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Firm was my health, my days were bright 68
Fools in their hearts believe and say 34
For ever blessed be the Lord 309
For ever shall my song record 183
From age to age exalt his name 231
From all that dwell below the skies 250
From deep distress and troubled thoughts 28+

GIVE thanks to God, he reigns above 2 30
Give thanks to God, invoke his name 226
Give thanks ro God most high 29+
Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord 292
Give to our God immortal praisc 296
Give to the Lord ye fons of fam: 67
God in his earthly temple lays 182
God is the refuge of his faints 103
God my supporter and my hope 157
God of eternal love 229
God of my childhood and my youth 152
God of my life look gently down 92
God of my mercy and my pr ise 2 36
Good is the Lord the heavenly King 139
Great God, attend while Zion lings :76
Great God, how oft did Ifrael prove 170
Great God, indulge my humble claim 133
Great God, the heavens well-order'd frame 50
Great God, whose universal (way 154
Great is the Lord exalted high 291
Great is tht Ltd. his works of might 240
Great is the Lord our God 105
Great Tht pherd of thine Israel 178

IAD not the Lord, may Israel say 277
Happy is he that fears the Lord 242
Happy the city where their lous 308
Happy the man to whom his God 72
Happy the man w bofe cautious feet ri
Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face 214
Hear what the Lord in vision said 186
Help, Lord, for men of virtve fail 31
He reigns ihe Lord, the Saviour reigns 204
He that hath made his refuge Ciod 194
High in ob e heavens, eternal God 83
How ausul is thy chatt'ning rod 266
How did my heart rejoice to hear 214
How fast their gailt and forowa risc 38

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How long, O Lord, shall I complain 33
How long wilt thou conceal thy face ibid
How pleasant, how divinely fair 178
How pleasant 'tis to: see 289
How pleas'd and blest was i 275
How lall the young secure their hearts 258

JEHOVAH reigns; he dwells in light 198
Jesus, our Lord, ascend thy throne -38
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 154
If God succeed not, all the cost 280
If God to build the house deny 281
I lift my soul to God 62
I'll bless the Lord from day to day 79
I'll praise my Maker with my breath 313
I'll speak the honour of my king 100
I love the Lord, he heard my cries 248
In all my valt concerns with thee 302
In anger, Lord, rebuke me not 20
In God's own house pronounce his praise 314
In Judah God of old was koown 163
Into thine hand, O God of truth 69
Joy to the world; the Lord is come 209
I set the Lord before

Is there ambition in my heart 285
It is the Lord our Saviours hand 216
Judge me, O Lord, and prove my ways 65
Judges who rule the world by laws 129
Juit are thy ways, and true thy wird 45
I waited patient for the Lord 93
I will extol thee, Lord, on high 68

LET all the earth their voices raise 205
Let all the Heathen writers join 260
Let children hear the mighty decds 167
Let every creature join 32.1
Let every tongue thy goodness Speak 311
Let God arise in all his night 143
Let Gooers take their courfc 124
Li Zion in her King rejoicc 104
Let Zion and hc: fins rejoice 115
Long as I live i'll bi ss thy name 39
Lord, hait thou cart the nation off 129
Lord, I am thine but thou wilt pi ri 48
Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin 119
Lord, I can buffer thy rebukes ao

face 40

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Lord, I cleem thy judgments right 200
Lord, if thine eyes survey our faults 192
Lord, if thou dost pot soon appear 30
Lord, I have made thy word my choice 265
Lord, in the morning chou shalt hear 18
Lord, I will bless thee all my days 77
Lord, I would spread my fore distress 121
Lord of the worlds above 178
Lord, thou haft callid thy grace to mind 185
Lord, thou haft heard thy servant cry 251
Lord, thou hast search'd and feen me thro' 298
Lord, thou hast seen my soul fincere 44
Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray 18
Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand 197
Lord we have heard thy works of old 93
Lord, what a feeble picce 193
Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I 058
Lord, what is man, poor feeble man 308
Lord, what was man when made at first 26
Lord, when I couot chy mercies o'er 304
Lord, when thou di-l ascend on high 144
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord 319
Lo, what a glorious Corner-Stone 254
Lo, what an entertaining light 288

