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A King for an Hour, 592, 630.

Dogget, Thomas, an Irish Actor, Lifeof, 513.
Altercation between Lord Lyndhurst and Dr. Dodd, The Unfortunate, A neglected
Lord Melbourne, 132.

Biography, Part I., 257; Part II., 385.
Alphonse Karr; Amenities of French Li- Draoideachta—The Magic of the Ancient
terature, 132.

Irish, 148.
A Neglected Biography; Life of the “Un Dublin Society, 3.
fortunate Dr. Dodd," 257, 385.

Duchies, The Danish, their Rights, Cus-
American Methodism, The Camp Meetings toms, and Legends, 344.

of, described, 475, 476.
American Scenes and Portraits, 112.

Earlier Type of the Sensational Novel;
Ancient Irish, The, Magic of, 148.

Tracings of, 460.
An Old Irish Actor and his Times—from Early Opinions of George Sand, 494.
1691 to 1721 ; Thomas Dogget, 513.

Editors, New, of Shakespeare, 230.
Armstrong Guns, The Defects of, 546.

Epic Poetry ; Notes on Dante, 504.
Aspromonte, Conduct of Garibaldi at, ex- Episcopal Non-superintendence in Ireland,
amined, 491.

Autobiographical MS., A Passage from an,

Estimates, The, for 1864-5, for Irish National

Education, and how constructed, 608.
Baden Vanity Fair. I., The Fair ; II., The Etchings of the Southern American Confe-
Company; III., The Players; IV.,


deracy, 214.
Play; V., Rouge Gagne, 702.

Biographies and Personal Sketches of Mananan, Son of Lir ; King Cormac's

Leonidas Polk, the Southern Soldier- Trials; Cliona of Munster; Finvar, the
Bishop; Generals Lee, Longstreet, Fairy King of Connaught; The Pooka of
“Stonewall” Jackson, and Beauregard;

Murroe ; The Banshee of the O'Briens ;
of President Davis, 112 and 214. Of The Black Cattle of Durzy Island; The
General Garibaldi and Cavour, 483. Silkie Wife; The Avenging Wave; the
Of Charles Knight, 456. Of Wilks and The Fairy-Cure; The Fairy-stricken Ser-
Dogget, Irish Actors, 310 and 513. Of vant; The recovered Bride; The Love
George Sand and Alphonse Karr, 494 Philtrempage 640.
and 321. Of Dr. Dodd, 257 and 385. Falstaff's Wake; a Dramatic Sketch, by
Of Lord Lyndhurst, 123. Of Paul Thomas Irwin, 222.
Feval, 226.

Female Felon Biography, 440.
Biography, Felon; Review of “ Prison Ma- Feval, Paul-a Breton Man of Letters, 226.

tron's” “Memoirs of Jane Cameron,” 440. Future of the Cotton Trade, 117.
Bishops' Incomes–Are they too high in Garibaldi, General, Incidents in Career of,
Ireland ? 377.

Caprera, Interior of Garibaldi's House de- George Sand, Madame, Early Opinions of,
scribed, 485, 486.

Cavour, Victor Emmanuel, and Garibaldi, Grand Tour, The; Fourth Excursion.—The

remarkable interview between, previous Court of Saxony, 549.

to the French War in Lombardy, 487. Grape and the Star, The, A Poem, 338.
Centuries—Two Half Centuries of the Light Gyges, The Ring of, 99.

Literature of France, 243.
Century, Half a, of Literary Recollections,

Ideals in Poetry, Demoniac, 29.

In Church: A Poem, 470.

Irish Church: Her“ Reformers" and her
Clubs, The, of Dublin, 12.
Comedy, The Old Italian, 67.

Foes, 363.
Confederacy, Etchings of the, 214.

Irish, Magic of the Ancient, 148.
“Congregationalism" fatal to the Irish

Irish Magic in the days of Cormac, 424.
Church, 363, 379.

Irish Literature—The Last Sighs of a Celtic
Constitutional Principles, Garibaldi's con-

Storm, 94.
stant adherence to, 483.

