heb. Da 8.16. - 9.22, 23. - 10.11..14. Re.17.1..7. - 19.9,10.-pleasure.

22.8.16. in. De 4 30 1.-30.2..10.1K1.8.47,49.2 Ch.15.4. 10 the man, ver 8,11. ch.13.7. Ge 32.24.3). Ho 12.

Ne Is 31.6.-55,6,7. Je.3.12..14,22.-4.1. 3.5. There. ver.ll. ch.4.10.- 6.5..8. Job 2.1,!. Ps.103. -86.15. LA.3.39.41, Eze 33.11. Ho,6.1.-14.1. 20,21. Eze. 1....14. He.1.14.

Mel37. La 15.18..20. J4.1.8.10 and, Je. il they answered. ver., 10. Ps.68.17.-103.20,21. Mat. 29.12.14.-31.18.20. Ho.14.4. M1.7.19,20. Lu. 13.41,49.-24.30,31. - 25.31. 219.1.7. Re.l.1. W.. ch.

6.7. Da, 10.20. is. ver.15. 1 Th.5.3. .2 Ch.29.6.10.-30.7.-31.21. Ezr.9.7. Ne.9.16. 12 the angel, ver 8,10,11, E13.20..23. 18.63.9. He.7.

6.5.7. Ese. 18.14..17. I Pe.1.19, tanto. ch.7. 25. how. Ps.74.10. -69.5.-162.13. He.f.10. 3C5 24.19. 22.-36.15,16. Ne.9.26,30, 19.30.9..11. thuu hast. ch.7.5. 2 Ch.36.21. Je 25,11,12. - 29.10. Da 9.2. 11.-13.16..18.-17.19.23. - 25.3.7.-35.15.-36. 13 with good, ver. 14..16. ch. 2.4..12.- 13. 10, 44.4,5. Eze.3.1.9. Mi.2.6. Ac 7.51.62. I Th. 1,2. Je 29.10.-30.10...22.-313, &c. Am 9.11.15. Zep.

Ten ver 3. Is.1.16..19.-31.6. Je 3.13.-7. 3.14..20. 3.11. Eze 18.30..31.-33.11. Ho.14.1. Am.5.13.. 14 the angel, ver.9.13. ch.2.3.4.-4.1. Cry. ver.17 Mar 30. Ac 3.19.-26.29. but. Je.11.6.8. Is 40.1,6. am. ch.8.2,3. 15.9.7.-39.32.-42.13.- 59. 36.23,24-44.16,

17.-13.15. Ho.11.8. Joel 2.19, Na.1.2. $14.10. 19. Ps.40.10. Ec. 1.4.-9.1..3.-12.5,7. Ac. 15 ver.2,11. Is.47.7.9. Je.49.11..13. Am.6.1. Re.19.7.8. Blo; 2,24.-9.27. 2 Pe 3.2..4.

fur, Is.5-4.5, He, 12.6,7. and. Ps.69.26. 23.2.5. 137. srds. I2.55.1. did. N0.23.19.-32.23. 2 Ch. 7. Je.51.24,31,35. Eze

Is 44.26. Je Ese. 12.25. 28. Da. 26.2. - 29.6.7.-25.3..9.---36.4,5. Am. 1.3. 13. Ob.10..16. La 24.35 take hold of. or, overtake. De.29. 16 I am. ch.2.10.11.-8.3. 18.12.1.-54.8. 10, Je.31, 1.1916. Am9.10. I Th.5.4. thry returned. Job 22.95.-33.10.,12, Eze 37.24.29. 39.25. 2.-43.35.

mny Libe. LA.1.19.-2.17. 4.11,12 Eue. house, ch.4.9. Eur.6.14,15 18.41.26... Hag 1.14. tragd. No.33.56. Je 23.2 according to on? cb 21,2 Job 38.6, Is 34.11. Je 31.39,40. Ev.40.3.-47.3.

