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Eth unto you, and ye shall see
Klosted concernink the evil that

os that I base not done withhe wod of the LORD came unto Sx of Ah, What is the vine-tree

sd I will set my face against that B. C.594. more than any tree, or than a branch and will make him a sigub and a

which is ainong the trees of the forest ? , and I will cut himn off from the Le. 20.3..6.

3 Shall wood be taken thereot to do my people, and ye shall know Nu. 26. 10. any work! or will men take a pin of it Be the LORD

De. 2. 37. to hang any vessel thereon ? d is the prophet be deceived when 1 Co. 10.11. 4 Berold, it is castd into the fire for

spoken a thing, l' the LORD < Ps. 37. 22. fuel; the fire devoureth both the ends of sceived that prophet; and I will

Ro. 11. 22. it, and the midst of it is burned. Bis it But my band upon him, and will do: 15.6.

meet for any work? tkim from the midst of my people • 1K1,22,23 5 Behold, when it was whole it was


y meet for no work : how much less shall they shall bear the punishment

it be meet yet for any work, when the fire iniquity : the punishment of the

bath devoured it, and it is burned ! Isball be even as the punishment

6 Therefore thus saith the Lord God,

y trade fit. that seeketh tanto him;

As the vine-tree among the trees of the the bouse of Israel may go no Pol9.67 forest, which I have given to the fire for tays from me, neither be pollut

Pe - 25. fuel, so will I give the inhabitants of Jete with all their transgressions, sh 32.77

rusalem. they may be my people, and I


7 And I will set my face against them; their God, saith the Lord God. ich. 14. 8. they shall go out from one fire, and an. word of the LORD came again a trespassed, or her fire shall devour them; andi ye

shall know that I am the LORD, when I

A Le 26. 26. at man, when the land sinneth

1 Je. 15. 1.

set itry face against them. te by trespassing grievously, in Ge. 7.1.

8 And I will make the land desolate, L! stretch out mine hand upon De 10. 11. because they have d committed a tresal break the staft t of the bread

o Job 12.8.

pass, saith the Lord God. and will send famine upon it, and p Is. 5 1.

CHAP. XVI. man and beast from it: Bught these three men, Noah,"

: Le: 3. 2. AGAiN the word of the Lord came wat Job,' were in it, they cutting unto me, saying, barver but their own souls by Ont, or, ha ! Son of man, cause Jerusalem to onesness, saith the Lord God. bitation. know her abominations, carse poisonne beasts' to pass, or, be

3 And say. Thus saith the Lord God the mad, and they n spoil it, so

unto Jerusalem, Thy (birth and thy naesclate, that no man may pass. Ge.11.96.29. tivity is of the land of Canaan; tliy fause of the beasts :

Ne. 9.7.

ther ras an Amorite, and thy mother lenge these three men were in @ it,

the midst

an Hittite, seith the Lord God, they shall

of it. 4 And as for thy nativity, in the day Besther sons nor daughters; they e Ho. 2.3.

thou' wast born, thy navel was not cut, be delivered, but the land shall

neither wast thou washed in water i to * or, when I looked

supple thee: thou wast not salted at all, Vi bring a sword upon that land,

nor swaddled at all. Sword, go through the land ; so

upon thee. of man and beast from it:

Le. 26. 25.

5 None eye pitied thee, to do any of

these unto thee, to have compassion upon weigh these three men were in it, as

Zep. 1. 3.

thee; but thou wast cast out in the open with the Lord God, they shall de 4 or, trod. field, to the lothing of thy person, in the der sons nor daughters, but they

den under Il be delivered themselves.

foot. day that thou wast born.

6 And when I passed by thee, and saw I send a pestilence into that 37,8: thee 1 polluted in thine own'blood, I pour out my fury upon it in

ver. 14

said unto thee when thon wast in thy cut off from it man and beast: made thee blood, Live ; ' yea, I said unto thee, when megt Noah, Daniel, and Job, a million. chou wast in thy blood, Live.

I live, saith the Lord Gon, - Ex. 1.7. 7 I have a caused thee to multiplys as deliver neither son nor daugi.

De. 1. 10. the bud of the field, and thou hast inall but deliver their own souls ornament creased and waxen great, and thou art

come to vexcellent ornaments: thy breasts tortes saith the Lord GOD, # How a ČR. 4.8. are fashioned, and thine hair is grown, Lore when I send my fourt sore - or, Also, upon Jerusalem, the sword,

cb.6. 17.

whereas thou wası naked and bare. femine, and the noisome beast,

8 Now when I passed by thee, and Destilence, to cut off from it a ch. 6. 8.

e Ru. 3. 9.

looked upon thee, behold, thy time was

the time of love, and I spread my skirt tlehold, therein shall be left a

De. 4. 31. over thee, and covered thy nakedness :

e Ex. 19. 5. yea, I sware unto thee, and entered into that shall be brought forth, both s Je. 2. 2. daughters, behold, they shall

a covenant with thee, saith the Lord ch. 20.43. Gon, and thou becamest mine.

