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vice for her neighbor nations. Save Ja- the first Hawaiians went to Micronesia Do you ever feel that your own souls, pan, and you have saved the Orient.” in company with Messrs Snow, Gulick Were redeemed when Jesus died ? Rev J. H. Ballagh writes of a visit he and Sturges, not less than seventy-five Do you know the joy of walking through

life made to Boshin, Japan, where several Sandwich Islanders have gone as foreign

missionaries, thirty.nine of thum males, Close up to the Saviour's side? were baptized. Among them was a big

Ah, surely, then with tenderest love, oted widow of 82, who had opposed her thirty-six females. The total sum con

tributed at the islands for foreign mis- Your hearts within must burn ; daughter's becoming a Christian, and had turned out the believing husband sions has been $170,149.44. Of this And you ardently long that all mankind

Your Saviour's worth should learn. from the house. She gave up her idols amount, $133,015 86 were contributed by

native Hawaiian churches, the remainand with her daughter sought baptism.

der by foreign churches and individuals Will you do some little deed to-day The Tharans are an aboriginal tribe in at the islands. The contributions of the

That the angels will joy to see? Northwest Province of India. They are Hawaiian churches for all purposes from

Will you publish abroad the Saviour's a simple people, observe no caste distinc

name, the beginning, so far as can be ascertions, are honest in their dealings, main- tained, amount to $818,270.35.

Will you point to Calvary's tree? tain a kind of devil-worship for a religion,

Have you nothing to take to God's bright and are much given to drunkenness.

throne, They have little shrines under trees, and MISSIONARY QUESTIONS.

When life's short day is done? they believe that local demons or spirits

No record of faithful efforts made? hover near these places, and at times Oye followers of Christ, who live

No gems for Jesus won ? they make offerings to appease them.

In happy Christian lands !

Will you plead for those who plead for They are the people among whom Rev. Have you fully, plainly understood

God? S. Knowles has baptized over 500 per

Your sovereign Lord's commands? Will you strengthen their hearts and sons. Have you carried forth the message

hands? Rev. G. H. Rouse, a missionary in which

Have you felt the solemn force and India, gives the following encouraging On Olivet He gave?

weight signs respecting Protestant progress in Have you told the great wide world Of your blessed Lord's commands? India :— The growing friendliness of the


Have you carried out the precept which people, the growing knowledge of the That Jesus died to save?

On Olivet He gave ? people, the lessening prejudices of the

0, will you not let the wide world know people, the decreasing faith in Hindu- Have you each, in deep, and solemn

That Jesus died to save? ism, the growing reverence for the per

thought, son of Christ, especially in Bengal, the

Bowed down before His feet,

Nova Scotia. readiness to purchase and read the Scrip- And, moved by warm affection, made tures, the growing independence of the Surrender full and sweet ?

A New Book on India, Church of Christ, the spread of the work Have you given to Him your heart's best

love, among the women, and the formation of

“Our India Mission” is a new work philanthropic associations, apart from Your wealth, your strength, your all ? just issued, a book of over 500 pages, Christianity, for the social clevation of Does not your dedication word

written by Rev. Andrew Gordon, D.D., the people.

Stand pledged beyond recall ?

for 30 years a missionary in India. It

contains a thirty years history of the InA missionary writes from China that Have you each, in very deed to Christ, dia Mission of the United Presbyterian the wife of Prince Kung, the son of one Your promised offerings given ? Church of North America, many per. Emperor, and the brother of another, has Your solemn vows, are they brought to sonal reminiscences, and much informabecome a Christian. One of her lady at- mind,

tion concerning the country and people. tendants visited the Presbyterian mis- All registered in heaven?

The price of the book bound in cloth is sionaries and procured a New Testament Do you think of sorrow-laden souls,

$3. It is sold only by subscription, but and some other Christian books. These And plead for them in prayer? sample copies can be ordered from the were seen by the wife of the Prince; she Do you speak, and work and live for

author at 914 Filbert street, Philadelphia, read them and became very much inter- Him,

Pa. See an advertisement on third page ested. The Gospel was talked about and Whose sacred name you bear?

of cover. discussed, until now there is reason to be

We thank Dr. Gordon for this very inlieve that no less than thirty-one inmates Do you never give more thought to self of the palace have renounced their idola

Than you do to Christ your king ?

teresting narrative. His manner of pretry and professed their faith in Jesus as Does your past neglect of duty's claims

senting the subject brings the mission their Savior. They meet together for

So sad remembrance bring ?

work in India very close to us, and the worship on the Sabbath. Can you not do more to honor Him

reading of the book will increase our Whose boundless grace you know?

knowledge of the people of India, and The Rev. Mr. Forbes, Secretary of the O will you not now, in plainest way,

mission work among them, and deepen Hawaiian Evangelical Association, fur

Your love to Jesus show?

our interest in the effort being made to nishes the following interesting informa

save them. We commend it heartily to tion respecting the Hawaiian Islands: The Did you ever feel, in your heart of our readers and trust it will have a very first Hawaiian pastor was ordained in hearts,

large circulation, 1849. Since that time ninety-five Hawaii- The blessed Saviour's love?

