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There are 190 millions of Roman Catholics, and 95 Jesus in Mexico has done a most precious work in that million members of the Oriental Churches embraced in Republic. the Greek, Armenian, Coptic, Abyssinian, and Nestor- Some Christians in the United States and in England ian communions, that have a Christ without a vital have generously contributed pecuniary assistance to the Christianity, and to whom we are called upon to give noble band of workers in this Mexican church to aid the Gospel.

them to continue their important work. There are 8 millions of Jews and 175 millions of Mo- The Mexican Church of Jesus has also done a most hammedans, worshippers of one God, but without a important work across the Atlantic by befriending a sister Christ, the only way of salvation.

Church in Spain. This sister Church in Spain, called the There are 850 millions of heathen or pagans who are “Reformed Spanish Church,” at the close of last year had without both God and Christ, degraded and miserable in eight organized congregations in Spain with 1084 memlife, and dying at the rate of sixty-six thousand a day. bers, 710 of whom were communicants, and had in its

If the world is our parish, the field is immense, and Christian schools 450 scholars. the need is heart-rending.

The millions are hungry Two former lay workers of the Church of Jesus in and starving for the bread of life, and we have that Mexico are now maintaining Christian services in Spanish bread. They die, but their soul-blood shall be required of in New York City, on Sunday mornings, in a chapel by the faithless ones. What are you doing towards bring the side of the church on 4th Avenue, on the corner of ing this world to Christ?

21st Street.

It is hoped the Mexican Church of Jesus may yet exThe Church of Yesus in the Republic of Mexico.

tend its Christian work into the regions southward from

Mexico. God is blessing its work.

Christians who may wish to aid the Church of Jesus In the year 1821, Mexico acheived her independence in Mexico, or the Reformed Spanish Church to press from the mother country, Spain. Two antagonistic par- foward their Christian work, are earnestly invited to do ties—one a patriotic liberal party, the other an unpatri. 8o. otic Romish party–have struggled from that date to Contributions in aid of the work of the Church of this for the ascendancy in that beautiful Southern land. Jesus in Mexico and of the Reformed Spanish Church

During more than fifty years, while this struggle has can be forwarded to the treasurer of the “Christian been going on in the Republic of Mexico, a large num- Guardian Society,” 43 Bible House, New York, to his ber of copies of the Spanish version of the Holy Scrip address, J. P. Heath, 43 Bible House, New York. tures have been fowarded to Mexico, and there widely In forwarding contributions in behalf of the Church of circulated among its people. Many earnest persons in Jesus in Mexico, please to add the words “ For MexMexico, by God's blessing, through the study of the ico;" in fowarding contributions for the Reformed Holy Scriptures have learned to love the Gospel in its Spanish Church the words—“For Spain.” parity, and to discard the idolatry of the Roman Schism.

Nero York, Dec. 26, 1885. In the year 1857 a wise and liberal constitution was promulgated in Mexico which, with some so called laws

How to Raise Missionary Money. of reform, subsequently given, have as far as laws can do it, given full liberty of worship throughout the whole of that Republic

This is a broad question and may refer to the preacher With the dawn of this new liberal era in Mexico, or to the people. some of its citizens who had welcomed and studied the I. As to the preachers. The Discipline makes it the Spanish version of the Bible, endeavored to organize duty of the Quarterly Conference to appoint a Committhemselves into a patriotic Mexican Branch of the Chris-tee on Missions, to aid the Pastor in raising money for tian Church which has gained the sympathy and good missions. He is also required to diffuse missionary inwill of many in Mexico.

telligence in the church and congregation. Then he is Two magnificent church buildings were secured in its to institute a monthly missionary prayer meeting, or behalf in the city of Mexico: a celebrated and noble lecture, on missions. Then he is to appoint missionary hearted ecclesiastic named Manuel Aguas was elected collectors who are to call on each member of the Society Bishop of this native church : about fifty congregations for their annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly contribaving about 1200 communicants composed of persons butions for the support of missions. Said collectors are gathered from the humbler classes, poor in earthly goods to make monthly returns to the preacher, who is to but rich in faith, have been organized in connection with report the same to the annual Committee on Missions at its communion, and schools and orphanages established the Annual Conference. He is also required to preach by its members in which hundreds of children have been on the cause of missions at least once a year. Then the carefully educated under Christian influences.