In. 5. & 9 Then washer! I thee with water: ad their doings and ye shall


yea, I throughly washed a way thy pblood

IX. 40, 1, 2. hanght upon Jerusalern, ever (on

from thee, and I anointed thee with oil. k He. 12.6.11.

10 I clothed thee also with broidered

1 De. & 2. they shall confort you, when

work, and shod thee with badgers' skin,

Je. 22., 9. their ways and their doings : and

and I girded thee about with fine linen, De 9.7

and I covered thee with silk. in Pr. 26. 2.

11 I decked thee also with ornaments, all that I have done in it,

Is. 3. 21.

and I put bracelets upon thine bands, * Ps-0.8&c. and a chain on thy neck.

Is. 5. 2, 7. 12 And I put a jewel on thy o forehead,
Je. 2. 31, and ear-rings in thine ears, and a beauti-
Ho. 10. 1. ful crown upon thine head.

13 Thus wast thou decked with gold

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El that have brought upon it.

Lord GOD.



and silver ; and thy raiment was of fine B. C.594. hast not been as an barlot, in that is linen, and silk, and broidered work: thou

scorbest hire: didst eat. fine flour, and boney, and oil: a Ps.45.13,14.

39 But as a wife that comitis and thou wast exceeding beautiful, and b De. 32. 13, tery, zhich taketh strangers instens el thou didst prosper into a kingdoin.

husband! 14 And thy renowu went forth among Ps. 81. 16.

33 They give gifts to all slag te the heathen for thy beauty : for it as

147. 14.

thou girese thy gifts to all thy AR, perfects through my comeliness, which I c Ps. 18. 2.

Phirest them, that they may expect had put upon thee, saith the Lord God.

d Ch.3 23.

thee on every side for the whoredo 15 Butt thou didst trust in thine own

€ Ho.8,9,10.

Ps.50, 2, 34 And the coutrary is in their beauty, and plavedst the harlot i because

La 2.15

er her women in thy whoredoris, bende ot thy renown, and pouredst out thy for. nications on every one that passed by ; 3 bribest.

8 De. 4.7. none followeth thier to 001.08 ***!

doms : abd in that thou givet af his it w25.

and no reward is given ucto to. 10 And of thy garments thou didst

h Je. 7.4.

fore thou art contrary, take, and deckedst; thy high places with

i ls. 1.21.
Je. 2. 20.

35 Wherefore, U barlot, bear to divers colours, and playedst the barlot

of the LORD: thereupon: the like things shall not come,

3.1,2,6. Ho. 1. 2.

36 Thus saith the Lord Gon, Bean neither shall it be so.

ch, 7, 20. filthiness was poured out, Att 17 Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels Ho...8

discovered through thy soort of my gold and of my silver, which I had * In 4.10,18. thy lovers, and with all the wtoris sites and given thee, and madest to thyself images i Ps. 139, 11, minations, and by the blood" CT** of 7 inen, and didst commit whoredom

rei), which thou didst give 00 TX, with them;

n Je. 2. 34.

37 Behold, therefore, I will tas 18 And tookest thy broidered garments, a male: lovers,with wbom thou hast tsi se and coveredst them and thou hast set » Je 13.02.26. and all them that thou hast beda mine oil and mive incense before them.

La 1. 9.

them that thou hast hated when 19 My meat also which I gave thee, fine

Ho. 2.3,10,

ther them round about as Stad four, and oil, and honey, wherewithi i fed samour of will discover thy nakeca thee, thou hast even set it before them for a sweet savour, and thus it was, saith

7 rith judg.

that they may see all thy nuese ments of

38 And I will judge tire. * the Lord God.

. Le. 20.10. that break wedlock, and intend to all 20 Moreover, thou hast taken thy sons De. 22.02. are judged: and I will she love and and thy daughters, whom thou hast p Ex. 21. 12. in fury" and jealousy. borne unto me, and these hast thou sacri-9 2 Ki. 16. 3. 39 And I will also give there is ficed unto them to be devoured. Is this of thy whoredoms a small matter,

i Ch. 33.6. hand, and they stall three 21 That thou hast slaine my children, 17 Nr. 1. 2. bigb places: they sball storage and delivered them to cause them to

o deront.

of thy clothes, and shall take it pass through the fire for them?

rer. 24, 31. jewels, and leave thee naked at berak 09 And in all thine abominations and thy

t Ps. 106. 37. whoredoms thou hast not reinembered the

u Ho. 2.3.