Italian Comedy, The Old; or, Harlequin
Convent and Monastic Schools, Irish, Grants

and Scaramouch, 67.
to, 603-619.

King for an Hour, A, 592 ; Second Part-
Corsica, Story of Theodore of, Part the First, conclusion, 630.

592; Part the Second, 630.
Court of Frederic William-Third Excur-

Lansdowne, Marquis of: strong Speech in
sion in the Grand Tour, 197.

favour of the Irish Church, 365.
Court of Saxony, The, 549.

Legends, Curious Danish, 344.

Léon Gozlan-A Word about his Life and
Critics, The Pulpit and its, 77.
Customs, Curious, of the Danish People, 344.

Writings, 673.
Cymric Literature in the Middle Ages, 303.

Life of Laurence Sterne, Fitzgerald's, re-

viewed, 328.
Dante, Notes on, 504.

LITERATURE—French, 321 ; Cymric, in
Demoniac Ideals in Poetry, 29.

Middle Ages, 303; Scottish and Irish, 94.

Life in Munich, 696.

George M`Henry; Baptist Wriothesly
Lyrists: Herrick-Ben Jonson-Carew,380. Noel's “Rebellion in America ;" Colonel
Lyndhurst, Lord, elaborate Memoir of, 123. Fremantle's + Three Months in the

Southern States;” Mrs. Greenhow's “My
Middle Ages, Cymric Literature in, 303.

Imprisonment, and the First Year of
Milton's Minor Poems, 619.

Abolition Rule at Washington ;" Dr.
My Aunt Margaret's Adventure. Chap. I.,

Doran's “Their Majesties' Servants-
Aunt Margaret at Home ; Chap. II., My

Annals of the English Stage, from Bet-
Aunt Margaret on the Road; Chap. III.,

terton to Edmund Kean;" Samuel Philips
The Moon Rises ; Chap. IV., Perturba-

Day's “Down South, or an Englishman's
tion; Chap. V., The “Good Woman;"

Experiences at the Seat of the American
Chap. VI., The White Chamber ; Chap.

War;" Speech of Mr. Spence on the South-
VII., An accident befalls the Candle ;

ern American Question, at Glasgow, pub-
Chap. VIII., Of a figure seen by my

lished as a pamphlet; " The Works of
Aunt; Chap. IX., The Funeral Visita-

William Shakespeare,” edited by W. E.
tion ; Chap. X., How it all happened,

Clark, M.A., J. Glover, M.A., and W.

A. Wright, M.A.; “The Life of Lau-
New England Society Forty Years Ago, 473. rence Sterne, by Percy Fitzgerald,
Nineveh :
: an Oriental Poem, 589.

M.R.I.A. ; Gosch's " Denmark and Ger-
Notes on Dante, Critical and Philosophical, many since 1815;" Captain Marryat's

" Residence in Jutland-the Danish

Isles, and Copenhagen ;" “ Germany
O'Brien, William, An Irish Actor, Life of, 668.

versus Denmark, by a Liverpool Mer.
Passage from an Autobiographical MS., chant, being a short account of the

Slesvig-Holstein Question ;" Moles-
Patronymics in Denmark, Curiosities of, 353. worth's “ Denmark in 1692;" Memoirs
Paul Feval, a Breton Man of Letters, 226. of Jane Cameron, the Female Convict," by
Personal Sacrifices of Southern Leaders, a Prison Matron; "Forty Years of Ameri-
218, 219.

can Life,"by Dr. Thomas L. Nichols;" “Pe-
Phases of Life in Federal America, 471. culiar—a Tale of the Great Transition,"
Pictures of Dublin Fashion, 5, 6.

by Epes Sargent, edited by William
“ Place-Hunting" in Federal America, Howitt; “Passages of a Working Life,

Ruinous Social Effects of, 116, 117. during Half a century, with a prelude
Poetry, Epic—Essay on, 504.

of Early Reminiscences;" by Charles
Political Morality of Lord Lyndhurst, 126, Knight; “ Colonel Chambers's Gari-

baldi and Italian Unity;" Colonel
Portraits, American Scenes and, 112.

