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2. Then spake the Saviour, “Lo, I'm here,

“ My God, to do thy will;
« Whate'er thy sacred books declare,

“ Thy servant shall fulfil. 3

Thy law is ever in my light,

“ Į keep it near my heart:
“ Mine ears are opend with delight

“ To what thy lips impart."
4 And see, the blest Redeemer comes,

Th' eternal Son appears,
And at th' appointed time assumes

The body God prepares.
5 Much he reveal?d his Father's grace,

And much his truth he few'd,
And preach'd the way of righteousness,
Where great

assemblies stood.
6 His Father's honour touch'd his heart,

He pity'd finners cries,
And to fulfil a Saviour's part,

Was made a facrifice.

7 No blood of beasts on altars shed,

Could wash the conscience clean,
But the rich facrifice he paid,

Atones for all our fin.
8 Then was the great falvation spread,

And Satan's kingdom shook ;
Thus by the woman's promis'd feed,

The ferpent's head was broke.

PSALM XL. 5-10. Long Metre,

Christ our facrifice. *HE wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought,

Exceed our praise, surmount our thought; Should I attempt the long detail,

My speech would faint, my numbers fail. 2 No blood of beasts on altars spilt,

Can cleanse the souls of men from guilt;
But thou hast set before our eyes

An all-sufficient facrifice.
3 Lo! thine eternal Son appears,

To thy designs he bows his ears;
Affumes a body well prepard,

And well performs a work so hard, 4 "Behold I come (the Saviour cries,

With love and duty in his eyes) “ I come to bear the heavy load

“Of fins, and do thy will, my God. 5

“ 'Tis written io thy great decree,
« 'Tis in thy book foretold of me,
“ I must fulfil the Saviour's part;

“ And lo! thy law is in my heart. 6 "I'll magnify thy holy law,

“ And rebels to obedience draw,
" When on my cross I'm lifted high,

“ Or to my crown above the sky.
7" The Spirit shall descend and show

" What thou hast done, and what I do;
“ The wond'ring world shall learn thy grace,
“ Thy wisdom and thy righteousness."


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PSA L M XLI. 1, 2, 3.
Charity to the poor: or, Pity to the afflicted.
LEST is the man whose bowels move,

And melt with pity to the poor,
Whose soul by sympathizing love

Feels what his fellow-faints endure. 2 His heart contrives for their relief,

More good than his own hands can
He in the time of gen’ral grief,

Shall find the Lord has bowels 100. 3 His foul shall live secure on earth,

With secret bleflings on his head,
When drought, and pestilence, and dearth,

Around him multiply their dead. 4 Or if he languish on his couch,

God will pronounce his fins forgiv'n,
Will fave him with a healing touch,
Or take his williog soul to heav'o.


PSALM XLII. 1-5. First part.
Defertion and hope: or, Complaint of absence from

public worship.
7ITH earnest longings of the mind,

My God, to thee I look;
So pants the hunted hart to find

And taste the cooling brook.
2 When shall I see thy courts of grace,

And meet my God again?
So long an abfence from thy face

My heart endures with pain.
3 Temptations vex my weary soul,

And tears are my repast;

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The foe insults withour controul,

" And where's your God at last?" 'Tis with a mournful pleasure now

I think on antient days;
Then to thy house did numbers

And all our work was praise.
5 But why, my soul, funk down so far

Beneath this heavy load?
Why do my thoughts indulge despair,

And sip against my God?
Hope in the Lord, whose mighty hand

Can all thy woes remove,
For I shall yet before him stand,

And sing restoring love.

PSALM XLII. 6,-II. Second part, Melancholy thoughts reproved; or, Hope in affliction.

Y spirit finks within me, Lord,

But I will call thy name to mind, And times of past dillress record,

When I have found my God was kind. 2 Huge troubles, with tumultuous noise,

Swell like a fea, and round me spread;
Thy water-spouts drown all my joys,

And rising waves roll o'er my head. 3 Yet will the Lord command his love,

When I address his throne by day,
Nor in the night his grace remove;

The night shall hear me sing and pray.
4 I'll caft myself before his feet,
And fay, “My God, my heav'nly Rock,

Why doth thy love so long forget “ The foul that groans beneath thy stroke:


5 I'll chide my heart that finks fo low,

Why should my foul indulge her grief?
Hope in the Lord, and praise him too;

He is my reft, my sure relief.
6 Thy light and truth shall guide me still,

Thy word shall my best thoughts employ,
And lead me to thine heav'nly hill,
My God, my most exceeding joy.

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PSALM XLIV. 1, 2, 3, 8, 15,-26.
The church's complaint in persecution.
ORD, we have heard thy works of old,

Thy works of pow'r and grace, ,
When to our ears our fathers told

The wonders of their days. 2 How thou didst build thy churches here,

And make thy gospel known; Amongst them did thinc arm appear,

Thy light and glory shone.
3 Io God they boasted all the day,

Apd in a chearful throng
Did thousands meet to praise and pray,

And grace was all their song.
4. But now our souls are seiz'd with shame,

Confusion fills our face,
To hear the enemy blaspheme,

And fools reproach thy grace.
5 Yet have we not forgot our God,

Nor falsely dealt with heav'n,
Nor have our steps declin'd the road

Of duty thou hast giv'n.
6 Tho' dragons all around us roar

With their destructive breaih,

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