MAKER and fou'reign Lord 12
Mercy and judgment are my song 21%
Mine eyes and my desire 64
My God, accept my cariy vows 304
My God consider my distress 205
My God how many are my
My God in whom are all the springs 129
My God, my everlasting hope 151
My God, my king, thy various praise 309
My God permit my tongue 134
My God, the steps of pious men 88
My God what inward grief I feel 301
My heart rejoices in thy name 70
My never ceasing songs Thall thow 184
My refuge is the God of love 29
My righteous Judge, my gracious God 306
My Saviour and my King 499
My Saviour, my Almighty Friend. 151
My hepherd is the living Lord 58.
My (heplierd will supply my neud 59
My soul, how lovely is the place 117

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fears 15

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My foul lies cleaving to the dust 268
My soul repcat his praise 220
My soul thy great Creator praife 222
My spirit looks to God alone 130
My spirit fioks within me, Lord 97
My trust is in my heavenly friend ar

NO Necp nor sumber to his eyes 287
Not to our names, thou only Just and True 247
Not to ourselves who are but dust 246
Now be my heart inspir’d to Gang 101
Now from the roaring lion's rage 56
Now I'm convinc'd the Lord is kind 155
Now let our lips with holy fear 147
Now let our mournful songs record 57
Now may the God of power and grace 52
Now plead my cause, almighty God 81
Now Thall my folemn vows be paid 141

O ALL ye nations, praise the Lord' 250
O blessed souls are they 71
o bless the Lord my soul 219
O Britain, praise thy mighty God 315
Of justice and of grace I Ging 213
o for a shout of sacred joy 104
O God my refuge bear my cries 123
O God of grace and righteousness 17
O God of



пу :
God to whoin revenge belongs 100
O happy man whose coul is fillid 286
O happy nation where the Lord 76
O how I love thy holy law 259
O Lord, how many are my foes 16
O Lord our heav'nly king 23
O Lord our Lord, how wondrous great 24
O that the Lord would guide my ways 254
O that thy statutes ev'ry hour 267

thou that hear'ít when Ginners cry 120
O thou whose grace and justice reigns 276
O thou whose justice reigos on high 125
Our God, our help in ages past 190
Out of the deeps of long distrets 283
O what a stiff rebellious house 168

PRAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee 137
Praise ye the Lord, exalt his name 2,90

call 122

Praise ye the Lord, my heart shall join 31%
Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise 314
Preserve me Lord in time of nécd 38

REJOICE ye righteous in the Lord 74
Remember, Lord, our mortal state 188
Return, O God of love, return 193

SALVATION is for eyer nigh 181
Save me, O God, the swelling floods 145
Save me, O Lord, fiom every fo: 39
See what a living Stone 253
Shew pity, Lord; O Lord forgive 118
Shine, mighty God, on Britaio mine 142,
Sing all ye nations to the Lord 140
Sing to the Lord aloud 373
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's name 202
Sing to the Lord with joyful voice 213
Sing to the Lord


distani lands 204
Songs of immortal praise belong 239
Soon as I heard my Father say 66
Sure there's a righteous God 158
Sweet is the mem'ry of thy grace 310
Sweet is the work, my God, my king 196

TEACH me the measure of my days 91
Th’Almigiriy reigns exalted high 207
That man is blest who stands in awe 240
The carth for ever is the Lord's 6 I
Thee will I love, O Lord my strength 43
The God Jehovah reigns 209
Thi G d of glory funds his lumi mons forth 15$
The God of our salvation jstars 136
The htavus declare thy glory, Lord 50
The King of faints how fair his face 102
The king, O Lord, with songs of praila 53
The Lord appears my lielper 10w 251
The Lord how wondrons are his ways 218
The Lord Jehovah reigns 199
The Lord is con e: the teavens proclaim 207
The Lord my lậepherd is 60
The Lord of glory is my light us
The Lord of gory reigns, he ragns on high 199
The Lord the judge before his throue 110
The Lord the judge his churches warns 112
The Lord the cor'reigo King 22

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