17 My cities. Ne.11.3,20. Ps.69.35, Is.44.26. - 61.4..6.5.2. Hag.1.1,12.-2.4. starting. De 25-3! Je 313,24,-32.43,44.33.13. Eze 36.10,11,33. Am 9.14, 20, 2Cb 29.11. P.10 3. de 15. 12. 222 4.1, Ob 20. prosperity. Heb. good. the Lord shall. Is.40. 36, the angel. GC48 16 EL1.6 E3 1,2.49.13. 513,12. -- 52.9.-54.8. - 66.13. Je 31.13. Zep. Mal.3.1. Ac 73138. Sutas, testu, un stream

15. 17. chouse.ch.2.12.-3.2. 2 Ch.6.6. Ps.132,13,14. 1.6.12.-21.8. s. 1096, pary La Fea 13.14.1.-1.8,9, Roll, 19. Ep.1.4.

12.9, 10. roris! Ain Heb, beliaudierunt 18 luted. ch.2.1.-5.1,5,9. Jos.5.13. Da 5.3. four. ? the Lord sid. Ps. 1931. LAS! 2 Ki.15.29.-17.1..6.-18.9.12.-XXIV. XXV. Da 2.37.. 3.8. The Lord rette. Da... Mais 43.-7.3..8.-8.3.14.-11.9.35.

9.42. Jude 9. Re. 14.10.cader.c!... 19 What. ver.9,21. ch.2...-4.11..14. Re7.13,14. scat. 6. Jn".13. 18. Ro 3 Re. 17.14 abrand An tered, ver.21. ch.8.14. Eur. 4.1,4,7.-5.3. Je.50.17,18. De 114,5. Jude 23. 12.7. Hab 3.14.

32 Ch 3.18.9. Eur 9.15. 11.61.6. Dan 30 fur.ch.9.12.16.-10.3.6.-12.2.,6. De 33.23. Ju.11.16, 11..13. Re.7.13,14.-IS 18. 1 Sa.12.11. Ne.9.7. 13.54.15.,17. Ob.21. Mi.5.5,6,8,9. 4 those, ver.1.2. ki.2.19. 1.622

21. These are the. ver.19. Da. 12.7 fray. That is, to Take, Is.43.25. Ese 363. Ga 3 terrify, or affrighi, from the French cffrayer. which. 14. I hape. S3 12.11. M21 329 str Ps.75.4,5. La.2.17.

29. Ro.6.-3. Hes 12. a-flwill L.

Ro.3.2. I Co.611. Coba. Cela me

5 fair. ch.6.11. Ex.-á Les God, in the care of Jerusalem, sendeth to measure it, Re. 1.4,10. 5.8.14

1-5. The redemption of Zion, 6-9. The promise 6 the ver.1. Ge22.15,16.-13.17. & ! of God's presence, 10-13.

20,21, 15.63.9. Ho124. Ac73. pa I lifted, ch.1.18. a man. ch.1.16. Eze.40.3,5,-47.4. ī if thou wilt keep. Ge 5. Let Re,11,-1.15.

i Ch.23.32. Ese 44.5,16 1. IT t.* 2 Whither. ch.5.10. Jn 16.5. Tu. Je.31.39. Eze.45.6. 1.2. charge of, ordinance judre DI 48.15..17,30. 35. Re.ll.1.-21.15..17.

2.28.-30, Je.15.19_21. Mal 93 V 22. 3 the angel ch.1.9,13,14,19.1.1,5.-5.5.

and an. 1 Co.6.2,3. He 3.21. Till chisi other, ch.1.9,10,11.

2035 36. Jno.14.2. He. 12 22,23. Re 53.4 4 young. Je.1.6. DA.1.17. I Ti 4.12, Jerusalem. We walks. Rc.3.4,5. learn from JO-PULB, that Jerusalem actually over. 8 for. Ps717.is.s.18. 201 lei flowed with inhabitants, and gradually cxtended itself af. Heb. of wonder, or sign, & E4152 " beyond its walls, and that Herod Agrippa fortined 18.42.1.-19.3,5. 52.13 53.11, Ezra the new part, called Bezetha. ch.1.17.-8.1.5.-12.6. 26.8. the Brarch.ch. 12. 1942 14.10.11. 15.33.20. 44.26. Je 30.18, 19.-31.24,27,33..40. 33.16. Eze.17.22.24-3.N. Lal: 33. 10..13. Eze 36,10,11. Mi. 7.11.

9 the sose. Ps 118 22. o.s.1,5-2 5 a wall. ch.9.5. Ps.46.7. 11.-48.3,12. Is.4.5.-12.6.- 44 AC 4.11. R0.9.33. Pe 24.8 26.1.29.-33.21.-60.19,19. the glory. Ps.3.3. Is.60.19. 16.3. Re.5.6. I will netope. El Hag 2.7.9. Lu. 2.32 Re.21.10,11,23.-22.3.5.

