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trator, and came to their posts when selves at the head of a new State, the Secession took place thoroughly and embark everything in the doubtequipped for the service required from ful enterprize. We cannot suppose them. From among those who did that it was attachment to the instiso it would be wrong to omit the tution of slavery which supplied the Hon. Howell Cobb, President of the motive, for we learn that the foremost Confederate Congress, another lawyer of the Confederate leaders possess no of genius and distinction. He is the slaves, and have no interest whatever youngest of the more remarkable in negro property. If the fact were men, being only forty-eight. He be- otherwise, we should not only be came Speaker of Congress and Go- obliged to assign a very low origin to vernor of Georgia before he was five the apparent patriotism of the South, and thirty. As leader of the Demo- but should be forced to despair of cratic party he was a notable character any modification of slavery from the in general politics from 1850 to 1855, hands of these men. Inasmuch, howand enjoyed a large measure of public ever, as selfish considerations of the confidence. Finally, President Bu- kind afford no sufficient explanation chanan made him his Secretary of of the moral phenomena witnessed the Treasury, and the height of his in the Southern struggle, the candid ambition was attained. He was des- observer is compelled to acknowledge tined, however, to figure on another the high-souled impulses that have arena, and he is now one of the most led to the valorous and successful trusted of the Confederate chiefs. prosecution of an unequal conflict, His tendencies are religious, like and feels warranted in hoping that those of "Stonewall” Jackson, and the same disinterestedness and largealtogether he is one of the soundest, ness of view may bring the Southern most scrupulous, and earnest of the leaders and people, at no distant date, Confederates.

to a right mind with respect to slaveThese are not sketches of men who ry. There are two provisions of are, in any sense, adventurers. They the Confederate Constitution, as has had all made their positions in life been shown, which indicate the desire when the Secession took place, and of its framers to get rid of the state most of them, in fact, came forth of society that is the only stain upon from their privacy, after a manhood their national escutcheon. The first of hard work, to obey what they con- prohibits for evermore the importasidered an imperative call of country; tion of African negroes from “any They could have had no personal foreign country;" and to make the ambition to serve that would not enactment more explicit, it is added, have been more easily attained by a “other than the slaveholding States conservation of the old Union. It of the Confederated States.” The would not have been very difficult to Northern or Federal States, accordplace Mr. Jefferson Davis in the ingly, are a “foreign country” within chair of authority as successor to the meaning of this declaration. The Abraham Lincoln, and Stephens and second provision still more expressly Memminger, Hunter and Lee, would affirms that the Southern Congress have shared the fortunes of such a shall have power to prevent the inministry. Polk held a bishopric, and troduction of slaves from any State could get nothing more. The minor not a member of this Confederacy.” men, who fill military and civil posts Fundamental principles like these under the Confederacy, had every give hope that the Confederacy will reason to suppose that the road to be governed in peace, as in war, by promotion lay through an obsequious men having a high moral purpose, obedience to whatever party was for who will neither repudiate their the time in power. The influences debts, nor deny their responsibility must have been very powerful, there- with regard to the great and difficult fore, and of an exalted kind, that in- negro-labour question. duced these persons to put them




Scene.—Boar’s Head Tavern, in Eastcheap. Hostess Quickly, Doll, Bardolph, Pistol, Nym, Boy, and Undertaker. Quickly.-Come Lieutenant Bar- friend dies.—Lord! what a large dolph and Corporal Nym, come Doll head and high forehead he had; -poor heart, and draw round the what a bold front and cunning lip; sea-coal fire; a winter's night and an what merry wrinkles round the eyes old friend dead; marry and amen, ---death can't stop their laughing. let us be comfortable. Here, boy, Well; a finer and a fatter corpse I bring the company stools. Alack-a- never see. day, and who would have thought Doll.-Peace, good hostess, you Sir John could ever die; I can believe give me quite a turn. anything after that. Well, I shall Quick.–Poor heart ! drink about. never forget him.