10 They shall also bring up a instru

against thee, and they shall sex days of thy youth," when thou wast naked and bare, and wast polluted in thy blood.

ments of

with stones, and thrust tbe thire or

with their swords. 23 And it came to pass, after all thy nainent. 41 And they shall burn thise to wickedness, (woe, woe unto thee! saith Je. 25. 9. fire, and execute judgment up the Lord GOD,)

u Je. 2... the sight of many women and ? That thou hast also built unto thee 2 Kl. 25.9. tbee to cease from playing the tree an eminent place, and hast made thee y ch.5.8, 13. thou also shalt give do hue des an high place in every street.

Job 34. 26. 4. So will I make my WYL 25 Thou hast built thy high place at 1 T1.5.20., thee to rest, and my jealousy every head" of the way, and hast made 1 or, brothel part from thee, and I will be able thy beauty to be abhorred, and hast open

house. will be no more angry. ed thy feet to every one that passed by, a Pr. 9. 74.

Je. 3. 2.

43 Because thou hast notre and multiplied thy whoredoms.

the days of thy youth, bet to 26 Thou hast also committed fornica- 5.2007, me in all these things; bebrid. tion with Egyptians thy neighbours, Is 30, 2, 3

I also will recompeosens ** great of flesh, and hast increased thy d ch 9. 10. thine head, saith the Lord Gou; whoredoms, to provoke me to anger.


shalt not commit this lewddess 27 Behold, therefore, I have stretched Ho. 2.9.

tbine abominations. out my hand over thee, and have dimi- Ps. 106. 4). 44 Behold, every one that uses to nished thine ordinary food, and deliver. 6. or, cilies, shall use this proverb against the ed thee unto the will of them that I hate 2 Ch.18. As is the mother, so es her de thee, the hidanghters of the Philistines, r.23.12,50 45 Thou art thy mother's da! which are ashamed of thy lewe way.

2 Ki. 16.7. loathith her husband and be la Thou hast player the whore also with

Je. 2. 19,36, and thou art the sister of the the Assyriang, because thou wast unsati.

sisler lesser which loathed their husband's ** able, yea, thou hast played the harlot with

thu thoa.

children: your mother staat

i De. 32. 32. them, and yet couldest not be satisfied. 29 Thou hast, moreover, multiplird thy

j I'r. 7. 11.

and your father an Amonte.

16. And thipe elder sister u S fornication in the land of Canaan unto daughters she and her daughters that we Chakra, and yet thou wast not satisfied here witli.

is thine. left bant: and thy vyounger 30 low weak is thine heart,saith the Lord

porchat ie as welleth at thy right hand, **

lothed as a and her daughters. Go!, seeing thou doest all these things, the small thing. work of an imperious whonish woman;

17 Yet hast thou not walked sitten

je. 2. 31 In 7 that thou buildest thine eminent 7 2k1.21.9. but, as is peral sens a very to

ways, lior done after their ab place in the head of everyk way, and mak:

1 Co. 5. I. est thine bigb place in every street; and

thou wast corrupted more than

all thy ways.

* or, thy


the heatben, ser.10.


De.. 11.12

18 thon didst, ver.19. De.8.8.-32.13.14. Ps.45. C ch.es...9,1,ke. Ju.10 0.2 Ki,,14.-31.16.-147.14. Ho...5. and thou wast. 21.11.2 Ch.20.01. le.9.18,30. Ho.10.0. er.14.15. Ps. 18.8.-30.9. 13.64.11. Je. 13.20. and 89 in the land, ch.13.11..23. Ju.2.12. 19. OKi. bu dodst. Ge. 2 Sa.8.15. i 61.4., 21.9. unto. ch.23.11.&c. 1. Fr.4.20.-3.11. Ps.50.2. La 9.15.

30 utak. Pr.9.13. 15.1.3. Je 2.12,13.-4.99, the they ranuur. De 38. Jos.2.9.11.-9. work. Ju 16.15,16. Pr.7.11..13,21. Is. 3. 9. Je.3.3. 3 1 5, 10, 1, ốc, 4. 9Ch.0.11,12 -9 23. a. | R1.1.1.6. 25. through. I C0.47.

31 Bu that there buildest thine, or, In thy daugh. Bebou didst, ch.33.13. De 32.15. Is.48.1. Je. 'ters is thide, &c. See on ver. 44,3). makest. 4. Mi 3.11. Zep 3.11. Mat 3.9. and playedst. ver.25. Ho.12.11. in that thou scornest. ver.33, 120 B.-,18,1c. Ex.35.6,&c. u. 23.1,2. 31. 15.52.3. 14.19.-9.6.-10.6. i 21.11.5.--12.03.2Ki. 177. 32 ver. 8. ch.23.37.45. Je...25,28.---3.1,8,9,80.

