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2 A careful providence shall stand

And ever guard thy head,
Shall on the labours of thy hand

Its kindly blessings shed.
3 Thy wife shall be a fruitful vine;

Thy children round thy board,
Each like a plant of honour shine,

And learn to fear the Lord. 4 The Lord shall thy best hopes fulfil

For months and years to come; The Lord who dwells on Zion's hill

Shall feod thee blessings home.
5 This is the man whose happy eyes

Shall see his house increale,
Shall see the sinking church arise,
Then leave the world in peace.


Persecutors punished. I TP from my youth, may Isra’l say. Have I been nurs'd is

tears ; My griefs were conftaot as the day,

And tedious as the years.
2 Up from my youth I bore the rage,

Of all the fons of strife;
Oft they assail'd my riper age,

But not destroy'd my life. 3. Their cruel plow had torn my flesh,

With furrows long and deep, Hourly they vex'd my wounds afresh,

Nor let my forrows sleep. 4 The Lord grew angry on his thrope,

And with impartial eye,

Measur'd the mischiefs they had done,

Then let his arrows fly.
5 How was their insolence surpriz'd,

To hear his thunders roll!
And all the foes of Zion seiz'd

With horror to the soul. 6 Thus shall the men that hate the faints,

Be blasted from the sky;
Their glory fades, their courage faints,

And all their projects die.
7 [What tho' they flourish tall and fair,

They have no root beneath;
Their growth shall perish in despair,

And lye defpis’d in death,]
8 [So corn that on the house-top stands,

No hope of harvest gives;
The reaper ne'er shall fill his hands,

Nor binder fold the heaves.
It springs and withers on the place;

No traveller bestows
A word of blessing on the grass,
Nor miods it as he goes.]
PSALM CXXX. Common Metre.

Pardoning grace.
UT of the deeps of long distress,



borders of despair


I sent my cries to seek thy grace,

My groans to move thine ear.
2 Great God, should thy severer eye,

And thine impartial hand,
Mark and revenge iniquity,

No mortal Resh could stand.

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3 But there are pardong with my God

For crimes of high degree;
Thy Son has bought them with his blood,

To draw us near to thee.
4 [I wait for thy salvation, Lord,

With strong desires I wait; My soul, invited by thy word,

Stands watching at thy gate.]
5 [Just as the guards that keep the night

Long for the morning skies,
Watch the first beams of breaking light,

And meet them with their eyes: 6 So waits my soul to see thy grace,

And more intent than they, Meets the first op'nings of thy face,

And finds a brighter day.]
7 Then in the Lord let Ifra'l trust,

Let Isra'l seek his face;
The Lord is good as well as just,

And plenteous in his grace.
8 There's full redemption at bis throne

For finners long enslav'd; The great Redeemer is his son:

And Ifra'l shall be sav'd.

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PSALM CXXX. Long Metre.

Pardoning grace.
"ROM deep distress and troubled thoughts,

To thee, my God, I rais'd my cries:
If thou severely mark our faults,
No flesh can stand before thine eyes.
2 But thou hast built thy throne of

grace Free to dispense thy pardous there,

That singers may approach thy face,

And hope, and love, as well as fear. 3 As the benighted pilgrims wait,

And long and with for breaking day,
So waits my soul before thy gate;

When will my God his face display? 4. My trust is fix'd upon thy word,

Nor shall I trust thy word io'vain;
Let mourning fouls address the Lord,

And find relief from all their pain.
5 Great is his love, and large his grace,

Thro’ the redemption of his Son:
He turns our feet from sinful ways,
And pardons what our hands have done.


Humility and submision. rs there ambition in my heart?


Search pácious God, and feet

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Or do I act a haughty part?

Lord, I appeal to thee.
2 I charge my thoughts, be humble Ntill,

And all my carriage mild,
Content, my Father, with thy will,

And quiet as a child.
3 The patient soul, the lowly mind

Shall have a large reward :
Let faints in forrow lye resiga'd,

And trust a faithful Lord.

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CXXXII. 5,13-18. Long Metre, tler,ent of a church; or, The ordination of

a Minister.
7HERE shall we go to seek and find

An habitation'for our God.
A dwelling for th' eternal Mind

Amongst the sons of flesh and blood? 2 The God of Jacob chose the hill

Of Zion for his antient reft;
And Zion is his dwelling still,

His church is with his presence blest. 3 Here will I fix my gracious throne,

And reign for ever, faith the Lord;
Here shall my pow'r and love be known,

And blessings shall attend my word. 4 Here will I meet the hungry poor,

And fill their fouls with living bread;
Sinners that wait before


With sweet provisions shall be fed.
5 Girded with truth, and cloath'd with grace,

My priests, my ministers shall shine:
Not Aaron, in his costly dress,

Made an appearance fo divine. 6 The faints, unable to contain

Their inward joys, shall shout and sing;
The Son of David here shall reign,

And Zion triumph in her King. 7 Jelus shall see a num'rous feed

Born here, t' uphold his glorious name;
His crown (hall flourish on his head
Wbile all his foes are cloath'd with shame.]

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