Sunday school is to be organized into a Missionary SoGlorying in the blessed name of our divine Saviour, ciety, and render such aid as they may be able for this and calling themselves by his holy name, this Church of cause.


The faithful following of this plan by all the pastors for many steamships and for transferring passengers would greatly increase the amount raised for missions. and goods from one steamer to another. A great numThen why not put it to the test? Why does the pas- Bombay, Singapore, China, Japan, and from the Dutch

ber of steamers stop here from Calcutta, Australia, Java, tor take on him the whole burden ?

possessions in the Indian Arcbapelago. After this plan is followed out as near as the cir. The city is on a promontory, and from a remote period cumstances will allow, there is no doubt but that the has been one of the most important cities of Ceylon. million for missions will be raised from year to year.

Two thousand years ago it was the commercial empoOne minister in East Maine, on a poor charge, was so rium, as well as the largest and by far the most wealthy

city on the island. From the earliest time it has been determined to raise bis part of the million that he went the meeting place of the navigators from other lands. right out on the street and collected money till he had The situation of Galle is unsurpassed for beauty and his proportion, or more.

its natural advantages. It consists principally of oneII. How can the members of the Church raise money with tile. Almost every house has a garden, where

story stone houses surrounded by wide verandas coverd for missions ?

beautiful flowers are in constant bloom, and the broad 1. Much may be done on the line of self-denial. A streets are shaded with large, beautiful trees. The trees company of Christians were together talking on missions, have a shining green leaf and crimson flowers. and one said “We ought to be more interested on the

There is a delightful promenade around the fort on missionary subject.” One of the rest said to him, “I The view of the city harbor, the wooded hills and dis

the wall. These walls were built of brick by the Dutch. have already given all I thought I could spare for mis- tant mountains is very fine. The coral gardens display sions, but I will give $10 on the principle of self-denial a great variety of flowers, some like animals. The corals if you will give the same."

at different points in the harbor are very fine, and heavy Thus twenty dollars were secured, the rest of the valuable specimens are collected. Tons of coral are taken

from the harbor and small streams, and is used to maccompany gave $10 more, the $30 were sent on directly adamize the streets of the city. to the Missionary Society.

The rains are frequent and abundant in Ceylon, so One man was so baptized with missionary fire that that green prevails. It is called the “Evergreen Isle;" when he heard that the Missionary Society was heavily not only is the verdure but most of the animals are burdened with debt, he decided to give $50 for missions, green. The butterflies and birds are mostly green, and although his salary was only $375 a year, and he had a many of the fish wear the same green livery.

The English church is one of the most conspicuous family to support. So he kept sending on $5 or $10 as public buildings in the city. It is well located on high be could spare it till bis $50 were paid up. So far from ground and bad thick stone walls, and is surrounded with his family suffering on account of it, it was not long large trees. It is a beautiful church and is well sus

tained. before he had $100 to put into the Savings Bank. He

The Dutch church is also of stone, and is an old but is now living in a home of his own a!l free from debt, elegant church. Service is maintained in both of these and is saving money for missions still, and denying him-churches in English. The hymn books used in the self to do it. He believes that it is a good investment Dutch church were printed in New York. We rode for time and eternity. “There is that scattereth and along the rocky shore of the bay to the east of the city, yet increaseth, there is that witholdeth more than is and ascended a high hill called “Bella Vista,” from

which we bad a beautiful view of the city and barbor. mete and it tendeth to poverty.