Ps.100.35. 15.1.91.-57.8. Je.2.20.-3.1.-7. Ho.2.4.-3.1. 2 Co.11.2.3. llo.1..-4.10. Re.17.5. because. Raised from 33 pide. Ge-38.16..18. De 23.17.18. lo...19. flebovah, Israel hecam, proud of her num. ose abject state to divuity and Splendour Joel 3.3. Mu. 1.7. Lu, 15.30. hu thon.,7.

-57.9. Ilo.8.9,10. hi est. Heb. bribest. n. Thes, strength, and reputation, forgetting 35 O harlur.' Is.1.21.-23.15,16. Je.3.1,6.8. Ho.

it was 'through his comeliness which he had 2.5. Na.3.4. Jn".4.10,18. Ke.17.5. hear. ch.13. upon them; and thus departing from God, 9.-20.17.-31.7. i 11.22.19. Is.1.10.-28.14. Ho. ide alliances with heathen nations, and wor.

4.1. Am.7.16. pred their idols. and pouredst, ver.25,36,37. 36 Because. ver.15,&c, ch.90.15.-238.-94.13.

ch. & Ch.08.24. Ho.2.8. - 36.25. L.1.9. Zep.3.1. and thy. ch.23.10,111.29. kas also. eh.7.19.-23.14.&c. Ex.32.1.4. Ho. Ge 3.7,10,11. Ps.139.11.12 Je.13.29..26. Re 3.18.

men. Heb. a nale. and didst. Is, and by. Per.20.21. Je.2 31. 2.9.-577,8. Je, 2.97,8.-3.9.

37 (h.23.9,10,99..30), Je.4.30.-13.09.26.-29.20. This seems to intinate that the Israelites La.1.8,19. 110.2 3,10.--8.10. Na 3.5,0. Re.17.16. family spent their own wealth and abundance 38 as roumen. Heb, with judgments of women, budised and decoratiug idol temples, and &c. ver 10. ch. 3.45.47. Ge.58.11,41. Le.20.10. atlaining their worsnip, but that they De 92.22.21. Mat.1.18,19. Jn°8.3.5.

sked, ver the use of the holy vestments, and the vari. 20,21,36. Ge.9.6. Ex.21.12. Nu.35.31. Ps.79.3..5.

buds of offerings which belonged to Je Je.18.21. 2,p.1.17. Na.1... Re 16.6. tikak, a order to honour and serve the idols 39 And I. For the enormous idolatries and

cruelties of Judah and Jerusalem, Jehovah deIntet see on ver. 13. De.32.14..17. 110.2. termined to gather together the surrounding treet sapour. Hleb, a savour of rest. nations, - both those with whom they had tormed

alliances, as the Egyptians aud the Assyr kulis, mu ver.21. ch.23.4. Ge. 17.7. Ex.13.&, and such as had always been inimical to them,

and these. ch. 20,31.-23.37, as Edom, Ammon, Moab, and Philistia,- to R1.163. 9 Ch.33.6. Ps.100.37.38. 15.57.5. nflict, or to witness, his juiigments upou them.

be devoured. Heb. de Having exposed their enormous crimes to view, El this. ch.8.17. Je.2.31,35.

He would pass sentence upon thein : lle would mckuldren. Ps. 106.37. to pars. Le.18.21. gire Jerusalem into the hands of the Chaldeans, 1.3. De 18.10. 2k1.17.17.-21.6.-23.10. who would destroy the city and temple which ftur.3.7,13,00.63. Je 2... 10.2.3.-11.1. they had polluted level their cities and high a.ch.2.10.-13.3,18.-04.6. Je.13.07. Zep. places with the ground; slay, plunder, and Mat.11.01.-03.13. 09. Re.8.13.-12.12. euslate the people. They shall thrus, ver.24.25, teen hası, ver. 31, 39. ch.20.08.29. 261.21. 31. ( 19.97.9. shall strip. ver.10..90). - 2Ch 33.3.7. eminent place. ch.13.20,29. Is.3.16.21. Ho.2.3,9..13.

Thy fair and hat. Le.26.30. Ps.78.58. jexels. Heb. instruments of thine ornament. 15.7. Je. 2.90.-3.2.-17.3.

40 shall also. llab.1.6..10. 10.8.5..7. and *nety. rer 31." Ge 2.14,21. Pr. 9. 14, 15. thrust. ch.23.10.17.-21.91. Je.95.9. Je '91.21.-3.2.-6.15.

and hast made. 41 burn. De. 13.16. 21.5.9. Je 39 8.-59.13. 19,10,2. Re.17.1.5,12,13,16.