In 1856 the communicants in the Misans bave been ordained, of whom thirty- And do you not long for the glowing zeal sion numbered 11 ; in 1873 they did not eight are at present pastors in the home That serapbs feel above?

number 100; in 1881 there were 397. field and nine are in foreign service, O will you not use what talent you have During the past five years there has been making forty-seven native Hawaiians In helping His cause along?

a gracious harvest from the long seed who are now either pastors or mission. In doing His will His blessing is gained, sowing. and at the close of 1885 the comaries in active service. Since 1852, when And faith becomes more strong.

municants numbered 2,176.






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Matars of

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I nevertheless tender you my warmest found chiefly in Mount Lebanon and thanks for your offer. Our hearts thrill number about 150,000. at your noble efforts in behalf of mis- Who are the Druses ! They are often sions everywhere and we rejoice in your counted as a Moslem sect, and they success.

sprang from it in the eleventh century. FOR MISSIONS

May the “million line," speedily reached They believe in the transmigration of and firmly secured, become the base line souls, and do not believe in prayer. They for fresh and more heroic advance upon are a mountain people and number about the camps of heathenism throughout the 90,000. world.

Who are the Nusairiyeh? A strange, Missionary Society Receipts.

wild mountain race numbering about

200,000. Polygamy is common and diComparative statement of receipts by


vorce occurs at the will of men. Swearfiscal years.

PALESTINE 1881-85. 1885-86.

ing and lying is universal. November 9,227.86 $ 16,694.78

How many Jews are there? About December.. 14,968.37 47,952.08

25,000. January


18,195.61 February 15,508.68 11,058.87


Who are the Greeks? Arabs by race March

125,781.84 201,637 95 April 199,554.65 167,207.37

but members of the Greek Church, and May.. 18,817.56 31,055.93

under the patronage of Russia. They Total to June 1 $397,447.28 $493,802.65


number 150,000. This year to June 1. $493,802.65

Who are the Jacobites A small body Last year to June 1. 897.447.23

of dissenters from the Greek Church. Increase .$ 96,355.42

Who are the Greek Catholics | ConThis is an increase upon the increase of

verts from the Greek to the Roman last year. The increase of last year was

Catholic Church. Their priests are alninety-five thousand dollars, but forty

. Mount Nosztott

lowed to marry. They number about thousand of it was by bequest from one


50,000. estate. Deducting this, the total increase in the income of the Missionary Society

How many Armenians are there?

Pella will not be less than one hundred and


About 50,000. fifty-one thousand dollars over the in

Which of these sects call themselves come of 1884.

Christians ? The Maronites, Greeks, We must make an increase of one

Jacobites, Greek Catholics, and Arme. hundred thousand dollars more to reach


nians. the million line. The five thousand Methodist pastors of the West can do it

Who were the first Protestant misby “finding the last man, woman and

sionaries to Syria in modern times ! cuild.” Do it for the sake of Him who

Rev, Pliny Fisk and Rev. Levi Parsons gave Himself for us.

in 1820 ; Rev. Jonas King and Rev. JoJ. M. REID.

seph Wolff in 1823 ; Rev. Wm. Goodell C. C. McCABE.


and Rev. Isaac Bird in 1824 ; Rev. Eli

Smith in 1827. These missionaries were Vectoba

the representatives of the American Letter from Rev. Dennis Osborne.

Board. Chaplain McCabe wrote to Rev. Dennis

To whom was the Mission of the AmerOsborne, of India, asking him to come

ican Board transfered and when? To to America to help on the million, and

the American Presbyterian Church in the following is his reply, written

1870. from Mussoorie, May 11, 1886 :


What two American Churches hare now DEAR BROTHER :-I should have ac- Where is Syria ? It is in Western Asia, missions in Syria ? The Presbyterian knowledged earlier your very kind letter and borders on the eastern shore of the Church, North, and the Reformed Pressuggesting my making a visit to much Mediterranean Sea. Palestine is now in- byterian Church. loved America, in the interest of mission cluded in it.

What British Churches and Societies work.

