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The wretch-that dares this God defy
Shall find his


He fends his word and melts the snow,

The fields no longer mourn:
He calls the warmer gales to blow,

And bids the spriog return.
3 The changing wind, the flying cloud,

Obey his mighty word:
With songs and honours sounding loud,

Praise ye the fov'rcigo Lord.

PSALM CXLVIII. Proper Metre.

Praise to God from all creatures.
E tribes

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Ye with heaven and Carth and seas,

And offer potes divine
To your Creator's praise.

Ye holy throng
Of angels bright
In worlds of light

Begin the song.
2 Thou fun with dazzling rays,

And moon that rules the night,
Shine to your Maker's praise,
With stars of twinkling light.

His pow'r declare,
Ye foods on high,
And clouds that fly

In empty air.
3 The Thioing worlds above

In glorious order stand,
Or in swift courses move
y his supreme command,

He fpake the word,
Aod all their frame
From nothing came

To praise the Lord. 4 He mov'd their mighty wheels

In unknown ages past,
And each his word fulfils
While time and nature laft,

In diff'rent ways
His works proclaim
His wond'rous name,
Aud speak his praise.

PAUSE. 5 Let all the earth born race,

And monsters of the deep,
The fish that cleave the feas,
Or in their bolom seep,

From sea and shore
Their tribute pay,
And fill display

Their Maker's pow'r.
6 Ye vapours, hail and snow,

Praise ye th’ almighty Lord,
And stormy winds that blow
To execute his word.

When lightnings shine,
Or thunders roar,
Let earth adore

His hand divine. 7 Ye mountains near the skies,

With lofty cedars there,
And trees of humbler size,
That fruit in plenty bear;

Beasts wild and tame,
Birds, flies, and worms,
In various forms

Exalt his name.
8 Ye kings, and judges, fear,

The Lord, the fov'reign king;
And while you rule us here,
His heav'nly honours fing:

Nor let the dream
Of pow'r and Itate
Make you forget

His pow'r supreme.
9 Virgins and youths, engage

To found his praise divine,
While infancy and age
Their feeble voices joio :

Wide as he reigos
His name be sung
By ev'ry tongue

In endless strains.
10 Let all the pations fear

The God that rules above;.
He brings his people near,
Aod makes them taste his love;

While earth and sky
Attempt his praise,
His saints shall raise
His honours high.

PSALM CXLVIII. Paraphrased in Long Metre.

Universal praise to God.
OUD hallelujahs to the Lord,
From distant worlds where creatures dwell;


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Let heav'n begin the folemn word,
And found it dreadful down to hell.

Note, This Psalm may be sung to the tune of the old 1 12th, or 127th Psalm, if these two lines be added to every stanza, viz.

Each of his works his oame displays,

But they can ne'er fulfil the praise. Otherwise it must be fung to the usual tunes of the

Long Metre.
2 The Lord ! how absolute he reigas !

Let ev'ry angel bend the knee;
Sing of his love in heav'nly strains,

And speak how fierce his terrors be. 3 High on a throne his glories dwell,

An awful throne of thining bliss:
Fly thro' the world, o fun, and tell

How dark thy beams compar'd to his. 4 Awake, ye tempests, and his fame

In sounds of dreadful praise declare;
And the sweet whisper of his name

Fill ev'ry gentler breeze of air.
5 Let clouds, and winds, and waves agree

To join their praise with blazing fire;
Let the firm earth and rolling fea

In this eterpal fong conspire.
6 Ye flow'ry plains, proclaim his skill;
Valleys lye low before his eye:
And let his praise from ev'ry hill

Rife tuneful to the neighb'ring fky. 7 Ye Stubborn oaks, and stately pines

Bend your high branches and adore :
Praise him, ye beasts, in diff'rent Itraias;
The lamb mul bleat, the lion roar.

.8 Birds, ye must make his praise your theme,

Nature demands a song from you:
While the dumb fish that cut the stream

Leap up and mean his praises too,
9 Mortals, can you refrain your tongue,

When nature all around you sings ?
O for a shout from old and young,

From humble swains and lofty kings!
10 Wide as his vast dominion lyes

Make the Creator's name be known;
Loud as his thunder shout his praise,

And found it lofty as his throne.
11 Jehovah ! 'tis a glorious word!

it dwell on ev'ry tongue !
But saints who best have known the Lord.

Are bound to raise the noblelt fong.
12 Speak of the wonders of that love

Which Gabriel plays on ev'ry chord;
From all below and all above,
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord.

Universal praise.
ET ev'ry creature join

To praise th' eternal God;
Ye heav'nly hosts, the fong begin

And found his name abroad.
2 Thou fun with golden beams,

And moon with paler rays,
Ye Aarry lights, ye twinkling flames,

Shine to your Maker's praise.
3 He built those worlds above,

And fix'd their wond'rous frame;
By his command they fand or movc,
And ever speak his oame,



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