M1.3.12. and esecute. (5.5.8.-23.10.18. De.13, with the ch.B.10.14.-20.7,8.-23.3,8,19..21. 11.-20.21,21. Job 34.26. and I. ch.03.27 -37. 1. De 29.16.17. J09.01.11 19.30.21. 23. 110.2.6..17. M1.5.10.. I have. ch.14.9. 13 3.23.-9.19.17. and hate. It. Zec.13.2. 111.5.20. _37. 15.3.1. Ho...9..12.

Thine.-Chuk. 49 will l. ch.5.13.-01.17. 2 Sa. 21.14. 15.1.24. Swy portion, the household provision of Zec.6 8. and wail. ch.39.89.1%, 10.1.2.-51.9.10. food, clothes, n'! money,

delitored. 43 thou hast. ser.se. Ps.78.12.-106.13. Je.. ken, under Manasseh, and the succeeding 32. bri hasi. (5.6.9. De 39.21. P9.78.10.-95.10. of Judah, made the temple itself the Is.63.10, km.2.13. AC7.51. Ep.1.30. I also.

their open and abominable idolatries, ch.7.3,4,8,9.-9.10.-11.21.-22.31. éditato all their idol-temples! which ap 44 every. ch.18.9,3. 1 Sa. 21.13. is, ier.s, st be meant by the emment place,' and 15. IK1.21.20. 21.17.11,15.-21.9. Ezr.9.1. Ps.

plures in every street,' ver. 24. Allured 106.35.38. te prosperity of the Egyptians, they also 45 that lọ hets. tr.8,15,20,21, ch. 03. 3.39. Sected theinselves with thein, and joined in De 5.9.-19.31. 13.1.4, marg. Zec.11.8. Ko.1.30, multiplied and abominable idolatries. And 31. your mother. ver 3. a lebab pubisbed them by wars ant ta 46 elder. ver.51. ch.23.4.11,31.33. Je 3.8..11.

and by the Philistines, whose daughters Mi 1. 5. thy younger sister. lleb, thy sister frpresented as ashamed of their enormous lesser than thou. Ver. 18,19.33.56,61. (ie. 13.11..

resjustead of being amended, they 13.-18.60,&c.-19.21,05. De2923.-3.... 19.1.9. Ted alliances with the Assyrians, and wor- 10. Je 13.14. LA.1.6, mark. Lu.17.8 30.2 Pe... per their gods: and they even followed 6. Jude 7. Re. 11.8. her daughters. ver.27. marg.

te sluich was worshipped between Ca ch.20.6. Ge.14.8.-19.99. 10. 11.8. 2. Chaldee. ver. 37. ch.23.22,25,28,29,40, 47 ait that were a very linke thing. or, that PAL, Je.31.21. Re.17.16. daughiers. was lothed as a small thing. ch.8 17. i hi.16.31.

terhi. 94. Ch. 28. 18. 19. ls. 9. 12. Thou wast, ver. 18,51. ch.5.6,7. 2K121.9.16. Ju. sed rer. 47,57. ch.5.6.7.

15.21,99. 1 Co.5.1,

1.31.-3.3. M16.7.

rothel bouse.


48 Mat.10.15.-11.24. Mar.6.11. Lu.10.12. Ac. 4.1. the highest. Jeconiah, who 7.52

tive to Babylon. The cedet, The 49 pride. ch. 28. 2, 9, 17.-29. 3. Ge. 19.9. Ps. aucient family of David, 138.6. Pr.16.5,18.-18.12.-21.1. 15.3.9.-10.6. Da. 4 tke tep. The priores of Juda 4.30,37.-5.93. Ob.3. 1 Pe.5.5. fulness. Ge.13. 14.-17.15. Je 51.13. Re. 10.-18.20. De.32.15. Is.92.13.14. Am.6.3..6. Lu. Chaldea, a citg. Babylon, whest 12.16..20.-16.19.-17.28.-21.34. neither. ch.18. the Euphrates aod Tigris, bad cnc 12. Pr.21.13. Am.5.11,19.-8.1..6. Mi. with the richest and most distast bei 3.2..4. Lu.16.20,21.

