Worlds Apart: Acting and Writing in Academic and Workplace Contexts

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Patrick Dias
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999 - Всего страниц: 253
Worlds Apart: Acting and Writing in Academic and Workplace Contexts offers a unique examination of writing as it is applied and used in academic and workplace settings. Based on a 7-year multi-site comparative study of writing in different university courses and matched workplaces, this volume presents new perspectives on how writing functions within the activities of various disciplines: law and public administration courses and government institutions; management courses and financial institutions; social-work courses and social-work agencies; and architecture courses and architecture practice. Using detailed ethnography, the authors make comparisons between the two types of settings through an understanding of how writing is operative within the particularities of these settings.

Although the research was initially established to further understanding of the relationships between writing in academic and workplace settings, it has evolved to examining writing as it is embedded in both types of settings--where social relationships, available tools, and historical, cultural, temporal, and physical location are all implicated in complex ways in the decisions people make as writers. Readers of this volume will discover that the uniqueness of each setting makes salient different aspects of writers and writing, resulting in complex, and potentially unsettling implications for writing theory and the teaching of writing.

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Patrick Dias is Professor of Curriculum & Instruction at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, where he teaches courses on response to literature, assessment and evaluation, and the teaching of writing. A former elementary and high school teacher, he has served as consultant to the Quebec ministry of Education on the language arts curriculum and has co-authored several curriculum guides on writing, language, response to literature, and assessment and evaluation.

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