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His beams thro' all the nations run,

And life and light convey.
2 But where the gospel comes

It spreads diviner light,
It calls dead finners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their fight.
3 How perfect is thy word!

And all thy judgments just,
For ever sure thy promise, Lord,

And men securely trust.
4 My gracious God, how plain

Are thy directions giv'n!
O may I never read in vain,

But find the path to hear'n!


5 I hear thy word with love,

And I would fain obey;
Send thy good Spirit from above

To guide me, lest I stray.
60 who can ever find

The errors of his ways?
Yet with a bold prefumptuous mind

I would not dare transgress.
7 Warn me of ev'ry sin,

Forgive my secret faults,
And cleante this guilty foul of mine,

Whose crimes exceed my thoughts. & While with my heart and tongue

i spread thy praise abroad; Accept the worship and the song, My Saviour and my God.



PSALM XIX. Long Metre.
The books of nature and scripture compared; or,

The glory and success of the gospel.
HE heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord,

In ev'ry star thy wisdom (hines;
But when our eyes behold thy word,

We read thy name in fairer lines.
2 The rolling sun, the changing light,

Aod nights and days thy pow'r confess;
But the blest volume thou hast writ

Reveals thy justice and thy grace.
3 Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise

Round the whole earth, and never Itand:
So when thy truth begun its race,

It touch'd, and glanc'd on ev'ry land. 4 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest

Till thro' the world thy truth has run;
Till Christ has all the nations blest

That see the light, or feel the sun. 5 Great Sun of righteousness, arise,

Bless the dark world with heav'nly light;
Thy gospel makes the simple wile,

Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right. 6 Thy noblest wonders here we view,

In fouls renewd, and fins forgiv'o:
Lord, cleanse my fins, my soul renew,
And make thy word my guide to heav'n.

PSALM XIX. To the tune of the 11 3th Psalm,

The book of nature and fcripture. '

REAT God, the heav'n's well'order'd frame,
Declares the glories of thy name:

There thy rich works of wonder shine,
A thoufand starry beauties there,
A thousand radiant marks appear

Of boundless pow'r, and skill divine. , 2 From night to day, from day to night,

The dawning and the dying light,

Lectures of heav'nly wisdom read;
With silent eloquence they raise
Our thoughts to our Creator's praise,

And neither found nor language need.
3 Yet their divine instructions run
Far as the journies of the fun;

And ev'ry nation knows their voice:
The fun, like fome young bridegroom drest,
Breaks from the chambers of the east,

Rolls round, and makes the earth rejoice.
4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad,
He smiles and speaks his maker God:

All nature joins to shew thy praise:
Thus God in ev'ry creature shines;
Fair are the book of nature's lines,

But fairer is the book of grace.


5 I love the volumes of thy word;
What light and joy those leaves afford

To fouls benighted and distreft!
Thy precepts guide my doubtful way,
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray,

Thy promise leads my heart to reft.
6 From the discoveries of thy law
The perfect rules of life I draw:

These are my study and delight;


Not honey fo invites the taste,
Nor gold that hath the furnace past,

Appears so pleasing to the fight. 7 Thy threatnings wake my numbring eyes, And warn me where my danger lies;

But 'tis thy blelled gospel, Lord,
That makes my guilty conscience clean,
Converts my soul, subdues my sin,

And gives a free, but large reward.
8 Who knows the errors of his thoughts?
My God, forgive my fecret faults,

And from presumptuous fias restrain:
Accept my poor attempts of praise,
That I have read thy book of grace

And book of nature not in vain.



Prayer and hope of victory.
For a day of prayer in time of war.
Cow may the God of pow'r and

Attend his people's humble cry!
Jehovah hears when Ifra'l prays,

And brings deliv'rance from on bigh. 2. The name of Jacob's God defends

Better than thields or brazen walls;
He from his fanctuary fends

Succour and strength when Zion calls. 3

Well he remembers all our sighs,
His love exceeds our best deserts:
His love accepts the facrifice

Of humble groans and broken hearts. 4 In his falvation is our hope,

And in the name of Isra'l's God,

Our troops shall lift their banners up,

Our Davies spread their flags abroad. 5 Some trust in horses train'd for war,

And some of chariots make their boasts:
Our fureft expectations are

From thee, the Lord of heav'nly hosts, 6 10 may the memory of thy name

Inspire our armies for the fight!
Our foes shall fall and die with shame,

Or quit the field with shameful flight.] · 7 Now fave us, Lord, from slavilh fear,

Now let our hope be firm and strong,
Till thy salvation shall appear,
And joy and triumph raise the fong.

PSALM XXI. Common Metre.

Our King is the care of Heaven.
THE King, O Lord, with songs of praise

Shall in thy strength rejoice;
And blest with thy salvation, raise

To heav'n his chearful voice. 2 Thy sure defence thro' nations round

Has spread bis glorious name; And his successful actions crown'd

With majesty and fame.
3 Then let the king on God alone

For timely aid rely;
His mercy shall support the throne

And all our wants supply.
4 But, righteous Lord, his stubborn foes-

Shall feel thy dreadful hand:
Thy vengeful arm (hall find out those

Thai hate his mild command.

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