5 the seed, Zedekiah, brother to Jec 50 and committed, Ge.13.13.-18.20.-19.5. Le. 13. OK1.94.17. Je 37.1. plarie 11 e 18.29. De.23.17.2 61.23.7. Pr. 10.18.-18.19. Ro. field. Heb. put it in a field of seed. 1,26,27. Jude 7. therefore. Ge.19.24. De.29.03. king of Judea. Dě8.7.2. pierd. Job 18.15. Is. 13.19. Je.20.16.--49.18.-50.40. La. dependeut on Babylon, the city in 4.6. Am.4.11. Zep.9.9. 9 le...6. Re.18.9. as the willow us on bumidity. Cha

51 Samaria, Lu. 12. +7,48. Ro.3.9..20. justi. 15.7.-44.4. fied. Je.3.8..11. Mat.19.41,42.

6 11 orez. ver. 14. Pr.16.18.19. 52 which hast. ver. 56. Mat.7. 1..5. Lu.6.37. Jewish state had the no leicbt of Ro.2.1,10,26,97. bear thine. ver.51,63. ch.36.6, and Zedekiah was wholly dependent 7,15,31,32,-39.26.-11.13. Je, 23. 40.-31. 19.-51. chadnezzar. 51. 10.10.6. Ro.1.30.-6.21. they are more. Ge. 7 another. Pharaoh bopera, or A 38.26. 1 Sa. 21.17. 1 ki.2.32.

of Egypt. ver.15. ohi.94.2.2CD 53 bring. ver. 60.61. ch.c9.11.-39.05. Job 19.10. 5.7. did bend. Looked to him for Ps.14.7.-25.1.-126. 1. Is.1.9. Je.20.16.-31.03.- his inteuded rebellion. 18.17.-19.6.39. Joel 3.1. in the midst. Is.19.24, 8 soil. Ilek. field. ver 5.6. As 25. Je.19.16. Ro.11.23..31.

he was dependent on Babyla, yet 54 thou mayest. ver.59,63. ch.36.31,32. Je.2.26. such a situation as would have in thai. ch.11.22.03.

feign in credit, and be useful to 55 then, ver.53. ch.36.11. Mal.3.4.

9 Shall i. Shail he succeed iac 56 was not. Is. 65.5. Zep.3.11. Lu.15.28.30.- yoke of the king of Babylon. 18.11. mentioned. Heb. for a report, or a hear- sumn feulty ver. 10,13..17. N. 141 iug. pride. Heb. prides, or excellencies. 19.-20.00. ls.8.9.10.-30.1.-7.-31

57 ihy wickedness. ver.36,37. ch.21.21.-03.18, shall he. He shall come ad 19. Ps 50.21. La. 4.99. Ho.9.10.-7.1. 1C0.4.5. and carry him captive. Oh...! reproach. . Ki.16.5..7.2 Ch.28.5,6,18..23. 18.7.1. - 24.8..!0.-29. 4.7.-52.7..11. -11.98. Syria. Heb. Aram. Ge.10.29,23. Nu children of Zedekiah. 23.7.

the daughters. Ver.27. despise. or, spoil. 10 shall it, ch.19.19.14. Ho.18.1.Je.33.24.

21.19. Mar.11.90. Jno.15.6. Jode. 58 hast.ch.23.19. Ge.4.13. La.5.7. borne. Hed. 1. coche. ch.23.8.-3.9.-12.9. 1. 1.3 borne them.

ch.81.19. Ex.19 6. De 6.90. Jos 59 I will. ch. 7. 4,8,9.-14.4. Is.3.11. Je...19. 31.-15.16,17.-16.11. Mar. 1.13. Lo Mat.7.1,2. Ro.2.8,9. which. ch.17.13..16. Ex.24. 30. Behold, ver.s. cb.1.9. bis 1..8. De.29.10..15,25.2 Ch.31.31,32. 15.24.5. Je. 36. 9,10. Je. 22. 24..98. 22.9.-31.32.

31..34. 60 Izcill remember. ver.8. Le.26.49,45. Ne.1. 13 hath taken. rer. 5. Ki.94 5..11. Ps.105.8.-106.45. Je...2.-33.90..26. Ho... taken an path of him. Hed. broagt: 15. Lu.1.72. I will establish, ch.37.26,27. Is.55. oath. 2 Ch.36.13. Je.5.9. 3. 2 Sa.23.5. Je.31.31..31.-32.38..11.-30.5. Ilo. 15,16. Je.21.1.-99.9. 2.19.20. le.8.10.-12.24.-13.90.

14 the kingdom. ver.6. c. 99. 14, 61 remember. ver. 63. ch. 20.43.-36.31,39. Job I Sa.9.7.30. Ne.9.36,37. La 5.10. 42.5,6. Ps.119.59. Je.31.18..20.-50.4,5... when. base. Or, low ; a tributary krug te ver.53..55. Ca 8.8.9. Is...2..5.-11.9,10. Ho, 1.9.. on the king of Babylon. 11. Ro.11.11.-15.8,9,16. Ga.4.20, 07. Ep.2.12.. his covenant it might stand. He 1 11.-3.6. I will. 13.49.18..23.-54.1,6.-60.4.-66. covenant, to stand to it. Je...21 7.12. Ga. 4. 26,&c. but not. Je.31.31,&c. Jno. 15 he rebelled, rer.7. OKOL 15.16. He.8.13.

