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PSALM XXXIV. 1,-10. ift part. Com. Metre, Prayer and Praise for eminent Deliverance. 'LL bless the Lord from day to day;

are all his ! Ye humble souls that use to pray,

Come, help my lips to praise. 2 Sing to the honour of his name,

How a poor sufferer cry'd,
Nor was his hope expos'd to shame,

Nor was his fuit deny’d.
3 When threatning forrows round me stood,

And endlels fears arose,
Like the loud billows of a flood,

Redoubling all my woes.
4 I told the Lord my fore distress

With heavy groans and tears, He gave my shar pest torments ease,

And filenc'd all my fears,

PAUSE. 5 [O fingers, come-aod taste his love,

Some, learn his pleasant ways, And let your own experience prove

The sweetness of his grace. 6' He bids his angels pitch their tents

Round where his children dwell; What ills their heav'nly care prevents

No earthly tongue can tell.]
7 [O love the Lord, ye faints of his;

Flis eye regards the just!
How jichly bless'd their portion is,

Who make the Lord their trust!

8 Young lions pinch'd with hunger roar,

And famish in the wood:
But God supplies his holy poor

With ev'ry needful good ]






11.-22. Second Part.
Common Metre.
Exhortations to Peace and Holiness.
YOME, children, learn to fear the Lord,

And that your days be long,
Let pot a false or spiteful word

Be found upon your tongue.
2 Depart from mischief. practise love,

Pursue the works of peace;
So shall the Lord your ways approve,

And set your souls at ease.
3 His eyes awake to guard the just,

His ears attend their cry;
When broken spirits dwell in dust,

The God of grace is nigh.
4 What tho' the forrows here they taste

Are sharp and tedious too,
The Lord who saves them all at last,

Is their supporter now.
5 Evil shall smite the wicked dead;
But God secures

Prevents the mischief when they lide,

Or heals the broken bone. 6 When defolation like a flood

O'er the proud finner rolls,
Saints find a refuge in their God,

For he redeem'd their souls.


PSALM XXXV. 1,-9. First Part.

Now plead me caufe, Almighty God,

Prayer and faith of persecuted saints; or, Im

precations. mixed with charity. Tow

With all the fons of strife; And fight against the men of blood;

Who fight against my life. 2 Draw out thy spear, and stop their way,

Lift thine avenging rod; But to my soul in mercy say,

I am thy Saviour God. 3 They plant their fnares to catch my feet,

Apd pets of mischief spread: Plunge the destroyers in the pit

That their own hands have made, 4 Let fogs and darkness hide their way,

And Nipp'ry be their ground;
Thy wrath shall make their lives a prey,

And all their rage confound.
5 They fly like chaff before the windy

Before thine angry breath; The angel of the Lord behind

Pursues them down to deathi 6 They love the road that leads to hell;

Then let the rebels die, Whofmalice is implacable

Against the Lord on high. 7 But if thou hast a chosen few

Amongst that impious race,
Divide them from the bloody crew
By thy furprizing grace.

8 Then will I raise my tuneful voice

To make thy wonders known; In their favation I'll rejoice,

And bless thee for my own.


PSALM XXXV. Ver. 12, 13, 14. Second Part. Love to Enemies: or, The Love of Christ to finners

typify'd in David. I

Ehold the love, the generous love

That holy David shows;
Hark how his founding bowels move

To his afflicted foes !
2 When they are fick, his foul complains,

And seems to feel the smart;
The spirit of the gospel reigns,

And melts his pious heart.
3 How did his flowing tears condole

As for a brother dead!
Add fasting mortify'd his foul,

While for their life he pray'd.
4 They groap'd and curs'd him on their bed,

Yet fill he pleads and mourns;
And double blessings on his head

The righteous God returns.
5 O glorious type of heav'nly grace!

Thus Christ the Lord appears;
While fingers curse, the Saviour prays,

And pities them with tears.
6 He the true David, Israel's King,

Bleft and belov'd of God,
To save us rebels dead in fin,

Paid his own deareft blood.

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PSALM XXXVI. 59---9. Long Metre.
The perfections and providence of God; or, Gene-

neral providence and special grace.
IGH in the heav'ns, eternal God,

Thy goodness in full glory shines;
Thy truth shall break thro' ev'ry cloud

Thát veils and darkens thy designs.. 2 For ever firm thy justice stands,

As mountains their foundations keep;
Wise are the wonders of thy hands;

Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 3 Thy providence is kind and large,

Both man and beast thy bounty Mare;
The whole creation is thy charge;

But faints are thy peculiar care.
4 My God! how excellent thy grace;

Whence all our hope and comfort spriogs:
The fons of Adam in distress

Fly to the shadow of thy wings.
5 From the provisions of thy house

We shall be fed with sweet repast;
There mercy like a river flows,

And brings falvation to our taste. 6 Life, like a fountain rich and free,

Springs from the presence of my Lord;
And in thy light our fouls shall fee

The glories promis'd in thy word.
PSALM XXXVI. 1, 2, 5,6,7,9. Common Metre.
Practical atheism exposed; or, The being and attri-

butes of God alerted. HILE men grow bold in wicked ways,

, D6

W And yet a God they own,

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