We visited the Orphan House on this beautiful bill, None are so poor as those that are without the Gospel, under the care of the Rev. Philip Marks, a missionary and "he that giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord,” laboring for the Society for Propogating the Gospel. and surely the Lord will not be in his debt long, but This ancient society, with its five hundred and fifty

missionaries and fifteen hundred native helpers, occupies will pay bim a good interest on the investment. Reader, will you make a generous subscription for mission work is pressed onward with vigor and with a

mission fields in almost every part of the world, and the missions, even enough to make you practice self-denial ! large measure of success. Mr. and Mrs. Marks came to You will then only be paying a little of the interest on Ceylon many years ago, and opened an Orphan Honse the great debt that you owe the Giver of all good. on this beautiful bill, a little east of the city of Galle.

Then good people have, from time to time, gai bered "Soon may the last glad song arise, Through all the millions of the skies;

from the city young girls who were outcast, and have That song of triumph, wbich records,

here washed and clothed them, taught them to labor, That all i he earth is now the Lord's.

and educated them. "O let that glorious anthem swell;

It was Christmas, and the girls wore their l oliday Let host to host the triumph tell;

dresses. They came out, and in a grove of palm trees Till not one rebel heart remains,

they went through their exercises, and sang very sweetBut over all the Saviour reigns."

ly, and were then dismissed to play by themselves. Mr. Reading, Mass., Dec. 26, 1885.

Maiks said the girls did not return to their friends when grown, but generally were married to native Christians.

Mr. Marks stated that a few liberal persons al LonPoint De Galle, Cejlon.

don sent bim all the money he needed, and sometimes

more than he asked. He said, "we have all the consePoint De Galle is an important port in the southern crated money we need, but what we need most is conseprovince of Ceylon. The natives call it Galla Rock, crated talent.” but generally it is called Galle. It is the coaling depot Syracuse, N. Y.


Anniversary of the Missionary Society of the Methodist

Episcopal Church.

The 65th Anniversary of the Missionary Society of and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who the Methodist Episcopal Church was held in the Acad. trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, emy of Music in New York City on the evening of Dec. but deliver us from evil; for thine is the kingdom, and 17, 1885. The large attendance evinced the deep inter the power, and the glory forever, Amen. est of the people in the Missionary Cause.

The following hymn, written by Fanny J. Crosby, was Bishop W. L. Harris presided. A choir of 400 per. then sung: sons under the lead of L. E. Perkins, conducted the singing

Awake! awake the Master now is calling us, The 932 hymn of the Methodist Hymnal was sung:

Arise / arise ! and trusting in his word,

Go forth, go forth ! proclaim the year of jubilee, “ The Morning Light is breaking."

And take the cross, the blessed cross, of Christ our Lord. The Rev. Wm. Butler, D. D., founder of Methodist

Chorus : On, on, swell the chorus ; Episcopal Missions in India and Mexico, offered the fol

On, on, the morning-star is shining o'er us ; lowing prayer:

On, on, while before us Our Heavenly Father: We thank thee for this bour.

Our mighty, mighty Savior leads the way : We thank thee for the vital Christianity which has Glory, glory, hear the everlasting throng warmed our own hearts, and which we are anxious to Shout hosanna, wbi'e we boldly march along; see diffused throughout the world as a personal expe

Faithful soldiers here below,

Only Jesus will we know, rience of all men. We adore thee that thou hast offer

Shouting "free salvation," o'er the world, we go. ed free salvation to every human being, and that we live in a day when thy Church is beginning to devote

A cry for light from dying ones in heathen lands :

It comes, it comes across the ocean's foam; her energies to carry thy free mercies to the last man on

Then haste, oh, haste to spread the words of truth abroad, earth. We thank thee for the churches which have

Forgetting not the starving poor at home, dear home.-Cho. been gathered out of heathendom into the fellowship of the religion of the Son of God, and who in all parts of

