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The Lord the sov'reign sends his summons forth 113
The man is ever blest 10
The praise of Sion waits for thee 135
The wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought 95
Think mighty God on feeble man 188
This is the day the Lord hath made 253
This spacious earth is all the Lord's of

Thou art ay portion, O my God 257
Thou God of love, thou ever blot 170
Thro' ev'ry age, eternal Göd 189
Thrice happy man who fears the Lord 242
Thus I resolv'd before the Lord 90
Thus faith the Lord, the spacious helds ont
Thus faith the Lord, your work is vain 93
Thus the eternal Father (pake 237
Thus the great Lord of carth and sea ibid
Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord 262
Thy name, almighty Lord 250
Thy works of glory, mighty Lord 234
'Tis by thy strength the mountains Itand 138
To G d I cry'd with mournful voice 165
To G dI made my sorrows known 305
To G d the great, the ever bleft 228
To heaven 1 lift my, waiting eyes 272
To our almighty maker Gıd 208
To thee before the dawning light 256
To thee most bely and most high 16
To thine almighty arm we owe 46
'Twas for thy fake eternal God 150
'Tw:s from thy haird, my God, I came 300
'Twas in the watches of the night 132

VAIN man on foolish pleasures bent 232
Unhaken as the sacred hill 277
Up from my youth may Isra'l jay 282
Up to the hills 1.life mine eyes 275
Upward I lift mine eyes 273.

WE bless tbe Lord the just the good 144
We love thee, Lord, and we adore 45
What shall I render lo my God 249
When Christ to judgment hall delcend 131
When God is nigh my faith is (trong 39
Wher God provok'd with daring crimes 235
When God restor'd our captive ftate 279
When God reycal's his gracious name ibid.

Lord 269

when I a'l freed from Pharaoh's hand 245
Vhen Ifrael's fins the Lord reproves 109
Vhen I with pleasing wonder stand 303
When man grows hold in sin 8s
When overwhelm'd with grief 129
When pain and anguish seize me,
When the great Judge supreme and just 27
Where Mall the map be found 63
Wherc hall we go to seek and find 286
While I keep Glence and conceal 73
While min grow bold in wicked ways 83
Who trait afrond thy heavenly place 37
Who Niall inhabit in thy hill 36

who will arise and plead my right 201
Why did the Jews proclaim their sage 14
Why did the nations join to Ney 13
Why do tle proud insult the poor 109

by co the wealthy wicked boalt 87

vrnih the Lord Itand off co far 28 Whý dolo de non of riches grow 109 Why bias my God my soul forfook ss "Why should I vex my foul and fret 86 Will God for ever caft us off 160 V th all my powers of heart and tongue 299

2. by earneft longings of the mind 96 With my whole beart I'll raise my forg 26 We my whole heart I've fought thy face 365 suji v?rence let the saints appear 18+

Unhings and honours founding loud 316
Xid you behold the works of God 233

VE holy fouls iGod rejoice 75
Yllands of the Northern-Sea 208
Terations round the earth rejoice 211
i firvants of th' Alo ighty King 244
X: fons of men, a feeble race 195
Ye tons of pride, that hate the juft 108
Vc that del ght to serve the L 1d 2.43
Ye that ofcy th' immortal King 289
Yi iriles of Adam join 307
Yét (taith ibe Lor) if David's race 187


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