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3 Seasons and times, and moons and hours,

Heav'n, earth, and air are thine;
When clouds distil in fruitful showers,

The author is divine.
4 Those wand'ring cisterns in the sky

Born by the winds around,
With watry treasures well supply

The furrows of the ground,
5 The thirsty ridges drink their fill

And ranks of corn appear;
Thy ways abound with blessings Nill,

Thy goodness crowas the year.

PSALM LXV. Third part. Common Metre.

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The blessings of the spring; or, God gives rain.

A psalm for the husbandman.

OOD is the Lord, the heav'nly King, ,
Who makes the earth his

Visirs the pastures ev'ry spring,

And bids the grass appear.
2 The clouds, like rivers rais'd on high,

Pour out, at thy command,
Their watry bleflings from the sky,

To chear the thirsty land.
3 The foften'd ridges of the field:

Permit the corn to spriog;
The valleys rich provision yield,

And the poor lab'rers fing.
4 The little hills on ev'ry fide

Rejoice at falling show'rs:
The meadows dreis'd in all their pride

Perfume the air with flow'rs,

5 The barren clods, refresh'd with raia,

Promile a joyful crop;
The parching grounds look green again,

And raise the reaper's hope.
6 The various months thy goodness crowns,

How bounteous are thy ways !
The bleating flocks spread o'er the downs,

And shepherds (hout thy praise.

PSALM LXVI. First Part.

Governing power and goodness; or, Our grace tried

by afflictions.


ING, all ye nations, to the Lord,

Sing with a joyful noise;
With melody of sound record

His honours and your joys.
2 Say to the Pow'r that shakes the sky,

« How terrible art thou:
« Sioners before thy presence Aly,

“ Or at thy feet they bow."
3 [Come, see the wonders of our God,

How glorious are his ways?
In Moses's band he puts his rod,

And cleaves the frighted feas. 4 He made the ebbing channel dry,

While Ifra'l pass'd the flood;
There did the church begin their joy,

And triumph in their God.] 5 He rules by bis refiftless might;

Will rebel mortal dare Provoke th' Eternal to the fight,

And tempt that dreadful war?

6 o bless our God, and never cease;

Ye faints, fulfil his praise ;
He keeps our life, maintains our peace,

And guides our doubtful ways. 7 Lord, thou haft prov'd our fuff'ring fouls,

To make our graces shine;
So silver bears the burning coals,

The metal to refine.
8 Thro' watry deeps and fiery ways

We march at thy command,
Led to possess the promis'd place

By thine unerring hand.
PSALM LXVI. 13-20. Second Part.

Praise to God for hearing prayer.
Ow Thall my folemn vows be paid

To that
That heard the long requests I made

lo my distressful hour.
2 My lips and chearful heart prepare

To make his mercies known;
Come ye that fear my God, and hear

The wonders he has done.
3 When on my head huge forrows fell,

I fought his heav'nly aid;
He fav'd my sinking foul from hell,

And death's eternal shade. 4. If sin lay cover'd in my heart

While pray'r employ'd my tongue,
The Lord had thewo me no regard,

Nur 1 his praises lung.
5 But God (his name be ever blest)

Hus let my spirit free,


No that

Nor turn’d from him my poor request,

Nor turo'd his heart from me.

PSALM LXVII. The nation's profperity, and the church's increase, SE

HINE, mighty God, on Britain fhine

With beams of heav'nly grace; Reveal thy pow'r thro' all our coafts,

And Mew thy smiling face. 2 [Amidst our ille exalted high

Do thou our glory stand,
And like a wall of guardian fire

Surround the fav'rite land.)
3 When shall thy name from shore to shore

Sound all the earth abroad,
And distant nations know and love

Their Saviour and their God? 4 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Sing loud with solemn voice;
While British tongues exalt his praise,

And British hearts rejoice.
5 He, the great Lord, the fov’reign Judge,

That fits enthron'd above,
Wirely commands the worlds he made,

In justice and in love.
6 Earth shall obey her Maker's will,

And yield a full increase;
Our God will crown his chosen ille

With fruittulness and peace.
7 God the Redeemer scatters round

His choicest favours here,
While the creation's utmost bound

Shall fee, adore, and fear.

PSALM LXVIII. First Part. 1,-6, 32,--35.

The vengeance and compassion of God. 1

ET God arise in all his might,

And put the troops of hell to flight;
As smoke that sought to cloud the skies

Before the rising tempeft flies.
2 (He comes array'd'in burning flames;

Justice and vengeance are his names;
Behold his fainting foes expire

Like melting wax before the fire.]
3 He rides and thunders thro' the sky;

His name Jehovah sounds on high:
Sing to his name, ye fons of grace;

Ye faints rejoice before his face. 4 The widow and the fatherless

Fly to his aid in sharp distress!
In him the poor and helpless find

A Judge that's just, a Father kind.
5 He breaks the captive's heavy chain,

And pris'ners see the light again ;
But rebels that dispute his will,
Shall dwell in chains and darkness still.

6 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong;

Crown him ye nations, in your song:
His wond'rous names and powrs rehearse;

His honours shall enrich your verse.
7. He shakes the heav'ns with loud alarms;

How terrible is God in arms!
In Ifra'l are his mercies known,
Ifra'l is his peculiar throne,

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