How feel you now ?-better ? Nym.--My humour is to forget Doll.-- Better. It was the stewed grief.

prawns, hem ! Bard.-Such is not mine. I'd ra- Quick.-Alack, what a

man he ther have Falstaff's memory than a was--such company, with a venison hogshead of Rhenish.

pasty before him--so mirthful over Quick.-Alas, the good man ! the pippins and cheese. Rhenish, indeed, was a liquor which Doll.--With such droll stories and he never could conjure; it set his songs. gout a-tingling, but sack he loved. Quick-Songs! I have heard him Many's the flask he drank of me;- out-chirp our tapster, Oliver, over a great capacity, God be wi' him. and over again, standing at the bar, Why, the empty bottles he has left with my back to the bottles, in idle behind him would reach hence to times, waiting for customers at night. Charing village, that they would. He Doll.-So generous when he had used to say he would leave them me money. He has given me kirtles in his will, and have my Lord Chief three several times--not that I hold Justice to draw it, too. Well, 'tis myself handsome-and with that and certain he drank much, and little I his winning ways and so. Well, I grudged him; for an honester gentle- never met a man with such a taking man never drew heavenly air. He way; he had such intellects. owes me now for sack alone

Quick.--Yea, truly, good nature Bard.—Well, hostess, he will never drink any more of you.

Doll.--Ay, and that ring he gave Quick.--He will never drink any me-he said it cost twenty marks, more of me, Lieutenant Bardolph, it but, I'm blessed, if I can ever get is true for you to say. Alack, an more than three on it from Zachariah evil day for me, and a melancholy! Iscariot, the pawn-master, in Judas's His custom was equal to any six, and Close-often only two, according to if he had paid; but, to be sure, he the times; but with all that I still would say that was his way of thrift. love him, and when a true woman Ah, well!

loves a man-oh, Lord ! Bard. He will never drink any Quick.--Oh, don't tell


Mistress more !

Doll, I have had my sorrows and exQuick. Good Master Bardolph periences, and my downrisings and don't take on so, ing moping over upfallings in this celestial world, God the fire. Here, boy, bring in a tan- be about us, as well as any; and have kard of sack for the mourners, and a seen the day when I was young. short-necked bottle of Canaries for Doll.-Not saying that you are old Doll and I here. Marry, we can't now-God forbid. enjoy sorrow if we are not comfort- Quick. --All's one. But, neighbours, able ;-so, so-send it round now in isn't it a sad case, that a nobleman good heart; it's not every day a like Sir John-a man with such a


I gone,


conchology as he, should die in a ta- Boy.-Well, you're all as much vern, without a soul, except his own afraid as I, at any rate. friends, about him. Why, it's heart

(Excit Boy.) rending; antiquity will scarce credit it. Pistol.-A small whey cur. When Doll.-You were with him when

I was of his years he parted, were you not ?

Through deserts full of dragons had Quick.-Yea, good sooth. Boy. And I, too.

And horrid caverns dashed with dead Nym.-It's not my humour to men's bones. watch the dying, but I shogged up The present youth are sluttish. and had a look-didn't I, boy?

(Re-enter Boy.) Boy.--Ay, and Falstaff, -it was Boy.-Oh, as I breathe, I'm sure just before his voice went, -said you I heard him stir. I'm certain he's looked like a ghost that had left its only feigning; none can tell what grave to have it swept.

tricks he may be at. Quick.–And so he did-merry to Quick.-Alack, poor child, his the last, good sooth.

feigning is over; he could not deceive Pistol.—What hath the knight be- me there; haven't I seen folks die

queathed his comrades true? before now, and had my troubles and Doth his great pockets smack of afflictions, and sittings and watchings Plutus aught ?

with my first husband, Quickly, a Let us unfold his garments, and con- good soul, who died of an information firm.

on the chest only ; but strong and in Nym.-Aye, let us have a fair di- health withal, thanks be to God, vide; my humour is to have a token. who is sleeping above his father in

Quick.- A fair thought truly. Boy, Bow church-yard, being both mortal; ascend you to the chamber where the and a widow I am, that have been good man lies, and bring his garments better to do subsequently than nowhither.

but that's past and gone. Ah, noBoy.-Oh, mistress, don't ask me feigning !--by no means; for when I to go up to Sir John at this hour of gave him his two 'parents, which the the night.

leech from Rhubarb-lane ordered him, Bard.What? you puny elfskin- and a thimbleful of sack to wash you bubble-what? are you afraid of them down, he put the cup away your old master ?

with his only living hand.-Was that Boy.-Afraid or not, I'd rather go feigning ? No; don't tell me what six miles round than-a-can't you death is--no. go yourself, Master Bardolph? Bard.—The hostess is right ; his

Quick.-Poor lad, he's but young ; limbs were parabolic toward the that's the truth; but his heart's gen- close. tle. Go now-there's a dear.

