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3 From Zion went his dreadful word,

And broke the threatning 1pear; The bow, the arrows, and the sword,

And crush'd th' Allyrian war.
4. What are the earth's wide kingdoms elfe,

But mighty hills of prey?
The hill on which Jehovah dwells

Is glorious more than they.
5 'Twas Zion's King that stopp'd the breath

Of captains and their bands:
The men of might slept fast in death,

And never found their hands, 6 At thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,

Both horse and chariot fell :
Who knows the terrors of thy rod!

Thy veng'ar.ce who can tell?
7 What pow'r can stand before thy fight

When once thy wrath appears?
When heav'n mines round with dreadful light

The earth lyes still and fears.
8 When God in his own sov'reign ways

Comes down to save th’ opprest,
The wrath of man shall work his praise,

And he'll restrain the rest,
9 [Vow to the Lord, and tribute bring,

Ye princes fear his frown:
His terrors shake the proudest king,

And curs an army down.
10 The thunder of his sharp rebuke

Our haughty foes shall feel;
For Jacob's God hath not forlook,

But dwells in Zion still.]

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Melancholy afsaulting, and hope prevailing.

O God I cry'd with mournful voice,

I sought his gracious ear,
In the sad day when troubles rose,

And fillid the night with fear.
2 Sad were my days, and dark my nights;

My foul refus'd relief;
I thought on God the just and wife,

But thoughts increas'd my grief. 3 Still I complain'd, and still oppreft,

My heart began to break;
My God, thy wrath forbid my rest,

And kept my eyes awake.
4 My overwhelming forrows grew,

Till I could speak no more;
Then I within myself withdrew,

And callid thy judgments o'er.
s I callid back years and antient times

When I beheld thy face;
My spirit fearch'd for secret crimes

That might with-hold thy grace. 6 I call'd thy mercies to my mind

Which I enjoy'd before;
And will the Lord no more be kiad?

His face appear no more? 7 Will he for eve caft me off?

His promise ever fail ?
Has he forgot his tender love?

Shall anger still prevail?
8 But I forbid this hopeless thought,

This dark, despairing frame,

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Remembring what thy hand bath wrought;

Thy hand is still the fame. 9 I'll thiðk again of all thy ways,

And talk thy wonders o'er, Thy wonders of recov'ring grace,

When flesh could hope no more. jo Grace dwells with justice on the throne;

And men that love thy word Have in thy fanctuary known

The counsels of the Lord.

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PSALM LXXVII. Second part. Comfort derived from antient providences: or,

ifrael delivered from Egypt, and brought to

I " ow awful is thy chastong rod!

(May thy own children say)
“ The great, the wise, the dreadful God!

“ How holy is his way !”
2 I'll meditate his works of old; -

The King that reigns above,
I'll hear his aptient wonders told,

And learn to trust his love.
3 Long did the houfe of Jofeph lye

With Egypt's yoke opp eft;
Long he delay'd to hear their cry,

Nor gave his people rest.
4 The sons of good old Jacob seem'd

Abandon'd to their foes;
But his almighty arm redeem'd

The nation that he chose. s Ifra'l his people and his sheep,

Must follow where he calls

He bids them venture thro' the deep,

And made the waves their walls. 6 The waters faw thee, mighty God,

The waters saw thee come;
Backward they fled, and frighted food,

To make thine armies room.
7 Strange was thy journey thro' the sea,

Thy footsteps, Lord, uakaown;
Terrors attend the wond'rous way,

That brings thy mercies down.
8 [Thy voice, with terror in the sound,

Thro' clouds and darkness broke;
All heav'n in lightning shone around,

And earth with thunder shook.
9 Thine arrows thro' the skies were hurld,

How glorious is the Lord!
Surprise and trembling seiz'd the world,

And his own saiats ador'd.
10 He gave them water from the rock;

And safe by Moses' hand,
Thro' a dry desart led his fiock

'Home to the promis'd land.]

PSALM LXXVIII. First part. Providences of God recorded: or, Pious education

and instruction of children.
ET children hear the mighty deeds,

Which God perform’d of old;
Which is our younger years we saw,

And which our fathers told.
2 He bids us make his glories known;

His works of pow'r and grace;

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And we'll convey his wonders down

Thro' ev'ry rising race. 3 Our lips fhall tell them to our fons,

And they again to theirs, That generations yet unborn

May teach them to their heirs. 4. Thus fhall they learn in God alone

Their hope securely stands,
That they may ne'er forget his works

But practise his commands.



Hrael's rebellion and punishment; or, The sins and

chastisements of God's people.
What a stiff rebellious house

Was Jacob's antient race!
False to their own most folemn vows,

And to their Maker's grace.
2. They broke the cov'nant of his love,

And did his laws despile,
Forgot the works he wrought to prove

His pow'r before their eyes.
3 They saw the plagues on Egypt light,

From his revenging hand:
What dreadful tokens of his might

Spread o'er the stubborn land!
4 They saw him cleave the mighty fea,

And march'd in safety thro',
With watry walls to guard their way,

Till they had 'scap'd the foe.
5 A wondrous pillar mark'd the 'road,

Compos'd of Ihade and light;

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