Look up! look up! the promised day is drawing near,

When all shall hail, shall hail the Savior King, the world to day are in the enjoyment of the grace that

When peace and joy shall fold their wings in every clime, will save, and have a good hope of eternal life through And "Glory, hallelujah,” o'er the earth shall ring.-Cho. faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We commend this precious work to thy care, the care Bishop Harris introduced Rev. J. M. Reid, D. D., of thy Providence, the care of thy Grace. O, may thy Senior Corresponding Secretary of the Missionary Socigracious power be exerted to remove every difficulty out ety, who spoke as follows: of the path of thy truth, all over this wide world, and

Dr. Reid.- I was startled, sir, when I was informed to inspire the hearts of thy Christian people at home by this programme that I had to open the speaking of with a more worthy liberality to meet the rising wants this hour. I was yet more startled when I found that I of the work of the kingdom. We commend to thy was expected to review the year; by which I understand blessed care our brothers and sisters who have gone that I am to present to you that which will give you forth to the ends of the earth. They have gone in faith some clear comprehension of the work we have been in the Savior; believing that although they may have doing for the last 12 months. My anxiety was increased left behind father and mother and kindred, the blessed when I perceived that I was to be followed by two Christ himself would bear them company; for thou Bishops, one Editor, and one Military Gentleman, the didst say: “Lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of Military Gentleman, however, not bringing up the rear. the world."

I had some anxiety for fear the cakes and the coffee in And, now, Heavenly Father, we ask thee to crown the morning would be cold before we got home. I was this hour with the benediction of thy Holy Spirit. Let greatly perplexed on this subject. I remembered that all that shall be done and said here receive thy endorse if I should expend but two brief minutes in telling ment, and be according to thy will; and let the outcome what has been done in China, where one-third of the and effect of this great service promote thy glory, and population of the entire globe is found; two minutes inaugurate a more worthy liberality on the part of thy more in telling what has been done in India, where are Christian people.

five times as many people as are in the United States Hear us in mercy and answer us, for his sake who and its territories; and two minutes more to tell of that taught us when we pray to say:

great Empire of Japan, where there are 36 millions of Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy people, and where during the year one of the grandest name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, revivals of the work of God that has ever been known as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, has been spreading, -and so, sir, only two minutes for each of those great fields we have abroad, -then the to whom the voice of this meeting shall come, you have same amount of time for each of the other dozen classes of placed the administration of this Society in such a posimissions that we have been carrying on among different tion that they were compelled to appropriate a full nationalities in this country, and I should have spent a million, and I insist upon it you ought to be compelled whole hour. It would then be almost the ordinary time to give the million. (Applause). You are placed in for adjournment for a religious meeting.

such circumstances that through this wide Church, we I hardly knew what to do in my embarrassment ; but are bound to fulfill our promise to the General CommitI resorted to the treasurer, whose safe advice I so often tee and to give the million. seek and so often follow. With his usual promptitude, I have sometimes wondered what our successors would he said to me: “Why that is easy, there is no difficulty think of us. We look back a few years and we smile at there. Just stand up and tell the people that the Chapour forefathers, as the story is told of Stephen Roslain has been busy all the year raising a million. That zel shouting of the mighty faith that was in him, the has been his work; and then tell them that you have belief that the day would come when the Baltimore been busy all the year spending it.” (Laughter). “And Conference would give a thousand dollars a year for then,” said he, "you may add, by way of closing the Missions. We have spent our merriment upon other address, that you have had a more successful time than grand projects that have been suggested in the earlier he.” (Laughter). I have done the bidding of this wise history of the Society. Bat I wonder, Mr. President, adviser of mine.