Quick.--His hands, on the faith of Boy:-Ah, can't you go, mistress, a true woman-yes, last night, the that knew him so well; he won't left previously the other. When I

felt them this morning there was Quick.-What! at the small hours? not the least altercation between -no, God forbid.

Well, Lord, Lord, them. bit to think of it! that he who was so Nym.--Come, bring his garments merry should make us all afeard now. hither.

Bard.--Give the qnat a drain. Bard.—Ay, there's his outward Here you, phial (pours some Canaries casing-his inner was-well! down his throat). Well, how feel you Doll.-I'll take the spangles off his now?

doublet, and sew them on my kirtle. Boy.--Oh, I'm smothered ! Won't they look rare at Bartholomew Pistol.-Ayaunt ! What craven fair. cow base art thou ?

Pistol.— His sword is mine. I'll What ! fear the dead ? Go on thine hew my way through France errand, pack;

And armies multitudinous with this And if thou here returnest not before

bladethree minutes space,

It fits my hand. Death follow close I'll lace thy puny hide with sounding stripes,

Bard.Give me his corkscrew; he Thou pestilent varlet vile.

kept it in his right pocket ever--aye,

harm you.

my heels.

here it is. A better weapon never please you—and so are ours-death opened bottle.

in the house-death in the house, Nym.-Look you, here's a paper. good Master Hammertack. Come, a What may it be?

drink; you do seem but low, that's Bard.-May I never taste Canaries, the truth. but it's his jest-book, and here's some- Und.-I am so! and no marvel thing charactered therein.

either, my masters. I've just passed Quick. -Oh, read, read, good Bar- the new church-yard, over against dolph.

Cheap End; three months isit finished, Bard.-Fetch me the light; I can as I'm a living man, and not a grave scarce disciple the words -- indeed, in it yet-a disheartening sight for an they are so stained with sack as to honest tradesman with a large family. be perfectly intelligible. By the Mass, Quick.--Truly, a fine season is but it's his will.

a bad time for your trade, but--trust Pistol.---Progress. First from the in God. tankard oil thy tongue.

Und.-Three months finished, and Bard. (reads).— I, Sir John Fal- not a grave in it yet-why, what is staff, being in good wind and appe- the world coming to? tite this June forenoon, do make, Quick.- Aye, what indeed (refilling while waiting for dinner, this my first his cup). But come, don't give inwill and testament, in manner follow- another taste of Canaries- it won't ing, that is to say :-Upon the Prince, harm you—a quiet drink. I bestow my wit, well knowing it is Und. (drinking).--You look marthe quality he lacketh most of; to the vellous well, Mistress Quickly; i' faith, honest wenches now roasting me a a sweeter sparkle in the eye and a capon, I leave my love-better to fresher colour I never see. them than a million; to my Lord Quick. -Ah ! grief, grief, Master Chief Justice I bequeath my com- Hammertack will give the cheek a mand of countenance, wherewith that carnation in good sooth, la. foolish old man may the better make Und. And how, if it please you, his stupidity pass for gravity; while did the good knight die? upon my followers, Nym, Bardolph, Bard.-Why, truly master, he was and Pistol, I bestow the world in a free-blooded gentleman. Lived general, and whatsoever they can take well at all times—a great frame, sir, therein.

till these latter years, when he was “J. FALSTAFF, Knight.” not able to bear as many cups as in

his manhood. Nothing but this Quick.--And not a word about the caused his death ; if wine gives a empty bottles ?

fever, wine alone can cure it—that's Bard.--No, Mistress Quickly.

Quick.--Ah,well! But, hark? what Quick. And a proper saying, too. knocking's there? Run, boy. Hand What can better of a morning, when me the Canaries first. This is the qualmish, than a tankard of ale undertaker, I warrant. We mustn't spiced? let our spirits sink when business is Und: - Certainly. A free-lived gento be done.

tleman, Lieutenant-I respect him so. (Enter Undertaker).