2 Col.22.-3.3. 2 Ti.2.19. 6 ho. Ru.4.1. 13.55.1. and fler. ver.7. Ge.19.17. IS, Je.31.34.-50.20. Da.9.24. 2. MIN 45.20. - 5.2.11,12. Je. 1.14. 3.15. 31.8. 50.8.-51.6,45,50. 16, 17. Col.1.20,21. I Ti-25,6. Her 2 C0.6.16,17. Re.18.4. spread. Pe 24.64, Je.15.4.-31. 18. Ju'.2... 10. Eze 5.12.-11.16. 12.14,15. 17.1. Am.9.9.

10 lei. ch.11. all. I KIA 3. b " 7 Delirt. Ge.19.17. Nu. 16.26,34. 19.1x20.-52.11. Je. Mi.4.4. Jn. 1.45..48. 50.8. 51.6,45. Ac. 2.40. Re]8.4. that. Is 52.2. Mi 4.10. daughter. The Babylonians were vanquished by the

CHAP. IV. Persians, formerly their servants, under Darius Hy. By the golden candlestiet is five staspes, who took Babylon after a siege of twelve INCCESS a Zerubbab.l', for daites, months, demolished its walls, and put 300,000 of the tuo olive trees the res guirord inbabitants to death.

1 the angel. ch. 19,13,19.-23.61 8.418m. ver. 15. ch.1.15,16. 15.60.7..14. sent, ver.9, 19.5.7. Jezi 26. Das 18.-10.10 La 11. 18.18.15,16. Mal.3.1. Jn.14.3,24,26.-15.21. 23. - 17. 2 What. ch.5% Jelena 18. I Jn 4.9,10,14 the nations, 261.24.2. Je 50.17,15. 31. 38.-37.17.24.-40.4,25. 1 Kiit:

51,34,35. Eic 25.6.7,12,15.-16.2.-35.5. Joel 3.2.8. Ain, 4.7,00. 22.-13.11. Je $2.19. Mai JAIS 13, 5,9,11,13. Ob.10.16. Mi 4.11. 5.6.-7.10. Hab.2.8.17. 1. 'a boul. Hleb, ber bowl1KL *125 Zep.2.9. for. Ge.20.6. Ps.106.13..15. Ac.9.4. 2 Th.1.6. Re 4.5. Bryen pipes is the men 13 the apple. De 32.10. Ps.17.8 Mat. 25,40,45.

several pipes to the lampa, &cterie 9 till. ls. 10.39.-11.15. 13.2. 19.16. and they. Is. 3 ver.11,12,14. Ju.9.9. RO 11.17.4 Re 14.2.-33.1,23. Je 27.7. Eze 39.10. Hab. 2.9,17. Zep. 2.9. 4 What, ver.12.14. ch. 1,1% 3.6. & and ye. vers. ch.4.9.-6.15. Je 29.9. Jo'.13.19.-16.4. -12.8. Mat.13.36. Re:13,14

10 and rejoice. ch.9.9. Ps.17.1..9.-98.1.3. 18.12.6. 5 K'nest. ver.13. Mar. 4. La Va. Ges. 35.10. 40.9.-42.10.-51.11. 52.9,10,- 54.1.-61.10.-65.18, Da.230. 1 C0.2.12.15. 19.-66.14. Je 30.19.-31.12.-33.11. Zep.3.14.15. Phi.4.4. 6 Vol. ch.9.13.15. No.- 16. 9021411 lo. ch.14.5. Ps.40.7. 18.40.9..11. Mal.3.1, and I. ch.s. 30.1.–32.15. 63.10..14. Eze 1,11 14 ART 3. Le 26.12. Ps.65.18. Eze 37:27. Zep.3.17. Mat.23.20.; 5. IC0.2.4,5. 2C0.1945. I Pe. 11. * Jn".1.14--14.23. 2C0.6,15,16, Re.2.1.-21.3.