when you and I, and the youngest here are gone, and That such a thought should have leaped to his mind these sweet voices of melody have been hushed in death, indicates one very important truth to us, viz.; that we I wonder whether in some great meeting, they will not have broad fields and many necessities, that there is a then tell to the merriment of those who listen, the agony world crying for the Gospel; that all over our land, and of a great Church, ten million strong, to raise one milall over other lands, money is needed, and that it is far lion dollars for missions. It does not seem at all imeasier to find wise ways of distributing the money than probable to me, and this goes further to strengthen my it is to find hearts ready to give it in sufficient quanti-conviction that this is not an unreasonable asking. If I ties to meet these demands.

close to dwell upon the nature of our work, you would I cannot tell you with what astonishment, and with say that it is a most proper and necessary asking; and what gratitude I have perceived the readiness of the yet, despite all I have said, this attempt to raise a milChurch to respond to the clarion cry that my colleague lion of dollars is a great undertaking. has sent forth throughout the land : “A Million for

When I think of my predecessors, I have a most huo Missions.” I believe from one end of this land to the miliating sense of inferiority; and I often recall the wisother that cry has been heard, and the propriety of it dom and devotion of those mighty men of the past. I has been felt. We have nearly two millions of members. remember that, years ago, many years ago, Dr. Durbin That means perhaps ten millions of Methodist people; suggested the idea that a million dollars was the proper and if we conld only get every man, woman and child,

sum to be given by the Methodist Episcopal Church for rich and poor, every one to give a single dime, the its great missionary work. That was at a time when we thing would be done, and the Chaplain would then be were raising about two hundred thousand dollars, and ready to take up my song, for I have believed that the there were eight hundred thousand dollars behind cry ought to be, and in fact it is now,“A Million a Year it before we could get to the million. Thank God for Missions,” and that is only a beginning to many we are now standing where the eight hundred thousand millions to follow. Look at this great rich Church which is asked to give and we can make the leap, and God will help us.

are ours, and only two hundred thousand beyond us,

He this sum, and you will see that our call is not by any is ever ready to do this. means unreasonable ; and I have felt joy at the readi. ness of the Church to respond to this cry.

But it is a great thing to do; to add one-fourth (oneAll over the land, from far off California, from the third I perhaps ought to say), to all the contributions South, from our poorer frontier districts, everywhere, that have been made by a generous and devoted Church we have calls for aid. Such was the pressure upon the to these great interests. General Committee at its recent meeting that they I did not mean to say so many words, but what I have would have been guilty of the basest cowardice if they heard of our programme gives me the license of a few had hesitated to believe the Church which everywhere minutes longer, and I am impressed with the idea, that has been shouting, "we will give the million during the this is to be a meeting pregnant with great results bearyear.” They would have been guilty of the basest cow-ing upon the response to the question whether the draft &rdice if they had not permitted us to expend a million of the Missionary Society upon the Church shall be honduring the year, and therefore I say to you, you people ored for one million dollars-whether after having neces from all parts of the country, and there are those here sitated us to make the draft, the Church will then repufrom every section of it,-you people of this great mediate the claim either in part or in whole. tropolis abounding in wealth ; Methodists everywhere Important and pregnant influences will go out from

this meeting, that will be felt as far as the land reaches, and after some weeks, falling in with a few brethren to indeed, far as the sun shines.

whom he had preached when in our Church, he said, I cannot but recollect at this hour, William Carey. “Come round to my meeting next Sunday evening and You know his history; how he loved Christian Missions, teach our folks how to say 'Amen’and Hallelujah.' and there are scarcely any of us but know of a remark. Help me to put some life in my quiet Presbyterian able sermon of his preached from the 2nd and 3rd Church.” They said they would come. On Sunday verses of the 54th chapter of the prophecy of Isaiah; and evening they went and took seats in the gallery, and the I at first thought that as so many speakers were to fol- good brother went on with his discourse, firstly, secondlow me, I would simply rise and propose to this meeting ly, thirdly, fourthly, fifthly, and so on. But there was the text of William Carey on that occasion, as the toast not a response from the gallery. By and by, be said, of the hour, if you please. You remember the words “Brethren, I bave but one word more to say,” and then a perhaps. Many of you do, I doubt not:

brother in the gallery shcuted “ Hallelujab, 'tis done." “Enlarge the place of tby tent, and let them stretch (Laughter.) forth the curtains of thy habitation. Spare not, lengthen One of the few immortal names not born to die is that thy cords and strengthen thy stakes; for thou shalt of Nathan Bangs, who in the first year of our century break forth on the right hand and on the left, and iby became an itinerant Methodist preacher, and by the imseed shall inherit the Gentiles and make the desolate position of the bands of Bishop Asbury was ordained cities to be inhabited.”