Many of my best customers were of Und.-A fair night, gentle folks. his make. I have now on my books Well, and so the bully Captain is no -not that it becomes an humble

tradesman to boast-Sir Toby CaraQuick.-A stool, a stool for the good buncle, of Willow Grange ;-went off master ---stir the_fire, Nym. And quietly on Thursday morning, as I'm how is the night, I prithee; and how told, after a dinner with their worships, thrives your trade--well, I hope? the Masters Aldermen at Bow; and I

Und.-Bad times, Mistress Quick- have got my order for a lead and ly, bad times-wholesome weather, outside oak two inches thick, with marry.

silver garnishings and motto. It will Quick.—Come, you must take a be, though I say it, the greatest thing taste of something. A cup here, ho! I have yet done.' Truly, these last

Und.--Truly, I thank ye -- my nights I have lain awake, inventing spirits are but faint.

and inventing; it was but yester eve Quick. --Draw to the fire, if it so I hit upon the fitting idea, and to

my creed.



speak honestly, my mind is a good Und.---Then, my familiars will visit deal shaken ; but then for a good man, you at six, with all things comfortable and in the way of trade, I never spare and in readiness. (Exit Undertaker). myself.

Quick.-A fair-spoken man, truly, Quick.--Yea—with respect-what's and a wise; but come, bar up the a night or so's waking for a good man, door, boy, for i' faith we must sit up like Sir Toby? I've heard from the through the night. Come, draw close carrier folk he had the largest cellars to the fire-another cup, and then to in his parts.

sleep. Und. And so he had. But, sweet Bard. (coming in from the door).friends, to whom am I to look for re- It snows. imbursement in this present matter? Quick.—Marry then, throw more Pistol.--Pocket thy fears, and get logs on the hearth. thy purse in hand,

Doll.-Hush! what's that? Gorgonian ghoul

Quick.---What, sweetheart-don't The King, the noble wight-he pays say, for all.

Doll.May I never wear taffita Und.--Heaven send his majesty a again, but I heard something stir o'erhappy ending ; and so, with your lead! leave, I will ascend me to the chain- Quick.--In heaven's name, Mistress ber of the body, and take its compass. Doll, what mean you putting one in

Quick.--A light, a light here. (Exit such tirrits and frights? Undertaker). Dear, dear! he is no Doll (listening).-It was nothing. inore afeard than I would be of tap- Quick.--Well said, there's a good ping a hogshead of Malmsay-ay, heart-no, of course. the use is all.

Nym.-The drink has made me Doll. (yawning).-Ah-ama-a, I fap; it's my humour to have a doze. feel very melancholic.

Bard.–And mine, comrade. Quick. So much the better, for to Pistol.-What saith the night? drink when we are merry is but a

Hath Chronos lost his tongue? waste of wine. Come, your cup again. Methinks three hours have fled since Doll.--Not another drop for me.

clock hath chimed. Quick.Go to, you must-what's Quick.—The last was four. a half-pint between two weak women? Bard.No, three.

Doll. Well, for company's sake, I Quick.--Not while I listened, be it won't off.

as it may (Re-enter Undertaker.)

(They sleep). Und.--The knight's interment

Clock strikes five. should be rapid, my masters. Man is Doll. (awaking): -Oh-ho-o-o! but mortal, and now I bethink me I There goes five o'clock. Good lack, have a shell which is his size to a I wish the corpse was well out of the hair; a costly matter, trust me, and house; that bell is always rousing of most adınirable workmanship

What business has a church so ordered, indeed, expeditiously by the near a tavern? I'faith, it's anything heir of a great man, who, alas ! recov- but pleasant-in faith, it's awful to ered out of time. For half a year be the only one awake; but I am 't has been on my hands—but all are aweary, and will to sleep again. born to disappointment.

Oh-ho-0-0! Bard.-Well , a better and a wittier

Clock strikes six. clay will never fill it than my old Quickly (awaking). --- Marry, six master's.

o'clock. How fast time flies when Und.-Fact, Lieutenant-fact. But one's asleep! How sound they are regarding the Knight's remains, I all, and Bardolph's face is grilled would council a speedy earthing; man doubly red with the fire. How strange is but mortal; and the less delay, the and silent is the room overhead—just less decay. What say you, good Lieu- as he were listening, for all the world. tenant?

(Goes to the window). Lord! the earth Bard.-Predestination is the thief is as white as a shroud ! of time.

Knocking. Quick.--Aye, true, true.

(Scene closes)


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