To whom does Syria belong? Since i have Missions in Syria The Free Nothing would have afforded me great- the sixteenth century Syria has been Church of Scotland, Edinburg Medical er joy or satisfaction for the object is one | under the control of the Turks, and Missionary Society, Church Missionary in harmony with my deepest sympathies forms a part of Turkey in Asia.

Society, London Society for Promoting and loftiest hopes, while the pleasure of What is the population of Syria ? Christianity among the Jews, Committee again associating with beloved and hon- About 2,250,000, the most of whom are of the Lebanon Schools, British Syrian ored friends, afforded a feast of antici- Mahommedans.

Schools, Friends and Moravians. There pation.

Who are the Mahommedans ? The are some German Missions and several But I could not feel, after much followers of Mahommed and bitter oppo- independent missions. thought and prayer, that the Lord would nents of Christianity.

What College is doing an important have me leave my field of work just Who beside Mahommedans are found work for Syria ? The Syrian Protestant now; and especially when Dr. Tho- in Syria ? Maronites, Druses, Nusai- College. burn decided to visit America, a de- riyeh, Jews, Greeks, Jacobites, Greek What is in the way of the progress of cision in which all his brethren con- Catholics and Armenians.

Protestantism in Syria ? The religious curred, it became evident that my place Who are the Maronites? Representa- | intolerance of the Turkish Government was in India, since the cause of missions tives of the ancient Syrian Church. They which has closed many of the schools would have in Dr. Thoburn, the ablest are ignorant and bigoted, and much re- and is hindering as far as it can the advocate that this field could furnish. semble the Roman Catholics. They are progress of Christianity.





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sentatives. The President and the House of Represen. of the latter of whom 15 are native boys and 3 are native tatives are elected for two years, and the Senate for four girls. years. There are 13 members of the Lower House, and The Board of Missions of the P. Episcopal Church 8 of the Upper House. The President must be thirty- maintain, as reported by Bishop Ferguson, 4 boarding five years of age, and have real property to the value of schools containing 251 scholars, and 9 other schools $600. The present President is Hilary R. W. Johnson, with 284 scholars. These are mostly native youths, and an able Christian man, who is serving his second term. the Hoffman Institute, at Cavalla, is for the training of The President is assisted in his executive function by clergymen and catechists born in Africa. five ministers-the Secretary of State, the Secretary of All Saints Hall, at Beulah, Grand Bassa County, Miss the Treasury, Secretary of the Interior, the Attorney- Margaretta Scott, principal, is said to have 10 girls unGeneral, and the Postmaster-General.

der instruction. The total population is estimated to number 1,068,000, The Lutheran Mission schools, at Muhlenberg, are all of the African race, and of which number 18,000 are stated to have 127 scholars, of whom 73 boys and 15 Americo-Liberians, and the remaining 1,050,000 aborigi- girls are in the boarding department, and 23 boys and 16 nal inhabitants. Monrovia, the capital, has an estimated girls are day pupils,-largely natives of the country. population of 3,000.

The Woman's Baptist The laws prohibit white

Foreign Missionary Sopersons from becoming

ciety have two schools citizens or holding pro

in Grand Bassa County, perty.

but no late statement as In 1871 the republic

to the beneficiaries has contracted a loan of

been furnished. $500,000 at 7 per cent.

Returns for the quarinterest to be redeemed

ter ending March 31, in 15 years. No in

show 40 primary and terest has been paid on

grammar schools with it since 1874, and the

1106 scholars supported principal and interest

by the Government of due this month amount

Liberia, as follows: to nearly one million of

Montserrado County, dollars.

24 schools and 476 puEDUCATION

pils. Grand Bassa The American Coloni

County, 10 schools and zation Society furnishes

329 pupils. Sinoe Counthe following report re

ty, 6 schools and 301 specting education in

pupils. Liberia :

No report appears The American Colo

from Maryland County, nization Society schools

in many instances the are reported to have

number of scholars is been regularly attended, and with encouraging results; not given, and there is nothing to indicate the sex or that at Arthington having 20 male and 26 female scholars, nativity of those reported. of whom 10 are Aborigines, and the school at Brewerville The Liberia College was inaugurated January 23, 1862, 34 Liberian and 4 native boys. The increasing number

The increasing number and the first regular term began February 2, 1863. The of children and the rapid extension of this settlement schools which had chiefly prepared its first pupils were make additional educational facilities necessary. A high closed soon after it opened. The latest statement gives school, with an industrial department, is very desirable. 14 pupils in the College, (of whom 6 are in the Fresh

The Hall Free School, at Cape Palmas, under the aus- man, 3 in the Sophomore and 5 in the Junior classes;) 35 pices of the Maryland State Colonization Society, is sta- in the Preparatory department and 21 in the female school. ted to have 50 pupils of both sexes and nativities.

