The Style of Coworking: Contemporary Shared Workspaces

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Prestel Verlag, 2013 - Всего страниц: 159
Co-working is redefining the way we work. Around the world, people are collaborating to create a new kind of economy that supports community and innovation while preserving valuable resources. This illustrated survey of spaces dedicated to co-working features 30 of the most impressive office spaces around the world. Google Campus in London, The HUB's global network of sites, and more off-the-radar examples such as Makeshift Society in San Francisco are just a few of the spaces profiled. Each is illustrated via a range of wide-angle and close up photographs, offering readers page after page of inspiring ideas--from a repurposed shipping container to a beautiful cushion made from a vintage silk scarf. Whether you're daydreaming from a 14th-floor cubicle or looking for ideas on how to launch your own start-up, this unique book will stir your imagination as it offers endless possibilities for co-working. AUTHOR: Alice Davies is a consultant to creative business start-ups. Her blog, Alice's Studio, features interviews, advice, and inspiration for anyone looking to start their own business. Davies has a background in start-up businesses, media, arts education, art therapy, picture editing, and photography. Kathryn Tollervey's expertise includes book production and fine art print production for leading photographers and artists, including Magnum Photos and Jeff Koons. At the architectural firm Foster + Partners she was picture researcher for numerous books, including the Norman Foster Works series. She also managed their extensive photographic archive. SELLING POINTS: This exploration of the innovative interior design of co-working spaces offers a unique look at a workplace revolution that's sweeping the globe. 200 colour illustrations

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