205.327,4. Ps.1.6.199* 11 many ch.8.20.23. Ps 2.-7.31. 65.29.31.-72.8.11, 70 great. ch.14 6. Ps. 114 46. I 17. 18.2.2.-5.-11.9,10, 1924,25, 42.1..4. 1.3. Je.51.3. Do 234,35 M1.4 4. 22,23. 52.10. 60.3, &c.-66.19. Je. 16.19. Mal. 1.11. Lu.2. Hag 16.9.21. 3. Mai 191. Lais R 3:27. Ac. 29.09. I Pe.2.9.10. Re.11.15. in that day. ch.3. stone, rer.9. Ps.11922. IsSIE MUS 10. my prople. Ex.12.49. thou, ser.9. Eze 33.33. Jo", LA 20.17. AcAn. Epa! Pe a: 17.21,3,25.

11.13. 6.15.-17. Job 3-67. Res. 13-29 12 inherit. Ex. 19.5,6. De 32.9. Ps.82.8.-135,4. Je. 10. Je 33.11. Ro.11.6. Ep.1.6 16.-51.19. and #holl. ch. 1.17. Is. 11.9.

9 Aave. Kur 3,3-3.16. 13 B. Ps.46.10. Hab 2.20. Zep.1.7. Ro. Exr.6.14,15, Mat.16 18. He for. Ps.68.5, 78.65. ls 26,20,21. 42.13..15.-51.9. 57.5. 15. 5.3. 1S. Zep.3.9. tis holy habitation. Heb. the habitation of 10 despudd. Eur 3.12.13 Ne4 dan his holiness. De 26.15. 2 Ch.30.27, marg. Ps.11.4.-68.5. Dn. 2.34,35. Ho.6.3. Hag 23. 1123 Is.57.15.-63.15. Je.25.30.

for them. &c. er, ainee the seven re*

shall rejoice. LA 45 CHAP. IIL

Am 7.7.8. plommel Hirs. 91e of the Under the type of Joshua, the high priest, receiving Re.8.2. Ary are, ch.110,11.3

clean garments, 1 5, and a covenant of promise, 6, 7. Christ the Branch and Currer Stone is

11 What, ver 3. Re11.4. mised, S 10.


12 through. Hed, by the landet. I hecb. 1.9,13,19. 2.3.

empty out of themsel.cn col de pe Joshua. ver.8. ch.6.11. Eur, golden. Heb. tbe gold

y or, ordi.

» her.

Cry yet, saying. Thus saith the B. C. 519. those that stood before him, saying, Take Dof hosts, My ciues through pros.

away the filthy garments from him. And y shall yet be spread abroad; and good. unto him he said, Behold, I have caus CORD shall yet comfort Zion, and a Ro. 6. 23. ed thine iniquity to pass * from thee, and I yet choose Jerusalem.

bls. 51. 3.

will ciothe thee with changed of raiment. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw,

c 2 Sa.12. 13.

5 And I said, Let them set a fair mitre bebold, four horns.

Is. 6. 5..7. Ind I said unto the angel that talked

upon his head. So they set a fair mitre upd Is. 61. 10.

on his head,andclothed him with garments. Be, What be these? And he answer. ch. 6. 11.

e Is. 14. 1.

And the angel of the LORD stood by. These are the borns which have

6 And the angel of the LORD protest red Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.

ed unto Joshua, saying,

nance. Ind the LORD shewed ine four car. I walks.

7 Thus saith the Lord of hosts, If thou hen said I, What come these to do? Ps.75.:4,5. Keep my charge, then thou shalt also espake, saying, These are the horns of wonder, judge my house, and shalt also keep my have scattered 8 Judah, so that no or, sign, courts; and I will give thee & places to Id lift up his head: but these are

Is 8 18. walk among these that stand by. fray them, to cast out the horns

i Is. 11. 1.

8 Hear now, O Joshua the high priest, Sentiles, which lifted up their horn Eze, 403,5. thou and thy fellows that sit before thee le land of Judah to scatter it.

for they are men wondered at; for be.

m Re. 11. 1. CHAP. II.

hold, I will bring forth my servant, The

21.15, 16. TED up mine eyes again, and look

* Is. 26. 1, 2

BRANCH l behold, a man with a measuring. Eze 36,10,11.