Vecchij's "Garibaldi at Caprera ;" Count
Protests of the Bishop of Derry and Dr. Charles Arrivabene's “Italy under Victor

P. S. Henry against Innovations in Irish Emmanuel;" De La Rive's" Reminiscences

National Education Scheme, 603-619. of the Life and Character of Count
Pulpit, The, and its Critics, 77. .

Cavour;" “Histoire de ma vie," par
Pulpit Eloquence and its Eccentricities, 82, George Sand.

"Revival,” The late, in America, Singular

sation, A Satire, 86; Soul in Space, 133; Ryder, Thomas, An Irish Actor, Life of, 658.
Falstaff's Wake, by T. Irwin, 222; Song Sand, Madame George, Life and Writings
of Spring, by Metrodorus O'Mahony,
213; The Grape and the Star, 338; Scenes, American, and Portraits, 112.

of, 494.
Spring—a Sonnet, 384; In Church by Scottish and Irish Literature, 94.
Uter, 470; Timon, 512 ; Nineveh, 589;
ORPHEUS, by T. Irwin — Prelude ; Or- Sensational Novel, Earlier Type of the, 460.

Sensation-a Satire, 86.
pheus ; Girl's Song ; Orpheus's Hymn to
Eurydice ; Love Reverie of Orpheus; Shakespeare, New Éditors, 230.

Servants, Their Majesties', 155.
Nuptial Song; The Death-day of Eury. Shakespearean Notes, No. 1., 89; No. II.,
Invocation; The Voyage of Orpheus

to Hades ; Voyage; The Druid Isle ; An
Isle of Torment | Lethe ; The Music Sheridan, Report of; Chief Inspector of

National Schools, on the “Extinguish-
Clime; Approach to the Elysian Isle ;
Prayer Song; Invocation to Death ;

ment” of the Lay Principle, 607.

pheus's approach to the Land of Death;

Society, The, of Dublin, 3.

Some Amenities of French Literature, 321.
Death-528-543; The Cluricaun, 625.

Song of Spring, by Metrodorus O'Mahony,
REVIEWS :-Williams' (late American Mi- 213.

nister to Turkey), "Rise and Fall of the Soul in Space-a Sonnet, 133.
Model Republic;" “The Cotton Trade, Spring-a Poem, 384.
its bearing upon the Prosperity of Star, The, and the Grape, a Poem, 338.
Great Britain and Commerce of the Sterne, Fitzgerald's Life of, 328.
American Republics, considered in con- Story of Theodore of Corsica-a King for
nexion with the Question of Negro an Hour, 592, 630.
Slavery in the Confederate States," by "Stump” Oratory in the Far West, 115, 116.


The Cluricaun-a Poem, 625.
The Fairy Mythology of Ireland, 640

Present position of; Review of the late
Parliamentary Papers and other docu-
ments affecting the “New Rules” of the
National Education Board, in favour of
Convent and Monastic Schools, together
with an examination of the working of
the System, as illustrated by the Report
of the Census Commissioners for the
year 1861, and the most recent Returns

in Thom's Directory for 1864—page 603.
The Modern Clown and Old World Harle.

quin, 71.
The Old Italian Comedy, Essay on, 67.
The Pulpit and its Critics, Counsels and

Warnings, 77.
The Ring of Gyges, 99.
The Grape and the Star, 338.
The Danish Duchies, their Political Posi-

tion, and the real Sentiment of their

Populations, 344.
Third Excursion in “The Grand Tour," 197.
“ Their Majesties' Servants,” from Betterton

to Edmund Kean, 155.
Two Half Centuries of French Light Li-

terature, 243.
Two Old Irish Actors and their Contem-

poraries—Thomas Ryder and William
O'Brien :- Thomas Ryder, 658; William
O'Brien, 668.

Dutch Room, page 32. Part IX., Chap.
LXIX., I revisit Brandon Hall; Chap.
LXX., Lady Macbeth ; Chap. LXXI.,
Mr. Larkin is vis-à-vis with a concealed
Companion ; Chap. LXXII., The Dumb
Companion discloses himself ; Chap.
LXXIII., Of a Spectre which Old Tamar
saw; Chap. LXXIV., The Meeting in
the Long Pond Alley ; Chap. LXXV.,
Sir Harry Bracton's Invasion of Gy-
lingden; Chap. LXXVI., Mark Wyl-
der's Hand ; Chap. LXXVII., The
Mask Falls; Chap. LXXVIII., We take
leave of our Friends-conclusion-page

Yankee Phraseology, Extraordinary Cha-

racter of, 477.