The Liberia College is supported by the Trustees of The Anna Morris School at Arthington, is said to have Donations for Education in Liberia, at Boston, and the 49 boys and 23 girls; of the former of whom 27 are na- New York State Colonization Society. The Pennsylvatives. This interesting school was founded and is sus- nia Colonization Society helps to meet the salary of the tained by the disinterested efforts of Edward S. Morris, teacher of the female school. Esq., of Philadelphia, Pa.

The foregoing returns, incomplete and imperfect as The Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions report 4 they are, show an attendance for instruction of 303 males, schools and 101 pupils ; also the Alexander High School, 138 females, and 1792 whose sex is not stated, making a at Clay-Ashland, with 51 male and 27 female scholars : grand total of 2233.




The feeling is becoming general in Liberia that the and the English are different and distinct dialects. The time is not far distant when an earnest effort should general appearance of the tribes is alike, except the Manbe made for the support of its educational and religious dingoes, who are a tall and sinewy race of men. One institutions from the resources of the country. It is felt can always distinguish a Krooman. He is the sailor of the that provision should be made on the spot for the high- coast. He navigates all the steamers and ships that do er education of the people—that it may not be exposed business in West African waters. The Krooman was to the inconvenience which a state of absolute depend- never a slave ; he was too useful to the slave-trader as a ence upon friends at a distance must necessarily entail. sailor. In order to prevent the exportation of a Krooman, PEOPLE.

the tribe. adopted as a sign a blue band down the forehead. Mr. Wm. Coppinger says of the people: “Liberia has Every male child is tatooed, and he grows up with that an element of progress in her Aboriginal population stamp upon his face, of which he never fails to be which no other civilized government in Africa can com- proud. mand. In her jurisdiction there are Veys, the ingenious These tribes dwell in towns, each town having its chief inventors of an alphabet; Mandingoes, the enterprising or headman. The houses are neatly constructed of bammerchants and Mohammedan missionaries, who fill Sou- | boo. Many of them are oblong. The Veys live in coni. dan with their wares

cal - shaped dweland letters ; Pes

lings, with a porch sehs, who are the

in which they usulaborious and inde

ally hang a hamfatigable workers of

mock of their own the soil ; Kroomen,

manufacture. The without whom no

houses are comparextensive enterpri

atively neat, and ses can be carried


the African wife on in Africa; Bas

prides herself in sas, who supply palm

keeping her home oil by the millions

tidy and in order. of gallons, camwood

The ground serves and ivory by the

the floor, but thousands of tons;

they frequently besides Golahs,

spread their homeDeys, Queahs, and

made mats upon it. the indomitable and

This is much better irrepressible Gre.

than the sleepy peoboes. All these God

ple of Madeira ; has given to Liberia.

whose floors are of Are these not a peo

stone, and are usuple for whose eleva

ally bare. Some of tion it is thought

these African-made FAVORITE WIFE OF AN AFRICAN CHIEF TRAVELING, worth while to la

mats are very bor? They are coming forward, and they will bring pretty. They combine different colors in making them. their contributions to the markets of civilization and They cover the dining room and sitting-room of many a their offerings to the Most High."

well-to-do Americo-African, who buys then from the The fullest account of the people we have seen is that skillful, industrious natives. In building their houses given by Prof. T. McCants Stewart, now of New York, they use no nails, but a rope and a cord of their own but formerly the Professor of Belles Lettres and Law in make, which are as strong and as durable as anything Liberia College, in a pamphlet lately issued. He says: manufactured in Europe or America.

The people of Liberia, the Americo-African Republic, Most people have an idea that the Negro at home is are divided into two classes : (1). The Aborigines, who an idle being who sits around and does nothing. They are (a) the indigenous tribes, and (6) the slaves recap- will hardly believe that they have their smiths who work tured from slave-ships and returned to Africa ; and (2). in iron and gold, their weavers of cloth, and their lcom, The colored colonizers from the United States and the their dyers, carpenters, merchants, teachers, doctors and West Indies, and their descendants.

farmers, and are engaged in many of the pursuits comThe Natives, as the Aborigines are called, numbering mon to our more advanced civilized life. This is true of about 800,000 persons, are divided into tribes, named many of the Liberian tribes. Among some, if not all of Veys, Mandingoes, Kroos, Golahs, Greboes, Pesehs, them, the various industries of life are pursued, even if Bassas and Deys. They differ in dialect, as do the people in a feeble way. of Great Britain even to-day. The Welsh, the Scotch The food of the natives consists of rice, cassava, beef,

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