Je 52.3. in. De.17.16. Is So 1-462 I will. ver.60. Da.9.27. 110.9.18..23. and 6.9. Je.37.5.7. Skall k 74. S thon, ch.6.7.-39.22. Je.94.7. Joel 3.17.

De.90.19..15. Je..0.19.30. 63 remember, ver.ol. ch.36.31,32. Ezr.9.6. Da. 18. ch.21.05. Pr.19-5. Je $ and never. Job 10.4,5. Ps.39.9. La.3.39. Mat.23.33. He.2.3. ar shall. Ps 33.3 Ro.2.1.-3.19,97,-919,20. schen. Ro.5.1,2. 1 Co. 10 whose vaik. See on ser. 18,12 Ca 4.7. Ep.2.3..5. Tit.3.3.7.

20.7. Nu 30.9. Jos.9.9., & Sa. 11 CUAP. XVII.

8.2. Ho.10.4. Zec.5.3, 4. M.13.5 kr Under the parable of proo eagles and a vine, 1-0, 1.10. Ti.3.3. €001. ver.10, c.le 1

is shewn God's judgment upon Jerusalem for me. -34.3..5.-39.7.-59.11. multing from Babylon to Egypt, 11-21

17 shall, ch.99.6.7. Is 36.6. Je miseth to plant the cedar of the Gospel, 22-24 by. ch. 1.9. Je.33.5.-50.

O ch.20.49. Ju.9.8..15.-17.12.19. 2 Sa. 18.1.4. 18 Seeing. Though Zedekiah's at Ho.19.10. Mat.13.13,14,35. Mar. 4. 33, 34. 1 Co. giren to a heathen, a conqueros, 13.12.

yet God considered the violatio 3 A great. Nebuchadnezzar, so called from aggravated sin against Him, at de his towering ainbition and rapaciousness, ver. punish him for it. lo, Anth:9. 7,19,&c. De.28.19. Je. 1.13.-18.10.-19.16. La margins. La.5.6. he shall. See 4.19. 10.8.1. Mat.24.28. great wings. Exten. 19 surely. ch.91.23.97. De 5.11. sive empire, both in length and breadth. Da... 9..15. 38.-4.29.-7.4. full. Numerous subjects, of 20 I will spread. ch.19.13-3.: various nations, and of different languages and Sa.18.9. & Ch.33.11. Job 10.10. k. manners, divers colours, Hed, embroidering. 5..7. La.1.13.-4.90. Ho.7.19. Luis came, Came against Judah and Jerusalem, ver. ch.20.35,30.-$8.99. Je...9, 3.-50. 19. 2k1.94.10..16. 2 Ch. 36.9, 10. Je.99.23..28.- Mi.6.2.

God prvo

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I live, saith the Lord God. So B.C. 595. colours, came unto Lebanon, and took the thy sister bath not done, she nor aughters, as thou hast done, thou a Mat. 10. 15.

He cropped off the top of his young y daughters.

11.4. twigs, and carried it into a land of trathc; Sebold, this was the iniquity of thy 6 2K1. 24. 12. he set it in a city of inerchants. sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and c Ge.13.10.13.

5 He took also of the seed of the land, wce or idleness, was in her and in 1%. 20. and B planted it in a fruitfuld field, he agtters, beither did she strengthen De 32. 15. placed ut by great waters, and set it as a ad of the poor and needy.

put it in a willow" tree. and they were haughty, and com held af 6 Avd it grew, and became a spreading abomination before me: therefore seed. vine of low stature, whose branches turnthem away, as I saw good,

d De.& 7.9. {ed toward him, and the roots thereof were Neither hath Samnaria committed . ls. 44. 4. under him: so it became a vme, & brought by suns, but thou hast multiplied | Pr. 16. 18. forth branches, and shot forth sprigs. bomioations more than they, and

IN 12. 7 There was also another great eagle istuted: thy sisters in all thine & ver. 14. with great wings and many feathers; and, ations which thou bast done, A Ge. 19.24. behold, this vine did bend y her roots toJoué also, which hast judged thy

Je. 30. 16.

