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Afflictions make me learn thy law,

And live upon my God.

Ver. 50.

3 This is the comfort I enjoy

When new distress begins;
I read thy word. I run thy way,

And hate my former fins.

Ver. 92.

4 Had not thy word been my delight

When earthly joys were Aed,
My soul, oppreft with forrows weight,

Had funk amongst the dead.

Ver. 75.

5 I know thy judgments, Lord, are right,

Tho' they may seem fevere;
The sharpest suff'rings I endure
Flow from thy faithful care.

Ver. 67.
6 Before I knew thy chast'ning rod

My feet were apt to stray;
But now I learn to keep thy word,
Nor wander from thy wa
PSALM CXIX. Fifteenth Part. .

Holy resolutions.

Ver. 93.



That thy statutes ev'ry hour

Might dwell upon my mind:
Thence I derive a quick’ning pow'r,
And daily peace I find.

Ver. 15, 16.
2. To meditate thy precepts, Lord,

Shall be my fweet employ;
My soul shall ne'er forget thy word,
Thy word is all my joy.

Ver. 32

3 How would I run in thy commands,

If thou my heart discharge
From sin and Satan's hateful chains,
And set my feet at large?...

Ver. 13, 46.
4 My lips with courage shall declare

Thy statutes and thy name; I'll speak thy word, tho' kings should hear, Nor yield to finful shame.

Ver. 61, 69, 70. 5 Let bands of persecutors rise

To rob me of my right,
Let pride and malice forge their lies,

Thy law is my delight.

Ver. 115.

6 Depart from me, ye wicked race,

Whose hands and hearts are ill:
I love my God, I love his ways,
And must obey his will.
PSALM CXIX. Sixteenth Part.
Prayes for quickning grace.

Ver. 25, 37
TY foul lyes cleaving to the dust;

Lord, give me life divine:
From vain desires, and ev'ry lust

Turn off these eyes of mine. 2 I need the influence of thy grace

To speed me in thy way, Left I should loiter in my race, Or turn my feet astray.

end 3 When fore affiliations press me down,

I need thy quickning pow'rs; Thy word that I have rested on

Shall help my heaviest hours.

Ver. 107

Ver. 156, 40.
4 Are not thy mercies sov’reign still

Aud thou a faithful God?
Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal
To run the heav'nly road?

Ver. 159, 40.
5 Does not my heart thy precepts love,

And long to see thy face?
And yet how slow my spirits move

Without 'enliv’ning grace !

Ver. 93:

6 Then shall I love thy gospel more,

And ne'er forget thy word,
When I have felt its quick’ning pow'r

To draw me near the Lord.


Seventeenth Part.



Courage and perseverance under persecution ; or,
Grace shining in difficulties and trials.

Ver. 143, 28.
HEN paio and anguish teize me Lord,

All my support is from thy word:
My soul diffolves for heaviness,
Uphold me with thy strength'ning grace.

Ver. 51, 69, 110. 2 The proud have fram'd their scoffs and lies,

They watch my feet with envious eyes,
And tempt my soul to snares and fin,
Yet thy commands I ne'er decline.

Ver. 161, 78.
3 They hate me, Lord, without a cause,

They hate to see me love thy laws;
But I will trust and fear thy name,
Till pride and malice die with shame.

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PSALM CXIX. Last Part.
Sanctified afli£tions ; or, Delight in the word of God.

Ver. 67, 59.
Ather, I blefs thy gentle hand;

How kind was thy chastizing rod,
That forc'd my conscience to a stand,

And brought my wand'ring foul to God! 2 Foolish and vain I went astray

Ere I had felt thy scourges, Lord,
I left my Guide, and lost my way;
But now I love and keep thy word.

Ver. 75.


'Tis good for me to wear the yoke,
For pride is apt to rise and swell;
'Tis good to bear my Father's stroke,
That I might learn his statutes well.

Ver. 72.


The law that issues from thy mouth
Shall raise my chcarful pafsions more
Than all the treasures of the South,
Or Western hills of golden ore.

Ver. 73•

5 Thy hands have made my mortal frame,

Thy Spirit form'd my soul within;
Teach me to know thy wondrous name,
And guard me safe from death and fin.

Ver. 74.

6 Then all that love and fear the Lord

At my salvation shall rejoice:
For I have hoped in thy word,
And made thy grace my only choice.

Complaint of quarrelsome neighhours; or, A devout

wish for peace.
HOU God of love, thou ever bleft,

T Pity my fuf'ring fate;

When wilt thou set my soul at rest

From lips that love deceit ?
2 Hard lot of mine! my days are cast

Among the fons of Arife,
Whose never ceasiog brawlings waste

My golden hours of life.
3 O might I fly to change my place,

How would I chuse to dwell
In some wild lonesome wilderness,

And leave these gates of hell ! 4 Peace is the blessing that I seek,

How lovely are its charms!
I am for peace; but when I speaky

They all declare for arms.
5 New pallions fill their fouls engage,

And keep their malice frong,
What shall be done to curb thy rage,

O`thou devouring tongue !
6 Should burning arrows smite thee thro',

Strict justice would approve
But I had rather spare my foe,

And melt his heart with love.

PSALM CXXI. Long Metre.

Divine protection.
P to the hills I lift mine eyes,

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U to'eternal hilis beyond the skies;

Thence all her help my foul derives;

There my almighty Refuge lives. 2 He lives; the everlasting God,

That built the world, that spread the flood;
The heav'ns with all their hosts he made;
And the dark regions of the dead.

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