9 For, behold, the stone that I have hus hand.

och. 9.8.

laid before Joshua ; upon one stone shali en said I, Whither goest thou ? (s. 4.5. be seven! eyes : behold, I will engrave Imid unto me, To measure** Je

the graving thereof, saith the LORD of 1. to see what is the breadth there. p Ps. 3. 3. hosts, and I will remove the iniquity of what is the length thereot.

Is. 60. 19. that land in one day, behold, the angel that talked Re, 21. 23. 10 In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, Ewent forth, and another angel? Ge. 19. 17. shall ye call every man his neighbour it to meet him,

or, SUCR under the vine and under the fiy-tree. d said unto him, Run, speak to


CUAP. IV. ng man, saying, Jerusalem shall pipes to

AND the angel that talked with me sted * as towns without walls for , De

.. caine again, and waked me, as a man Ittade of men and cattle therein. Eze. 17.21. that is wakened out of bis sleep; I saith the LORD, will be unto Am. 9. 9.

2 And said unto me, What seest thou? all of fire round about, and will Is. 48. 20. And I said, I have looked, and behold a flory' in the unidst of her.

52. 11. candlestick all of gold, with ma bowl bo, come forth, and flee from the Je, 50.8 upon the top of it, and his seven lamps the porth, saith the LORD: for 51.6,45. thereon, and seven pipes to the seven spread you abroad as the four De. 32. 10. lamps, which are upon the top thereof; the heaven, saith the LORD.

Ps. 17.& 3 And two olive-trees by it, one upon liver thyself, o Zion, that dwell Mat, 25.40, the right side of the bowl, and the other

45. the daughter of Babylon.

upon the left side thereof. thus saith the Lord of hosts, After w ls. 19. 16. 4 So I answered and spake to the angel y hati be sent me unto the nations

Ho, 1.7.

that talked with me, saying, What are

se ls. 12. 6. poiled you; for be that toucheth

these, my lord?

* or, army. acheth the apple of bis eye.

Is. 51.1.3.

5 Then the angel that talked with me ab. behold, I will shake* mine hand? Co.6.16. swered & said unto me, knowest thou not hem, and they shall be a spoil to Re. 21.3.

what these be? And I said, No, my lord. Tvants: and ye shall know that : De 32. 9. 0 Then he answered and spake unto ED of hosts hath sent me.

a Is. 41. 9. me, saying, This is the word of the 13 and rejoice, () daughter of 6 Ezr3.8..13. LORt unto Zerubbabel, saying. Not by fer, lo, I come, and I will dwell € Eur 6.14,15 Kmight, nor by power, but by my spirit, Bidst of thee, saith the LORD, A the habita. saith the LORD of hosts. ai many nations shall be joined to tion of his

7. Who ant thou, O great mountain? ID in that day, and shall be my

holiness, before Zerubbabel thou shall become

Is 13. 13. and I will dwells in the midst of

plain : and he shall bring forth the head. id thou shalt know that the LORD

d Hag. 1. 1.

stone thereof wuh shoutings, crying, Shath sent me unto thee.

the same

Grace, grace, unto it. tid the LORD shall inherit' Judah

8 Moreover the word of the LORD

cues of the tion in the holy land, and shall LORD came unto ine, saying, ! Jerusalem again,


9 The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the silent, () all flesh, before the stone of time foundations of this house, his hands shall for be is raised up out of his - That is, an also finish it; and thou shalt know that the ibitation.

adversary. LORD of hosts hath sent me unto you. CHAP. III.

e Job 1.6. 10 For who hath despised the day of he shewed me Joshuad the high Ps. 109.6. small things : ht for they shall rejoice, and Manding before the angel of the be his ad- shall see the plumune in the hand of and Satan' standing at his

Zerubbabel with those seven: they are and to presist him.

by the

the eyes of the Lord, which run to and

hand of the LORD said unto Satan, The

fro through the whole earth.

Jude 9, 23. Tebuke/ thee, O Satan; even the

11 Then answered I. and said unto

Re. 12.9.10. that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke Am. 4. 11. him, What are these two olive-trees upon not this a brand plucked out of 1s, 64. 6.

the right side of the candlestick, and

Mat. 22.11. upon the leti side thereof? ra Joshua was clothed with a tilthy Re.7.13,14. 19 And I answered again, and said unats, and stood betore the angel.

19. 8. to him, What be these two olive branches, nd he answered and spake unto

wbich, o through the two golden pipes

ror, since


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