Ward him, and shot forth her branches Beari thine own shaine, for thy

i Je, 3. 11.

toward him, that he might water it by & thou hast committed more abo- Ro. 1.32.

ver. 15.

the turrows of her plantation. than they : they are more right 2.1.10

8 It was planted in a good soil by atbouyea, be thou confounded 1 Je. 23. 10.

great waters, that it might bring torth d bear thy shame, in that thou


branches, and that it might bear fruit, dibed thy sisters.

Je. 48. 47.

that it might be a goodly vine. linn I shall bring again their 49. 39. 9 Say thou, Thus saith the Lord God, I the captivity of Sodom and her » ? Kl. 25.7. Shall it prosper shall he not pull up the B, and the captivity ot Sainaria o ver. 63. roots thereof, and cut off the fruit" thereSaaghters, then will I bring again p ch. 19. 12. ot, that it wither! it shall wither in all brity of thy captives in the midst 9 Ho. 12. 1. the leaves of her spring, even without

13. 15. great power, or many people to pluck it thou mayest bear thine own" ch. 2. 5.

up by the roots thereot. 2nd mayest be confounded in

for a re.

10 "Yea, behold, being planted, shall it thora bast done, in that thou art a

purt, or,

prosper shall it not utterly wither,when

the cast wind9 toucheth it! it shall wither

& ver. 3. Then they sisters, Sodom and her 2 Ki.24.11..

in the furrows where it grew. ter, still return to their foriner

17. 11 Moreover, the word of the LORD Ed Samaria and her daughters + Is. 65.5.

came unto me, saying, turn to their foriner estate, then Lu. 14. 11. 12 Say now to the rebellious' house, thy daughters shall return to s prides, or, know ye not what these things mean tell

eccllen them, Behold, the king of Babylon is come thy sister Sodom was not d men

dies. to Jerusalein, and bath taken the king by thy mouth in the day of thy * 2 KL. 16.5. thereof, and the princes thereof, and led

them with him to Babylon; fore thy wickedness was discover Aram. 13 And hath taken of the king's seed, the time of thy reproach of the

g brought

and made a covenant with him, and bath

hiin to of Syria, and all that are round

O taken an oath of him he hath also

r2Ch. 30.13. the daughters of the Philistines, despise thee round about.

or, spoil

taken the mighty of the land : Je, 33. 24.

14 That the kingdom might be * base, bu bast borne Athy lewdness and ther.

that it might not litt itselt up, u but that itiuations, saith the LORD.

$ch. 29. 14 hy kerpug of his covenant it might stand. (thus saith the Lord GOD, I will to keep his

15 But he rehelled agalist him, in with thee as thou hast done, covenant to sending his ambassadors into" Egypt, that hat despised the oath in breaking stand to it. they might give him horses and much

v Mat.7.1, 2 people. Shalla he prosper? shall he escape Bertheless, I will remember my : 2K1.24.20 ibat doeth such things! or shall he break with thee in the days of thy Als. 31.1.3: the covenant, and be delivered I will establish unto thee an

De 29.12.15

16 As I live, saith the Lord Gon, surely

c Ps. 106. 45. la tara shalt remember thy ways:

d ver.

in the place where the king duellerh that €2 Sa 23.5.

made him king, whose oaih be despised, staned, when thou shalt receive Je, 32, 40.

and whose covenant he brake, even with les thine elder and thy younger: 50.3. luim, in the inidst of Babylon, he shall die

are them unto thee for daugh-\ Ps. 119. 59. 17 Neither shall Pharaoh, with hts Net Dot by thy j covenant.

8 ch. 12. 13. mighty arıny and great company, make for Ad I will establish' my covenant Je. 52.11. him in the war, by casting nip mounts, and *, and thou shalt kuow that I - Is. 54. 1. building forts, to cut off many persons

60. 4.

18 Seeing he despised the oath by bat ibu mayest remember, and be GA4.-6.31. breaking the covenant, when, lo, he had inted," and never open thyh inouth Je. 31. 31.

given his hand," and hath done all these e because of thy shame, when I ".15.,16. (Things, he shall not escape. ded toward thee for all that thou i Ho.2.19,20. A'line, surely inine oath that he hath

19 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, e, saith the Lord GOD.

m Eur. 9.6. CIIAP. XVII. Dhe word of ibe LORD came unto Ro 3. 19.

Da 9.7, despised, and my covenant that he hath

broken, even it will I recompense upou

. ICh.29. 24. his own head. nau, put forth a riddle, and p ch. 3.2. 3. 20 And I will spread my net upon da prable unto the house of Israel: 19H0.8.1. him, and he shall be taken in iny spare ; Atul say. Thas saith the Lord Gow, embroi. and I will bring him to Babylon, and will Treat Egle with great wings, long

dering nord all of feathers, which had vdivers

plead with him there for his trespass that

he hath trespassed against me.

hier estate.

az' covenant


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