I., The Father, the Child, and the Pupil ;
Chap. II., A Sketch of the Past; Chap.
III., Remonstrances and Coaxings ;
Chap. IV., Dillon Crosbie; Chap. V.,
The Present to the Sick Man; Chap. VI.,
The Walk in the Snow-The Maledic-
tion, page 13. Chap. VII., Mrs. Meiklam;
Chap. VIII., Dillon receives a Present;
Chap. IX., The Messenger comes ; Chap.
X., Lizette leaves the Cottage, page
134. Chap. XI., Mrs. Pilmer is dis-
turbed; Chap. XII., Mrs. Meiklam's
Thoughts about Lizette; Chap. XIII.,
The Birthday Fête; Chap. XIV., Some
Arrangements concerning Dillon Crosbie;
Chap. XV., The Last Night and the
Last Morning; Chap. XVI., Lizette
and Bessie; Chap. XVII., A Removal
determined upon, page 286. Chap
XVIII., Tom Ryder's early Courtship;
Chap. XIX., The new Will; Chap. XX.,
An unfortunate Meeting; Chap. XXI.,
The Bell that Luke Bagly hears; Chap.
XXII., The sudden Call; Chap. XXIII.,
Some unpleasant Reports spread about
Yaxley ; Chap. XXIV., Mr. Hilbert has
something to say to Mrs. Copley ; Chap.
XXV., Farewells, page 407. Chap.
XXVI., The Journey to London; Chap.
XXVII., An unexpected Meeting;
Chap. XXVIII., The Arrival at Mark-
ham House; Chap. XXIX., A Dear
Friend's Welcome; Chap. XXX., Re-
miniscences; Chap. XXXI., Miss Pil.
mer's Confidential Information; Chap.
XXXII., An unexpected Summons;
Chap. XXXIII., An unwelcome Visitor;
Chap. XXXIV., A Letter from Yaxley;
Chap. XXXV., The Dimming Sight,
page 568. Chap. XXXVI., Mrs. Pilmer,
has a private Interview with Mr. Ryder;
Chap. XXXVII., L'Amour Tendre ;
Chap. XXXVIII., Hopeless ; Chap.
XXXIX., Waiting ; Chap. XL., An-
guish Unknown; Chap. XLI., The
wrong part of the Letter, page 685.

Whitworth, Armstrong, and Rival Guns, 544.
Wicked Captain Walshawe of Wauling: A

Tale. Chap. I., Peg O'Neill pays the
Captain's Debts ; Chap. II., The Blessed
Candle; Chap. III., My Uncle Watson
visits Wauling; Chap. IV., In the Par-
lour ; Chap. V., The Bed-Chamber;
Chap. VI., The Extinguisher is lifted ;
Chap. VII., The Visitation culminates-

Wilks the Actor: His later Career in Lon-

don, 310.
Windsor, when George the Third was King,

“Woman's Rights” in Ecclesiastical Mat-

ters in America, 477.
Writings of Alphonse Karr, 321.
WYLDER'S HAND: By the Author of " The

House by the Churchyard” (continued
from previous Volume.) Part VIII.
Chap. LX., The Brandon Conservatory;
Chap. LXI., Concerning a new danger
which threatened Captain Stanley Lake;
Chap. LXII., Miss Rachel Lake becomes
violent; Chap. LXIII., The Attorney
in Redman's Dell; Chap. LXIV., Rachel
Lake before the Accuser; Chap. LXV.,
In which Dame Dutton is visited; Chap.
LXVI., The Captain explains why Mark
Wylder absconded; Chap. LXVII., The
Ace of Hearts; Chap. LXVIII., In the

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DUBLIN: Printed by ALEXANDER THOM, 87 & 88, Abbey-street.

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