into the Christian ministry, and became a great and shinThat is my motto for you to.night, and I cannot but ing light. He at once stepped into the ranks of a repeat also the two points which Mr. Carey chose to host of evangelical heroes then in the New York Confermake in his discussion of that subject. He said, in the ence, among whom were Garretson, and Thatcher, and first place, "ATTEMPT Great Things For God.” In the Snethen, Ezekiel Cooper, and Hibbard, and Ruter, and second place, he said, “ExpFcT GREAT THINGS FROM Ostrander, and Clark, and Crawford. God." I repeat this to you then as my additional word. How the old times come tbrongiog back upon some With this spirit I believe benedictions will come down of you at the mention of the name of Natban Bangs: not only upon India, and China, and Bulgaria, and Mexico, and South America, and Italy, and all our missions

Ford memory to its duty true, in Europe and elsewhere, but they will come down upon

Brings back that faded form to view, our own hearts and our homes and Churches. God will

How lifelike through the mists of years,

That well remembered face appears. abundantly bless us.

Another great Divine has said : “Aim high, and it It is almost a century ago since his familiar form, that will please a high and holy God." Do not let us be sat-grand, gray, leaning head, but always leading on the isfied in such a great undertaking as this with small right side, vanished from our presence. “He was not, things. Let us accomplish this undertaking of ours in for God took him.” He was the founder of our periodthe name of the Lord of Hosts; A MILLION A YEAR ical literature, and one of the founders of our present For Missions. (Applause).

system of educational institutions. He took high rank

among the ablest editors of the Church. Under God, Bishop Harris.—The next speaker is one whose voice he was the father of this Missionary Society, whose is often heard in advocacy of Christian Missions, and in 66th anniversary is celebrated this evening. advocacy of almost every other good cause, and it bas It was the theme of conversation with him for months always seemed to me that the last speech he makes is with his brethren, and with the chief lay men of that the best one I ever heard him make. I have the pleas- day, and his voice rang out clear and eloquently, in the ure of introducing to the audience General Fisk. (Apold Forsyth Street Methodist Episcopal Church, then the plause).

Metropolitan Church of this city. Speaking there in General Fisk.— Bishop Harris and Friends:- When bebalf of this great cause, he rejoiced in seeing a large Dr. Reid intimated that he might talk all night, I began meeting with an unanimous vote organize this Society. to feel happy, as then I would be left cff; and I was quite with his own hand he wrote its first constitution, its sure that in that event the Doctor would get some re- first circulars of appeal to the Church at large, and sponse from the gallery towards daylight, that they many of its first reports. Nathan Bangs as Secretary, said did come to a certain minister in New England not as Treasurer, as Vice-President, as Manager, was always long since. He had been for a long time a Methodist the faithful friend and servant of this Society, until he preacher, but thought that for some reason or other he was called to bis reward in Heaven. ought to leave our communion and go to another. The What bath God wrought in sixty-six years ? Where people said “God bless you ; go and do them good." you now sit, in this beautiful, almost matchless temple of

He went into the Presbyterian Church, and securing a music was then a wheat field of the old Brevoort farm, Pastorate, began to write and read his sei mons, and and there were but few scattered houses this side of Canal preach very long, but he soon began to miss the re- street. It was only six years before the introduction sponges which had cheered him in a Methodist meeting; of gas below Canal street, and twenty-three years before

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